Poll Watch: Atheist Politics

Since the hot topic of the week is “Christian nationalism,” I think we should take a closer look at the politics of Christians and atheists in order to better visualize the political landscape.

42% of voters are Protestants

21% of voters are Catholics

28% of voters are non-religious

9% are others like Jews, Hindus and Muslims

White evangelical Protestants (WEPs) anchor the Right. Non-religious voters anchor the Left. There are atheists, agnostics and irreligious voters in all swathes of the American Right as well as Christians in all swathes of the American Left. Christians are a minority on the Far Left and atheists and the non-religious are a minority on the Far Right.

Pew Research Center:

The politics of atheists are lopsided though: 69% are Democrats and 56% are liberals to 15% who are Republicans and 10% who are conservatives. Half of voters on the Left are irreligious.

Pew Research Center:

Rightwing atheists tend to be libertarians with liberal views on social issues:

If you are a rightwing atheist who isn’t a libertarian who is a racial nationalist with strong views on social issues, you are part of a vanishingly small swath of irreligious voters. Probably less than 5% of atheists share your views.

4 out of 10 Republican voters are evangelicals.

8 out of 10 Republican voters are Christians

90% of Trump voters are strong Christians

Here is what Trump voters think about their race and religion:


  1. Let me make this easy for you, if you reject Christ and his teachings you are a Jew, it matters not one iota what you call yourself.

    • And this is where Christians are coming from and that’s why Christian Nationalism could not succeed.

      You’re nothing but a run of the mill sanctimonious hypocrite who consistantly talks out his ass.

      • @DICARLO—–Why did you kill Christ kyke?

        I am sinner and a despicable human being. I am not morally superior to anyone. I just want loathsome scum such as yourself to see you are as rotten and as sinful as me. I am going to drag your stupid ass to hell if it is the last thing I do. You belong there.

  2. “If you are a rightwing atheist who isn’t a libertarian who is a racial nationalist with strong views on social issues, you are part a vanishingly small swath of irreligious voters. Probably less than 5% of atheists share your views.”

    True from a purely descriptive standpoint. But it is important to understand why. The beliefs of atheists are much more open to manipulation by the propaganda masters. There is nothing inherent to atheism that says an atheist MUST be a social liberal. Otherwise, secular White nationalists wouldn’t exist at all and neither would most Chinese.

    • True.

      There are atheists who are not social liberals. Just be aware that you are somewhere inside the 5% minority who didn’t go down the Reddit pipeline.

      Maybe you are like how I used to be. I don’t know. I was born and raised in the Deep South. I shared the cultural views of White evangelical Protestants, but I was alienated from Christianity which I associated with Jerry Falwell and John Hagee and Christian Zionists and people like Joel Osteen

      • There are many Christian ethnic and kinship groups. You weren’t alienated from the Amish and others.

        As the American Empire/Union declines due to mismanagement by the rainbow class and the cul de sac type of Judeo-Christian TV watchers can’t consume, Christianity will find its roots in producing Christians again. Carpenters, farmers and so forth with internet streams and micro businesses instead of “Judeo-Christians”/Hollywood lite that were typically certified as kosher for TV and mainstream in the past.

  3. 68% of “Democratic Mainstays” are nominally Christian (Catholic or Protestant.)
    71% of “Committed Conservatives” are nominally Christian
    20% of the Populist right are non-religious (Nothing, Atheist, or Agnostic).
    The populist right has a higher percentage of non-religious people than does “Committed Conservatives”
    A majority (54%) of “Establishment Liberals” are nominally Christian.

    So what I understand is that mainstream normies in both parties have nearly the same rate of Christian religious identification.

    • Good point, and the CNs aren’t upset about how they’ve been treated as whites. It’s how they’ve been treated as Christians, so that includes nonwhite Christians, too. This isn’t about race at all for them.

  4. i’m not necessarily hostile to religion.

    You know, I feel exactly the same way, but I don’t think it’s true the other way around. I think Christians are openly hostile to those who don’t believe and will work to undermine them any chance they get. Oh, and I’m 100% in agreement with the other points in your comment. These people who think we’re all God’s children will never come to their senses.

    • Agree, and because they don’t really care about this life, and they want to help everyone, even at their own expense, how is this ever going to make a difference for any of us?
      They aren’t going to keep Mexicans and Haitians out. They belong in God’s family, too, they are all goyim. But there is only one group God favors, and that’s the chosen.

      • Bwahaha. Despite any contributions Judaism and Jews might have made to civilization, because of Judaism’s central doctrine of choseness, it will never be anything more than a gilded turd.

        The Jews’ central doctrine of choseness declares their superiority and with it makes all outsiders, at bottom, only means to fulfill Jewish ends. They make themselves the master race, even if they do not call it that; and outsiders being made the means to the fulfillment of the master race’s ends are, in fact, slaves.

        When Jews were locked in their stetls this chauvinism toward outsiders was a mere curiosity, but now, having achieved power, that chauvinism is an invitation to the oppression, barbarity, cruelty and even genocide of outsiders.

        Look at how they treat the Palestinians. That should be a warning to humanity of what they’ll do if they ever dominate humanity to the degree they dream about in their wildest fantasies. Look at how they starved the Ukrainians in the ’30’s. Look at the millions of Russians they helped send to the gulags.

        Fortunately we live in an age when more people know that Jews are not the benign, moral people of God we were taught they were in the Old Testament(the Jewish book of fairy tales), but, instead, scheming, dishonest sociopaths.

    • That’s sad, because I do agree with most of your comments, but like I said in a previous comment, while I don’t care if someone believes in Christianity, those supposedly tolerant Christians can’t control their open disdain for those who don’t. Reminds me of liberals. If you don’t share their views — well, you know …….

      • Yes, jews are mostly atheists but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Christian atheists. I was just pointing out the jew atheists that claim they’re religious and operate on that premise. I think you get the gist of it.

        • Yeah, we better get off this topic before “feelings” get hurt. Browning will see I’m condemned to the hellfires. Oh, the horrors. 😀

  5. “Probably less than 5% of atheists share your views.”

    Probably less than 5% of American Christians share my views, too.

  6. You’re mistaken.

    The Left (Outsider Left and Progressive Left) in the chart are irreligious Jews and Whites. Those people have the most extreme leftwing views of anyone in the country.

    The Center-Left or the moderate wing of the Democratic Party are the Establishment liberals and Democratic mainstays in the chart above. These people are more likely to be non-White and have more moderate views on social issues.

    • Old Culture Warrior is saying that Hispanics and Blacks make up a lot of the Christian vote. So how happy are you going to be, with including blacks and Mexicans in your group? You can’t exclude them, when you’re putting religion first.
      It’s like someone got to you. You used to make sense. Then you did those radio shows with Edwards and Taylor, and it’s like they brainwashed you, dude.

      • Do you remember me bashing Christianity here and insisting that atheism or paganism is a winning political strategy? At least in the past decade?

        • And why would that ever matter?
          Its NOT about religion.
          You’ve repeatedly not answered how you are going to get your CN to be white, because you know you can’t. Christianity is not white, nor does it mean white.
          Something happened to you with those radio shows…they sold you on something.

          • No one “got to me.”

            I’ve been a Christian for years. I joined the CofCC and the League over a decade ago because both groups were pro-White and pro-Christian.

            Look, I realized over a decade ago that atheist anti-Christian White Nationalism would never go anywhere. It will never go anywhere because it has no appeal to its own target audience which is White people. The vast majority of White people are Christians. The vast majority of atheists are Reddit shitlibs.

            The spectacular demise of the Alt-Right confirmed what I suspected. It had too low of a ceiling to go anywhere. It collspsed into a ghetto

        • “atheist anti-Christian White Nationalism would never go anywhere”

          Head on confrontation with Christianity is a death wish, for pro-WHITE activism. Pro-WHITES will have to find some methods to accommodate Christianity, if they want to succeed.

        • Christian Nationalism has been around for a long time too. They’ve just given more allegiance and money to Israel. That’s why you think they are more powerful.

          The reason WN can’t take off is because of the laws. Until some of the laws get overturned, nothing will happen. It’s gotten progressively worse for WN because of the laws. WN needs lawyers and money, for one thing.

          For success, you have to have one common goal. It can’t be a laundry list.

          If you think Christians are going to make more headway legally, good luck.
          Christians are not pro-white.
          Christians won’t exclude Jews. They will not turn against them. There is no “well, we all will stay in our own corner” because it’s THEM wanting to destroy US.
          Christians have more allegiance to Jews than to Christendom.

          If you agree with the Amren thing, that Jews are white, and that they should be included, then there’s no point in trying to change your mind. If Jews were white, how would they be able to claim there’s antisemitism? But it seems a LOT of you guys are really big on buddying up with them, despite their claims to want to get rid of us. Like that CofCC. Another philosemitic group.

        • @Arrian Christians will not turn their back on their “spiritual cousins”. They will not go against the Jews or Israel. Just how will you stop them, if you consider them your buddies. Not defining the enemy is the problem.

        • “They will not go against the Jews or Israel. ”

          It will be a turning process.
          The young generations aren’t nearly so pro-zionist as the old geezers.

        • @Arrian You’re too smart to believe that. Things have been getting bad for decades, and Christians are just stronger in their bonds with Jews.

    • ITz not about religion Hunter, but it is you and those who would advocate for “Christian Nationalism” who are bringing religion into it. It would make our cause much easier for the jews to control and manipulate.

  7. My read of that chart is that 20% of the populist right is made up of atheists, agnostics, and religious “nones.” Why alienate them with “Christian nationalist” idiocy? Why not just regular “nationalism?”

    • If by “regular nationalism,” you mean MAGA which was loudly and proudly Jewish and gay, which had a drag queen as a mascot, I would say this is better

      • WN was about everyone who was white, who was pro-White. It wasn’t about religion. You continually bash Spencer, who isn’t even important anymore. You bash Fuentes, you say he isn’t sincere about religion. You guys are trying to make it about religion, and guess what? The Yid wins AGAIN, because they know how to divide us.
        You’ve never said HOW this new version of the Moral Majority or the Religious Right is better than the MAGA. They still worship the Jewish God, so they aren’t going to get rid of the oppressors that are trying to destroy them.
        You insist all atheists are immoral and evil. Like you have to have that desert God telling you what to do.

        • Not really.

          Most White people are Christians. The overwhelming majority of White people who are rightwing are Christians.

          Objectively, this anti-Christian message of yours appeals to one group: the less than 5% of atheists who are racial nationalists who probably don’t amount to 2% of the White population

          • Modern Christianity is a social club. People congregate with like minds
            Saying most whites are Christians, but that’s like modern Jews, most aren’t really practicing their faith.
            Your last paragraph sounds like something someone else told you to focus on. If you think you can build your website by appealing to the largest group out there, then by all means, go for it, but you won’t see any changes. You refuse to acknowledge how Christians love every one in the world, and they are Global, and most of the Mexicans here, and still coming in, are Christians. Christians are not going to stop race mixing, why should they? So if this isn’t about race for you, then you’ve found your niche.
            Race is the religion, the thing whites need to believe in, if we are to survive. Like someone else wrote on here, once our race is gone, its’s gone, but religion, that can be changed.

          • We are not trying to appeal to others who don’t believe. I simply don’t believe in your god shit, eg, jews are god’s chosen people. We are just sounding an alarm that Christian nationalism if it could be constituted, will fail because of the religious aspect.

  8. If you want to see the kind of people that the “professional atheist movement” is composed of Netflix made a movie about the death of Madeline Murray O’Hare. Hew own people killed her for money. She thought she was so liberal that she would hire ex-cons for her staff to “give them a chance.” They kidnapped her to get her to withdraw all her bank funds and wire them overseas then killed her and her family. There’s a reason we have traditional views on things in society like keeping ex-cons at an arms length…those that didn’t aren’t around anymore. Liberalism’s end stage is always cooption by straight up criminals: Manson, the Murray O’hare killers, Stalin and Beria, the Narco state of FARC, “Chaz”, etc.

      • Those that grew up in the moral environment religious people created usually reflect those values. But after a few generations things get worse and worse. Look at the cancerous nature of white fatherless. I can tell you the process is a generation ahead out on the west coast. In the mid 90s I went to suburban Portland and was shocked at the level of white fatherlessness. In the midwest where I came from it was still seen as pretty taboo and just getting started. Reluctant “grandparents” totting around the little bastard. But on the west coast the Bastards were all adults with a teenage daughter repeating the cycle to complete approval from the new grandmother (there was no grandfather in this case.) Seeing how quickly people forgot normal family norms was shocking. Even though most of these people were “spiritual” types who believed in a “celestial butler” type god who didn’t ask anything of you, you just prayed when you selfishly needed a favor. But it showed how a selfish type view of the universe destroys the social capital we once had, the kind of world that existed in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

    • I think her son converted to Christianity and is a minister now denouncing his mother’s work.

      • None of the Christians on here, Hunter included, have told us who their enemy is, and how they will defeat it. Christians are just going to promote more Christianity, and among the denominations, they won’t even agree. Mormons get excluded, and sometimes, Catholics, too.

        They have not talked about how they would exclude Jews, which means they won’t, and certainly will not name them as the enemy. They’ll say “Leftists” or “Marxists” or whatever. Sure, include all the traitorous Whites in there, but you know where the real money and power is coming from, because it’s global.

        Since they want to use MORALITY as their benchmark, that’s fine, but the lack of morality comes from those pushing against it.
        This is just another op, another way to galvanize whites into moving in the wrong direction against the wrong problem. More whites will hop on that train, and it won’t go where the problem is, because it CAN’T. Christianity worships the Jewish god and people.
        If Christianity WAS real, shouldn’t prayer solve the problem? If no, you mean God really wants to have us destroyed?

  9. It is worth noting that the Third Reich Nazi system, even though it was quite obviously pagan, was originally voted in by right-wing (Protestant) Christian voters who feared the Communist threat, and it officially frowned upon atheism, favouring healthy Völkisch spirituality:


    “On 13 October 1933, Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess issued a decree stating: “No National Socialist may suffer any detriment on the ground that he does not profess any particular faith or confession or on the ground that he does not make any religious profession at all.”[162] However, the regime strongly opposed “Godless Communism”[163][164] and all of Germany’s freethinking (freigeist), atheist, and largely left-wing organizations were banned the same year.[165][166]

    Heinrich Himmler, who himself was fascinated with Germanic paganism,[170] was a strong promoter of the gottgläubig movement and he did not allow atheists into the SS, arguing that their “refusal to acknowledge higher powers” would be a “potential source of indiscipline”.[36] In the SS, Himmler announced: “We believe in a God Almighty who stands above us; he has created the earth, the Fatherland, and the Volk, and he has sent us the Führer. Any human being who does not believe in God should be considered arrogant, megalomaniacal, and stupid and thus not suited for the SS.”[31] ”

    In other words, the relations between Nazis and atheists were as frosty as between Nazis and Christians, and on the practical level, pagan Waffen-SS soldiers and Christian Wehrmacht soldiers could fight quite efficiently on the same side against atheistic Communists.

  10. This is also interesting – Protestants were considerably more favourable towards Nazism than Roman Catholics, but even here, we can see that ordinary local RCs could be much more accommodating than their prelates:


    “In the last phase of the Weimar Republic, nobody of public standing opposed the Nazis more vehemently than the Catholic Church and its dignitaries. We provide direct evidence in support of the idea that the Church’s influence contributed to the resistance of ordinary Catholics. To do so, we draw on a novel data set that allows us to geographically locate members of the clergy who ignored the directives of their bishops and instead openly sympathized with the Nazis. We show that Catholics and Protestants voted much more alike in settings where such a “brown priest” directly contradicted the Church’s official warnings about the dangers of National Socialism. We further find that after the Catholic bishops gave up their opposition and took a position that was favorable to Hitler, parishioners’ relative resistance crumbled as well.”

  11. @BROWNSHIT: Like I said, you’re nuts and most probably the genesis of your psychosis is what you BELIEVE and like you just admitted, you’re despicable. I can wholeheartedly agree with that.

  12. Just interested:

    What do you see as the difference between you and Richard Spencer? — I ask in the sense that it appears both you and Spencer have pretty much abandoned racial nationalism, which I saw as the driving force behind the (now mostly defunct) Alt-Right, meaning more than any other reason, the Alt-Right was formed, or coalesced, around the cause of combating anti-Whiteness.

    Obviously, superficially Spencer posts a lot of dumb, cringe ‘Alt-MSNBC’ nonsense nowadays, whereas you seem to be more interested in wonkish analysis of polling data and traditional cultural issues, including now Christian Nationalism — but as I’ve made clear (I hope), I believe that focusing on these cultural issues at the expense of racial nationalism is misguided.

    Personally, I never found Spencer dumb, but my impression was that both Enoch and Parrott were more intelligent than Spencer; perhaps also Stryker, as well as a few others on Twitter whose identities I never knew (many good accounts were repeatedly banned, as is still happening today) — I guess I should mention Fuentes, although I am not all that familiar with him: he also seems fairly intelligent, but lacks gravitas, hence I never took him entirely seriously.

    • Richard Spencer is driven by spite.

      I moved on from racial nationalism over 12 years ago. I concluded that anonymous people on the internet with weak social bonds who differ in all sorts of ways who were engaged in constant, vicious infighting are not a “nation.” After observing this play out for a full decade, I began to disassociate the two terms. It doesn’t mean that I ceased to be a nationalist or a race realist or pro-White. I just became a better nationalist more attuned to my own people and their unique culture and heritage.

      A nation isn’t just deep ancestry like race. It necessarily requires a common identity and a common culture. It is a group of people with shared values, beliefs and history who are capable of relating to one another and who have an affinity and willingness to sacrifice for each other. A nation is thick in the multitude of ways that its members can relate to one another. This is how the term “nationalism” has always been understood. It means people with shared ancestry and culture like, say, the Hungarians or Germans, should have their own separate state.

      Richard Spencer’s embrace of “Aryan Globalism” and Apollonianism is another example of the “race is everything” mentality. In this case, these idiots reject nationalism because they dismiss the importance of shared culture. They have utterly no interest in how Europeans understand their own sense of identity. They also made up their own fake religion, which is shared by no one else on the planet and has no real doctrine except “race is everything” because they can’t understand or appreciate religion in any other way.

      None of this works. There is no interest in what other people believe. That’s why these people engage in self defeating and self marginalizing behavior over and over and over again.

      • If you aren’t collective by race, but by religion, you’re just going to be among a lot of nonwhites. Because religion embraces all races, and doesn’t really exclude anyone. Everyone is God’s children, and you’re going in circles now.

        • What about the English language?

          Should we stop speaking English now because non-Whites can speak English? Should we make up our own language? Perhaps one where all verbs are based on some variation of “jew”?

          You are the one who is going in circles, spinning your wheels inside an internet ghetto, unable to communicate with anyone outside of it, lashing out at people who share many of your political views.

          • That’s not the same thing and you know it.

            You seem very compromised at this point, because you won’t acknowledge the Christian allegiance to the Jew.

            Disagreeing is now “lashing out”, something you’ve never applied to Browning who regularly attacks the posters on here.

            You have some agenda, but I don’t think it’s for the white race.

          • How so?

            Non-Whites speak English. This enables us to understand and relate to each other. It facilitates cooperation. Millions of Africans and Indians speak English. Worst of all, Jews speak English. Therefore, we should get rid of the English language, create our own WN language spoken only by WNs and attack anyone who speaks English, which isn’t good enough because it isnt solely about race.

            Once again, I am a pro-White Christian. I have zero interest in 1.) attacking my own people, 2.) trying to send them down the rat hole of Reddit atheism or 3.) creating an anti-Christian White ethnostate with anti-Whites who hate me.

            Why do you continue to talk about the White race? You are not interested in the White race. Probably 1% of the White population in this country is interested in what you are saying and you seem bent on making it toxic and repulsive to 70%.

          • Language is not the issue. So much for your gaslighting.
            You constantly bring up Reddit, which is not the real world at all.
            After all of the comments I’ve made on here, you lie about what I think of the White race.
            So you’re more worried about Christians liking you and not hurting their feelings about the tribe?
            You’re so worried about Christians.
            What happened to you?

          • >What about the English language?

            Oh come on man, you cannot be serious — most of the Blacks who mercilessly slaughtered the French, including women and children, in Haiti in 1804 spoke French; their leaders who ordered the killing certainly did.

            The Blacks who murdered Whites in Rhodesia and stole their property also spoke English.


          • I’m serious.

            Shouldn’t we give up the English language because people of all races can speak English and can communicate with one another? English is fatally tainted and compromised because non-Whites speak English. We need our own Aryan language

            What our food? Blacks love fried chicken. Should I give that up too? Is it racial treason to eat a taco?

          • @HW. Surely you jest. This has nothing to do with white genocide. Your analogies are irrational.
            You know we’re right and you’re coming up with irrational excuses to jump on the Christian Nationalist bandwagon, something you said, in the past, that you wouldn’t do. Someone got to you.

          • Do you use Arabic numerals or Aryan numerals? If it is the former, I am sorry but you really can’t be Pro-White

          • No one is listening or paying any attention to the 1% of atheist anti-Christian White Nationalists. You are free to make that your brand. It doesn’t even have any appeal to me. It certainly doesn’t resonate with anyone else who share even fewer of your views than I do. It is a road to total self-marginalization in an internet ghetto.

          • It isn’t a “brand”. Obviously Christianity is. But it’s a religion and not a movement that is concerned about the White race. No one is trying to start an exclusive atheist White Nationalist group, unlike what Christians would do. You are so immersed in this god shit you think we are immersed in atheism. No, wrong. We’re about the White racial interests and we understand what thumpers are about. Ask your pal Browning.

          • There are a lot of things in life which aren’t specifically about the White race. A good example of this is morality. You can be White and a complete cultural degenerate like Hunter Biden. You can be a White enemy like Antifa too.

            Let’s assume for the sake of argument that there was a White ethnostate. There are no more non-Whites. Everyone is White now.

            What then? How should people live? How do you define right and wrong? What are the qualities that distinguishes a good person from a bad person? What should be legal? What should be illegal? Everything in life doesn’t concern “White racial interests.”

          • WNs always included Christians who made the distinction about where their religion came from, and who and who not to worship. There are some who have severed from the tribe but it doesn’t sound like HW is making that distinction. Suddenly, he isn’t discussing the tribe anymore.
            These guys ( HW and his radio buddies) think they’ve discovered something new, but it’s the same old religion. Next year, they will act like this never happened.
            You can see the cult mentality at play. The Christian Nationalists will be behind Trump, who they hope will save them. Some Christians have gone so far as to claim Trump is sent by God.

          • Hunter said: “Let’s assume for the sake of argument that there was a White ethnostate”

            As though an all White ethnostate would have a problem creating an ordered society? I’m pretty sure not long ago White European countries were basically White ethnostates. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. You think without Christianity people can’t figure out what is right and wrong? I think that’s what you’re saying, and it’s ridiculous. No sense going into detail here.

          • I’m saying that the obsessive race monomania blinds people to other things that are important like culture and morality.

            If all Jews and non-Whites vanished tomorrow, we would be left with a White population that doesn’t share a common identity or morality and which would be at each others throats. I am not saying that race is unimportant. I am saying that lots of people don’t seem to have thought through other problems.

          • If all jews and nonwhites vanished tomorrow, which of course is fantasy, the tenants of White supremacy would reign free once again without jew interference. It wouldn’t take too long to get everything under control. White people are only confused because of the lies disseminated by the jews. White societies are known for their unique combination of the qualities of order, peace, progress, innovation, and relative freedom. Whatever the governmental or economic system may be, whatever the historical era, our racial qualities shine through. It is the inherent qualities of the people themselves which make a society what it is.

            Oh, yee, of little faith. 😀

  13. Atheists are degenerates…..Islamic America would be a much better place to live in rather than Atheist America…..or Jew America…

    • While Islamic countries have a tighter rein on their peoples, we whites are far too creative and free thinkers to live like that. That’s why those people come to OUR countries.

    • I can assure you, Christians are confused, you’re confused, and while i am not a believer, I am no degenerate and are probably against degeneracy more than you. And further, I don’t believe the jews are your god’s chosen people, yet Christians do. If that’s not despicable and suicidal, I don’t know what is. I don’t want philo-semitics telling White Nationalists what they should think.

  14. We need to do a much, much better use of:


    We need to avoid using language and labels that 100% turn off White American Conservatives in the South, Midwest and elsewhere that close minds, end the discussion.

    Avoid these words, labels:

    “Atheism, Atheism” – this denotes the worst forms of atheist Communism, anti Christian Liberal Left politics, anything goes sex.

    Instead use “secular” religion including most forms of traditional Southern, European Christianity is fine but we don’t do any more Christian sectarian wars, persecutions.

    “Gun Control”. Instead use, responsible gun safety and practical restrictions against hard core gang members, Islamic terrorists, homicidal maniacs, the worst convicted (Black) felons, drug cartels getting using the worst forms of guns weapons. We won’t let bad illegal alines, drug cartels acquire, use biological and nuclear weapons.

    “United Nations”, “New World Order”, “Sexual Grooming”, “Free Love”, Liberalism and not Libertine Libertarianism.

    C’mon folks.

    This isn’t complicated. Just learn how to talk to various types of our people. Don’t waste your, our time and $ money camping for GOP Presidential crusades to try to elect old and out of it, boring 80 year old Libertarian, economic Conservative, Constitutionalists campaigning in South Florida promising to end all Social Security and Medicare benefits.

    Old White people and poor White people like government programs that try to help them. They dislike flighty rich globalist $ billionaires like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, the Hollywood J Media Mafia like Harvey Weinstein. Just campaign against these evil, selfish, hateful $ billionaires and Woke COke that pushes CRT.

    This isn’t rocket science, it’s simple common sense.

      • David Duke was winning LA state elections in the 1990s and competing extremely well in US Senate races.

        He finessed religion, said yes he was Christian where in early times he rejected that “Christian” label.

        He dressed well, spoke well and campaigned on key issues that regular people cared about (Opposed anti White Affirmative action, opposed Black crack cocaine plagues, crime, illegal immigration, Liberal NY media)

        This works.

        It works now.

        • Works? What has the Religious right accomplished?
          I see no accomplishments.
          Things have gotten worse each decade. And Christians have gotten closer to Jews.

  15. Binding or blinding em? Big problem containing a deeply imbedded and old psyop regarding “Adding external cultural glue toward a binding American “white” Christian Nationalism (aka, the racial nation destroying propositional “civic nationalism” of their “god”) … Indeed who is the “god” of the GOP (“god’s own party”) of the christian nationalists?

    My guest today is Philip Gorski, a Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of Center for Comparative Research. He is a comparative-historical sociologist with strong interests in theory and methods and in modern and early modern Europe. Much of his work has been on the sociology of religion, including in the US, which includes his new book, co-authored with Samuel Perry of the University of Oklahoma, entitled The Flag and The Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to the several sovereign American Republic’s,… It is an excellent yet terrifying short read and will be the main topic of our conversation. https://www.buzzsprout.com/1134467/11058396-68-phil-gorski-on-white-christian-nationalism-in-the-us.mp3

    Ælf Nation says in reality it is binding them and blinding them for global “messianic” communism:

    Regarding the Southron American nation, Read Matthew 15:24 … I’m Anglo-Saxon, …”Jesus:Yeshua:Yahshua” was not sent to me or my nation, nor to historic Sparta, and he is not mine nor my nation’s “god” nor the “lord”, or “king” of my nation!! He belongs to the Hebrews, again read Matthew 15:24!!

    wake up from your treason (Article III sec 3 of the constitutions for both the Confederacy and US) or you will get this: https://joelstrumpet.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/When-a-Jew-Rules-the-World.pdf

  16. The WN movement is hardly unique in that its intelligentsia is more likely to be secular than the masses. European right-wing movements have long combined intellectuals more attune to Nietzsche with masses more attune to the Pope.

    The reason is simple: atheism is the factually correct position. It’s simply a fact that of the many detailed accounts we’ve recovered from ancient Egypt, none of them have any mentions of Hebrews enslaved there. Indeed, the whole exodus story would have been pointless since at the time the exodus supposedly happened the slaves would have been fleeing Egypt for another territory also ruled by Egypt.

    • Good post. No one has ever had any evidence of a God or gods. Spinoza’s God is more likely. Whites are the product of Natural Selection. Anyone with a science background doesn’t need to pretend otherwise.
      IF there’s a God, he’s hiding, which makes no sense.
      Christianity is no more right than any other religion. Look how they threatened Galileo Galileo, when he saw the planets. There was so much fear on the part of the Church. We now know there are likely trillions of galaxies.

      • “Look how they threatened Galileo Galileo, when he saw the planets.”

        They did that to Galileo because he was a threat to Church power. Knowledge is power, the Church was the sole arbiter of knowledge, and wanted to remain so. It was politics, like the lefties censor our ideas so they can remain in power.

  17. There are two salient facts here: conservative Christian belief is (among whites) strongly associated with pro-white or white nationalist views, and “Christian Nationalism” is the only socio-political venue wherein WN views can be sustained, nurtured, and advanced between elections, at scales larger than this website. It’s especially important at the grassroots and local level, such as the local pols who decide whether your city will defund the police or teach transsexualism in schools.

    Hitching our wagon to christofascism is, for WNs, the only remotely plausible path to taking and holding power – full stop.

  18. If there’s one thing that the Pope has no use for; it’s white Protestants. Better replace them with Third World trash.

  19. Bringing in Roman Catholic Latinos; does that enhance the political power of non-Catholic White A,

    No wonder that the Pope kisses their feet.

  20. How do you prove a negative? Can you prove that God doesn’t exist?

    Can an atheist proclaim that he(the atheist) doesn’t exist?

  21. Once upon time, America could crack down and vigorously restrict immigration into her. Unfortunately, these Americans retired and died off and their replacements of forty years didn’t believe in upholding and maintaining their work, and, anyway, they didn’t perceive the Hart-Cellar Act as the poisonous fruit that they were being asked to eat. The enemies of the 1924 Act had to wait forty years to overthrow it.

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