Pro-Abortion Forces Win In Kansas

I can’t say that I am surprised.

There are a lot of people who think of Kansas as a very conservative Red State, but that isn’t my impression. It is more of a moderate Republican state. Kansas has a Democrat governor who defeated Kris Kobach by 5 points in the 2018 midterms. It is one of the states where Country Club Democrats in places like Johnson County, KS have been switching parties in the Trump era.

Note: Kobach won the GOP nomination for AG there last night. It wasn’t a total loss.


  1. Defunding Planned Parenthood baby parts factories would be more significant than banning abortion I think.

  2. The so-called “culture” (system) might be getting worse but it was evil before too.

    Ecclesiastes 7:10: “Do not say ‘Why were the old days better than now?’ for it is not from wisdom that you ask this.”

    Only real Christianity can reverse direction, turn the world upside down.

  3. Do you really believe Doug Jones won or that Kris Kobach lost without cheating? Because I don’t. I don’t doubt the Republican party in Alabama helped Doug Jones win against Moore. Just remember Bob Dole was a big freemason. His portrait is in the House of the Temple of the 33′

  4. No doubt these pro-abortionists will gleefully kill White babies by the hundreds as individualistic White women pursue their own self-interest without a second thought. What a tragedy for the anatomically different White race.

  5. Revolutions are going step by step. I would also like most evil horrornazism by tomorrow morning but it’s not possible.

    Another thing is that derailing regime we don’t have to win very much. Autocratic regime is like machine and only few missing parts can stop machine.

  6. Far too few people want your “Christian Nationalism” theocracy.

    It has been an embarrassing 2 months since Dobbs watching the right go full on with retarded overconfidence.

    You got Dobbs by an alignment of stars with regards to lucky supreme court picks.

    Long term trends are very much against you, and “Christian Nationalism” doesn’t have a chance.

    • I’m not a “Christian nationalist.”

      I’m a pro-White Christian. There’s a difference. While I am sympathetic to some of the goals of the movement like banning abortion and gay marriage, I don’t have any interest in jumping on board the bandwagon at the moment. I don’t know enough about the leadership. It is not something that I am going to rush into.

      This has a lot to do with my experiences with the Alt-Right. I’m not interested in the anti-Christian Reddit atheism. Simply being White isn’t good enough. The lack of interest in culture and morality has less and less appeal to me.

      • I’m not a “Christian nationalist.”

        Thanks for that. It ain’t goin’ anywhere anyway. I’m pro-White, but with no religious affiliation. What is anti-Christian Reddit atheism by the way? I’m not anti-Christian. I say ban gay marriage but ban abortion for Whites only. Let the nonwhites do what they want in that regard. They do anyway. 😀

    • It wasn’t luck. By all rights Roe should have been overturned 30 years ago. Republican Presidents very often chose pro-Roe judges until Trump. The only reason Roe ever able to be made and stand for so long law is that it was supported by both parties. Getting rid of Roe signifies that WE CAN make progress against the country-club / masonic scumbags in the GOP. We can politically eradicate those people.

    • @Trafalgar Dawn—when are we going to have a plebiscite on Moshiach? When the cows come home Christ killer?

      • “@Trafalgar Dawn—when are we going to have a plebiscite on Moshiach? When the cows come home Christ killer?”

        I don’t care who killed your dirty little semite god.

        • @Trafalgar Dawn—-you did, you killed him kyke.

          …….because you hate the innocent.

          Christ was no Jew and you know it kyke.

          Lying filthy sicking disgusting Jew, I hate your fzcxking guts for the harm you bring to the innocent.

          How is that for Southern hospitality there schmuck?

  7. Living here in Johnson county, the pro abortion signs were in yards EVERYWHERE. I have noticed that most of the state is bright red outside of those cities, which is exactly my experience living in both Alabama and Georgia. Weird how Oklahoma is so much redder than Kansas. I wasn’t expecting it when I came here.

  8. The “pro-life” Deep South will richly deserve the coming generation of nigger spawn. Georgia just allowed embryos to be counted as dependents for state tax purposes! Go Dawgs!

  9. Once it was left up to the states, there was going to be states that support it and others that don’t. It’s an important issue but not the most important one.

    • The country is in the hands of female voters and you can’t spook them like this Dobbs did. People are primarily concerned with their every day struggles like inflation and jobs. The GOP had that covered until now, BUT many women view the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy as a huge personal catastrophe costing them a fortune, their pride and reputation, health burden, turning their life upside down. Even though few would actually get knocked up, the option of abortion as a safety valve lets them sleep at night. They are spooked now and showed what they think in the privacy of the voting booth. The nation right now is like Henry Hill in that scene in Goodfellas when his wife confronted him about his infidelity by holding a gun to his head as he lay on the bed. Henry had to smooth talk his way out of it to diffuse the situation which is the opposite of what some in the GOP are doing to the female voter ready to blow America’s brains out by continuing marxist rule.

  10. We can’t run and win using Zero tolerance for abortion as our #1 issue.

    As always Taki mag’s David Cole just “Observes this”.

    Just make abortion a second or third tier issue.

    Concentrate on very late term abortions, not anding ALL ABORTIONS including incest and rape.

    We have so many winning issues – opposing CRT, sexual grooming of our children BML riots, ending or reducing multi $ billion J neo Conservative wars, interventions etc.

    Hey come on folks

    Let s stop being the Stupid Party.

    Try to win or at least be competitive.


    • j.ryan the word of the lord declares, “The Life Is In The Blood”, if it has blood, it has a soul…….stopping the legal blood sacrifice, of innocent unborn children, should be more than just a second or third tier issue, putting a stop too this, could go a long way towards our heavenly father, cutting us some slack from the curse’s, we have obviously, bought and paid for, with the blood of the innocent………

      • The Right to life purest, the “We are the only ones falling God’s will”, We are the people of Jesus everybody else is wrong, going to Hell.

        That’s been a failure in American politics …. for my entire life.

        The year before I was born 1960 these types wasted the 1960 Presidential election Obsessed that the Democrat candidate John F Kennedy was…

        A Catholic Christian

        And would supposedly be taking secret order from (Overwhelmingly White European traditionalist) Catholic Pope in Rome.

        This was back when the United States was over 90% White European American.

        F#I$#U$U# idiots.

        With the Right to Life purest it’s all or nothing. It’s either ban all abortions to all races even Black Crack Cocaine addicts, the entire rapist Black populations of Haiti, Afghan rapeugees, have 1005 Right to Life in the GOP party platform that the Bush family and Dole families ignore or get nothing.

        Abortion up until birth will be the alternative.

        OK, how about playing to win? Just look at modern day life, see what works and what doesn’t work.

        The Roy Moore US Senate Campaign in Alabama didn’t work. That’s not what educated (Whites) want to be under an (Only we know what God and Jesus want) uneducated Christian Theocracy.

        We’ll lose most of our youth to LIberal Hollywood and pop star celebrities like Taylor Swift – those God awful Women Lib Governors of Kansas and Michigan will be mentoring our 12 year girls telling them:

        “Strong women are the future, why should you listen to these people that want to turn back the clock when women, girls and minorities didn’t have any choices, weren’t even allowed to vote or take any job beside a kindergarten teacher or a nurse. Girl Power”.

        And then they’ll trout out some old and out of it White guy trying to force Creationism in the Public Schools and saying God doesn’t hear the prayers of Gays, Catholics or Jews.

        Nope Terry – this is playing to lose same as we haven’t had an undisputed White American heavy weight boxing champion since Rocky Marciano in the 1950s and he was swarthy Italian American.

        Hence the long held idea that “White boys can’t fight”. Well White Eastern European and White British Guys can fight, the play to win and have dominated the middle and heavier weight boxing divisions for over 20 years.

        Why don’t we learn from them and change tactics? Why don’t we play to win, compete to win in important things like boxing, popular culture and yes…


        Why do we seem to always embrace LOSING?

        • J.ryan, I get your point, I stopped watching the nba, after larry bird retired, Abortion on demand is wicked, shouldn’t be policy, but of coarse their are exceptions, our people are soft because life is easy for them, but for how much longer?

        • J.Ryan, I ever held it against jack kennedy or anyone else, that they are catholic, jack kennedy, was trying to help appalachia, didn’t matter that most of the people, we’re of Ulster blood and protestant, he saw they needed help, he was their president, I for one will always appreciate that about him and I despise what they did too him…

          • J.Ryan, I struggle not too preserve or save this system we gave, I look further down the road, I fight for a better tomorrow, for our people, I do not embrace defeat, what so ever, thank you for your reply……..

    • Well done Jayeryan. Can’t add much to what you already said. If the right focuses on abortion as it’s no. 1 issue it will fritter away many of the huge advantages it has on other issues.

  11. Pray that God will remove all these liberals who have crept into the South especially in North Carolina and Virginia. All the South should be abortion free.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. Why create a cleavage where none exists?

    Combine Pro-White Christian with Christian Nationalist and one has White Christian Nationalism!

    A modest proposal: replace the 14 words and hail Hitler of 1488

    Try 7 mountains and hail Christ: 0783

  13. I don´t get it why Kansas is supposed to be on our side in fact it never was

    Abolitionism to root very early in the state fully embraced by the German and Scandinavian Lutherans that setteled the state
    That this was struck down in KS should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who know history

    Kansas produced psychopaths like Jim Lane and John Brown and long before the hostilities broke out in 1861 there was a brutal guerilla war fought on the border with frequent raids from both side infact it got so bad that the region was know as “Bloody Kansas”

    If you don´t beleive me ask anyone from Western Missouri! ask them about Osceola in St Clair Co and what happened there

  14. You’re never going to undo feminism in an election. Good luck, the ladies will never give up the power so foolishly handed to them. Pushing the anti abortion thing is a losing hand for the GOP in the midterms. You have to trick the electorate into gaining power, even if you want to do these things you can’t say it out loud, you need to seize total power first. Yet I think the country is still drunk on their high school civics class utopianism and would gladly hand power back to these leftist demons in an election should they seize power. When the idea “one man, one vote, one time” occupies the deepest nooks in the rights brain then maybe the time to exercise power like an adult has come. Americans need to put away childish political ideas and realize they are in a life or death situation.

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