Nancy Pelosi Lands In Taiwan

Clearly, we don’t have enough problems to deal with at the moment.


  1. This woman will go so far to protect the integrity of some East Asians who live on a tiny island an entire ocean away while she could care less about her own race, even if she is mixed-race, which is slowly dying because of Nonwhite interests and antiwhite policies in education, employment, and community. If someone like her values what essentially numerous varieties of a wider Black/Brown race, with East Asians being one of those varieties, instead of White people who are anatomically different from said Black/Brown race, which has been proven through scientific inquiry here, then the world has truly become a clown world as the interests & prosperity of the global minority goes unnoticed while the global majority gets all the help and resources they possibly want without a second thought.

    • “This woman will go so far to protect the integrity of some East Asians”:

      WHAT integrity? Their ethno-national integrity is being Chinese people. They are Han Chinese with Chinese culture, and they speak and write Chinese. The island near the mainland coastline is historically Chinese territory, except for a short time when it was conquered by the Japanese Empire. Three-quarters of the islanders say they would vote for full unification with the mainland if a referendum were ever held.

      Pelosi is not there to protect racial integrity but to destroy it.

    • “while she could care less about her own race,.”

      She does care about her race, she isn’t of our kind.

      • “I have said to people when they ask me, if this capitol crumbles to the ground, the one thing that will remain is our commitment to our aid – and I don’t even call it aid, our cooperation – with Israel. That’s fundamental to who we are.”

        N Pelosi, AIPAC conference 2019

  2. Conspiracy hat on:

    Pelosi’s husband is big into semiconductors and microchip stocks. Taiwan makes a lot of them. US just passed legislation to produce more semiconductors in the USA. If China gets destroyed by Taiwan, semiconductor market spikes, US production ramps up: $$$.

    Hat off: imperial hubris.

  3. The Empire can only expand until it is defeated and collapses, that is the nature of Empires.

    Dumb ass internet commenters who don’t know shit about shit have been confident predicting the last fifty out of zero collapses. Plus these anti-American idiots have zero clue at how powerful the military really is.

    Here is a secret, a taboo. America won the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, and the Afghanistan war. The goals were met, it is just not the goals they tell the public.

    If you thought those wars were about ‘spreading democracy’ you’re a moron with plenty of company.

    Trump put some tariffs on China and it nearly collapsed their system, not America’s.

    • I have zero problem with ZOG and the CCP colliding in their dueling territorial interests. China will absolutely destroy the US, our home, given the time and continued endulgence of the economic malfeasance they’ve been engaged in for two generations now, in what has always been an economic war on us.

      The universal corruption and infiltration of our government, the theft of our industrial base, the poisoning of our communities with enough fentanyl to kill us all many times over, sabotage of our infrastructure via cyber warfare, the funding of subversive movements since the sixties or before here in colleges and NGO’s.

      The JQ is a red herring keeping Nationalists from see the other enemies that are eating our lunches at our very dinner tables each and every day, stealing from our children’s futures.

      • The outer husk of the military may be lgbtq fag nonsense, but their is an iron inner core that is extremely powerful.

    • “America won the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, and the Afghanistan war”

      The only one of these that could potentially be considered a win is Iraq. It wasn’t a win, but one could at least rationalize and make a somewhat believable argument that it was. Vietnam and Afghanistan were unquestionably outright losses, with goals not met, secret or otherwise.

        • Because the intent was to make into a femi-anal democracy just like the US, and keep it that way forever. What else could the intent have been since they didn’t bother with their boy Bin Laden?

    • “Trump put some tariffs on China and it nearly collapsed their system”

      China is in deep trouble, with the property collapses and all the bank failures in Hunan.
      China has ‘red marked’ ppls health codes to keep them from going to Hunan, to join the massive protest.

      Using health codes to control ppls movement, imagine that ?

    • >Trump put some tariffs on China and it nearly collapsed their system, not America’s.


      Currently, less than 20% of China’s foreign trade is with the US, and that percentage declines every year — also, using metrics like PPP and a ‘basket of goods’ index (link), China already has a larger economy than the US, and a typical Chinese consumer has more purchasing power than a typical US consumer — China achieved that despite tariffs that supposedly ‘collapsed their system’, and without running morally repugnant deficits like the US, which in an attempt to maintain its hegemony grossly abuses the status of the USD as the ‘world’s reserve currency’ by piling debt onto the backs of its citizens, cementing their status as debt slaves (later this decade interest on the debt will surpass ‘defense’ spending to become the second largest budget item).

      You’re one of the stranger people commenting here — occasionally you post something that I agree with, but most of the time it’s dumb, obnoxious garbage like this.

  4. I realised last night that she was going there after all.

    The U.S. has been shipping offensive weapons to Taiwan, plans to station ballistic missiles there, and Congress is going to vote to end the One China policy, which was fake anyway. The U.S. has been at war against Chinese socialism from the beginning.

    The population of Taiwan is Chinese and speaks and writes Chinese, and the island is historically part of China except for a short time when it was conquered or ceded to the Japanese Empire. Three-quarters of Taiwan electorate would vote for full unification with the mainland, if a referendum were held, but the puppet leadership and elites are tied to the U.S. system and want to keep it that way for their personal material advantage.

    China is wise, very patient, and bides its time, avoiding a violent take-over of capitalist Taiwan (and Macao and Hong Kong) because that would kill many Chinese people and cause further division and other harm to the nation as a whole.

  5. “Trump put some tariffs on China and it nearly collapsed their system”:

    China must exit the U.S.’s global capitalist system as quickly as possible. Unoccupied, independent Korea (the DPRK) with its “Juche” (national self-reliance) and Albania as it was under Hoxha’s leadership are very good examples to follow. China with the world’s largest population and largest productive economy can do much so more than little Korea and Albania.

    Some quotes of Enver Hoxha on national self-reliance:

    “The struggle of a people for national existence does not and cannot depend on the combinations and diplomatic intrigues of other states, be they big or small. It depends on the consciousness of the people themselves, when they attain understanding of what their rights and true interests are, have confidence in their own strength at any moment and in any situation, and know how to defend these rights and interests with iron will, sound logic, and revolutionary struggle. Only then the strength of the people become invincible, is multiplied a hundredfold and burst out like an irresistible hurricane.”

    “No country whatsoever, big or small, can build socialism by taking credits and aid from the bourgeoisis and the revisionists or by integrating its economy into the world system of capitalist economy. Any such linking of the economy of a socialist country with the economy of a bourgeois or revisionist countries opens the doors to the action of the economic laws of capitalism and the degeneration of the socialist order. That is the road of betrayal and the restoration of capitalism, which the revisionist cliques have pursued and are pursuing.”

  6. So the Chinese won this one by doing nothing

    The rest of the world will see Washington as increasingly reckless and arrogant this is not what the empire need right now when most of the world is slowly backing away and losing all respect as it is

    How you should handle this had been to say to the Chinese “fine we will not do this to not rise up tensions in the region, and you will back down your readiness and we can all sit down to talk”

    This is childish and yes a very very truly “American” behaviour

  7. Pelosi claimed she was only going as a private citizen, on an innocent, personal visit, but now she is meeting with the U.S. military instructors who are training the U.S.’s Taiwan military proxies to use the new weapons the U.S. has been sending for use against the mainland, as the U.S. Congress is preparing to repeal its (hypocritical) One China policy. The plan is so obvious to anyone with a brain: China, Russia, Iran, Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and all other independent or semi-independent nations that are resisting global Anglo-Zionist hegemony will be defeated, destroyed and re-colonized if it’s the last thing that the Hegemon ever does.

    China must struggle (fight) or die. A new Global Times article says: “”China’s reaction will not just be a momentary action but will consider the whole security mechanism of Taiwan (…) When it comes to the countermeasures, the Chinese mainland will exercise its sovereignty and rights of control over the airspace on the island and adjacent sea areas around the island, to make sure no other case like ‘Pelosi’s visit’ could happen again, and to better safeguard national sovereignty.”

  8. There will be no public pronouncements from Nancy Pell on behalf of America or the American people. The troublemaker is there is a private citizen not as a representative of the American government. No podium, no joint press conference or official communique, it is out of the question by the dictates of the Chinese.

      • @Afterthought—you want me to support a troublemaker, a person that can not mind there own Goddamned business? You got the wrong guy Mick. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Maybe. The other possibility is that they’ll simply take all of the islands close to the Chinese coast presently claimed by Taiwan (about 8-10 of these as I recall, all of which are much closer to the mainland than to Taiwan). No way would Taiwan be able to defend and they are small enough that it would be a propaganda show for the folks in the mainland. That way Xi doesn’t lose face. Otherwise he could have some problems from within the ranks of the party.

    • “(Pelosi) is there is a private citizen not as a representative of the American government”:

      Surely you jest. She flies in on a military plane escorted by fighter jets and a Navy fleet. She lands and goes to a training site where the U.S. military instructs the rebel proxy forces to use the weapons that the U.S. gives (or sells) them to fight China.

  9. The Yankee Empire has its weakened king in hiding with “sickness” while his trannie military and effeminate/female government officials rally to defend the “Kingdom” … looks weak … if Russia/China doesn’t take out the Yankee Empire soon then Germany/Europe one day will…

    Not My Gentle Son

  10. In an earlier era maybe it would have been Douglas MacArthur — today it’s a frail-looking 82 y/o (!) woman, hobbling down the gangway wearing a mask.


    The Chinese rhetorically painted themselves into a corner (a big mistake) — now they have to do something or look like blustering cucks and fags in the eyes of the world — regarding Ukraine, the Chinese and the Russians looked like the adults in the room — now I’m not so sure about China.

    Anyway, it’s none of America’s business, and like I said before any American administration ought to place a very high priority on gracefully exiting security guarantees given to Taiwan generations ago.

    linkThe winner of the US provocations towards China is.. Russia. Xi will never forget what the US did today and we can fully expect economic measures which will crush the Western economy in aspects China decides on. This is all playing into Putin’s hands & further complicates the situation for the US and EU. China’s soft power is more scary for the west than any military skirmishes. USA’s biggest nightmare with Russia is Chinese assistance to russian economy. China knows this and so does Putin. … Putin is on top once again

    • The Chinese had no choice but to complain about a high-ranking US official visiting Taiwan. To do otherwise would imply they are relinquishing their claim to the island. As far as they are concerned, this is part of a behavior pattern by Anglos of humiliating and violating their sovereignty, which started with the Opium Wars. However, being an old and patient people, they will get their revenge in time.

  11. The war in Ukraine isn’t going as planned so why not start a war with China at the expense of Taiwan. Why is she there in the 1st place, she is not the President or is she? The arrogance of the US govt.

  12. Piglosi invaded Formosa. Chinese ships have her more or less surrounded, but outside of those ships is a massive armada from 11 nations, including US, UK, Aussie, Japan, etc. There was a scheduled exercise for August 2nd. The Chinese Navy is no match for that.

    Piglosi’s trip was scheduled around these Naval exercises. ZOG media mentions the Chinese ships but is quiet about the much larger armada surrounding them.

    My take is, ZOG is impatient for the Chinese to step into the trap Washington has set for them in Taiwan. Now they are trying to push the CCP into the trap.

    Time is on China’s side, and they know it.

    • ZOG was preparing for the Russian attack in Ukraine since they overthrew the government. I agree this looks like a trap.

  13. Step by step, provocation upon provocation. Now the U.S. announces that in just a few weeks U.S. Navy destroyers will enter the strait between China and the Chinese island, saling without permission through Chinese territorial waters! Congress is about to pass a bipartisan bill to repeal the One China policy and send or sell additional billions of dollars of military equipment to the U.S. puppet government of Taiwan. Stationing ballistic missiles on the island is being discussed and a few U.S. military forces are already stationed on the island. The system can’t help itself, must do this.

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