Phil Gorski: White Christian Nationalism In The U.S.

The politics of this are interesting.

Here are the groups who are extremely triggered by “Christian nationalism” or “White Christian Nationalism” and freaking out about it:

  • Jews
  • Progressive activists
  • “Journalists”
  • Twitter and Reddit
  • Libtards
  • Atheists
  • PMCs
  • Apollonians
  • Non-Christian White Nationalists

Here are the groups who aren’t bothered by the term “Christian nationalism”:

  • Trump voters
  • Conservatives
  • Pro-White Christians
  • Normies

I wonder how this is coming across in flyover country.

There is nothing that more strongly cleaves the American elite from the masses than Christianity. The masses are Christians. The elites are non-Christians from various racial and ethnic backgrounds who have college degrees. Marge has trolled them into attacking Christianity.

She waved the flag in front of the bull. I’m amazed they were dumb enough to take the bait, charge at it and punch down. Even most Democrats are Christians and this will only further drive the wedge between the top and bottom of their party.


  1. I’m a normie and not a particularly frequent church goer, but I am more than fine with some ‘White Christian Nationalism.’

    If they close the border and end all immigration, that is, otherwise, eh?

    Republicans suck, I hate them. GOP Delenda Est.

      • ‘Neo-Normie’ is a great phrase. I’m a member of the Neo-Normie Movement.

        I can see the ADL/SPLC headlines now: Neo-Normie extremists taking over the GOP! This isn’t your father’s GOP, these are extremely normal people whatever will we do?

        • I wonder what they will say about in the Charlottesville anniversary article.

          Richard Spencer – five years later, he is an Apollonian cross between David Frum and Rachel Maddow, but he still supports eugenics

          Baked Alaska – five years later, he is going to prison over 1/6.

          Eli Mosley – disappeared after Richard Spencer had sex with his girlfriend who testified against him at the Unite the Right trial

          Jason Kessler – he is still trying to host free speech rallies in DC and Charlottesville

          Mike Enoch – still active, but speaks only to an increasingly corralled movement ghetto

          Brad Griffin – became a neo-normie after his politics went mainstream

          • I watched your stream at UTR. Started watching just as you went into the park & met the socialist woman & had a friendly exchange with the lefty man distributing bottled water. Even gave him a hug. So, a genial good humoured guy willing to dialog w/ the other side. Certainly non-violent & willing to let the other side make their point.

            If you’ve still got it why not clip it for the 5th anniversary. Imo the public aren’t getting what happened – but after 2020 & 1/6 they could be in the mood for some facts & backstory.

          • One thing I do know, is the press won’t let facts stand in the way of a good propaganda piece… errr… story!

          • Don’t forget poor Chris Cantwell. God I miss that guy. Hope you stay in touch with him as the heat allows.

          • >Mike Enoch – still active, but speaks only to an increasingly corralled movement ghetto

            Sorry, but that is just not the case, as a recent post of yours strongly suggests:

            The Conversation: Fueled By Virtually Unrestricted Social Media Access, White Nationalism Is On The Rise and Attracting Violent Young White Men

            (And fuck you for using what looks like a foto of Dylan Roof to illustrate the post; that’s infantile, and sinking pretty low — is that the best you can do to discredit White Nationalism?)

            If anything, it’s Christian Nationalism that is a ‘movement ghetto’, since it will have limited appeal to the significant, and apparently growing, number of secular Whites who are waking up to the reality of racial differences and becoming White Nationalists — and perhaps more importantly, because as I pointed out before it has, as an ideology, a built-in expiration date since it fails to address the racial/demographic future of the country.

          • If you click on the link, you will find the original article featured a photo of Dylann Roof. I simply used one which was already uploaded here. We covered it at the time.

            BTW, I was at my cousin’s wedding when the media began blowing up my cell phone to ask me about Dylann Roof. He had name dropped the CofCC in his manifesto. Roof was so obsessed with racial crime statistics and so uninterested in anything else that he murdered a bunch of random people. It was a textbook example of where “race is everything” monomania leads people and how it licenses sociopathic and criminal behavior.

            I have many such stories. Roof’s actions though unleashed a tidal wave of destruction against Confederate monuments and symbols across the South. We lost our national conference because we were tarred by association with Roof. Lots of people backed away from the group which never recovered

          • @Hunter Wallace AUGUST 2, 2022 AT 7:38 PM

            You had a choice of whether to use the foto or not, right? — so take my remark as being about your choice to use/reproduce the foto here.

            Again I find your comment infantile — I don’t care if Roof is alleged to have ‘obsessed’ about racial crime data; so what? — given what the data shows, combined with demographic trends, every White ought to show interest in racial crime data (and I don’t mean just when choosing where to live).

            Do you like it when people bring up the KKK to characterize and smear the South?

            People like Roof have nothing to do with White Nationalism and its goal of preserving majority white homelands for white people — mindlessly repeating ‘race is everything’, which I already refuted, as well as attempting to associate WN with pointless, murderous violence (why would you want to?), does not change that one damn bit.

            Would you like to hear about a context where ‘race really is everything’? — violent crime, especially homicide, in virtually every large and mid-size American city.

          • 1.) We already have multiple photos of Dylann Roof uploaded. I’ve written about him a bunch of times over the years. I reuse images all the time here.

            2.) Ok, fine.

            You didn’t experience the fallout from that episode. You didn’t watch Dylann Roof launch a torpedo into the CoCC which had been around for decades. You didn’t have your name personally dragged through the mud in the media. You probably didn’t care about all the Confederate monuments and symbols which were destroyed because of his reckless actions.

            3.) I’m sorry, but there are lots of people like Dylann Roof who are fanatics who believe that “race is everything.” The problem is that they don’t believe in anything else besides White Nationalism.

            They don’t agree with our Christcuck morality. They believe race comes first. That’s why they go out and do this stuff like the most recent guy in Buffalo who calculated that he had the best shot at killing as many blacks as possible by picking that location which was over 100 miles from where he lived.

            4.) Is it right to kill innocent people because of crimes that they personally had nothing to do with? No, it isn’t. There goes my Christcuck morality again.

          • @eah We can all find other sites. If he is going to use “Dylan Roof” as an example of WNs, I don’t want to do this anymore.
            It’s like something poisoned the well.

          • Adios.

            I know from decades of bitter experience that the self-sabotaging, self-marginalizing “race is everything” crowd will never reach an audience beyond 1% of White America. I’ve seen it over and over again.

            I watched them singlehandedly destroy the first organization which I was involved in. I watched them wreck the Alt-Right at Charlottesville and get everyone sued. I don’t want anything to do with people who want to be locked away in an irrelevant anti-Christian online ghetto. They are wasting everyone’s time

  2. The Jewish power structure had got evangelical Christian’s pro Israel, etc over the last 50 years in their corner, now they are about blow it all by being stupidly anti Christian. Fine with me. That arrangement helped them far more than it helped Christian’.

    • Honestly, I just don’t see how this changes anything. Whites have been under direct attack for at least 10-15 years and indirectly for decades and we have had basically no discernible progress to save ourselves. Now suddenly, when Christianity is attacked Whites are going to stand up? They Couldn’t be bothered when under direct attack but now when under indirect attack they man up? Something does not add up here.

      • Agree. These politicians doing this are just trying to get the most wallets on their side. They aren’t going to do anything. The Christians won’t do anything. They want people to come here and live off of us. They do this because their God commands they take care of others.

      • all part of the dialectic to —->
        global “messianism” is not a religion, it is global politics and you are playing right into their greedy grubby hands… two sticks BS… they will gladly rule over you in domininist communistic fashion in the open from hence forth … again, their “messiah” is not mine nor my people’s (Germano-Celtics) “god”, “lord” or king!!

        wake up!!

      • Sometimes revolutions take time. Even Lenin complained that his Old Bolsheviks will never see revolution. 2 months later all hell broke loose.

        Lot of people all over the world are also concerned and think that Christianity is new word for democracy so now US will invade and bomb entire world for defending Christians in Iraq Afganistan and elsewhere.

        Great turns are always scary and messy

      • @Adit

        I agree that nothing has changed, except now the media is using the Roe reversal to attack ‘Christians’ and as you can see, they are using both ‘White’ and ‘Christian’ interchangeably.

        They will probably drop it either before or after the mid term elections and move to something else.

        But it is particularly helpful, to my agenda, to trigger the Fed-Jew-Nazi Movement into outing themselves as what they are.

        I’m not kidding – you know when Jazzhands FTN people complain about people calling Nazis ‘Feds?’

        They mean me, I am calling them Feds, Jews, husbands of Jewess wives, and/or dupes of Feds and Jews. And them attacking normie White Christians is great because it helps them to self-marginalize and that means fewer young white men will be drawn into their idiotic cult and have their lives destroyed.

        I’m a Normie Supremacist and things are working according to plan. I need a meme of a white normie rubbing his hands together like the Happy Merchant, that is me right now.

        • Jazzhands and Warren have a new episode up. I listened to about 20 minutes of it where they were discussing the Maddow clip on Gerald L.K. Smith and how George Lincoln Rockwell was redpilled by him.

      • Most Christians are non-White. The attempt to associate “Christian nationalism” with “White” is just to push the fascism Jan. 6 narrative. And probably an attempt to scare the non-White Christians back to the Democrats, since they had increasingly been drifting to the Republican party.

  3. I think this would be entirely factually accurate, if not less paranoid, if you simply moved “Non Christian White Nationalists” from your first category to the second.

    HW’s view of plain vanilla White Nationalism is that it is the wheel running down the hill while the Christian Nationalism wheel is going up the hill.

    “Let go thy hold when a great wheel runs down a hill, lest it break thy neck with following; but the great one that goes upward, let him draw thee after.” King Lear. 2.3.71-74. These words were spoken by the Fool, who did not take his own advice. The Fool remains loyal to King Lear and shares in his tragic downfall. The point is that you can always win if you don’t care what side you’re on.

    On another point, I think comments on here, in addition to the posts obviously, are some of the best discussion I have seen lately here and anywhere. On all sides of the issues. Some think there is too much latitude in the moderation of the comments, but I don’t think so. I think if HW enforced his rule against “wacky and esoteric” comments he would have to delete about three quarters of them. But other than that the rules seem to make sense and be enforced. I can’t imagine what doesn’t make the cut. The SPLC says this blog “houses all of Griffin’s musings on white nationalism and its competing cast of contrarians.”

    What is so bad about that? Contrarian is a compliment. Anyway, it does seem that their bio on HW is outdated. If they’re not even paying attention to clear shifts in doctrine on this website since 2017, I’m not sure how to interpret that as a good or bad thing. Maybe the SPLC felt the same way about their outdated bio and that’s why they are now trying to make contact again? How can they continue to stay relevant, they ask themselves?

    • I usually let even the looniest comments through the filter because I enjoy watching the back and forth. Most people just want to share their two cents and I am fine with that. There are rare occasions when I get so aggravated that I take a stricter line, but I usually default to free speech

      • This blog is by far the best on the current internet because of the laissez faire policy on comments. I’ve learned many facts I did not know, and have been exposed to many points of view on the topics presented, helping me understand the raw materials of the socio-political-economic complex-peoples, and how they want to live. I may disagree with our host and his regular commenters from time to time, but the views expressed are food for my contemplation, which is what I enjoy most. Kudos, Hunter/Brad.

  4. I consider Christianity to be more than biblical absolutism, there is the faith and there is also the social and political interaction of people working together who are from the same religious group. While I believe in Christ and the gospels, I often dislike people I would call ‘holy rollers’. There is something called free will, mankind is given a mind and an ability to think for a reason, and in my mind this goes way beyond reading biblical texts and taking every world literally.

    It’s also been my experience that organized religion often does more to hinder Christ’s teachings than it does to help. Example: The Catholic Church hiding rapists and child molesters for decades or overdressed evangelical preachers asking for money from poor people to do Jeezzuses work, these peckerwoods don’t need a private jet.

  5. When you have a nation built by Whites for Whites and than the chaff gets mixed in with the wheat, you get the present day US and Europe.

  6. If my choice is between Christian Nationalism where I’ll at least have some rights and Jewish “stakeholder capitalism” where I’ll have literally no human rights then I guess I’ll grudgingly side with the former.

    Non-Christian white nationalists out there, if there’s a third option, I’d love to hear it. Because so far non-Christian white nationalism in America looks like it’s dead in the water. And just pointing out the flaws of Christianity is not an answer.

    • “If my choice is between Christian Nationalism where I’ll at least have some rights”

      Who says you’ll have rights under Christian nationalism? Christian nationalists 100% support “stakeholder capitalism.” MTG is out there saying that the government ought to deregulate these companies even more, so that the oligarchs who created “stakeholder capitalism” can have even more money and power than they do now.

      • Give me a break. They are not stakeholder capitalists & they’re not supporting the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where everything is owned by an unaccountable & unelected globalist oligarchy. They hold capitalist beliefs which are misguided or naive at worst. To say Christian nationalists have the same political agenda as Klaus Schwab is a stretch to say the least. No one is defying the “Great Reset” more than them.

        And lets not equate these people with libertarians & ancaps either. They lean towards capitalism but they’re not making free markets their hill to die on. They strongly support tarrifs on imported goods.

        • “They are not stakeholder capitalists”

          Stakeholder capitalism is just capitalism. Capital holders, the people who make decisions under capitalism, have determined that stakeholder capitalism is the best way to further increase their wealth going forward.

          “they’re not supporting the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where everything is owned by an unaccountable & unelected globalist oligarchy”

          Of course they are. All of their neoliberal economic positions lead to exactly that. If they want deregulation, usury, and privatization, then “unaccountable and unelected globalist oligarchy” is what they will get from that. Saying “I want deregulation and privatization but do not want an oligarchy” is like saying “I want to jump out of an airplane without a parachute at 10,000 feet, but I don’t want to splatter on the ground and die.”

          • So *all* that Christian nationalists want is economic deregulation? They don’t support tariffs to protect the American economy? They’re just a bunch of AnCap dorks who would *never* support antitrust laws that would go after a company like BlackRock? I don’t buy it. Yeah, they are currently being made into dupes for supporting tax cuts for the rich but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  7. “Today’s GOP is no longer a political party, it’s a white nationalist, FASCIST movement that seeks to impose their EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of our land. ”

    The Godless Left freaking out like this actually makes the Grand Old Party sound seriously bad ass.

    (Seriously though is Miss Lyndsey in the Senate really a threat?)

  8. Here’s perhaps an example of some Christian Nationalists:

    Kindergarteners taught ‘whites make it harder for black people’ — Photos taken by concerned parents reveal CRT and radical gender ideology in lesson plans for five-year-olds

    St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (SAS), a posh private school in Austin, Texas, has faced backlash from parents over a lesson plan for kindergarteners that appears to teach CRT and other woke ideas.

    The school issued a statement after the curriculum was publicized (link) — mostly it’s a lot of blah blah, because everyone knows that with this kind of material, only one race is critiqued, and the verdict is unfavorable — in the end they double down on their commitment to ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion’, and add ‘Belonging’ for good measure — it’s sickening.

    An obvious problem with too many people whom the media are now labeling Christian Nationalists is that they are heavy on the Christianity part, but light on the nationalism part.

      • Thanks.

        Alex has his own problems these days: he’s about to be taken to the cleaners by Sandy Hook parents and the crooked justice system that allows dissidents and unsympathetic characters to be frivolously persecuted — I always found him too coarse and theatrical, so I was never a fan, and really paid very little attention to him — but I feel sorry for him over his SH troubles.

        James Fetzer is in a similar fix — he has appealed the summary judgement (in the later damages phase of his trial, a jury decided Fetzer had to pay a SH parent $450k) against him to SCOTUS, but I would be shocked if they take the case.

  9. White Christian Nationalists should know that they are anatomically different from their racial enemies which is why they must relentlessly defend their borders and their communities from Nonwhite influence and invasion. For those who may not believe in White anatomical difference, not quantitative difference, then this article will clarify and clear up any skepticism they may have,

  10. 1.) There is no difference between White Christian Nationalism and Christian Nationalism. The “White” in the former is superfluous as they both refer to the same civic nationalist movement that does not exclude non-White Christians. Christian White Nationalism is something different, but the adherents of that ideology are a much smaller group.

    2.) There needs to be more analysis as to whether or not White Nationalism is inherently compatible with actual Biblical scripture. The historical precedent argument is not convincing enough. It is the doubt surrounding this issue that is the source of a lot of secular White Nationalist skepticism towards Christianity. That and its relationship to Judaism. The best I could find coming from a Christian perspective is this.

    3.) I regret my previous hostile statements towards Christianity. It was mostly just frustration. If it truly is possible for Christians to put race first in a way that does not contradict scripture, I think most secular White Nationalists would be willing to work with them (including me) if they are willing compromise a little on some issues like eugenics, abortion, and environmentalism. For example, would they be willing to add rape and incest clauses for abortion? Or maybe financial hardship clauses?

    4.) I still think it’s a mistake for Hunter to just completely write off liberal White atheists. They can be reached, but they must be reached using scientific arguments and arguments that describe the real world benefits of various policies i.e. no citing Bible verses. To be fair, Hunter is usually good about this. I don’t see it as a given that liberal White atheists would still adhere to the System’s social liberalism when they have been made to see the truth about race. Secular White Nationalists can be more socially conservative than a lot of Christians. That being said, there are some liberal Whites with pathologies that are essentially insurmountable.

    5.) The chances of Southern secession succeeding are pretty slim, I’d imagine. From a genetic interests standpoint, It would be best if all Whites across the country, Christian and non-Christian alike, could unite as one large voting bloc capable of exerting significant control over the federal government. And since many liberal Whites have negative racial identity, they are the ones in most need of attention.

    6.) Theoretically, all Christians could unite and take control over the federal government, but then what? Try to get the Left Coast and New England to secede?

    • >5.) … many liberal Whites have negative racial identity …

      What is the source of this? — as you suggest, it is contrary to their evolutionary ‘genetic interests’.

      America is on its way to becoming a majority NAM (non-Asian minority) nation on a planet where the only first world nations are White or Asian — faced with the reality of living in a majority NAM nation that is either failing, or as a technical civilization falling hopelessly behind, I think many of these weaker Whites, whose minds have been misshaped by the toxic anti-white political-racial rhetoric so prevalent in modern America, will quickly come to their senses.

      But it can take a while to destroy a solid national foundation built by Whites; you see this today in South Africa, whereas the decline came more swiftly in Rhodesia, which was less industrialized.

  11. link

    The NRA will fall … The Constitution will fall … Your democracy will fall … Personal freedom will fall … Your culture will fall … Your religion will fall … Your nation will fall … Your children’s future will fall … ____ will fall … It’s inevitable … Just look at the demographics … This realization is what pushed me towards White nationalism

    The above is basically an expanded version of the ‘muh Constitution’ meme.

    >What is White Christian Nationalism?

    To the extent that it fails to address the question of America’s demographic/racial future, the answer to this question is: It’s an intellectually hollow, realitätsfremd ideology with a built-in expiration date.

  12. The “masses” and the “normies” are nominal Christians. They don’t like it when ethnic lobbyists tell them to stop saying “merry Christmas.” But you’re delusional if you think they’re going to be receptive to such messages as “no sex before marriage.” Put that message on your placard and go advocating it to the real salt of the Earth types, see how they respond.

    Social conservatism in America needs to be advocated on the basis of an actual benefit it provides to real human beings, not because it is commanded by some bronze age imaginary deity.

  13. It’s the curse of intelligent White racialists to be lumbered by the masses of comparatively low IQ White Christian “normies” who, while implicitly pro-White, and possessing the generally correct views when it comes to faggotry, trannies, CRT & other forms of cultural filth, remain & will remain paralyzed when it comes to striking the (((root))) of everything that’s murdering our race because “Muh Jesus Wuz a jew!”

    On a personal level, I vastly prefer them to the “white” race traitor scum, especially since most of my own family consist of them. But relying on dull-normal self-admitted sheep who live in perpetual fear of incurring the wrath of Big Sky Daddy will never get us to the jew-free self-determination we seek.

    A flock needs the right kind of shepherds, and the (((bought))) Repuglicant party will not supply them.

      • I know that. It’s telling that his conversion occurred only after the loss of the war he’d fought so brilliantly in & sacrificed so much for, and after his total failure to regain in the ruined “Reconstruction” South the financial success he enjoyed before the war.

        Incidentally: post-war he also advocated the the importation of even more Africoons for cheap labor.

        So as great as he was, he could be very much in the wrong (like the rest of us).

    • It’s the curse of intelligent White racialists to be lumbered by the masses of comparatively low IQ White Christian “normies” …

      I agree with the general sentiment — however I add the caveat that Whites have been subjected to decades of anti-racist indoctrination, which makes it difficult for them to even acknowledge, much less embrace, race realism — I comment on that here:

      I believe the vast majority of Whites have at least a sense of how important race is — but they have also been relentlessly indoctrinated to believe noticing racial differences, no matter how important, consequential, and apparently intractable, is wrong — part of White Nationalism is helping Whites overcome this taboo by introducing them to rational race realism — …

      • Yes: exposed to the relentless post-WWjew lie/phony guilt brainwashing campaign, the less intelligent for the most part just meekly believe what they’re told by (((Authority))), and our role is to do what we can to counteract that; to re-instill the truth & the will to resist. It’s a long & frustrating business, but it looks like 20+ years of hammering away at their rock-like heads on the internet is finally bearing fruit (that & the blatant chutzpah of the prematurely triumphant kikes & race traitors).

        But what remains to be seen is “To what end?”.

  14. White Christian Nationalism is a bespoke category. The CN that most guys have a problem with is the one that doesn’t put White first, or even mention the White part.

    Hunter, counter-signaling the dozen or so people who still GAF about what Spencerpollo says doesn’t serve to distance you from plain old White Nationalism but you seem to be very concerned about manufacturing some daylight between us anyway. Why?

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