Alex Jones Ordered To Pay $49 Million In Damages To Sandy Hook Families

This is a familiar problem to us.

The civil courts are being used as a weapon to punish dissidents and suppress free speech.


  1. When will the media have to pay for their lies and disinformation? Never. Jones is entitled to his opinion. If he wants to believe it was a hoax that’s his his right. That what freedom of speech is supposed to be about. Welcome to communism.

    • Your question answers itself.

      Alex Jones is a conspiracy entertainer. There is less misinformation on Infowars

      • If he were black, he wouldn’t have to pay a dime.
        How did he make all of that money? How does someone make millions doing what he did?

      • @Brad You would think the parents of the children who were killed at Sandyhook would be going after the manufacturer of the psycho-active drugs the shooter was taking and the doctor treating the shooter and perscribing the drugs.

        No one mentions that the father of the shooter, who indirectly paid for his son’s craziness, was the VP of Finance for General Electric, and a VP/Director of a major interlocking national accounting firm.

        Alex Jones is a kook, but, he did get the Bilderberger thing right.

        • I’ve always liked Alex Jones.

          Much of what he does is an act. He exaggerates for effect. He is a loudmouth.

          Alex is an American treasure though. He is someone who could have only been produced by this country. The internet will be a poorer place without him. This is also a dangerous precedent that will be used to silence all of us.

          • Your last sentence is the only relevant one. Jones was a tool from the very beginning.

  2. He stated that a man whose child died was actually lying about it all (bearing false witness)

    Forgetting about the civil law, In Christianity, that is punishable by eternal hell fire (after trillions of years of torture, you aren’t even getting started!). Thankfully for Jones, that is just a myth.

    It was a vile thing to do and part of his overall looseness with Truth that is central to all religion, but specifically his.

  3. The decision does not stop the basement dwelling losers, they are the real problem, not Alex Jones.

  4. It doesn’t matter. It’s free speech. It’s opinion. So he must have struck a real nerve, or they would have just laughed at him.
    So if you say something that offends people, you can be sued for damages now.

    • I’m not big on AJ and all the free speech stuff aside, he’s being punished precisely because Sandy Hook was a major psyop or a drill that went live with the motive being gun control. Did you know prior to the so-called massacre several parents of the “victims” lobbied the Connecticut government to ban anyone from obtaining death certificates (which passed), claiming it was a privacy issue. And now after that massacre there are zero pictures of the dead of that shooting and no way to verify they actually died, quite a cowinkydink that. Most of the parents of the victims were anti-gun lobbyists before and more so after the shooting. These are few of the many problems with the Sandy Hook myth. Most mass shootings are real with lone nuts but Sandy Hook is a whole other beast and AJ and co. were on to a lot of the bullshit. AJ should have known when those parents with ties to the federal government sued him in this current climate that he was fucked and should have went down sticking to his suspicions, instead he groveled and recanted, said the Sandy Hook myth is the truth and got fucked in the ass anyway. Pathetic.

      • I remember when this came out, and it was on a TV at work, and I think either CNN or Fox reporting, and it just felt SO fake, because they just kept talking about “gun control” over and over. I don’t think crisis actors are convincing, either.
        I wonder if they will make Jones pay and if he is rich enough to cough up 49 million. One has to wonder how he got so rich then.

  5. I have very mixed feelings here.

    In the late 90s, I lived near Austin, TX and heard Alex Jones on AM radio when he was just getting started. This was around the time of WACO and the ATF siege at Mount Carmel. He was a strong influence at an early time in my life to question the integrity of our government.

    FFW to the early-to-mid-2000s when I first stumbled upon the Alex Jones expose of Bohemian Grove on the Internet. No matter how you feel about Jones’s behavior, his persona, his techniques, or whatever, and there’s no doubt that he made a big business of conspiracy theories, you have to admire his courage and willingness to put himself in dangerous situations in order to expose the decadence of our elites.

    Alex Jones is a showman, but he wouldn’t have amounted to anything of note had there not been a lot of truth in what he was saying all these years.

    I don’t like that he’s played a role in making the dissident right look a little looney. He could have accomplished much of the same thing with a little more taste and a little less rambling. But he doesn’t deserve this, and it is a dark, dark day. Thankfully, it’s always darkest before the dawn. The reckoning will come.

  6. Their goal is to silence him. Will this do it? After the 4 million or whatever judgment against him yesterday, he seemed optimistic the financial pain wouldn’t be too crippling.

    Apparently, the plantiff’s lawyers in this case were asking for 150 million to 3 billion.

  7. Seems there’s a fine line between free speech and defaming someone/something. Even if something is actually true, you could be attracting a lawsuit for yourself just by saying it. On the other hand, if someone is falsely accused of someone, the mud can stick.
    I guess the message here is:- if you don’t know the facts about something, then maybe just keep quiet.

  8. I go so far back that I remember the local access tv station here would get mailed in copies of Alex ‘Bull Dog’ Jones VHS tapes and air them

    How did we go from that free speech 25+ years ago to this silencing mechanism? The Deep State must have put one of their judges in.

  9. Another failure of Der Movement despite being flush with cash: not having a permanent legal team on retainer.

    Hey National Alliance, Counter-Currents, Vdare, and Amren. Where exactly is that money going?

  10. Sandy Hoax was a FEMA drill. That much is pure fact. As to fat Alex, he will be doing ok, he played his role for them. Seems like the Infowars OP is coming to an end. The crisis actors have other lawsuits, but fat Alex says all he has is 2 million. In the end the lawyers will get most of it, and the crisis actors will get crumbs. The purposse was to silence truth, and fat Alex cooperated totally in that, so his handlers will take care of him. Don’t cry for Jonesenstein.

  11. If Alex Jones and his alleged “delusional” operation need to be sued out of existence how much more should all these Left-wing anti-White, anti-South, anti-European, anti-heterosexual, “woke”, Communist, Marxist, etc movements be destroyed and all their operatives deported.

    I still remember that back in the 1960s and 1970s that Commies like Angela Davis would visit southern universities and be treated like royalty, the biggest celebrities in that day, by druggie out-of-state Yankees/local decadent Scalawags/anti-war radicals/feminist radicals/etc. If there ever needs to be a big “Red” purge and total destruction of a big lie it is the total destruction of this ultra-liberal, anti-West, anti-White Red Commies and the total destruction of the higher education system in the Yankee Empire that totally supports them and provides a safe environment for them and their evil causes (– start with the universities/institutions in the South and then have the South secede and let these Commie radicals continue to eat up the North and other liberal areas.)

    Jesse Helms was right! NC didn’t need a state zoo when all they needed to do was build a fence around Chapel Hill, NC.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. I fail to see how he caused 49 million in damages. The number is what’s surreal to me. Nobody lost a job because /Alex Jones/ was bitching about them, or calling them a liar. Nobody lost a business opportunity.

    I seriously doubt any of them even had any real anxiety over it. Isn’t being bitched about by /Alex Jones/ the sort of thing that a shitlib could wear as a badge of honor and get a promotion from?

  13. Lawfare is warfare by other means. From what I’ve seen on Twitter his own lawyers sold him out, “accidently” of course.

  14. Soon dissemination of so called misinformation will be a criminal offense, and they won’t need to bother with destroying people and organizations through civil measures.

  15. I’m see MSNBC and NBC are gloating.

    But remember, as you read this, George Zimmerman is suing NBC.

    And NBC’s selective editing clickbait has resulted in George Zimmerman almost getting murdered.

    So, like I said, NBC and MSNBC celebrates, while at the same time Comcast’s lawyers are writing the appeal.

  16. For a good report on a similar court case see:

    The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial

    Nominally, Fetzer was sued for a few specific sentences contained in the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which he edited; he also wrote a small part of it — of course more broadly, he was sued for his general skepticism about the SH incident: all the writing and videos about it, etc — they want to shut him up, as they do Jones.

    Does anyone know what specifically Jones was sued over? — e.g. specific statements he made or specific things he wrote? — if so, please note it here.

    I heard one lawyer say that, per his observation of what was happening to Jones, you could also be sued for questioning the Warren Report, as long as someone associated with the WR or the JFK assassination could come up with a plausible claim of defamation or emotional harm/distress.

    • >For a good report on a similar court case see: …

      From the article:

      Now it’s time for an opinion piece. And as much as I sympathize with Mr. Pozner, assuming his account is accurate, my opinion is that Jim Fetzer got a raw deal…and that the reverberations of this case will be disastrous unless it is overturned.

      Perhaps you are seeing this come true in the Jones case.

    • >Does anyone know what specifically Jones was sued over?

      Just to answer my own question/satisfy my curiosity:

      Heslin v Jones

      Above is a link to a PDF of the lawsuit/civil complaint against Jones — the gist of it begins on pg 3, and has to do with a media appearance by Heslin (a SH parent), where he says ‘I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head’ — Jones (and others) seized on this, saying it could not be true, as it was contrary to what medical examiner Wayne Carver said in his (in-)famous outdoor news conference: that the parents were not allowed to ID their dead kids, instead parents were shown fotos (which to most people sounds bizarre) — video of this news conference is easy to find (Carver is now dead).

      Here is an example of a reaction to Heslin’s media appearance/statements:

      Sandy Hook: Neil Heslin CONTRADICTS Official Narrative

      First the article repeats Heslin’s statements:

      NEIL HESLIN: I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head. … NEIL HESLIN I dropped him off at 9:04. That’s when we dropped him off at school with his book bag. Hours later I was picking’ him up in a body bag.

      Now the article:

      Carver reported that the parents were not brought into contact with their dead children. Heslin claims to have held his son–with a bullet hole in his head–in his arms at the scene. They cannot both be telling the truth.

      I will try to find and watch the entire interview with Heslin.

      But note Heslin is not quoted as saying, or even implying, ‘at the scene’ here, nor in the complaint — Heslin says ‘hours later’, when actually days later is probably more accurate — it had to be well more than one day later, since per the official story, the bodies of the kids were left in the school that day, and not removed until the middle of the following night — after that they had to perform the autopsies, which for so many victims can take a good deal of time.

      I suppose at some point the bodies would have been released to the parents (e.g. for burial) — and any parent who so wished could have viewed their child’s body then.

      Apparently this was enough to file and win a large civil defamation case against Jones.

    • The key aspect there, is that in the Fetzer as well as Alex Jones ‘trials’ – NO JURY WAS ALLOWED TO HEAR OR DECIDE ON THE FACTS, there was no real ‘trial’

      In both cases an arguably biased judge, acting alone, simply ‘decided’ … the jury was only brought in to decide damages, and was NOT allowed to hear evidence that Fetzer or Jones was telling the truth.

      It’s particularly clear that the Fetzer case was a scam. As Kevin Barrett, a witness to the Fetzer fake ‘trial’, writes:

      “The whole courtroom drama was carefully scripted and controlled to ensure that the jury, as well as onlookers and reporters, got to hear only one side of the story. Fetzer was never allowed to present his defense.

      I watched Jim Fetzer take the stand, swear to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”—and then watched him silenced and admonished, and the jury hurriedly chased out of the room, when he tried to speak the truth as he saw it. At no point during the two phases of the trial was Jim Fetzer ever allowed to present to a jury the evidence that led him to believe that Sandy Hook was an Operation Gladio style psy-op

      Jim Fetzer was never given the right of trial by jury to determine whether he had or had not committed libel. Instead, an obviously biased judge presided over that crucial first phase of the case, denying Jim’s Constitutionally-guaranteed right to a trial by jury. The same judge prevented Jim from presenting his truth defense, which would have entailed giving Jim full scope to present the evidence.

      It was only in the second, penalty phase of the trial that a jury was convened. And during that phase, not only was Jim prevented from presenting his truth defense to the jury, he was prohibited from even mentioning it, or from telling the truth about his beliefs.”

      In Jones’ case there was a ‘default judgement’ because Jones ‘refused’ to supply documents or evidence as demanded. It’s unclear if he didn’t have the stuff so impossible to comply … or, some say, maybe controlled-opposition, Israel-shielding Jones, with millions to spend on lawyers, created a loss in his own case on purpose, to become a living discreditor of ‘conspiracy theorists’?

    • That’s a pretty good take which I suspected was the real case for a long time. In a strange sense, who carried out the action is quite secondary to how the event was handled. Jones and numerous others went way overboard in claiming the whole event was staged with crisis actors and nobody died. That’s exactly what Sunstein and others in the Obama regime wanted him to push. As Unz himself noted in the comments section, it’s far cheaper and more effective to have some hired killers carry out the evil deed and quietly erase the main triggermen later on if the regime was actively in on the operation. It worked well and you’ll note that now there have been replays of Sandy Hook elsewhere. There is more gun-control now than before and they gun-controllers have all the lawyers and all the money. Yes people really were killed – it’s not as if the demons like Sunstein who occupy government positions give a rat’s-ass about Murikan goy lives any more than they care about goat-herders in Afghanistan or hohols being slaughtered by the thousands in Jewkraine.

      Alex Jones was not anywhere near tall enough for the ride against the likes of Sunstein and the rest of the Satanic gang operating the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac. The totally staged event Jones fell for is a kind of silly fairy tale in which while the regime is sly and manipulative to achieve its gun-control agenda, they still retain a modicum of decency which would stop them from slaughtering kids in an elementary school. That’s a vast underestimation of their evil. There is not even the smallest modicum of decency in the regime situated in the District of Corruption. They fully deserve to be completely ‘kalibrated’ and ‘de-nazified’. Nothing less will do.

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