Biden Administration Announces $550 Million In Additional Support For Ukraine

Look on the brightside.

Gas prices are falling because Joe Biden crashed the economy to support Ukraine!

U.S. State Department:

“Today, pursuant to a delegation of authority from the President, I am authorizing our seventeenth drawdown since August 2021 of up to $550 million in arms and equipment from U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) inventories for Ukraine’s self-defense. Today’s announcement includes more ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and 155mm artillery systems that Ukraine’s forces are using so effectively on the battlefield to defend their country. This drawdown will bring total U.S. military assistance to Ukraine to approximately $8.7 billion since the beginning of this Administration. …”

This will continue for “as long as it takes.”


  1. “$550 Million In Additional Support For Ukrain”

    Most of it winding up in the secret accounts of ((mobsters)).

    • Since more than 20-planeloads of Jewligarchs and their harems departed Country 404 for ‘muh Israel’ on Valentines’s Day, not counting those (like Kolomoisky) who fled for Switzerland, I would bet on at least 50% take on the “foreign aid” – since there are others who have their hands in the till, like Hunter, the ‘Big Guy’, Pelosi, Mitt Wormney, Gen. Llord ‘Ray Theon’ Austin, etc, etc.

      • It was already discussed somewhere else (the blogs are starting to blend in my mind) that the monetary aid was mostly going to other places other than country 404. They would only get a chunk of it, but were financially on the hook for ALL OF IT. Somebody is having a good time dancing on the graves of the Ukrainians and making them pick up the tab to boot! And by Ukrainians, I’m talking about the poor idiots stuck in the trenches, not the (((government))) partying in Telaviv.

  2. If one of the Stinger MANPADS meant for Ukraine goes missing and shows up later by shooting down a civilian airliner it will shut down air travel just like 9/11. It will also be devastating to the whole weapons pipeline into the black hole of Ukraine where things just disappear all the time.

      • Entirely predictable. The insane risks the ruling class is running across the board will somehow, some way, come back to bite everyone in the ass, sooner or later. They don’t care, either.

        Of course, Our Greatest Ally is still beavering away to start another war in the Near East by proclaiming that Iran intends to nuke a shithole like NYC therefore the U.S. Government is negligent by not attacking Iran yesterday.

  3. My position has always been that I love both the Russian and Ukrainian people, but despise the government of both countries. Ukraine is run by Jews and Putin sucks Jingping balls. I just can’t bring myself to be pro Chinese for reasons I’ve documented extensively here. It’s geopolitically complicated.
    Truth is……….I hate both sides and don’t care where it leads.

    • That’s what happens when you let Jews control the supply of money. Lots of stuff goes “poof” while the kids get to watch poofter grooming-shows in public libraries. Schlomo & Co. will have all the goys stuffing shit in their pockets while they cart off all the gold, farmland, etc. Murika via the “Federal” reserve only has fake-money, which of course goes “poof” in vast sums whenever the Jews and their cronies are running a scam (like Jewkraine). No big deal, they’ll just add more zeros to the accounts. They’ll have you paying a mortgage for 1000 years though to pay for it all with real money (your labor).

  4. We gave them 4 billion. Then 450 million. Now 550 million. It’s unbelievable that this is really going there for some good. But no one cares.

    • @Pilot,

      The jewSA has given to jewkraine this year alone almost the equivalent of the Russian defense budget.

      Russia will remember America’s semitic hand in this conflict for a very long time.

      One would think the US would tread lightly, especially with a wide open southern border that any trained Russian saboteurs could easily slip past.

  5. Imagine what we could do with that money as regards the southern border. The historic American nation and the Global American Empire are not compatible. One of them must go!

    • We could built an impenetrable wall, arm it, and still have money left over to invest in the Space Program, which provides a lot of jobs.
      Is this money being sent over, called “aid”???
      The MAGAs should look to the dirty Republicans who helped approve this .

  6. I´m a huge cheerleader for WW3 one of very few things i agree with Andrew Anglin on

    China will end the Yankees in Asia
    Russia will end the Yankees in Europe with all it´s vassals

    What is left will have to be pulled back to deal with widespread violence and collapse in the US where it will be destroyed by insurgent warfare

    Even if this escalate into Nukes it is a good thing since if we can´t have this country and world no one will have it

    This is accelerationism at it´s finest

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