Meet John Gibbs

I’m not chiming in on this race.

Rep. Peter Meijer was one of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump over 1/6. He is now fighting off a primary challenge from John Gibbs in Michigan’s 3rd District who has Trump’s endorsement. Gibbs is also being helped by Democrats who have spent the the last year and a half having a mental breakdown about the death of American democracy.

New York Post:

“Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) railed against the hypocrisy of Democrats who have bankrolled his far-right conspiracy theorist primary challenger while condemning the pro-Donald Trump mob that stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Meijer, who is seeking a second term representing Michigan’s 3rd District, wrote in an essay for the website Common Sense on the eve of the Aug. 2 primary that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been among the biggest financial backers of his Trump-endorsed opponent, John Gibbs. …

Meijer, one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump on a charge of inciting the Capitol riot, went on note that Gibbs — a former official in the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Trump — “denies the results of the 2020 presidential election,” “has accused Obama administration officials of taking part in bizarre Satanic rituals,” “defended antisemites on his now-locked Twitter account, and has tweeted that Democrats are the party of ‘Islam, gender-bending, anti-police, ‘u racist!’”

Who do you vote for in this race?


“In 2016, Gibbs defended the alt-right Twitter account using the handle Ricky Vaughn when it was banned from the website. “#Twitter down big today because they banned Ricky? #FreeRicky,” wrote Gibbs. The Ricky Vaughn account regularly tweeted Nazi-era anti-Semitic propaganda, promoting claims that Jews control the world.

In a tweet, captured in an article by The Irish News in 2017, Gibbs also defended then-Rep. Steve King of Iowa over a widely condemned comment where King wrote, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” King, who has since been defeated in a GOP primary, was expressing support in his tweet for far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has predicted that “Europe will be entirely transformed within a half-century.”

Do you vote for the White cuckservative useful idiot who impeached Dump or the MAGA based black guy who rolls with Steve King on White babies?

The election is tomorrow. My guess is that Meijer loses because GOP primary voters will punish treachery.


    • The MAGA people say everyone is an American, black, white, red, yellow, whatever. They will never care about their own kind.

  1. It’s good that he is up on the JQ but if he gets in he will look out for his race 1st and rightfully so. Maybe one day the white candidates will do the same thing and put their race 1st and foremost.

    • If Trump’s pick wins the Gay Old Pedo nomination, look for the D-jerseys to come up with some smooth-talking mulatto like D’Won Magic Negro to run against him. Knowing who delivers the gibs, the great swarm of Michigan orcs will suddenly flip and vote for the Jew-owned smooth-talker, along with all of the retarded shitlib suburban whites. Gibbs will end up marooned like Alan Keys when he ran for Senate in Illnoize against his holiness. It will be another ‘Model-T’ election. For those who might not be familiar with the above term, Henry Ford’s color choice for the famous automobile was very simple: “You can have it in any color you like as long as it’s black.”

  2. His fam owns the Meijer superstore chain out here in the Midwest. It will be hard to defeat him, I would think.

    • Yeah, Meijer’s is an upscale Walmart. The Meijer’s are Dutch, and the Congressman’s grandfather wrote a “how I owe it all to Jesus book” like Sam Walton. Although, the Meijer’s have dropped Jesus from more recent editons of the book.

      Comments are running toward Peter Meijer is returning to Meijer’s as head bagger, with many claiming he was really good at bagging groceries.

  3. Pete is Irish. the Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline. Recessive traits predominate in people who practice such breeding. Recessive traits like—-

    red hair
    a taste for urine

    These are all identifiable traits found in the Irish.

    For me the black guy could be out on parole and I would still take him over an Irishmen.

    • Meijer is a Dutch name and he looks to be of the Dutch phenotype – which includes red-hair. The central west coast of Michigan is one of the largest concentrations of Dutch in Murika. One town is even named ‘Holland’. The Romans called them ‘Batavians’ and they are Germanic, not Celtic. Very Evangelical Protestant by the way – Calvinists by and large.

    • There you go again, Bob, messing around with surnames, a subject you know nothing about. What have I told you about this before?

      The name “Meijer” isn’t Irish. It’s Dutch, you ignorant Yankee SOB.

      This applies to you as well, “Make sure your (one) brain (cell) is engaged before putting mouth in gear.”

    • RB, I’ll bet you’re okay with black/white interbreeding as long as the White isn’t Irish. Come now, do you spew this psychotic shit for free or is someone paying you?

    • I can just imagine hearing you talk that shit in some bar in Augusta or Savannah, GA

      • Bob probably believes all the Irish came to America during the Irish potato famine when the truth is that the Irish have been here since the mid 1600s in the South.

  4. Shilling for based black guys is the epitome of Christian Nationalism.

    Those that identify as Christian drops lower and lower the younger you go in the age brackets of Whites, by the way.

  5. Trump’s Jewish masters got rid of Steve King, by the way, and Kang Cyrus naturally had zero problem with it. But with the whole impeachment farce he wants revenge so he’ll endorse a weak ‘based-negro’ who can be used to buttress a re-vamped ‘Platinum Plan’. If I were in the Michigan district, I’d just stay home. Gibbs will end up like Lady G’s house-nigga Tim Scott if elected, or at best Allen West – who voted for the massive fraudulent scam to pay all the ‘black farmers’ when in congress.

    • That’s what (((gaslight media))) will say. After all, if the Peruvian octaroon George Zimmermann is a ‘white supreamciss’ why not the very dark-skinned Mr. Gibbs?

  6. Michigan issues are Yankee issues

    knowing the GOP they will vote for the based nigger in a flag patch hat as it is their wont

    • Well, not that I’m very sympatico with Yankees, but do keep in mind who turned out to vote for Lady G’s house-negro Tim Scott in SC – the very heart of SC.

  7. Binding or blinding em? Big problem containing a deeply imbedded and old psyop regarding “Adding external cultural glue toward a binding American “white” Christian Nationalism (aka, the racial nation destroying propositional “civic nationalism” of their “god”) … Indeed who is the “god” of the GOP (“god’s own party”) of the christian nationalists?

    My guest today is Philip Gorski, a Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of Center for Comparative Research. He is a comparative-historical sociologist with strong interests in theory and methods and in modern and early modern Europe. Much of his work has been on the sociology of religion, including in the US, which includes his new book, co-authored with Samuel Perry of the University of Oklahoma, entitled The Flag and The Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to the several sovereign American Republic’s,… It is an excellent yet terrifying short read and will be the main topic of our conversation.

    • Regarding the Southron American nation: Read Matthew 15:24 … I’m Anglo-Saxon, …”Jesus:Yeshua:Yahshua” was not sent to me or my nation, nor to historic Sparta, and he is not mine nor my nation’s “god” nor the “lord”, or “king” of my nation!! He belongs to the Hebrews, again read Matthew 15:24!!

  8. Looks like Mr. Platinum Plan won. He’ll probably get slaughtered in November by a ‘moderate’ negro coughed up by the D-jerseys. Still, Meijers was a worthless cuck and a general POS so good riddance as far as that goes. Now the (((gaslight media))) can turn Gibbs into the black face of white supremacy. It would be interesting to see how the vote would go (assuming for a second it’s not totally rigged) if the D-jerseys ran some white guy. Betcha he’d still get at least 80% of the dindu vote, as Hasbarabox Slumlord lectured us honkies about how ‘rayciss’ we is.

  9. BTW, I thought it was actually illegal for the DCCC to interfere in a Republican primary by financially supporting a challenger. At least it used to be.

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