Tales From The Movement: Gabe From TWP

UPDATE: This story ended on a much happier note than I thought. It turns out that Gabe is just older and more experienced and is living the good life. He has seen all the flaws of the movement up close and personal. He hasn’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater though.

There are “deracialization” grifters out there like Christian Picciolini who exploit those flaws and the disillusionment that we all experience at some point in order to sell people on an even more absurd progressive worldview. You can love your race and culture and live a happy and productive life without becoming so obsessed with race that you overlook things like morality and character.

Editor’s Note: You can watch this full episode of “Breaking Hate” with Gabe from TWP for free on Peacock. You have to create an account though.

I never got to know Gabe from TWP.

When I write about the ghetto or cul-de-sac of White Nationalism, I am thinking of people like Gabe. It is a sealed off subculture of people who are alienated and cut off from mainstream society.

Gabe was straight out of wignat central casting. He was adorned with tattoos of SS bolts, Nordic runes, a Thor’s hammer on his neck and a razor which went down his chin. He had a shaved head. He was dressed in black. He had a TWP shield and was ready to follow Commander Matt Heimbach into battle.

I first met Gabe from TWP when he stepped out of Heimbach’s van in Auburn, AL. I had known Heimbach for four years when he showed up in my neck of the woods to attend Richard Spencer’s speaking event at Auburn University in April 2017. Auburn was the second stop on the Spencer tour.

I didn’t say anything like … WTF is going on here?


I was definitely thinking it at the time though. I am from the area and Auburn is the closest thing that I have to a second hometown. It would be a severe understatement to say that Gabe was a fish out of water on the Auburn campus. It didn’t have anything to do with his racial views. It was the cultural disconnect. No one would look at someone like me in Auburn and think I am out of place. Gabe, however, had dwelled for some length with the Hammerskins deep in the bowels of the White Nationalist movement.

I’m not engaging in optics cucking here. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. The optics in Gabe’s case are highly misleading. Gabe didn’t strike me in Auburn as being anything at all like he appeared to be. He didn’t rant and rave about how he wanted gas the kikes and crack nigger skulls. He didn’t come across as a buffoon or loudmouth like Kenny Parker. Instead, Gabe came across as a shy, depressed, reserved and sensitive guy who sat around all night moping about his girlfriend.

I saw him again a few weeks later in Pikeville.

He is the big dude on the right of Heimbach with the TWP shield. Gabe was a soldier on the front line of the race war facing off against the horde of Antifa across the street who were 100% White.

Gabe was also with TWP in Charlottesville and marched with the Nationalist Front in the column into Lee Park. Unite the Right was so chaotic though that I don’t remember seeing him there.

A year later, I next saw Gabe on MSNBC in the premiere episode of Christian Picciolini’s series “Breaking Hate.” Gabe left TWP and the White Nationalist movement and went back to Charlottesville with Picciolini where he met with Heather Heyer’s mother Susan Bro. They paid for him to have all of those weird tattoos covered up or removed for he could move on with his life outside of the WN ghetto.

Have you ever wondered what causes this? Why do people like Gabe or Kenny Parker who may have once been normal White Americans transmogrify into cartoon characters through contact with the White Nationalist movement? What possessed Gabe to get the SS bolts on his face? Why was Kenny Parker out there blowing a horn with Jeff Schoep and an undercover cop pretending to be a pagan wizard in front a flaming swastika in rural Georgia? Why does it continue to happen generation after generation?

Anyway, I marched through Charlottesville with Jeff Schoep, Kenny and Gabe, but here we are five years later and we have parted ways and our lives have gone in different directions. I find this to be true of a lot of people who were at Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Many of them weren’t stable. They didn’t have their heads screwed on straight. We barely knew them in that volatile situation. That’s assuming we knew them at all which in the notable case of James Fields, Jr. we didn’t.

This is one reason why I don’t recommend jumping on bandwagons and wearing labels and brands and getting sucked into poisonous subcultures and cults of personality. You never know if the guy marching beside you will be on MSNBC with Christian Picciolini a year later. You don’t know if the leader of the whole cult will become indistinguishable from Rachel Maddow in the span of five years.

BTW, this never happened to me during my time in the White Nationalist movement. I never transformed from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde like Gabe and Christian Picciolini. I never mutated into something unrecognizable, but this does happen with some people in the subculture. In his words, Gabe became this “thuggish skinhead Nazi guy” only to later regret that phase of his life.

  • The spontaneous human swastika in Shelbyville
  • Kenny ineptly trying to raise the flaming swastika in Georgia while a black filmmaker laughed at him
  • Gabe covering his face in SS bolts and his chest in swastikas


WHY does this happen?

What’s the connection and the allure of this stuff?

White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were shot through with it.


    • You keep attempting to smear National Socialists as weirdos who are harming good Christian racialists, Dr. Hill himself has been known to wear a Reich Eagle necklace..

      Groups like the NSM are to National Socialism what the Modern Klan is to Christians. Any White man with good convictions and a decent grasp of history knows Adolf Hitlers’ Worldview was correct. That so many people choose to misuse the symbols is not reflective of the thousands, probably millions, who agree with National Socialism but aren’t public for obvious reasons.

      You argue in bad faith, the why I do not know.

      • Agree. They think NS is about larping, etc., but it’s not. It’s about appreciating a system that actually worked, and could work again.


          Precisely because AH put the NSDAP before Christ and God, instead of the other way around.

          You who worship the IDOL of Nazism are LOATHED by the Almighty, just as much as this tattooed freak is. That he has had those horrid ‘cuttings’ removed is a blessing, but should not have been necessary, if he had been raised in a catholic, orthodox Faith that believed the Body of Adam is a temple of God. Because he never would have had them incised on his soul.

      • “Have you ever wondered what causes this? ”

        Youthful energy without the guidance and experience of decades.
        We can’t expect someone that young to know what works.
        This is the very reason zog works so hard to destroy all pro-WHITE organizations, it doesn’t want youthful energy to combine with experienced direction, to the benefit of both.

      • I love how they dropped Enoch from the lawsuit, as he told us, because he would have argued so well he would have discredited them, they were afraid to put him on trial, lol!

      • Yes yes. But did Uncle Adolf have a razor tattooed on his fucking face? No.

        Even he would have called the dude a freak and been like, da fuk bro?

      • Why? Because he doesn’t actually care about White people as a whole. He only cares about his particular region….”The South”.

  1. The fact that Whites are anatomically different would help in weeding out these WN subcultures which are more aesthetic than principled in nature. White People who live within their own communities, assert and defend their race, and fight either peacefully or violently, against their enemies which seek to kill Whites through blackening their living space. Whites must therefore protect themselves and their families from this encroaching Black populace and their genetic dominance and Whites can do this if they understand why they are different from Nonwhites and that can be achieved here.

    People like Gabe were intellectually misguided as to who or what they were and so they just joined what looked like a “good group” to join and the presence of violence and brutish behavior among these groups ruined the reputation of actual community-oriented White racialists who are actually respectable people who just want to be left alone.

  2. Well being a White person with even half the ethnonarcissism of your average Black American has been made so verboten, so taboo, that WN attracts extreme outcasts and edgelords. Not exclusively thankfully, but still too many. Organizing around these beliefs is on another level beyond that, as everyone here understands.

    In my personal life, I’ve always relayed my WN or racialist outlook/tendencies to friends and family as something very mundane and pedestrian because ultimately I truly believe it’s exactly that. Ranting, outrageous displays and proclamations – none of this is necessary. It’s more like homespun wisdom and basic common sense. Knowing what you want your world to look like and who you wish to live around isn’t any more controversial than knowing how to balance a checkbook or instilling good manners in the children you raise. No reason not to normalize what is, well, normal. Our opponents are closer to being the aberrations, historically speaking.

    Guys like this Gabe fellow or Piccollini, it’s doubtful that they ever held any real deeply held convictions in support of WN or the like. I doubt they meditated too deeply on anything existential or meaningful. They were just wayward souls and gutter-punks.

    • Guess I should take this opportunity to clear things up.

      Let me start off with this, first and foremost. I will always support my culture. There’s nothing wrong with being a proud white man. I stand by that to this day. I do believe there is an agenda in place to corrupt western society. But nothing I was doing ever made a damn bit of difference. None. Even Charlottesville.

      I simply chose to opt out of the madness, open my mind up a bit more, and live a normal-ish life. Something I have never had.

      Just because I decided I no longer wanted to be a neo nazi skinhead gang member, doesn’t mean I jumped the fence and joined Antifa. I’ll never claim that label.I just want to be successful and happy, and be left alone to pursue my goals.

      The fact of the matter is that 95% of the people in the circles I used to run with were not as solid and wholesome as they liked to portray. I can speak from first hand experience. There are some good people with solid morals that were nothing but loyal and articulated their ideas well. But for every good, intelligent, honorable man in the ranks, there’s 10 more double digit IQ edge lords, drunk redneck Klansman, and simple minded ex convicts more then willing to fit the stereotype people think of when they hear about White Nationalism.

      I like to believe I’m more intelligent then those old photos portray me to be. I just couldn’t justify sticking around anymore.

      When you have guys you call your “brothers” constantly trying to get over on you, being hypocrites, getting you mixed into situations that could cost your life or freedom, and conducting themselves like they’re on 4 Chan or a Prison Yard at all times, it gets old. Quick. Especially when it escalates to being physically assaulted by your “brothers” for literally no reason.. everything just came to light after Charlottesville. Everything that had not already came to light, anyways. I have stories for days about the fucked up shit that went on behind the scenes.

      Picciolini offered me a fresh start in life and I accepted his help. I regret the documentary. It was disrespectful to those who actually stand for what they believe. If I could go back and change it, I would have exited with more grace.

      But I don’t regret leaving all of that toxicity and fake brotherhood behind. And I don’t regret learning to look at people as individuals first and labels second. I’ve met some awesome people and learned valuable things I never would have learned or experienced if I had stayed.

      It’s easy to cast judgement on me for my decisions. I can’t blame anybody. I know I can’t. But please keep in mind that it could have been you. If you had lived through the things I have and experienced the things I have firsthand, you would understand.

      It’s not the idea of racial consciousness and preservation that I disavow. It’s the movement itself. And the idea of considering the next man to be beneath you just because of how they look.

      Bottom line is.. I never snitched. Never got anybody locked away to save my own ass. Never stabbed any of my old friends and associates in the back. As much as I regret the documentary, my conscience is clear. Say what you will about me. Think what you want. Just don’t call me Antifa. Call me a traitor, burnout, whatever… just don’t ever label me as some Antifa turd.

      • Hey man, long time no see!

        I’m not judging you. I completely understand. I get the sense here that I don’t know the half of what you experienced. I do think that I had you pegged right though … basically, a good guy who was going through a lot of shit and made some bad decisions and was influenced in a bad way.

        I didn’t know you were still around. I never heard anything about you after watching the documentary. I just assumed Piccolini got to you and it has bothered me for all of these years. I also have grown tired of movements and labels and brands and cults of personality.

        You were right to focus on your personal life and improving yourself. It is what I have done too since Charlottesville. You don’t have to be deeply involved in the movement or to buy into its dumbest ideas to be pro-White. You also grasp how easy it is to be damaged by the movement. That’s not treason. It is maturing which, sadly, doesn’t happen with lots of people

        • Christianity is nothing other than a huge cult of personality worship and a foreigner with claimed man-god status to “save us” (from ourselves I guess?) messiah for global commie monarchy one at that to boot!! amazing the level of cognitive dissonance to our people’s demise!!

          It’s all fraud Brad, and you continue to peddle that toxic BS!!

          • “Christianity is nothing other than a huge cult of personality worship ”

            You like throwing matches into a powder magazine ?

        • @Arrian I got my first tattoo when I was 16. Got my first face tattoo at like.. 20 I think? And I left officially when I was around 22 a couple months after Cville. I’m 26 now.

          • As i suspected, you were very young.

            You learned quickly, obviously your intelligent.
            I’ve seen several others take a path similar to yours, some died, some just turned degenerate. I’m glad you’re away from the bad element.

            We need to help all young WHITES avoid these pitfalls.

      • Also, if you have anything you would like to get off your chest and contribute to this series, feel free to let me know.

      • @Gabriel James First of all if you’re still here, on this website, i’m sure that you’re not an antifa and this is good. Personally I distinguish people with political views in 3 categories and if you want to read my reasoning with these categories I refer you to my comment written a few days ago on this website:


        if I have not misunderstood you place yourself in the third category. I believe the reasoning we are trying to do here is this: THE IDEA OR THE CAUSE IS GOOD BUT NOT THE MEANS TO REALIZE OR REPRESENT IT. You have not (and i hope you didn’t and you will not) leave “conservative thinking” and join this crazy “progressive world” with LGBTQ obsession, antifa and people who say that white culture or european-american culture is wrong and have to be erased. Personally i don’t know what s your position about confederates and other monuments now, but again your cause in Charlottesville was good against woke madness but probably was not good the means to achive that cause (even if i think that UTR was simply a good event that degenerate for the far-left fault). As i wrote on this website Schoep and Parker didn’t join left-wing politics: Schoep is still denouncing antifa and i wrote to him many times and Parker is still a Trump supporter. I tell you only to pay attention to Picciolini because he’s a manipulator and represent people who are not only traitor but properly brainwashed and bipolar, i mean you can change some things (who does not do it in life?) but if you change radically and totally your worldview you’re only a bipolar or brainwashed. Furthemore people like Picciolini have left the hate behind?? uhmm i don’t think so, they joined another hate squad, the left hate squad, the same squad that celebrated online the death of the Trump supporter Aaron Jay Danielson, that celebrate the destruction of monument ( a manifestation of ignorance against history that only in medieval times happened), that celebrate attacks against political dissident by antifa. Leftists are not the solution and i hope you’re still (in a sense) on our side. I wish you all the best.

      • @Gabriel James——–Sorry Gabe, I am sorry you let others define you and your hate. As for me I proud of what I hate. I hate the blood of those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent.
        The blood I hate, the blood Gabe.

        • “I am sorry you let others define you ”

          He was very young.
          What young person has the maturity of character to make major life decisions ?
          That’s the critical reason we need a way to give them direction.

      • “all of that toxicity and fake brotherhood” … same BS in the so called “moral” christian sphere who seek vicarious “salvation” for a mythic “heaven” (as described, seems to me they’d all be borg’s robot’s worshipping the Jew day in and day out as the sum total of their being!) which is immoral as it gives one the excuse to forgo any responsibility and duty to one’s own people…

        Revelation 4:8
        And each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around and within. Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty (the Jew man-god their Lord and God?), who was and is and is to come!”

      • @Gabriel James:

        I respectfully disagree with you that leaving publicly was a mistake. Especially with those tattoos, there was no way, no how, you would be allowed to fade into the woodwork without, using my Catholic vernacular and, simultaneously offering my sincerest apologies for offending any “anti-papists” on this board, doing very public penance with the breast-beating and mea culpas.

        Hell, even Derek Black, son of Stormfront blog owner, Don Black who, I understand, has been getting death threats since the tender age of nine, quickly figured this out, after unsuccessfully trying to fade into the scenery when he was sent off to college.

        I have often made my own pro-White views known to young Whites, but have also been bluntly honest that leaning left is practically a job requirement for Whites these days. Even then, young White working men are the last hired and the first fired these days and it a company promotes them, that company has to do it slowly, have all their i’s dotted, t’s crossed, and ducks lined up with tons of documentation to support why the young White guy was advanced to fend off any lawsuits by aggrieved “people of color.” I

        Instead of being “fa,” to ” antifa, I believe that the most effective way to demonstrate White brotherhood is an effective network where an established White employee can make a point of helping a White get a job opening. Another thing, if you get good work or customer service from a White, be sure that s/he gets a commendation out into their personnel file.

        I know that, back in the day, Denise used to sneer at them as “prairie jews,” but the Mormons managed to amass a lot of power, wealth, and influence through their religious network that discriminated in favor of their own. If I had a young relative in your situation, Gabriel, I’d encourage him to move to Utah, find a good young Mormon girl (they are still into marriage there) and plug into that network.

        In any case, glad you’re getting rid of those tattoos. You have a sweet and handsome face and even less controversial tattoos would distract from that. Also, the Bible discourages them. Three guesses as to why and the first so don’t count. Best of luck to you, kiddo.

  3. >He has seen all the flaws of the movement …

    There is no ‘flaw’ in the ‘movement’ of White Nationalism as embodied in the Fourteen Words.

    Putting an end to the increasingly common (at that time; but little has changed) anti-white rhetoric, particularly propaganda aimed at white children (e.g. CRT), was also a motivation — did you watch the short video The Ten Stages of our Genocide I linked to before? — probably not.

    Instead what he may have seen was the ‘flaws’ of the Nazi LARPers, as well as other freaks and ‘bad actors’, who were unwisely allowed to attach themselves to the ‘movement’.

    BTW, any ‘movement’ so marginalized and stigmatized by the mainstream is going to attract some cranks — you can think of this as predicted by JFK:

    ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.’

    You really ought to make a note of the above.

    Have you ever heard of the aphorism ‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’?

    Thanks for another midwit take.

    • Sure there is.

      The flaw that we are specifically discussing here is the “race is everything” monomania. It is what sparked this whole discussion. I would love to hear what Gabe has to say about the culture inside the movement and specifically morality and character and how that is neglected and overshadowed. He has already said that he met guys who acted like they were on 4chan or a prison yard all the time and eventually got tired of it and quit.

      What’s your favorite song? Does your favorite song sound as pleasant to your ears when the volume is turned all the way up and it is put on an endless loop? It might be a great song from a hit album, but when it is not played in moderation it can aggravate and annoy you

      Race is an important and meaningful facet of life, but it is not everything. You can be White and a cultural degenerate. You can be White and the enemy like Antifa. You can be a White criminal. You can be pro-White and be any number of things and engaged in all kinds of sins and vices.

      • >The flaw that we are specifically discussing here is the “race is everything” monomania.

        Oh for fucks sake, not that again — I’ve already dealt with this, both explicitly as well as indirectly in other related contexts, e.g. by referring to the concept of the HDI (link).

        By continuing to use ‘race is everything’ to justify not only your own personal retreat from rational racial nationalism, as well as to condemn the ‘movement’ to secure safe homelands for Whites, you are more or less reverting to the logical fallacy known as ‘appealing to extremes’.

        It’s getting a little tiresome honestly.

        • It is a major problem.

          I’ve seen it manifest in dozens of ways – idealistic people join the movement, which inflates race to the center of human existence and builds identity solely on that one peg, but after a while they have bad experiences with terrible people in the movement, blackpill and either reject their views or drop out

          Previous generations of Americans never believed “race is everything.” The old school Klan in the 1920s, for example, was super Protestant and much more activated by culture and morality and the fight over Prohibition than race. The Klan used to beat up the drunks who abused their wives. They were opposed to modernism. Back in the day, it is a myth that only blacks were lynched. In some states, more Whites were lynched than blacks. The second Klan itself collapsed due to the bad morals of people who were involved. The focus was on more than race and the scandals damaged its reputation

          BTW, I haven’t ceased to be active. I’m as productive as ever. I just don’t go around branding and labeling myself anymore with what I see as a flawed paradigm that is inattentive to culture and morality. You will never secure safe homelands for Whites unless White people can see themselves and their morals reflected in the core of the movement and believe it is the right thing to do.

          Saying that “biology is everything” ensures that this will never happen. We can list all the multitude of ways it turns people off. The bizarre ghetto subculture with all sorts of esoteric symbols which is incomprehensible to ordinary White people is one example. I haven’t even started on the incels who rage against women and drive them out.

          • Perhaps.

            I don’t know what else to say to you.

            This is so obvious to me. The movement is clowned over and over and over and over by people who might grasp race, but who are deficient in culture, morality and character. Too much weight is given to race. Not enough to these other things. There is a staggering imbalance.

            Just wait until the next sociopath who believes “race is everything” goes out and kills people in the name of White Nationalism and cites changing racial demographics. You are welcome to come back and tell me that their deficiency in morals and character had nothing to do with it. It is a missing essential ingredient. You are never going to build anything with a race only approach. You need a better formula if you want to get anywhere with the White people you need to make it work. That’s all I am saying.

          • “. You are never going to build anything with a race only approach. You need a better formula if you want to get anywhere ”

            Very true.

            Race is the foundation, you can’t live in a foundation, you need a structure.
            Likewise, a structure without foundation will collapse.

          • This is common sense.

            It is wonderful and a plus to be White, but without a moral compass you can sink yourself and harm those around you. Also, if you can’t relate to and communicate with ordinary White people because you are deep in an online subculture, you are not doing your cause much good.

          • >You are never going to build anything with a race only approach.

            You will never preserve safe, livable homelands for Whites unless you put race at the forefront of your nationalist ideology.

            >You need a better formula if you want …

            Not if the Whites are educated about the reality of race, including helping them to overcome the societal strictures against noticing the importance and intractability of racial differences, meaning ‘racism’, which has been portrayed as a moral evil, is, in large part, nothing more than rational discrimination — if you can accomplish that, addressing the race question will be enough to win over a significant number of Whites — a lot of the squeamishness about race felt by Whites today is based on this idiotic, smothering stigma.

            Again: I have addressed all of these issues before, albeit perhaps tangentially.

        • HDI is a misleading measurement, mainly because it factors in “education,” including that of females. Educational attainment, without weighting for subject matter, is completely worthless as a measurement. Clown countries that have many females (and males) procuring degrees in worthless nonsense, like every country in the West, will have higher HDI than civilized countries that do not have so many females flushing the best years of their lives down the toilet for degrees in pseudosciences (psychology etc.) and Jewish ideological contrivances.

          HDI will always be biased in favor of gay progressive Western countries for this reason, much like the fake measurements of “political freedom” you see put out by various American liberal think tanks will always favor the West because they define “freedom” as being a progressive Western country. Despite the fact that most in the West (both on the left and the right) would agree that Western governments do not fulfill the will of the people in any meaningful way, these countries are labelled more free than many of the “not free” countries where the populace would say that the government does fulfill the will of the people. There are also the fake measurements of “corruption” that you see from the same types of think tanks. These will label places in Asia corrupt because police accept bribes to ignore minor offences, but will ignore all of the worst abuses in the West where the entire political class is bought, billionaires openly engage in massive social engineering projects, replacement immigration is viewed as acceptable, the police and governments actively cover up immigrant rape gangs for decades, public schools hide from parents that they are grooming children into homosexual and transvestite lifestyles, prosecutors refuse to even bring cases against PoCs for major crimes like armed robbery and murders, etc.

          • Its precisely because of everything you said in that second paragraph that I openly question whether the logic of “We must save Whites because they build nice things” holds any moral weight. Its true that Whites are the best at the sciency and techie things, but we’re also the best at exporting butt sex to Botswana. We’re the most extreme race on the planet, spreading good and evil almost simultaneously.

            Hunter is getting at something important by stressing morality and values, because the only way Whites are even going to want to bother saving themselves is if they see themselves as a people *worthy* of being saved, and as long as we keep on doing all the things you listed in that second paragraph, not only won’t we be worthy of being saved, we’ll instead be worthy of extinction.

            Unfortunately, something like half the White Race sees all those things as good, instead of evil. They think giving hormone blockers to children and turning them into trannies is a moral good. If any of us point out to a liberal normie that this is going on, they’ll crow about the rise of “White Christian Nationalism,” as if Gilead, a regime where women are subordinate to men and once a month are raped by men, is somehow worse then torturing children.

            (To the SPLC mole reading these comments: June Osborn being forcefully penetrated is worth it if it means children are not given puberty blockers and indoctrinated into homosexuality and transgenderism. Under His Eye!)

            My own belief is that the White Race won’t be saved unless we physically eliminate every single White person who is a genetic and/or spiritual liberal, as Juri had been preaching. We’re never going to be free, we’re never going to thrive and nurture, as long as there are White teachers, White pastors, White cops, White politicians, White leaders in all fields of endeavor, who impose social liberalism on their people. Whites created social liberalism, and social liberalism is the most evil system of culture and values ever conceived.

            As long as Whites are the race of social liberalism, White Genocide and White Extinction is a moral necessity. Whites should not be conserved as they are. Our people must be forced at gun point to change, or we should actively put the boot on them. There must be no scenario on which social liberals emerge victorious or triumphant. Evil will never inherit the earth,

        • @eah, both the movement and racism are diseases that need to be left alone least they spread. Once you become aluminated, denounce racism and leave the movement then you won’t understand. It’s like trying to tell a dog how a car works.

      • @Brad, identifying as “White” instead of an identity is a problem. It’s time to completely walk away from the movement altogether man.

      • The problem with “the movement” is that it never differentiated dissidence from dysfunction in its proponents.

        Those that were well put together and personally successful like Jared Taylor were in the same boat as guys like Anglin, Weeve, Enoch & Heimbach who for better or worse are personally basket cases.

        Those of us that genuinely are dissidents from the political mainstream, and so are marginalized, are in the same position as people that are marginalized because they are criminals, mentally ill or too stupid to hack it in a modern world.

        The left fringe has the same issue.

        I have nothing in common with the mentally ill who engage in irrational attention getting behavior. There is no difference between a fat tranny with blue hair screaming about “her” abortion rights or somebody larping as a Nazi from some middle class suburb, or some dumbass setting a wooden swastika on fire on film. These are irrational behaviors, dissonant from anything normal or healthy.

        Why HW, would you expect to understand why sick people do sick things?

        There is no answer. No reason. The insane do insane things.

        The solution is to isolate and make comfortable the mentally ill in places where they are safe from the world while they live their lives out with some dignity away from the rest of us, while doing everything we can to eliminate the causes for people becoming so broken. A losing battle, but one any decent society has to engage in regardless. Not everybody is born with the wiring necessary to survive and thrive. Lifes a bitch, take it up with Darwin. Wasn’t my idea.

        The criminals of any movement just need destroyed. I have no tolerance for criminals and they should be obliterated with extreme prejudice imo. Sociopaths, psychopaths. All of them.

        • Jared Taylor isn’t one of these people. Quite the opposite. He is a Tidewater gentleman. It is the thing that stands out the most about him, not his views on race. It also makes him one of the most effective White advocates in the country. He is a lot more impressive than the average American. There is a lot more to him than his views on race and you notice that immediately.

          • That was my point. That he gets lumped in with the other people listed is tragically bizarre.

            Being a White Advocate shouldn’t invoke in normies minds the image of some dumbass burning a wooden swastika, some guy with a razor tattoo on his face or a swastika tattoo on his chest (weeve….) or bring up tired and endless diatribes about prussian blue that Enoch is always on about.

            It should just evoke images of a normal White person, preferably Christian or Culturally Christian. Somebody you wouldn’t mind breaking bread with or giving a ride in your car without someone armed in the backseat.

            That “the movement” can’t sort the distinction out is the problem.

            Its not optics cuckery. It speaks to a complete lack of understanding of any basic virtue.

            I don’t think we disagree on this.

          • Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson and James Edwards all understand race. They would all agree that race is real and race matters. None of them are culturally deracinated though.

            Jared, Sam, James and David Duke are all like that. My father-in-law Gordon Baum was like that. You can tell from talking to them that they are embedded in their culture. Duke can sound disorienting when he talks about Jews, but if you met on the street and didn’t know who he was you would think he is just some old man from Louisiana who is really into physical fitness

            Being pro-White or a race realist doesn’t mean you have to become this bizarre, deracinated unrelatable person. It does for some people though. You know it when you see it

      • What you claim here as a flaw, and have gone on and on about, that race is everything, you merely have taken that specific comment made by Pilot out of context. It’s meaning is obviously that race is the most important factor in everything but even to state race is everything, IS NOT WRONG. Then you bring up whatever cartoon characters and strawmen you can to tar people who don’t want religious groups to run White Nationalism, imply it’s an active movement to convert “Christians”, and equate them to those who wear WW2 NS regalia.

        Contrary to what the popular media has indoctrinated into the vacuous minds of White normies, the fact is, Race is everything, because it’s the most important thing. Non-Whites know this instinctively, but somewhere along the way, due to ubiquitous indoctrination by the jewsmedia, Whites have forgotten this very important fact.

        The “ruler s” of this nation are not the US President, or congress. The rulers, of course, are jews. They consider themselves distinct and superior. They consider themselves, a race, and unfortunately for White societies, the jews have understood race is everything right from the beginning:

        “You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.” (From the manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman).

        “No one may be indifferent to the racial principle, the racial question. It is the key to world history. History is often confusing because it is written by people who did not understand the racial question and the aspects relevant to it… Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish. . . Language and religion do not determine a race–blood determines it.” —Benjamin Disraeli

        • Look at that, the Jewish Nazis cry out as they strike you.

          50% of the comments here are anti-Christian, anti-Southern, and anti-white trolling.

          The when someone says, nah I’m not interested in your crank subculture they scream why are you demonizing us?


          Nazi=Jew=Fed 100% of the time.

          Anyone who makes common cause with these people will fail, as they have a 70 year track record of failure, and Fed/Jew subversion.

          In his writing about Jan Assman, Greg Johnson said his ‘movement’ must be like a ‘meat cleaver’ separating ‘Abrahamics’ (Christians) – he is totally right.

          Let the Mooovement Larper Feds do their thing, stay as far away from them as you would someone with monkeypox. You don’t want to catch what they have.

          Whenever pro-white ideas go mainstream the Mooovement shows up to ghettoize people into their crank subculture. That is their entire agenda.

          • More and more I think this is the case.

            When I first got into the dissident right it was because my eyes were opened up by the presentation of real statistics showing true differences in racial groups, their crime rates, and to the policies that are intentionally benefitting those people clearly undeserving, over heritage Whitey.

            It turned into a shitshow fast, lost all of the sense of humor and fun of the meme magic and now is just a quagmire of basket cases and Fed operatives.

          • @banned: What are you talking about you fucking asshole? Was I talking to you? I’m a jew? Fuck you, you simpleton, you and your buddy brownshit.

            50% of the comments here are anti-Christian, anti-Southern, and anti-white trolling.

            Basically, you are totally full of shit. As I said in my comment, there is no atheist movement and you can believe in whoever you want to, but we who don’t believe in your bullshit you’re incessantly try to jam down everyone’s throat, damn sure don’t want White Nationalism to become a Christian movement.

      • For Hunter its global Messianic monarchy and communist usury dominionism? Right Bro! It’s what christianity is… worship of the Jew man-god…. Please correct me if I’m incorrect in my assessment of christian America!

  4. “Any White man with good convictions and a decent grasp of history knows Adolf Hitlers’ Worldview was correct.”

    Hitler’s foreign policy was terrible.

    Also I am pretty sure he, along with Himmler and Rosenberg, wanted to get rid of Christianity.

    As a White Christian nationalist I say let’s leave the Furher in the last century.

    • You are right about his terrible foreign policy. It is the main reason why his regime burned itself out so quickly

      • Hunter I have a sports blog in draft mode ready to publish. I think it’s solid, tasteful and positive. Can you look it over – then publish? I won’t publish it on my own.

        Thanks Hunter/B.

          • Yeah, and you don’t know anything about Hitler either. As though there was any possibility Hitler could keep the peace in Europe no matter what his policies were with the communist and capitalist jews all wanting to make Germany communist. The incredible amount of propaganda disseminated by jews since the end of the war, that Hitler started World War II by invading Poland—is a lie. The Reich’s nation building economic policies were initiated almost from day ONE, i.e., 1933. This alerted the jews to begin scheming against Germany, their goal to not only to own Germany but to annihilate the German people. Let’s see. What could Hitler have done to counteract the jewish determination to have a war?

            “The German race has to be annihilated, there is not the slightest doubt about this”. — Bernard Lecache, President of the Jewish World League + LICRA, July, 20, 1932

            Did you know: “The Roosevelt Administration has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration.” — Brooklyn Jewish Examiner, October 20, 1933.

            “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933

            “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.”– Samual Untermeyer 1933

            ‘The present Congress is duty bound to put the Jewish problem in Germany before the entire world…(We [Jews] must) destroy, destroy, destroy them, not only with the boycott, but politically, supporting all existing forces against them to isolate Germany from the civilized world…our enemy [Germany] must be destroyed.” — (Speech by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Polish Jew, on June 16, 1933)

            “The war against Germany will be waged by all Jewish communities, conferences, congresses… by every individual Jew. Thereby the war against Germany will ideologically enliven and promote our interests, which require that Germany be wholly destroyed. The danger for us Jews lies in the whole German people, in Germany as a whole as well as individually. It must be rendered harmless for all time…. In this war we Jews have to participate, and this with all the strength and might we have at our disposal.” — The Jewish newspaper, Natscha Retsch, 1933

            “We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.”— David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson’s I Testify, page 188.

            “Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

            “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but soon…” (The Jew Emil Ludwig Cohn, LesAnnales, June, 1934)

            “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

            “We managed to bring the United States into the First World War and if you tow our line over Palestine and the JEWISH fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the United States to drag the United States into it again this time.” — CHAIM WEIZMANN letter to Churchill, Weizmann Archives, Tel Aviv

            “Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.” – Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs (1938)

            “Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.” – Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy (p. 11)

            “Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our moral enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German — wipe them out!” — (Llya Ehrenburg, Glaser, p. 111) 1938

            ‘Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.’ — Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938

            ‘It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.’ — Bernard Lechache, jew, The Right to Live (December 1938)

            “Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!” – Bernard Lecache, the president of the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,” in its newspaper “Droit de Vivre” (Right to Life), 9 November, 1938.

            “The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.” — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

            “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” – The jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939.

            “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

            “The reason for this war has never been as clear as it is now. It is a struggle of the jewish conception of life against the Gentile conception of life. It is the lifestyle of the jews against the lifestyle of the enemies of the jews. That is what one is fighting for throughout the world in this war.” (The American Hebrew, New York, 20.12.1942)

            The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, on October 8, 1942 declared: “The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

          • Those final two quotes really explain the state of the world we are living in.

      • “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once & for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

        Right from the king of the bought jew-whores Churchill’s mouth, Case closed.

    • @Jeff

      Re: Hitlers foreign policy

      Polish bellicosity, refusal to negotiate (Poland helped break the Munich agreement by taking pieces of Czechoslovakia), American meddling in said issue (Look up what JFKs Father had to say) and the Blank check from Britain against Germany (But not the Soviets) led to WW2. American Navy was waging Naval warfare against Germany before our entry into WW2 (See the book Mr. Roosevelts Navy by Patrick Abbaza)

      Dicarlo hit the nail on the head. If saving Poland was the cause that started the war, why did Poland end up under Communist slavery after the war? Hitler stood up to the Jews and Communists, we helped them.

      We DO need a moral guiding principle that isn’t simply being White. I say it’s National Socialism the Christians say we need Jesus, but only one of us says we need a White only territory.

      • The Poles got duped. The All-lies didn’t give a damn about them other than using them for their own purpose.

  5. This is what the Alt-Right was trying to unbecome from WN 1.0. It worked in some sense. Not so much in another.

    While I think the message of White identity politics can have success again in the USA, it certainly won’t look like Gabe.

    • Gabe was young and going through a rebellious phase in his life.

      I wrote this post because of the disconnect that I saw between who he was and the influence of the movement. He realized this himself in that documentary which is why I remembered it and it stuck in my craw. He got out of the movement, got rid of the tattoos and now leads a healthy normal life. He is still pro-White.

      • I have a few friends from TWP and they told me about these types of folks. TWP is planning to rebrand as a Nazbol Party. I spoke to Matt Parrott and a few others behind the scenes. I wish we could have the old TWP back!

        • Matt is a friend.

          I think he can be pointlessly radical though at times. Branding yourself a socialist or a Nazbol is another example of how labels and ideology gets in way of practical politics. It conjures to mind a bunch of negative stereotypes. If he simply said that we need to move away from dogmatic free market libertarianism and take a more moderate approach on issues like health care and that we need to be more pro-worker and culturally conservative, he could gel and connect with where people are at now in his state.

          It is the same thing with “post-colonialism.” No one is going to understand it and those who do are overwhelmingly hostile. It is just a distraction. We’ve been back and forth on this. It sucks that we all got banned from Twitter. I have lost touch with him as a result.

          • But they are onto a positive idea being for all working class people regardless of race. It’s good to see that they dropped all the Nazi stuff.

      • “Gabe was young and going through a rebellious phase in his life.”

        EXACTLY !

        Youth needs guidance, especially to steer them away from harm.
        They need to be warned of dangers and how to avoid them.

        • I totally agree.

          I was involved in the online movement for eight years. When I decided that I wanted to get active in the real world, I sought out older, more experienced men like Gordon Baum and Dr. Hill who in my assessment were pro-White, pro-South and pro-Christian who had some appeal to normal people in my area who I wanted to meet. I wanted to avoid the movement weirdos. I didn’t want to be a leader. I wanted to listen and be a good follower.

          I remember all the cranks who used to call my father-in-law at the CofCC. He loved to talk to them. He would talk to them for hours and laugh and point out where he agreed and where they were wrong. He always kept a good sense of humor. He listened and always did his duty. He was aware that there are people like that and that they would always be around, but he never let them get him down

          We need to save the White race including the retards in the movement. Branding yourself with a label and becoming attached it is a way that bad actors can sometimes rope you in

          • The Founding Fathers were all White Nationalists, and White Protestants. Except for maybe one who might have been an English Catholic, but, it’s not real clear that he was a Catholic. So ONE out of thousands if you count all of those who participated in the American Revolution.

            Most of the Nazis, and other dress up types I’ve ever encountered have all been Catholics, or from Catholic families, because Hitler and Mussolini were Catholics. LOL.

            Hitler even had Irish Roman Catholic relatives. LOL.

            Think I’m kidding, I’m not.

  6. I think people see American society going downhill, certainly the white working class part of it, the drugs, the overall feeling of depression and alienation, and they feel like they want to do something, make some sort of a statement. So they get Nazi tattoos on their faces, I don’t see what that accomplishes. To me you’re just panting a target on your back and asking to get hassled by every commie crap ass for not being as ‘tolerant’ as they are. I’m guessing a lot of these guys are pretty young when they do this, like early twenties. I feel bad about it.

    We have to try to keep going.

  7. That disaster or a swastika was noty project, it was the handy work of your friend buddy Max Murphy. I also got pulled into that satanic ritual of a wedding because the retard Harry Potter fans couldn’t get that stupid horn to make any noise. You are correct, that whole thing was completely embarrassing to be a part of at the time, but now I am thankful that it was so horrendous because it is a very accurate depiction of how retarded the entire movement is. It makes me thankful that I am no longer a part of any of it.

    • Hi, Ken.

      Long time no see!

      I feel bad here. I feel like I am talking shit on people.

      I’m mostly just reflecting on what I saw and experienced in the movement.

      I was wondering if that footage was shot at Eric’s wedding. I wasn’t sure, but I suspected it. I wouldn’t have publicized my personal life like that. And yes, the wizard there beating the drum – Max Murphy – was an undercover cop. The whole thing was embarrassing and retarded.

      As with Gabe, I don’t blame you for leaving that stuff behind. You are no doubt better off without it. It was dragging you down. What do you think it was though that attracted you to it and caused you to adapt yourself to it? Why do people do this? I never saw the appeal of this stuff.

      I’m surprised you are still around. Are you still pro-White? Did you just remove yourself from the bad influence of the movement?

      • That footage was from their weeding and it was very weird being around that garbage. They wouldn’t let me get close to their little sacred circle that the did that weird shit in because I was a Christian.

        What brought me in is a long story but I was in the Navy for 11 years, got out and missed the structure of the military. The economy sucked and it was almost impossible to find a decent job at the time. It was easier to blame other people for my bad situation. Long story short, I joined the LWK. They were almost as bad as Steven Howard and his North Mississippi White Knights. I realized Barker was a Fed, (he’s on video being a rat), so I left and joined NSM. I new the NSM guys back from my Klan days so it was a smooth transition. So the wizard guy told LS that his name was Max and he fell out of a helicopter in Germany. He told NSM that he was Aryan Knight and he wrecked a motorcycle in Germany. That dude made everything weird but after LWK, anything seemed better. I thought I was fighting to keep my race alive and doing God’s work.

        I wouldn’t say that I am pro-white anymore but I absolutely think that every group or sub group of people should have exactly the same treatment in life. No special handups or hand outs. No minority privilege for anything.

        My views are mostly the same as they were before with the exception of the hate. The only thing that God hates is sin and we are all sinners and Christ paid for our sins. Even before Jesus died on the cross, he prayed, “After, forgive them for they know not what they do.” That is how Jesus thought about the Jews who crucified him. How can I hate someone based on their race knowing that? And nope, I am not falling for that CI BS anymore where some old fart made his own translation of the Bible in his basement to sell their own agenda. Sounds like the lefts mode of operation to me.

        • Ken,

          I apologize for sounding like I was shitting on you. It wasn’t my intention. Obviously, you now regret doing a lot of the things you did in the movement and have embraced Christianity and have become a better person as a result. I will update the article with a link to the comments.

          As with Gabe, I lost track of you after I saw the documentaries and saw you on the news. It sounds to me like you have “deradicalized” into an ordinary Christian conservative. The point of both articles was the way the movement influences people in bad ways (Gabe getting the tattoos, you being at this bizarre pagan spectacle with Schoep) and how people get fed up with being transformed into something unrecognizable inside the WN ghetto. I’m sure you look back on it now and wonder what you were thinking at the time.

          I’m not sure how you heard that I had written this article about you, but what inspired it was White Nationalists in the comments who are very upset about Christian nationalism and who think that being White and opposing Jewish power is sufficient to build a movement. They are totally opposed to Christianity which they believe is incompatible with White Nationalism.

          We have both met people like this. I’m sure you know the type. I wrote that article about you, not to bash you, but mainly to illustrate what getting sucked into the most poisonous parts of the subculture can do to someone.

          I would describe myself as pro-White. I love my own people. I’m also a Christian. I realize that we are all sinners. We all have our virtues and vices. You can’t judge someone based solely on race. There are White people who are cultural degenerates and criminal garbage. I would say a big flaw of the White Nationalist movement is believing that “race is everything” and overlooking morality and character. I don’t believe a successful movement can be built on race alone.

          Anyway, this is the argument we are having and context of the series of articles. Feel free to chime in with your own experiences. Again, I am sorry for sounding like I was blaming you or demonizing you for leaving the movement.

        • @Ken Parker, glad to see you became a Christian and dropped the Pro-White nonsense brother. All of it is wrong and a sin. We are not to be “proud” of anything including who we are because we are sinners. We can’t be proud of the flesh we have to constantly be repenting or we won’t make it to heaven. Sadly guys on here are majority not real Christian. Pride comes before the fall, it was pride that led Adam and Eve to fall. The only thing we can do is celebrate cultural things and be patriotic that’s it. Anything above that is racist and sinful brother. That is the truth. God bless you for leaving all that behind same as I did. I pray Brad and more will denounce “Whiteness” and the movement completely too.

          • “Sadly guys on here are majority not real Christian. ”

            Neither are you, according to every denomination other than your own.

            Who are you, to slander racism as ‘pride’, when in reality it is the most basic pragmatism.

          • Is it wrong, too recognize, that my first obligation and responsibility, is too my own kind?………..NO, you ask anyone else, that isn’t white, that same question, they will answer in the affirmative, their own come first………

  8. Thank you Brad, I accept your apology and also extend one of my own to you for some of the things I said about you. I found the article by doing a google search on myself. After all that BS I was involved with, I never know when something else about me is going to pop up so I try to be on guard at all times in regards to maintaining employment.

    As for being Pro-White I would still say I am not because I do believe that being a WN is incompatible with God’s word unless you misquote and cherry pick from the Bible to prove your case. That is the whole reason that Christian Identity exists. I am not trying to stir that pot so I will leave it at that. This is America and you can believe whatever you want, even that Harry Potter shit that the Harry Potter worshipers believe in.

    With that being said, I am not, nor will I ever be anti-white, or ever feel guilty for being what God created me as. I love white people and I love all people as best as I can. That is part of being a sinner, we all do it. The only perfect and sinless man was Jesus.

    I feel that any kind of race based nationalism in the US is impossible for several reasons. Where do we draw the line on being white? Do we let the Cedeno family stay here and kick out Jeremy Walls? We had a Dr. Qmar (not sure of spelling) but he was clearly not white at the Harrisburg event. Someone justified it by saying he was more white than us because he was Persian. WTF?!?!?! He was NOT white. It didn’t really bother anyone except for some slower member who kept asking about him. Next is how the hell do we get the land for this ethnostate that would be in accordance with Christian values? Imagine trying to tell your neighbor who isn’t white that they have to move 500 miles away because you only want white neighbors…Maybe if they would have moved all the non-white people out like Lincoln wanted to do but never happened it would have worked, but now this country is way too diverse and populated for this to be feasible. The only way that this would work is complete and total extermination of the inhabitants of that land just for the sake of having white neighbors. Would you rather have Chris Barker of the LWK and his fat slob of a wife for neighbors with a collection of rusted cars in their yard, or a hard working brown person who keeps their yard taken care of. The last thing I will bring up here is how many white people are absolutely 100% sure that they are not mixed? Do you really trust that mail in DNA test? How many white people have even taken one of those???

    So for the sake of having a large scale ethnostate being virtually impossible to achieve, why even waste the energy trying to do it? Even if it was accomplished, would it really be any better?

    • Sorry about that bunch of nonsense about Christian Nationalism, Trying to do three things at once and threw the whole ethnostate part in some how.

    • @Ken Parker, I agree with you 100% brother being Pro-White is not compatible with being a real Christian. Sadly Brad and his ilk are not authentic or else they would see that PRIDE and RACISM are two of the worst types of sins. Loved you articles. I’ve met so many good non White people since leaving all the racist bullshit behind. Its like I never seen them before, now every since I starting loving people it seems like good solid people of all races come my way.

      • Racism isn’t a sin

        It is a made up bullshit term which didnt exist a century ago.

        Pride, however, is a moral failing. I plan to deal with that one in future article about someone else.

        • Mr. Wallace,

          You have written correctly. Among other racial discrimination laws the Church determined that Jesuits had from 1593-1946 racial purity laws that said that no one that had one drop of moorish or jewish blood could be a Jesuit. You cannot get more racist than that.

        • Racism is a sin because it stems from Pride in the flesh above the spirit. Literally every Christian group agrees that it is a sin. Just because the word was not always used doesn’t mean the concept has not always been around. The same can be said about the Trinity. I’ll point you to the parable of the Good Samaritan.

          • They all discovered it was a “sin” around the time it began to be stigmatized in the media in the 1940s. It says a lot more about what happened to Christianity in the 20th century and the ways in which it has accommodated the dominant secular liberal culture. There are countless examples of this. The Church of Sweden is a “trans” church now. Martin Luther himself has been condemned as an anti-Semite by various Lutheran churches.

          • “Racism is a sin because it stems from Pride in the flesh above the spirit. ”

            Theological gibberish.

          • Jimblow’s ,that’s a joke Jimbo, hee,hee, haw, haw……..but on a serious note, it’s been said, ” That a man with no pride, ain’t worth knowing……………

          • @Arrian — and the Christians want to run the White Nationalist/pro-White, whatever you want to name it, movement. LOL! They couldn’t control themselves from attempting to convert those who don’t believe, and insisting everyone must believe. There’s too much zealotry among Christians, not to mention Christianity by it’s own dogma is a universalist religion which insists on inclusion of all races. Pointing this out to Christians who think Christians should control White Nationalism and they get all snarky and start namecalling. How jewy can you get?

      • @Jimbo be proud of your culture or ethnic group is not a sin, you’re overdoing the globalist narrative. Black lives matter is proud to be black and all indigenous around the world are proud to be what they’re, so please don’t come here and tell us some woke illness things.

  9. There are 200 million Whites in the US and a few hundred Hollywood Nazis who get a constant stream of publicity from MSM, ADL, SPLC and FBI. OTOH, only Andy Ngo is covering the pedophiles, furries and street criminals of Antifa and BLM on a regular basis.

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