TPM: Christian Right Fires Warning Shot At Senate Republicans

Editor’s Note: Dr. David Duke will never get any credit for being ahead of his time. I won’t either. We’re “extremists” for having said things for years that everyone agrees with now.

We’re calling this “Christian nationalism” now.

The Christian Right dislikes the “Respect for Marriage” bill which would codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. They are leaning on Senate Republicans to block it.


“After passing the House with the support of 47 Republicans, the Respect for Marriage Act, which would protect marriage rights for same-sex couples if the Supreme Court were to overturn its 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, faces much dimmer prospects in the Senate. There is one reason why: the Christian right still controls the Republican Party. Movement leaders know it took 50 years to reverse Roe, and are committed to a similar strategy to undermine and eventually overturn Obergefell. With abundant clues in the Supreme Court’s June decision overturning Roe that LGBTQ rights could be next on the chopping block, it is unimaginable that movement leaders would sink that goal by allowing this bill to become law. …

Despite the Christian right’s protestations that same-sex marriage is unpopular, it is actually extremely popular, with Gallup earlier this year finding 71 percent of Americans — a record high — supporting it. What’s more, most religious people do not think protections for same-sex marriage infringe on their religious freedom. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, “Majorities of most major religious groups support same-sex marriage,” with one significant outlier: white evangelicals. Only 35 percent of white evangelicals support marriage equality — and their views drive the Republican Party. In the Senate, the filibuster rules reinforce this tyranny of the minority. 

There are two reasons for the Christian right’s dominance of the GOP. One is that while white evangelicals make up just 15 percent of the population, they are highly enthusiastic voters; they made up 28 percent of the 2020 electorate, and 76 percent of them voted for Donald Trump. They make up large swaths of the electorate in red states, and are likely to be motivated to engage in backlash against a Republican senator seen to betray the cause. …

Lately the media has taken a greater interest in exploring and reporting on Christian nationalism. It is, however, crucial not only to understand what Christian nationalism is as an ideology, but to understand how right-wing operatives have attained the power to subvert democratic structures and democratic values in order to make it the core of anti-majoritarian rule. The opposition to the Respect for Marriage Act is an object lesson in how that power works. …”


If we weren’t talking about “Christian nationalism,” my views and takes on these issues (abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, “trans,” pornography, etc.) wouldn’t be any different. I’ve been saying the same things about these issues for the last decade now.

Note: The WEP vs. Reddit atheist cultural divide runs through pretty much every issue in American politics.


  1. Nothing the senate does, or does not do, will effect LGBTQ issues in the longterm, in this country.

    No, the LGBTQ neither pleases God nor does it please the Red States that had it forcet upon us.

    So, in the upcoming years, the LGBTQ will be devastated in Red States ,or a new Red State Confederacy, whereas in the Blue States, or a Blue State Confedereracy, everything the LGBTQ is will continue to be promoted and institutionalized – until heterosexuals are a beleaguered minority.

    Yes, in The Blue States, particularly in the Northeast and Northwest coastal area, the march of the eerie reincarnation of Sodom and Gomorrah will go on – undeterred.


  2. these people are a plague

    >Authoritarian, anti-democratic, and anti-expertise movements are surging in the United States and around the world.

    >Cultivate new and renewed understandings of the relationship between religion and democracy

    >These activities will initiate new conversations about religion and democracy, examine how truth is conceived and constructed in the media, and foster public scholarship that strengthens civic life.

  3. I saw an interesting recent report from just north of the mason-dixon line where the Roman Catholic Church admitted that a priest had sexually assaulted two of his altar boys. As far as I know the priest faces no criminal or civil penalties. If the Catholic Church is paying the two young men now in their late teens wasn’t mentioned.

    The Roman Catholic problem with their homosexual priesthood continues…

    • First- I am not a Roman Priest. Just to be clear.
      Second- This entire ‘priest sex abuse’ crisis was ORCHESTRATED by faggots-

      Starting back (at least in my lifetime) with sodomite Paul VI. There are numerous books out there (“Goodbye, Good Men” by Rose, for example) and many articles over at Ann B.’s site, that show this was a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that was over fifty years in the making.

      But this graph I found, points out that (in Brooklyn alone) Jewish RABBIS are over 18x more likely to molest a child than a Catholic priest is… YET NO ONE MENTIONS THIS.

      DO we have a jewish-held press? Do the Jews control the USA? Do we need to start a pogrom?
      YES, to all three.

  4. I’m more curious if the numbers of supporters are actually as high as they claim among the groups we’d believe against it. More than half of evangelicals believe in sodomite mock marriage? Right. Sure. Yep. Absolutely. I buy that.

  5. the LGBT are composed of numerous selfish individuals who only seek sexual pleasure by any means and by anyone literally anyone which does include pedophiles who are more likely to be homosexual because of the aforementioned sexual selfishness which is less likely to form among proper heterosexuals because of the reproductive and pleasurable aspects of their sexuality which benefits both their people/community and themselves.

    This issue of homosexual selfishness also crosses into gay marriage, which is explained here,

    Homosexuals would also run wild with promiscuity with anybody if they didn’t need to maintain a positive public image and garner empathy among heterosexuals.

  6. Christian Evangelicals- 15% of the population, 28% of the voters- that’s why liberals passed the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Unlike Evangelical Whites, Blacks are very unreliable about voting- the Left needed a way to harvest their votes, which the 1965 Voting Rights Act provided. Early Voting and absentee voting without a good excuse were all facilitated by the Act.-Black preachers often vote for their entire congregations. The Act also mandated that all redistricting be approved by the Federal Courts- purpose?- to maximize “safe” districts where black candidates could be assured of winning elections. This provision was only recently eliminated- causing much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from Blacks and Democrats.

    • Three Brownsville women were charged with riot, a felony, for allegedly attacking a fourth woman outside of a Republic bar last month.

      Redstone Township Police said Sharmin M. Thomas reported she got into a fight with Keonataiya L. White, 24; Dataiya A. White, 22; and Kaylona L. Brooks, 22, inside Patty’s Hen House on April 5.

      Police said Brooks hit Thomas in the face, resulting in Brooks and Keonataiya and Dataiya White being kicked out of the bar.

      When Thomas, whose age and address were not listed in court papers, left to walk to her car, police said the women confronted her. Brooks allegedly repeatedly kicked Thomas in her face while Keonataiya and Dataiya White repeatedly punched her…..

  7. God does not approve of incestuous breeding. And homosexuality, pedophilia and all sorts of sexual deviancy are products of incestuous breeding practices. So how can God be “with it”, in body, mind or spirit?

  8. At least they’re putting their cards on the table and hopefully they don’t soften their stance to be more inclusive.

  9. So according to the poll 2/3 of Murikans believe in using the hobnailed jackboot of government to force the Christian baker to bake a cake for a Sodomite wedding. If true, Murika delena est. Looks like 70-plus years of Jews firing the weapon of public edumacation to the collective heads of the idiocracy has worked its Satanic magic.

  10. Does it really matter WHAT ‘Americans’ think? God’s Law is clear.
    “All such…. deserve DEATH.” – Rom. 1:32

    Thanks for the graphs, HW. WE now know whom to eliminate once we achieve power/hegemony.
    Because this is where this is headed, and anyone who says it isn’t… is a fool, or complicit.

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