1. I consider my ancestry to be extremely important to who I am as a person. Trying to teach that to my grandkids now

  2. The ancestors of White people today did whatever they could to maintain and benefit their racial existence and achieving this very goal required relentlessness towards their enemies of the White race which is every Nonwhite group and individualistic people that seek to personally exploit members of the White race including Jews, Blacks etc.

    This reason itself is why racial segregation and the White-only vote was pushed by the South because if Blacks could push their interests in government, then that would affect White interests as Whites will lose resources, and support to Blacks which has already happened. The guilt narrative that the Jews push towards Whites to make them hate themselves is composed of all the viewpoints and perspectives of the enemies of White people which the Jews insist are enlightening and objectively true when in reality they are just perceptions of intergroup conflicts that the Jews make Whites identify with ultimately switching sides in the name of “truth”,

    So, this Jewish deception is what Whites need to be aware of in order to not destroy themselves as a race which is in fact an anatomically different from all other nonwhite human “races” which is explained here https://truthgiverofhumanity.blogspot.com/2022/05/What%20is%20the%20Human%20Race.html

    This fact itself is also why racial discrimination is heavily associated with White People because Whites have the reason of anatomical racial difference to discriminate against nonwhites meaning that Whites were trying to protect themselves against nonwhite genetic dominance which can kill the purity and beauty of the White race and so discriminating against nonwhites is a noble thing to do despite what Black and Jews say.

    • Well said, this was the whole point to segregation, to protect the white middle and working classes from black crime and trash. The communist goo goos have made it sound like Africans are these simply lovely people that those awful whites wanted to pick on, for no reason at all. Ignoring the fact that Africans commit violent crimes 3 or 4 times more than whites and bring garbage and social disorder wherever they go.

  3. “Don’t Spit On Your Ancestors Graves”

    Beyond that, when race mixing is allowed , we are s**tting on millions of years of nature’s genetic treasure, won by countless generations of blood and suffering.
    All ruined in a single generation.

  4. Your ancestors have made you everything you are—and what you are is a people on the verge of extinction.

  5. When a Yankee encounters a problem with their business, they start calling for more immigration to solve their problem, like obese people call out for delivered pizza whenever they are too lazy to cook.

    Then when they have destabilized their country with multi-racial immigration, because the different racial groups are fighting (just like animals naturally do, when they are forced to compete for the same patch of land), they start looking for another stable country to move to, so they can do the same thing all over again.

    • “calling for more immigration to solve their problem, ”

      Only works in times of abundant prosperity.
      When times turn bad, soon to come, it has the opposite effect, pulling everything down.

      In a global depression there won’t be a place to flee. They are too shortsighted and greedy to see or care about that.

    • Huh…some other people were too lazy to pick their own cotton, and they also turned to a less than desirable “solution” to theii problem.

  6. Being proud of your ancestors has nothing to do with the human construct “race” though. Even Tim Wise admits you can be proud of your ethnic heritage and culture without being sucked into racist thinking which is divisive and destructive.

  7. “Racist thinking” aside from being pragmatically justified, is part of our instinctual principles of self-preservation.

  8. @Stoecker, I did not research that guy personal background I only read the article. It doesn’t matter because below is a video with an interview with an Orthodox priest who talks about Marxism, Cultural Marxism and Race. He reached similar conclusions and views as I already held. So this clearly demonstrates that you can deny “Race” and NOT be a Marxist or swayed by Marxist ideology.


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