Secular Talk: Senate Republicans Block Gay Marriage Vote!

Not yet.

I will take “Christofascism” over Reddit atheism though any day of the week.


  1. Good that should keep White children who are adopted by gays from being individually corrupted by them. If only Whites could also prevent interracial marriage then we would be gearing somewhere although I don’t define all Caucasians as White because Whites are actual different from.others so a new racial definition is needed that justifies blocking of White-Nonwhite interracial marriage and that definition can be found here.

  2. One might be surprised by your graph, which shows that many evangelicals SUPPORT sodomite “marriage.” What kind of evangelicals ARE they?

  3. If atheists need to be written off because of their views, so do a lot of Christians it seems. Maybe Christian Nationalism should be renamed Evangelical Nationalism.

    • You can be a pro-White atheist.

      These people do exist. Just don’t assume you are a typical atheist. The overwhelming majority of people who go down the atheist pipeline end up being hopeless, irredeemable Reddit libtards like Kyle here. There are also Christcucks. Those people do exist. They are not typical White evangelicals though.

  4. Glad the Repubs told them gays to put a sock in it!

    Though the Repubs are bucking the LQBTQ agenda they have picked such poor Senatorial candidates (Dr. Oz) that I do not see the Repubs taking the Senate back until 2024.

    Going to have to wait a few more years until the launch of Christofascism. That is okay I can do some Bible study in the mean time.

  5. Romans 1:32. the answer to all sodomite apologetics.
    “All such deserve DEATH.”

    Restore public stoning of sodomites.

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