1. What is this and why does he think 2003 was the good old days? Please tell me this is just trolling the neocons. For someone who should put on pants, he is exposing nothing about why 9/11 even happened. Wasn’t the ideological motivation behind it our foreign policy, something which I remember being extremely unpopular to say at the time? Why does he have to say racism against whites is only a problem because – surprise – white people are racist?

    I must compliment him that he seems acutely aware of the limitations on freedom of speech, perhaps not in the way he purposed.

  2. In 2000 conservatives where whining about that era being a new liberal time period.

    Always whining and loosing, the conservative way.

    • They talk a lot. They scold the other side. But they never do anything. Trump was the perfect Republican.

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