The Conversation: Fueled By Virtually Unrestricted Social Media Access, White Nationalism Is On The Rise and Attracting Violent Young White Men

I don’t write much about White Nationalism.

In my view, the term White Nationalism is associated with the first wave of the movement in the 1990s and 2000s. It is used by older generations who post on websites like Stormfront. Similarly, the Alt-Right was the second phase of the movement in the 2010s, which resonated with a younger audience and which crested when Dump was elected president in 2016 and crashed during his presidency.

The Conversation:

“White nationalist leaders, such as Richard Spencer, wanted an even bigger audience and influence.

Spencer coined the term “alt-right” to this end, with the goal of blurring the relationship between white nationalism and white conservatism. He did this by establishing nonprofit think tanks like the National Policy Institute that provided an academic veneer for him and other white supremacists to spread their views on white supremacy.

This strategy worked.

Today, many white nationalist ideas once relegated to society’s fringes are embraced by the broader conservative movement.

Take, for instance, the Great Replacement Theory. The conspiracy theory misinterprets demographic change as an active attempt to replace white Americans with people of color.

This baseless idea observes that Black and Latino people are becoming larger percentages of the U.S. population, and paints that data as the result of an allegedly active attempt by unnamed multiculturalists to drive white Americans out of power in an increasingly diverse nation.

A recent poll showed that over 50% of Republicans now believe in this conspiracy theory. …”

We’re now in the midst of the third wave.

The key difference is that radical ideas like the Great Replacement, secession and Christian nationalism, which used to be marginal and circulated only in our circles, are now broadly accepted by millions of people. Michael Peroutka, for example, gave a standard speech in which he endorsed Christian nationalism at the League of the South conference in 2012. There is nothing new about the idea of a Christian republic with laws based on the Bible. Probably half of the content of most of the League of the South conferences I have been to over the past decade has been some type of endorsement of this.

Half of Republican voters now believe in the Great Replacement. Half of White evangelicals believe that America was created to be a European Christian society. A third of Republican voters believe that their state would be better off if it seceded from the Union. 4 out of 10 Americans believe that having a strong leader is more important than democracy. 1 out of 5 now say that it is likely that they will be “armed with a gun” at a violent political protest in the next few years. That’s a huge shift.

Some enormous number of White normies who believe in all of this have finally woken up over the past three years. These people are mostly White evangelical Protestants in the South and Midwest. They watched the George Floyd riots. They believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. They have watched the Biden administration. They now agree that antiracism is anti-White.

That’s who is going to carry the torch moving forward. Their sheer numbers make that inevitable. The goal of our activism when we traveled to small towns like Shelbyville or Pikeville was always to reach those people and persuade them to come around. At some point, it worked and they changed their minds on their own time and now believe a lot of the things we believe, not everything, but enough. They weren’t quite there yet in 2017, but they have lost a lot of their former illusions by 2022.

We’re long past the metapolitical forming the ideas stage. We’re past the edgy vanguard stage. This is the mass radicalization stage. Ordinary people are adopting these ideas and integrating them into their existing worldview. Normal people as opposed to the weirdos who are always attracted to fringe movements are now dominant. This is the age of the radical normie.

I sometimes wonder what some people in the Alt-Right expected to happen. 80% of people on the Right are Christians. The overwhelming majority of them are conservatives. Those people were never going to drop Christianity and embrace Nietzsche’s every word as gospel and “Become Who They Are” and join some ridiculous solar cult based on Apollo and Emmanuel Macron, but you could persuade them that they were under vicious attack by our elites for being White and that they should resent that and be angry about it.

I’m not disappointed. I never had any expectations that anything like this would ever happen. I am trying to figure out how I fit into this new phase. I am not used to so many people buying into what we were saying 20 years, 10 years ago, but mostly I feel a sense of relief that they were not completely hopeless. All the sacrifices we have made were not for nothing and to some extent we were finally heard.

“Journalists” are throwing around terms like White Nationalism, White Christian Nationalism and Christian Nationalism to describe this new political reality. It is not the same thing as White Nationalism or the Alt Right, but it exists now. It is where anywhere from a quarter to a third to a half of Republican voters are at now.

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  1. Funny, as usual the Lefts violent young white men, Antifa, and black young men BLM, just vanished into the ether. You can’t take these people seriously…

    • “never going to drop Christianity and embrace Nietzsche’s every word as gospel”

      Of whatever label, ppl must eventually recognize reality, that is happening.

  2. ‘White nationalist ideas’ have never been fringe but in fact have always been mainstream. They can’t have it both ways, America was founded on White Supremacy and also America is really about multiracialism?

    These people are just anti-white and the ‘Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory’ is literally written into the Democratic party platform and celebrated in the media every single day.

      • @Arrian…

        You must be young, because if you lived many decades ago you could never utter the statement, ‘just not enough of it.’

        The reality of those living in the Jew England Yankee United States’ of America is that we are living under the greatest thought control system ever erected.

        No amount of anything, back when I was young, could have defended successfully against the persistent misinformation and propaganda that was offered day in and day out.

        There was no internet – just several television channels radio, newspapers, movies, and academies, all of which broadcast the Jew England Yankee view of history at you 24/7.

        When this system collapses, as it clearly is, the main prompter for that collapse will have been the internet – the ability to get at the truth.

        • “…There was no internet – just several television channels radio, newspapers, movies, and academies, all of which broadcast the Jew England Yankee view of history at you 24/7.

          When this system collapses, as it clearly is, the main prompter for that collapse will have been the internet…”

          This is 100% the truth. I think younger people have a mental block that doesn’t recognize the total lack of any sort of information in the past. I think it likely that it’s hard for them to imagine being without it.

          I myself had no idea the level of control until 9-11. Building 7 falling the same speed as if only air held it up for over 100 feet and no one paying the slightest attention to this miraculous occurrence made me really look hard at all sorts of things and every damn time I found some awful thing or trend in society, I mean every time, there was some Jew or Jews involved. I don’t believe they are 2 or 3% of the population. They are everywhere. It’s impossible to do as much damage as they have with these numbers.

  3. Those two failed “waves” failed to recognise that not race conflict but CLASS is the fundamental problem of nations or peoples that are being destroyed, and only when that problem is solved, these conflicts of ethnicity or race will mostly naturally resolve themselves, because familial-, tribal- and ethno-centrism is the natural, default human tendency. The rule of Mammon (pursuit of gain) must end and the Golden Rule begin.

  4. Phase 3 should be realizing that it was all bullshit, and about transcending “Race” altogether. Organizing by the label “White” is a dead end lost cause that should be placed in the trash bin of history. Most of you don’t have a real life and get somekind of sense of belonging and purpose from this shit, or your just autistic and can’t let go of what had failed miserably. I am a Orthodox Christian, and Un-Reconstructed Southerner of Scotch-Irish decent. I do not use the label “White” and nor should any other intelligent person.

    • “Organizing by the label “White” is a dead end lost cause ”

      ‘WHITE’ is the future, or there is no future.

    • It has taken forever to get to this point. That is if the average person doesn’t get bored and go back to his sofa. It’s been like pulling teeth and I understand the frustration that WN1.0 people have felt all these years. You do all realize that this has been the easy part, right? Now, the hard stuff is going to begin.

      • Diversity is our strength.

        A major difference between this site and those sites is that the comments are curated and no debate takes places and the result is an echo chamber

        • That is true. This site is much better in that regard. Luckily, as far as I know, there haven’t been too many crazies trying to take advantage. And it’s probably not entirely fair to include OccDiss as part of Der Movement. That’s just what I call anyone tangentially related to White racial activism that is not on board with Sallis’ vision.

        • You’re comment only implies you have no idea what White supremacy is. To conflate it with jew supremacy or nigger supremacy proves that. YOU, are out to lunch and a goddamn leftist.

          • Yes, yes. As lefty said, the link you posted is not supported by the jews, and like so many other uninformed commenters, don’t understand that the jews incessantly lie in order to brainwash them. So, like lefty says, you must to go to ask-a-jew to find out what the jews want you to think.

            Look lefty, just because you went to college and spent many hours in class; and endless hours studying text books; you’ve looked up so many things in (((wikipedia))). You’ve watched so many hours of the (((history channel))) and watched so many (((Hollywood))) war movies, you think you know something? Well, wake up, lefty. You don’t know shit. All you know is what the jews want you to think.

      • The absurdity of having other groups as part of pro-white interests must be very profitable. There’s far too many willing to sell us out for stupid reasons.
        You can tell when they’ve sold out, because they won’t blame the enemy for anything.
        It’s time for younger people to move on, as we have far better minds than those Paleo groups who just go round and round over past political philosophies. They aren’t leaders, just people who don’t have to be concerned about a job. That…is their common characteristic.

        • Scientists/Biologists overwhelmingly disagree with you that although we use “race” as a category to classify people they affirm that race doesn’t exist in biology. Therefore it’s a manmade construct.

          • Scientists/Biologists overwhelmingly disagree with you

            A word to the wise, not liberals, about the people who have and are expressing these views. Just about the entire academic community has been usurped and has been infested by jews and dominated by their leftist doctrine. The jews reward with ‘rising stardom’ those scholars who can present the most heinous example of overturning and ignoring the truth and swapping it out for lies, cultural marxism, pro-antiwhite, anti-White, interpretations and they will destroy anyone who dares disagree with them, especially anything that exposes their many, many, colossal lies.

            After only a few decades of this activity, new scientists/biologists find that the previously written books they encounter mostly reflect safely revised jewish thinking that they just parrot. That is simply the human condition but has been magnified in today’s greed for materialism. After all, going against the jew narrative is extremely damaging to one’s bottom line, and few will, and certainly no braindead leftist will. You think some academic is going to tell the truth if it doesn’t agree with the jews’ narratives?

          • Genetics tells the story. Whites will always reproduce a white baby. Blacks will always produce a black one. It’s not just skin color. When people try to get an organ transplant, race matters. Science is rather PC these days, saying everyone is the same, but most intelligent people know that’s not true.

          • @slumlord — You know, you’re really full of shit. The idea that race might be a social construct was a hypothesis invented by Richard Lewontin, a jewish marxist and Harvard geneticist, in 1972. He claimed that the genetic differences between races were so slight that no one working only with genetic data would categorize people as Asians, Whites, Blacks, Mestizos, etc. Lewontin said that racial classification “is now seen to be of virtually no genetic or taxonomic significance.”

            Leftists like you are quick to pick up on the jew’s words and create a number of slogans from them, including “Race is a social construct” and “There’s only One Race, the Human Race.” The Lewontin hypothesis almost immediately became a required belief among the politically correct. And that was very unfortunate for them, because less than 30 years later it would become possible for geneticists and forensic scientists to conduct a statistical analysis of genetic markers in order to see whether their clusters correlated with the commonly identified racial groups.

            They did. By 2005, it was well documented that Lewontin had been wrong. The existence of race as a biological reality was proved by Hua Tang, Tom Quertermous, and Beatriz Rodriguez in “Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies,” published in American Journal of Human Genetics, 76: 268-275 (2005).

            By doing so, the researchers disproved the Lewontin Hypothesis. Practically every analysis of genetic markers demonstrated the biological reality of racial identities. In one of them, conducted by Tang, Quertermous, and Rodriguez, et. al., in 2005, all except five of 3636 test subjects (including Asians, Whites, Blacks and Mestizos) sorted statistically into the cluster of genetic markers that corresponded to their self-identified racial group. The success rate for predicting how someone would classify himself racially, using only his genes as information, was 99.86 percent, according to that study.

            But leftists are worse than assholes when it comes to suffering correction. They have the audacity to call people who are much more informed than they are themselves, “ignorant.” They’ve adopted the “social construct” slogan, and, come what may, they’re not ever going to give it up. LOL! This is because Leftists are, and have always been, at war with truth. Truth is not their truth. Their truth is what they make up as they go along. Truth is an anathema to leftists.

    • @Orthodox Slumlord

      “I do not use the label “White” and nor should any other intelligent person.”

      “White” is a temporary label. Once we construct a new ethnicity, we’ll label ourselves as that and wont have any further need for a label like “White.” So cool your autism already, it’s embarrassing to read.

  5. “Half of Republican voters now believe in the Great Replacement”

    No, they believe in the Republican party reinterpretation of the great replacement, as expounded by Tucker Carlson.

    “Half of White evangelicals believe that America was created to be a European Christian society.”

    That would be nice, except that they define “European” culturally and say it has nothing to do with race.

    “1 out of 5 now say that it is likely that they will be “armed with a gun” at a violent political protest in the next few years”

    At a protest over something fake and gay, like Brump’s failed election or some Qtard crap.

    • Humans are one species, there are no subspecies of humans. There are no genetic markers to determine race. Humans are too closely similar genetically to be grouped into sub-species or races that’s what biology overwhelmingly shows. You can site White Supremacist sources all day long that will just agree with you but they’re not valid sources. Wow so you all concede that all of Science and Biology has been usurped by Jews so you can’t trust any of the Science and biology now? That is simply insane and only mentally autistic people would blame Jews for everything. You elevate Jews to this godlike status when you do so. It’s really sad. Per about the one guys post about organ donor and bone marrow donor, here is a response below.

      Why do people who need organ and bone marrow transplants tend to match more with people of the same ethnic or racial background? Does the higher success rate of intra-racial versus inter-racial transplantation suggest that race has some biological reality?

      Pilar Ossorio

      In the organ transplant world, I know there’s a big focus on trying to recruit more African Americans to donate organs, under the assumption that race-matched organs are going to have a better chance of success. It’s true that people who are closely genetically related are more likely to have a good genetic match on organs. For example, siblings can often donate organs to each other or will be well matched for each other. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s more likely to happen. So if you’re studying a group of people who are actually related because they all live in the same city and their ancestors all came to the U.S. from the same village or community, then it would make some sense that within that group they would be more likely to have matched organs.

      On the other hand, it’s false to assume that people of the same race are going to be more closely genetically related. To the extent that races are these very huge four or five groupings of human beings, they encompass people who are very distantly related to each other. As distantly related as people of two different races. Intuitively people think that those of the same race are more closely related, but the genetic data show that this assumption is false.

      Jonathan Marks

      To build on what Pilar just said, I think there is a crude assumption out there that race is a metaphor for family. That the family is a small related group and a race is a big related group. People take that metaphor too literally, when in fact there isn’t necessarily any biological truth to it. This question takes as a presupposition this false assumption.

      Alan Goodman

      I think Jon and Pilar have really hit the major crux of it. I just want to add that even when you accept the assumption built into this question, it may not be true for the reasons you think it is. If the assumption were true, is it because of race? The answer is no, it’s not because of race, it’s because of geographic closeness and genetic similarity. We tend to be more genetically similar to people whose ancestry we share, but that isn’t the same thing as race. You have to look at where the assumption breaks down – individuals from South Africa and North Africa, for example, are very genetically different, and not coincidentally, those two places are also very geographically far away.

      • Alan Goodman–I think Jon and Pilar have really hit the major crux of it.

        The JEW approves. Absolutely astonishing!

        As I stated earlier, which I suppose is beyond your grasp intellectually, the jews, who control virtually everything, reward with ‘rising stardom’ those scholars who can present the most heinous example of overturning and ignoring the truth and swapping it out for lies, cultural marxism, pro-antiwhite, anti-White, interpretations — and they will destroy anyone who dares disagree with them, especially anything that exposes their many, many, colossal lies. The jews know what the program is — extinction of Whites, and the non-jews know what’s good for their bottom line.

        • “Da Joos control everything.” That’s the end of any rational conversation with you. Only an autistic retard would utter the words “Da all powerful Joos control everything either directly or indirectly by influence.” Then they have won, they are superior to you, and it’s basically over. You sound like a nigger blaming all White people for slavery, and saying White privilege is real because White Supremacist control everything. White-Separatists and Nationalists are basically just White Niggers IMO. (For clarification I don’t believe Blacks =Nigger as there are “Niggers” within all groups.

          • “Da all powerful Joos control everything either directly or indirectly by influence.”

            Only a dope refuses to see this is totally true. The jews control ALL the information people receive. I can’t go to any political website and give my opinion, because the jews have censored the internet. Jews are in control of the government, the media, social media, the lawyers/judges and the money. Jews are a fifth column in America working toward the deliberate elimination of the White Race. And you’re saying it’s not true? YOU are not wrapped too tight.

            I’m just acknowledging a fact of life that most normies and leftists like you don’t understand. Doesn’t mean they’ve won, however, but truth right now is that they are surely winning, and it is liberals like you, for whom, like the jews, truth is an anathema, it is people like you who disseminate their lies so as to make sure Whites do lose.

            Let’s get something straight. You don’t know shit. You can deny the truth of who is totally in control of the US gov if you want to, but that’s why you’re a leftist. I got it right. Niggers who blame Whites for slavery are merely niggers who don’t know the jews were the slavers, and blame Whites and probably neither do you, and like I said before, you don’t even know what White supremacy is let alone White privilege so why do you keep bringing it up?

            People like you on the Left consist of the worst, and craziest people on the left side, all voting DIMocrat. Autists, Feminists, nutters, blacks, homosexuals, trannies, cat ladies, and other mental defectives, all voting in favor of the (((“Party”))) (communists) that promises to take care of you when the natural results of your mental deficiencies and shortcomings become all too obvious.

          • A long time ago someone compiled a list of major media owners, major business owners, and more. After Ted Turner sold, there were basically no more white owners of entertainment or media. Hollywood and the performing arts are the same. Too many can’t see past plastic surgery or an Anglicized name, but they’re all there.
            I’m more than convinced that the ship is going to go down. There’s not enough who care to save it, and eventually, when the lower IQs have control over the arsenal, they’ll wreak catastrophic destruction. Maybe nature will start over. The movie Planet of the Apes is somewhat prophetic.
            I pity the Christians who will try to remain on the good side of the tribe. The idea that the real problem is traitor whites isn’t all wrong, but they don’t really have much power on their own. It is the enemy who does openly admit to working for our destruction. And they do profess this.
            Those who get excited about The Apocalypse should think twice. Who could ever wish this rare blue planet reduced to rubble. The epic oceans, the forests, the grasslands, and all of the animals, would be gone.

          • “The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish. As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” — Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times, december 19, 2008

          • ortho doodle, can shore stretch a noodle, ortho, you are not SOUTHERN INTELLECTUAL MATERIAL, I don’t think your southern, southern bred or southern blooded, we on this site, really have important issue’s to discuss, like our new coming republic, you are a rude, vulgar distraction, enough is enough, I am sure, you get the hint………

  6. Unrestricted social media access? No one is more censored or silenced than anyone advocating for Whites. Anti-Whites brag about our “inevitable” brown future, demand every policy that perpetrates it, then call White Genocide, aka “Great Replacement”, a “conspiracy theory”.

    • “then call White Genocide, aka “Great Replacement”, a “conspiracy theory”

      Jews are the great masters of the lie.

  7. Our rulers direct unrelenting hatred against white Christian heterosexual men, and then act surprised when those men resent it. The Great Replacement is no conspiracy theory, not when Joe Biden has openly endorsed the replacement.

    • “unrelenting hatred against white Christian heterosexual men, and then act surprised when those men resent it.”

      “If the goy is dumb enough to accept integration, he’s stupid enough to accept anything. Piss in his face , Moe, he’ll thank you.”

  8. White Nationalism is a reactionary movement that asserts a Pan-European front against non-Europeans because of mass Nonwhite & Non-European immigration into the Western world.

    In fact, the definition that White Nationalists use to define White People is “anyone of wholly European descent” which makes no sense because by that logic Turks, Azerbaijanis, Dagestanis, Samis, and other transcontinental people between Europe & Asia are White, not to mention all those people in the Mediterranean who are mixed with Arab & South Europeans who are essentially the same people given their close proximity to each other, which these same White nationalists say aren’t White despite the fact that they inhabit some part of Europe?

    White Nationalists also push the idea of European supremacy which hasn’t worked in rebuilding White group solidarity because it makes White people think they are joining a terror or hate group that seeks to harm Nonwhites for the sake of “White” or Pan-European dominance and control against all non-Europeans sort of like an ideological neo-colonialism.

    But real White people and White group solidarity isn’t based in Pan-Europeanism but in the people of Northwest European and Northwestern-European descent who inhabit North America and Oceania. These actual White People as a whole are anatomically different from all other humans mixed or otherwise that live on Earth something that has been proven by physical chemistry and evolution as is explained here.

    This reason alone is why White people will segregate themselves into their own communities and want nothing to do with Nonwhites even if they are the smartest or beautiful person, they have ever met even though White people are inherently more beautiful. This phenomenon is true White Nationalism or White Christian Nationalism which is not based on racial hate for Nonwhites, colonialism, or supremacy but concern for protect White people from outside forces that seek to harm their racial integrity.

    Heck I even heard that there is a Church out there that believes those with ruddy or rosy-white skin are livelier and healthier than those with pale or brown skinned which does make sense if you think about it and ruddy skin is a common feature among real White People that adds to their beauty and racial identity as being different from all Nonwhites.

    • Turks, Azerbaijanis, and Dagistanis are West Asian ethnic groups and do not cluster with Europeans. Sami are the only ones that are a bit of an outlier, but they are still semi-close to Fins. South Europeans and West Asians/North Africans cluster separately. They are NOT essentially the same people. South Europeans cluster with other Europeans. North African admixture in Italians hovers at around maybe 5% at most. It peaks in some small areas of Spain at around 10%. That’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things, especially since the European cluster and the West Asian/North African clusters are the next closest clusters to each other.

  9. Let me to say Brad that this is inevitable and also that is thanks also to the woke culture and far-left if we have reached this situation. Those on the left in the last 15 years have become more and more radical, even several university professors have denounced the madness of woke dictatorship in academic enviroment (and these professors are not all right-wing, a lot of them are moderate left). It’s inevitable, the left spent last 15 years to impose their crazy agenda and attack all people who had different worldview and now people are tired.

    • “left spent last 15 years to impose their crazy agenda and attack all people who had different worldview”

      Uh, that happened 67 yrs ago when Eisenhower sent troops into Arkansas to force integration.

      • Yes of course but i mean to say that in the last 15 years they (leftists) radicalized their agenda….. At the time of Eisenhower there weren’t antifa, transegender and destroyer of monuments.

  10. The increasingly radicalized sentiments of the “average” kwan is something that we “fringe weirdos” can take credit for. It was the system lashing out at us that has been the main cause of the polarization. Why should we stop? The difference between kwans and “fringe weirdos” (committed idealists) is that the former don’t create anything they only react to what’s given to them. If we go away they will be herded into kosher cul de sacs waiting for the slaughter.

  11. I do love White people. Poor little kid, but only worried about the other kids. Inborne virtue of selflessness.

    Young cougars do this often it seems. Its nearly always the juveniles that attack people from all the stories I remember reading.

    Glad the woman didn’t have to tangle hand to hand with it, but I’ve read about men overpowering and strangling juvenile cougars that attack them, so maybe she could have managed to fend it off. Still, you can’t fight a cat without getting clawed, and women just don’t have the meat on them to handle that kind of damage without getting bad tore up. Probably don’t have the grip strength to pull it off either. Adrenaline does mad things tho, but a small frame is only capable of so much even juiced with temporary super strength that a massive adrenaline rush will give you.

    Trying to figure out how you toss a rock at a cougar and manage to hit it in the head and not the kid… no way I’d take that risk. That cougar would have a fight on its hands if it did this around me. This would be an honorable way for any man to give his life.

    By all the powers and agency that run this mad house universe, I hope the boy grows up to be a healthy man and father. Sounds like its gonna be uphill for all the damage it sounds like he suffered. Poor little dude.

    Reminds me of the time I tangled with a dog that attacked my little sister, then found myself over my head with it until my dad got there. Dad was my hero. I miss him alot. All of life’s cruelty can still bring out the best in us.

  12. “””..Journalists” are throwing around terms…””

    Luttwak calls this “opposite turning to each other”. For example, attacking force becomes retreating force with all it’s problems. Guerillas becoming open force who controls the territory and Goverment forces become hunted animals, capable only operating at night.

    Our side becoming fast “New Jew” Our side inventing multiple tricks to attack enemy from all directions and their side becoming something like pro white folk was 30 years ago. Their world went straight to hell and those poor people couldn’t understand what is the problem.

    I remember this hysteria. It’s the TV, it’s the public schools, it’s the media, it’s the Goverment.

    Now Jew is in similar situation. It’s the Trump, it’s the Russian agents, it’s the internet, its the Christianity or whatever. Now they fighting with force what they can’t understand, stop or even name.

  13. ” key difference is that radical ideas ….are now broadly accepted by millions of people. ”

    Slowly, very slowly, the slumbering masses are awakening to reality.

  14. Our government has adopted the policy of the replacement of White Americans—look at the open borders with NO vaxx requirements for illegals (for ANY disease) and the the forced vaxx of American nationals with an unproven vaccine that, in all too many cases, causes serious health conditions, to include death.

    The fabrication of the ‘White Supremacy nonsense, which is adopted by the media and corporations—and our military is just another excuse to literally go after Whites and justify the assault by nonWhites.

    In the end, it’s about the White Exceptionalism that has created the upscale lifestyle most of the nonWhites could have NEVER created—and as they take the majority, will NEVER SUSTAIN.

  15. You can only push people so far, in this case it happens to be the White race before they start to push back and protect themselves from the lies generated by the media and the govt that we are evil and racist because we want our share of the pie. As the majority, Whites should be getting the majority of the pie.

  16. Better late than never. Honestly, I never thought they’d ever come around. Best part of all of this is that I no longer have to worry about being doxxed & destroyed over political beliefs that really quite reasonable. Now I blend in.

  17. I’m a reverse nationalist. I know who I DON’T want to share a country with. I feel that this is a better approach than debating who you would let it into Richard Spencer’s White Paradise.

  18. The late Sam Francis wrote a book about Middle American Radicals. (MARS). I think he was ahead of his time and fire saw all this craziness from The Left (anarcho-tyranny)

    He was even complaint about Terrell Owens in an inter racial commercial (with Nicolette Sheridan) years ago. He would be shocked at the commercials today where it is 40% Blacks!

  19. Despite my young age, I have flocked to places like Stormfront, like people such as Dr. Pierce and Tom Metzger and don’t really feel a connection with this third wave. I have had to adapt but I am more old school.

    • I’m more hopeful.

      Fringe movements attract fringe characters. Those people repulse normal people. We need to win over millions of normal people if we are ever to get anywhere. Otherwise, we are going to be forever spinning our wheels and wasting our time

      • I understand. I also was 14 at the time so not so mature. I understand I have to pivot a bit and tone down rhetoric. I’d rather talk about down to Earth issues that have more broad based appeal these days like opposing CRT, restricting immigration, and independence rather than some vague esoteric edgy subcult. Memes are fun but efforts must be used properly. Time is our most valuable asset and the great equalizer!

  20. (((Gaslight media))) and their dancing monkeys like to state that there is no “Great Replacement” – unless they’re busy congratulating themselves on the falling white demographic numbers chirping how they look forward to the day when Germans (to give one example) are a minority in their own country, ditto for every single Euro-origin populated nation on the planet. They lie, as do all who repeat their bullshit.

  21. Anyone who is not comatose knows the great replacement is real. How does an American jew called Barbara Lerner Specter get to waltz into Europe and say to an entire continent, “hey Europe, you have to become multicultural or you wont survive.”
    And then Europe became multicultural. Goddamn these jew destroyers.

    Death to ZOG.

    • Because too many whites see them as better, and believe they’re doing God’s will. If whites stood up to them, they would have a lot of resistance, but as long as Christians worship them, it will get worse.

  22. Appalachia, still has the highest percentage of founding stock, no where in the current usa/Mystery babylon, is their as much commonality among the people, as their is among the white evangelical ‘s of the southern highlands, there is our base, our root, our rock, from whence, the new republic begins, all the old towns can live again, resource rich, room too build and grow, we still have plenty of people trapped in the blue area’s, I long too see the curse and stain of poverty gone, from our beautiful highlands…………..

  23. If you want serious discussion and support of white nationalism then remove the image of the deranged boy child with his bowl haircut and confederate souvenir flag. You want white, then marry white, educate white and have lots of white babies. Be proud courteous intelligent disciplined and clean. Solicit white only, custom white only shops and businesses. Stop listening to brown music and thinking Dave Chappel is a “cool black guy”. Remember one thing. Ethnocentrism works. Whites for whites. that is it.

  24. Not seeing it in my day to day here in baldwin county. The furthest a white man will go is usually where he is allowed to go, which is libertarian/anarchism. I seem to see more white women with blacks every month. The most conservative folks still believe the jews are God’s chosen people.

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