Axios: U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Monkeypox

The only danger to public health here is the degenerate morals of Sodom and Gomorrah.


“The Biden administration has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency — a move that gives officials more flexibility to tackle the virus’ spread. …”


  1. You’re never gong to hear either party tell the truth, especially when it comes to the homo lobby. Both are looking for their votes.

  2. It’s a ridiculous “sky is falling” psyop to distract the masses from taking Covid (that really does kill people) “too seriously” – making people think “if the Monkeypox threat is such obvious hype, then maybe Covid was also hype.”

    The new U.S. public “health” policy regarding Covid is to help big Pharma sell billions of dollars of vaccines, and otherwise ignore the spread of the disease.

    • @Ray Caruso,

      NS Deutschland being the most recent example, but some people believe that we have to keep reinventing the wheel.

  3. Stop calling it Monkeypox. Call it Schlong-covid, Pride Pox or the Rainbow Rash.

    Homos, stop blaming the monkeys for your getting sick. Enough is enough.

  4. Eight deaths worldwide related to encephalitis. Monkeypox can cause swelling of the brain and that can kill you.

    Restrictions on homosexual conduct in order to stop the spread is not going to happen. These decisions are made by Irish and Jewish homosexuals.

    Inbreeding in the Jews and the Irish creates both homosexuals and desire to have and hold power over others, that is why we see so many Jews and Irish in government at every level and why so many of them are into the life style and pro-fag married.

    The queers are in charge and God has got a problem with that.

    So it is going to get out of control because of those who desire power the most are a bunch of inbred faggots. And their desire for power was always to serve themselves over the rest of us.

    God has got something to teach us all.

    • ………the honourable Robert Browning:- everyday playing his part to ensure the Right scares off as many prospects as possible!
      I’m sure you’ve never had a job in marketing.

      • @Goose—-there is a connect between the Jews and the Irish. Both married and breed children within their own bloodline. Both have a craven desire for power and both produce an inordinate quantity of disease spreading homosexuals. Good news Mick, Babe the Pig Boi has recovered from monkeypox. It is amazing how much urine one Irish homo can drink.

    • “Eight deaths worldwide”:

      Extremely mild it is, and coming suspiciously out of Nigeria where there are, coincidentally, two U.S. bioweapons labs that had been working with Monkeypox. It might be a natural variant, or it might be synthetic. The “classic” wild Monkeypox of Central Africa would have killed at least one thousand with this number of infections by now and a million more to come.

      The goal of all this pox virus “research,” and this “emergency” psyop, might be to prepare the public for the bringing back of actual smallpox, by releasing an engineered strain or stored original strain of real smallpox. But if so, don’t worry, it is not really a conspiracy, just how the system works. The working class host needs to be kept sick, confused, distracted and divided or else the whole top-down usury system would collapse.

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