War With China?

The war in Ukraine snuck up on us last winter. We weren’t paying attention to developments in Ukraine and Russia’s threats to go to war until it all exploded in February. Is the same thing about to happen with China over Taiwan?

Note: As late as December, we weren’t paying any attention to Ukraine. We were discussing polls, movement drama, COVID.


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  1. There are so many people in the dissident space that got grief for fagging for Russia when they invaded Ukraine.

    Imagine how bad its gonna be when they are fagging for muh high yellow society where trad chinese girls wade through rice paddies.

    Gonna be intolerable for the first week of the invasion of taiwan until the FBI ganks some folks with grocery bags and dries up the black money the CCP is probably injecting into the scene to cause mischief, paying shitty content creators to make formulaic podcasts about Prussian Blue that discredit White Nationalists as crackpots etc. lol.

    There is no race on earth more against the interests of Whitey than the Han Chinese.

    The one bright spot of WW3 will be that one way or another diisident right folks will be forced one way or another to stop carrying water for people that hate us specifically because we are White. Its no less absurd than how evangelicals felate Jews while Jews are trying to stab them in the back and finger their kids. Its sick.

    Know when to take your own side. We got into this mess because Whitey is too trusting and keeps mistaking high culture for virtue.

    • If China shoots down Nancy Pelosi tomorrow and kicks off World War III, we will get to see “The Collapse” that people have been talking about for decades. Walmart will go tits up

      • “Walmart will go tits up”

        You know, under Sam Walton , walmart had largely USA made products, which he always made a strong effort to prefer.
        Then sam died and (((david glass))) became CEO , he turned walmart into chinamart, stabbing the american workers/people in the back.
        As always!

        • Back in the early 90’s or so I briefly dated a girl whose father was a Walmart store manager. She once made a comment about the business going downhill since Sam died.

        • “Then sam died and (((david glass))) became CEO”:

          Walton’s Walmart was already evil. Unnecessary and destructive.

      • Germany is the economic engine of Europe, it’s hurting right now, from the lack of CH4 (nat gas). I suspect Russia will really put the screws to germany this winter, forcing Germany to break with NATO doctrine. In the process , most of Europe will go into a recession.

        Ronald Reagan was so right, ” all the valves are on the Russian side”.
        He predicted the European vulnerability to Russian coercion.

      • They aren’t gonna shoot down Nancy. They’ll take some islands or something as a proof of concept for full invasion. Rally the people round the flag whilst their economy is falling apart from systemic corruption and mismanagement.

        Meanwhile Nancy will get to look brave for the midterms and generate tons of bread for the circus while our economy falls apart from systemic corruption and chronic mismanagement.

        Understand me. I am no jingoist wrapping myself in the stars and stripes and raving about the yellow menace to otherize them in preparation for war. Murica, fuck yeah.

        The Chinese genuinely hate us specifically because of who and what we are and are in the process of destroying us through means various and diverse. I don’t want war with them. I would prefer that our incompetent elites left then in the stone age instead of saving them from themselves after mao and giving them our entire manufacturing base. Those were my grandparents, my parents, my jobs they were given. All we got in return was despair and fentanyl thats killing more White working class people than their opium war with Britain ever did.

        Fuck the Chinese, I hope they are on their way to collapse. Fuck ZOG just the same. They are just two sides of the same coin.

        I don’t care how cohesive their race is. They are our enemy. Not our natural ally.

        • “I would prefer that our incompetent elites left them in the stone age instead of saving them from themselves after Mao and giving them our entire manufacturing base”:

          China was for several millennia the world’s most advanced and largest economy, when some presently “first world” countries were still in a stone age or bronze age level of development.

          Mao’s and CCP leadership brought about perhaps the greatest, most rapid advance of a nation out of deep poverty in world history. Read and learn:


          China was advancing rapidly BEFORE the Kissinger “opening up” and it never needed the U.S. “free trade” deal to continue to advance, and it was the U.S.’s trade deal requirement that China must reduce its “excess” population to trade with the U.S. that spawned the Dengian “One Child” policy, which amounted to a slow genocide.

          China is still riding on the good momentum of Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, but Chinese people’s intimate contact with the capitalist Global Empire – through the Kissingerian “opening up” and Dengian capitalist-revisionist “Everybody Get Rich” scheme (“Capitalist Road to a Socialist Destination” instead of socialism leading toward full communism) – has had a morally-corrupting effect on China that perhaps cannot be reversed. As the Scripture says, the love of money is the root of all evil.

    • Problem is America picked a side when corporate America decided to give away the store to China. After that point this hollowed out old rotten tree is in no position to dictate its will around the globe anymore so China wants to intimidate Taiwan so they agree to some sort of conflict free merger where both sides don’t lose face.

  2. The West’s obsession for protecting their precious democracy is laughable given the fact that our democracy has betrayed White racial integrity in favor of Nonwhite & individualistic interests. Taiwan itself already has given gay people individual rights which shows that Taiwanese group integrity is starting to fall apart in the wake of promoted homosexual individualism while the integrity of their Chinese brethren on the mainland remains intact.

    It’s ironic then that Authoritarian China is doing more to protect & benefit its majority Han Chinese racial group while the democracies of the East have allowed for more immigration of foreign people which will tear apart because of good old human nature as explained by this article.

    There was a time when the Western world also had authoritarian governments, Like the German Empire, that looked after the group interests of their people until democracy opened the floodgate for non-Europeans to enter after the last of these group-oriented authoritarian governments were wiped out in Western Europe paving the current blackening of Europe we know today as well as the death of European pride and nationalism especially within the Germanic countries.

    So, if China invades Taiwan, it will just bring back a section of the Han Chinese people back into their homeland making the integrity of Han Chinese stronger.

    While that is happening, the Western world must also seek to restore White group integrity and restore the pride and nationalism that has been lost since the days of the Second World War because of Jewish influence. White group integrity itself can’t be restored through traditional ideas of racial supremacy because of the temporary differences it creates between humans as well as the social stigma that generations of Whites have because of yet again Jewish influence. It can only be restored by the recognition of the true divisional racial differences that White people have in comparison to Nonwhites which are biological differences that are explained here.

  3. I’m not sure how good China’s ‘made in China’ artillery and weapons will be. Plus their armed forces are manned by ‘only children’ who likely never left home. Still, they’ll be up against a sexually and racially diverse US military…..
    I care nothing of China and Taiwan. I just want Australia to reclaim it’s manufacturing that China stole, and for Chinese owned farmland, real estate, businesses and critical assets to be returned to Australian hands. I want Chinese immigrants removed, including Chinese women who’ve intermarried with whites.
    We waste so much money on premature repeat purchases of Chinese made shit due to early breakages, wearing out or just falling apart. High quality locally made items would cost more during the initial outlay, but would save you money in the long run as they’d last twenty times longer. China is our No.l trading partner, and we’ve become too reliant on them, and left ourselves vulnerable to their volatility. We have nothing in common with them.
    To all those who think Asians are just wonderful, remember this:- when they move to the West, Asian women suddenly have access to all those blond, hairy, muscly well hung white men. If they marry your son, your grandkids won’t look like you! And trust me……. they’ll knock themselves out.
    Just be careful what slips your radar.

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      • @Roberta O’Browning,
        Thanks for the invitation to continue insulting you……which I’ll do with relish. Fortunately, I can multitask by insulting you, and give opinions on world events as well.
        Call me schmuck, inbred, retard,Irish or Christ killer but please…….just don’t call me a Justin Bieber fan!! 😉

  4. United Nations stats say that China will surpass the United States both militarily and economically by the midcentury. The United States cannot accept that the world is moving towards a multipolar world and America wants to be the only super-power allowed. That is also what is driving the Russian/Ukranian war.

    • “The war in Ukraine snuck up on us last winter. ”

      Because the ZOG media never informs us.
      They distract and mislead, with toxic trash like BLM, CRT, LGBTQ etc.

      • There have been pictures of dead bodies at Tienanmen that seemed credible

        Also credible are the reports that Chinese Han troops (China’s ethnic majority) could not be relied upon to shoot their own people … so China brought in troops from the minority regions to do the killing at Tienanmen

        Just like the (significantly Jewish) leaders of Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik revolution, brought in outside-ethnicity troops from the Baltics to kill Russians

        It is forever this way

  5. Also, keep an eye on the spratly islands, that could be the flashpoint for conflict between the ROC and CCP.

  6. Why should “we” care? After all, for a half century now, anniversary this past February, Nixon/Kissinger etc etc have instructed us to believe in the geopolitical fiction that China and Taiwan are the same country, as a diplomatic compromised to drive a wedge between Beijing and Moscow. Anyone who tells the obvious truth gets shouted down as if they are mass murderers.

    So what if Beijing launches an “invasion” of Taiwan? Isn’t it just an “internal domestic dispute?”

  7. Look at recent videos of the Chinese Military and what do you see?

    Andwer:Chinese Race Power on full display!!!!….No Apologies….

    The Chinese are already a racial majority in America’s STEM departments across America….So effectively America has already been conquered by China……But Tucker Carlson has no problem with this because Chinese Nationals came into America Legally and pay their taxes…..What a cuck Tucker is….now ain’t he…..

    Was NFL-SEC Tyrone Ball worth it?….Was Roll Tide Ball worth it?

  8. I don’t think the Chinese will start a way by shooting down the drunk, they will wait until she leaves and do something at a later date.

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