1. Back when I was a Christian, I always struggled with the question, “If a black guy raped a member of my family, should she be forced to carry the child”. Now I don’t struggle with it at all, I support killing that child without hesitation. Banning all abortion simply goes against nature and it hasn’t been the norm throughout human history. If Evangelicals supported reasonable restrictions on abortion, I’d be with them, the laws are far too lenient in most blue states. But they support White women being forced to carry black rape babies to term, that honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

      • I think there are too many abortions of every race. But I disagree with Leftists and Evangelicals on the issue. I don’t think women should just use abortion for any reason up until birth like leftists say, or banned in all cases like Evangelicals want. I think it should be illegal except in cases, of rape, incest, life of the mother, and deformity of the child. I didn’t think the 15 week rule suggested by some states wasn’t a bad idea either.

          • Reported rape and incest which would have to be public permanent record because the process for prosecution would be in place even off the prosecutors and judges no longer are inclined to put rapists behind bars. Snitches get stitches especially when the times they are a’changing. As Emmett Till’s sexual assault victim is finding out at 88.

        • I feel that in cases of rape, if the victim chooses to abort a resulting pregnancy; then the perpetrator should receive the death penalty.

          That would go a long way towards eliminating White victims of black rape in general.

      • @Hunter Wallace:

        You don’t know how many White women aborted Black children resulting from an unreported rape or coercive sexual encounter. You obviously have not been paying attention to how the lives and livelihoods of White women AKA KARENS have been ruined every time they have had confrontations with Blacks.

        Please review: Barbecue Becky, Permit Patty, Amy Cooper versus Christian Cooper AKA The Central Park Bird Watcher, the Saint Louis White woman who would not let a Black male resident into her building because he had no key and refused to identify himself per the rules of her own building
        lost her job and was later evicted – you can find this on YouTube – he recorded it. And many other incidents. Last, but not least there is the ongoing stalking and harassment of Emmett Till’s accuser, Carolyn Bryant Donham.

        You may have forgotten them but I haven’t. In fact, a couple of years ago, I myself was set up to be a You Tube Karen. This Black woman tried to bait me into a road side confrontation by cutting in front of me and slamming on her brakes and then proceeding far below the speed limit on a single no passing road.

        Luckily for me, I was on vacation and not late for work or anything. I followed her from a distance, knowing there was a right lane to get to the interstate a few miles up. Well, even though there was a green light ahead of her, she stopped after seeing that I had turned my right blinker on and waited there for me.

        I glanced over at her and saw she had this nasty smirk on her face and her cell phone in her hand. I wiped that smirk off her face by smiling sweetly at her and giving her a friendly wave and then merged into the turn lane to the interstate without further incident.

        Since that summer, however, I make it a point to make sure my gas tank is full when I leave my home and I set off for local destinations a half hour earlier and long distance destinations two hours earlier than I used to before my encounter with that nasty negress.

        Do you honestly think White women are more likely or less likely to report a rape by a Black man these days? Are you beginning to understand the hysteria White women living in “diverse” areas must be feeling right now?

        Are you starting to see the knee jerk idiocy of pro-life conservatives taking the Democrats’ infanticide bait just before the mid-terms when they could have won handily on something as simple as , “it’s the economy, stupid?!”

        Repealing For v. Wade NOW was the GOP”a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, leading me to believe that they know what I suspect. America is headed for a crash and they want to keep the Democrats behind the wheel when it does.

          • Hunter, the Texas ban does not. What would have been your reply to this woman if it was Texas being talked about here instead of Indiana. I think your answer was a complete dodge. Republicans in Texas have gone off the rails and jeopardized their continued future control of this state both by what they have done and all the over the top rhetoric by the slimy assed likes of Ken Paxton. You would almost think by looking at it that their intent WAS to damage the Republican control of this state. Of course I, myself, would NEVER suspect any kind of conspiracy was even possible with Masonic garbage like this running things here. And of course talk of “conspiracy theories” is verboten here so I wouldn’t want to break the rules for sure! Seriously now, in my opinion if it hadn’t been for Biden turning out to be a totally insane piece of $hit, which even half of Demonratz can’t stand, Republicans might be looking down the barrel at big losses here this fall. So thank Mazza Joe when things likely turn out OK here.

          • Hunter, That was a complete dodge of a response. What if it had been Texas instead here we were talking about and not Indiana? There are no such exceptions to the Texas law and you know that. The Republican leadership here has taken lemonade and tried to reduce it back down to lemons by going totally off the rails by both action and rhetoric. A large majority of Texans believe not including an exception for rape IS totally off the rails. The patently insincere rhetoric by the likes of slimy assed Ken Paxton on this issue has only made things even worse. If a person was conspiracy minded, which of course I’m not, one might think that the completely compromised, Zionist, Masonic $hitbags running the Republican Party here were doing this on purpose to try and offset the so called, expected, “Red Wave” this fall. Perish the thought! Now seriously, it could be that we will have the almost universally despised, even by half of Demonrats, half insane Mazza Joe for saving the day for Republicans this November.

          • @Hunter Wallace:

            Please review the FBI’s own crime stats where it states that Black men perpetrate 10,000 to 40,000 rapes on White women a year. How do they know? These are REPORTED. I suspect the number of UNREPORTED rapes are much higher.

            IOW, state exceptions for rape and incest mean the victim has to report it and allow possible arrest and prosecution to occur. It forever becomes public record and the victim is subject to retaliation for the rest of her life … Like Carolyn Bryant Donham, Emmett Till’s assault victim.

            Don’t assume that if 30 million White women had abortions, 30 million White children were aborted. I would say that, more than likely those aborted were not White.

            The pro-life movement was most effective when it established centers with ultra sounds and resources to help the women who were considering abortion because they did not have the resources for prenatal care or to raise that child themselves which is why Elizabeth Warren wanted them banned.

            I have heard these women who kept their pregnancies and they sound like White women to my ears. The ones who are dead set on abortion know what Planned Parenthood is all about and go there, because the issue is not up for debate with them.

            Again, I seriously doubt the vast majority of them are White women aborting White children. With the ease of divorce, there is no longer any stigma to White unwed mothers these days that would take them downscale socially as in the case of White women with mulatto children. They would blend in too easily with divorced mothers for any one to notice.

            Moreover, if one of my nieces was impregnated by the rape of a Non-White, I would do whatever is necessary to get her an abortion and if I had to run over a pro-life authority to get her that relief I would do so even to the point of backing over him repeatedly to emphasize my point.

            You have only one child, a son. Get back to me when you father a daughter, Hunter.

          • “Don’t assume that if 30 million White women had abortions, 30 million White children were aborted. I would say that, more than likely those aborted were not White.”

            I tried to point this out some time ago. The race of the father is indeterminate for these 30 million “white” abortions.

        • You really have no concept of what the repeal of Roe v. Wade means. As HW already pointed out, the new Indiana restrictions on abortion (not a total literal ban) include exceptions for rape and incest. It’s telling how easily you have fallen for (((gaslight media))) propaganda on the basis of pure emotionalism. I agree with the exceptions for rape and incest, as do most who are against abortion in general. I know of only a few pro-life radicals who argue in favor of such extreme restrictions. No woman should be forced by law to bear the child of a rapist. All the overturn of Roe did was to return the issue to be decide by each of the 50 states.

          Just next door to Indiana is Illinois, which is a total shithole of a state under one-party rule as the Repukes in that state are as big of a farce as they are in California. Having driven countless businesses out of the state with their massive taxation and Church of Woke dogma, abortion mills (Schlomo’s body-part harvesting factories) are likely the only thriving “business” in the God-forsaken state. Even the few restrictions on the practice have been repealed there. Rape and incest abortions is a red herring employed by (((gaslight media))) to charge the issue and distract. Such cases are at tops 2% of abortions.

          America is headed for a crash.

          Yes it is and it deserves to crash completely, since it has given itself over completely to depravity of every kind. As I asked several times before on threads about this issue: Why now? You’ve provided part of the answer. The stooges on the SC were permitted to overturn the sacred cow (an utterly lawless ruling which created a non-existent ‘constitutional right’ out of a blackrobed clown’s penumbras and emanations) because some sort of tool was by the Empire of Lies needed to whip up stupid women on an emotional basis to give more support to Globo-Pedo. You fear a non-existent bogeyman about being forced to bear the offspring of a black rapist while the very real prospect of women of child-bearing age being drafted to go and get blown to bits in a military commanded by war-mongering jews is far from their minds. BTW, one of the most common places for a white female to get raped by dindus is the military, whose support units are filled with them. No recourse is available for white girls who get raped by dindus there. In today’s woke military Emmett Till Sr. (hanged for the rape and murder of an Italian girl in WW II) would be promoted to a General – like Llord Austin.

          • I’m not emotional about it, honestly I don’t care about abortion much at all, I don’t care for the extreme activists on both sides of the matter. But I am glad you agree overturning Roe and Evangelical Nationalism as a whole are part of a controlled op.

          • Oh yeah, the US military is currently a great vehicle for forced and unforced race-mixing. Keep your daughters out of it.

        • I am so thankful I live in area with very few blacks around. The US is definitely headed for a crash, I’m just not sure about the timing of it.

          • Unfortunately, Diversity – the more vibrant, the better – is coming soon to an area near you. I have a dear friend who lives in Lewiston, Maine. They were inundated by Somalian refugees in the late nineties. The only good thing about the Covid lockdown is that it halted any more influxes. In the meantime the last batch ran out their visas and benefits and moved on to leech off other White stares.

            Well, once Covid as officially lifted, more Somalians arrived, because you can never have too many of them and with them are Haitians and Congolese. If course, the rents have skyrocketed because no Maine local can compete with FEDGOV’s carrot and stick approach to Lily White areas.

            In AZ complexes, where. Home Owners have managed to restrict section 8 from their areas to keep from hosting Ghetto Americans, FEDGOV is trying to impose Section 45 apartments to house refugees.

      • How many would have been doomed to being raised in one of the following situations:

        1- By a lesbian/bisexual couple? 2- By some emaciated tweeker White woman? 3- By some pink-haired tattooed freak? 4- By some professor(s) of “studies” at Oberlin College? ad nauseum?

      • Ethnic Js in Israel and throughout the diaspora (that’s mostly in remaining White countries) base their political, cultural and economic decisions on this one question:

        Q: Is this good for the Js?

        The Js greatest fear is that they will (again) be noticed as an alien people, parasite living off the work, taxes, debt of a homogeneous White population. It wasn’t just NS Germany that they were noticed and expelled, taken down. It’s happened over and over and over again like we wrote about 15th Century Spain:

        Whites, Arab Muslims and the Js in 15th Century Spain:


        We the remaining White European peoples of North America and everywhere else have to start thinking and acting the same ethno centric ways as ethnic Js.

        We can’t not have another century of race denying political, racial, immigration, military, economic nonsense like the 20th century or our people will not exist or not be slaves anywhere on planet earth.

        What kind of Whites in Indiana or anywhere else don’t notice the horrors of the population explosions of the worst Blacks, Mayans, Arabs, Pakistanis, POC in the 3rd world or in our cities, now small towns like Ferguson MO or Kenosha WI?

        What kind of idiots in Indiana or Kansas want to see the population of the Black criminal, welfare underclass double and triple like it did in the 1970s.

        The domestic Black A American population has stabilized since the 1980s, it’s just as replacement levels and we can thank mostly Liberals, Planned Parenthood for this.

        Yes, Margarett Sanger promoted Eugenics. Good for her.

        Now, of course we can’t try to sell abortion on demand up until birth to White Evangelical Christians, same as we can’t sell strict gun control in rural Red states or to Cliven Bundy ranchers.

        So finesse this. Look what ethnic Js do – they promote their wealth and power at our expense in all political parties all political outlooks from hard marxist Left to Neo Conservatives, Libertarianism. Tamar Jacoby is one day in the New School, Frankfort School of cultural Marxism NYC, the next day she walks across the street to work for free market economics at the Wall Street Journal – she has the same open borders mass immigration to the White West and Israel Uber Alles.

        She’s not a hypocrite – she’s doing the Protocols of Zion.

        We need something similar from a pro White Western perspective- yeah, strict birth control for Js, Muslims, Mayans and especially the Black criminal, welfare underclass. Sterilize Black gang members. If the Idiot Religious Right Christians object F*#&$@ em, Liberals make Fundamentalist Christian bakers in Indiana bake gay wedding cakes, we’ll make them get out of the way as we force Norplant birth control on the POC underclass.

        So sick of idiot Judeo X’Tian – can’t blame Jesus for their stupidity.

    • @Steve…

      Thank you for your candour.

      Yes, that’s an unpleasant and revolting situation.

      If someone in that scenario is to die, however, it is not the baby.

      Let someone else, and there are many who eagerly would, raise that child.

      Let us not kill children for adult sin.

      • Ivan,

        Well written. I am glad to see you in print again. The Catholic position is that you can not murder the baby because of what some one else did. I stand by that. ALL abortions should be banned including rape and incest incidents.

        If someone disagrees then they really do not believe that abortion is murder.

        • I believe it’s killing a child, I don’t deny biological reality like leftists. I think abortion is a sad thing and nothing to celebrate, but is necessary in certain cases.

          • @Steve….

            I respectfully disagree with you.

            It’s not acceptable to kill babies or to place situational guilt on one person and then do heinous things to them..

            That said, it is a hard issue and your opinion is very well reasoned.

        • Fine. Then since you come from a family with plenty of money and have expressed views here previously regarding the sanctity of the White race, why don’t you open (and personally oversee the day-to-day operations) an orphanage (with deluxe boarding and medical care for the expectant moms) for babies born to White Gringa women raped by niggras. Then see if you can place the babies with Mexican families.

          • Flax,

            Mexico already has universal health care with my family tax dollars helping to pay for such services. How much my family puts in the collection basket for the Church and for the needy is our affair.

            If the definition of sanctity means holy then no race fits the term.

            I do not feel it necessary to drop everything in order to fight abortion or any other cause. Whatever volunteer work I do is my affair as well. The only help one absolutely owes another human being is the basic necessities of life if they can not provide for themselves. Can I do more? Almost everyone can do more on all moral issues.

            Why do not you help your anglo people? Do you help the white girls in the USA who have been raped? Practice what you preach. Catholic charities in Mexico and the USA help provide for single mothers.

            Either way abortion is murder no matter who gets murdered. Believing a half breed child can be murdered is pretty sick.

            Why do you believe in murder?

          • Flax,

            Remember I am a lay woman not a religious (nun etc.) Meaning my future vocation is marriage and the raising of children. That is a holy vocation.

            Taking care of husband and children is a full time job. I am also against homosexual marriages and transgenderism and pornography yet I am not going to spend all my time fighting those issues and no one else on this website does either.

        • @Christina:

          Do you support little girls whose bodies have not had the chance to safely bring a baby to term having to jeopardize their very lives to bring forth a product of rape or incest?!

          Luckily, I have never been raped or been in a coercive sexual situation with any man. I have never had an abortion. Now I’m too old. I think abortion is the dumbest and most dangerous form of birth control imaginable, but I know enough rape and incest victims that I don’t see any morality in telling them how they may deal with any pregnancy from it.

          This is definitely not the country I was born in any more. Even now I am fortunate enough to live in what appears to be a safe area. But many women I know live in “snitches get stitches” environments AKA known as vibrantly diverse areas. I cannot imagine any of those White women reporting a Black rapist, because it is all but illegal to file a report and the prosecutors and judges are more likely to punish them.

          • clytemnestra57,

            I have addressed the issue of abortion quite thoroughly I believe. My religion is quite clear on the issue. I also believe that rape and forced incest should as a general rule be punished by death.

            I would never voluntarily live anywhere near large numbers of blacks. I do not however believe in murdering any baby.

            One of my grandmothers is Mexican-American instead of Mexican and she also does not recognize the country. Perhaps the USA is headed for a free for all conflict.

          • Indeed, like all of those 12 year old Mexican girls that get knocked up by their uncles.

          • @ Flaxen That poster said in the past she’s a high school student. Who believes that? Inviting men on here to her high school graduation. LOL

        • @Cristina Romana Alva:

          I am Catholic and have visited Catholic Charities. I don’t know about Catholic Charities in Mexico, but the one I visited were too busy helping the crowded lobby of Brown and Black Muslim women wearing headscarves and veils to trouble themselves with this White gringa parishioner and what she might need.

          That is why they will never see another tithe from me.

          You see, I very much adhere to the scripture, I Timothy 5:8 which states, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

          Virtue-signaling morons on the “Democrats R The Real Racists Right forcing White women to bear children who hate their mothers ‘ race as much as their fathers do – only a White idiot forces his women’s wombs to incubate more enemies to overwhelm future Whites – need a good, hard, swift kick to jumpstart their brains even more than degenerate mudsharks and status-seeking Whites with adopting their little Black accessories do.

          All are disgusting. Sorry, but Juri is one thousand percent correct when he wrote that Whites – even those that think they are right leaning – have a deadly nihilistic streak that is all too inclined to telescopic philanthropy. That flies in the face of the very laws of nature which is red in tooth and claw and yes, brutal and barbaric as all hell.

          The mulatto grandchild you force our daughters to breed will be less related to you than a White stranger like me. Your mulatto grandchild instinctively knows this which is why even the highest yellows see Whites as the enemy and are one thousand times worse about pushing the Blacketty Blackness.

          This is the most Pyrrhic Victory ever won by the White race. I don’t see how we will ever come back from this one.

          • clytemnestra57,

            Was the Catholic charity you encountered run by anglos? I also find it disgusting that a Catholic charity would help the Infidel while ignoring a Catholic.

            I have never known a Mexican white or mixed to have that nihilistic streak you mentioned. I recognize it in English speaking whites however and am constantly amazed. I am quite aware that if a people are strong they dictate the rules if weak they get run over. That is a historical and human fact.

            Do you really think that this means way more blacks in America at the expense of whites?

          • clytemnestra57,

            Remember that I am a loyal daughter of the Church and i must obey for I am under Church discipline. I also wish to obey. A Catholic is not allowed freedom of belief against defined dogmas.

            I also have gone to private schools most of my life generally Catholic. You too are a Catholic and bound to obey our laws.

        • @Christina Romana Alva who asked:I

          “Was the Catholic charity I visited run by Anglos? Yes it was. And they looked at me like I was insane when I asked them why they preferred helping people who would never convert to Christianity to their own parish.

          If course, I knew the answer. My niece attended a mad Vegas Catholic high school which had as prom queens the two daughters of Jewish gambling magnate, Steve Wynn. In fact there were many Jews attending there thanks to some kind of inter-Jewish feud going on in their religious school.

          As non-Catholics, they paid higher tuition, so that left fewer openings for White Catholics. So in the case of the Catholic Charity I tried to help me, my tithes could not compete with my tax funded refugee resettlement program.

          “Do you really think that this means way more blacks in America at the expense of Whites?”

          Yes, I do.

          The Enemy is so determined to wipe out Whites that they are sneaking Non-White into White majority areas by hook or crook. Any Blacks they can’t force in at gunpoint they sneak in using deceitful measures.

          For example, we no longer have Section 8 in this country. Too many White areas enacted measures to stop being inundated with Ghetto Americans. But now, thanks to wide open borders FedGov is pushing Section 45 housing for delightful refugees like Haitian and Congolese and Nigerian and Somalians, because White enclaves can never have too many Somalians.

          Anglos especially whose origins are from the United Kingdom seem to have this nihilistic streak more strongly than most followed closely by the Protestant Scandinavian countries.Even the French, who should know better, are infected by it. And have been for a long time.

          My Polish Catholic and Orthodox Kinsmen still seem to have some sanity left but they have been fighting the Turks and wary of Islam since the Battle of Vienna.

          But the Poles and their Hungarian allies, like the Spanish have lived under the bitterness of occupied forces of traditional invasions, not had treacherous leaders who opened the gates and rolled out the red carpet for them. Poles understand Reconquista because they had to engage in it themselves.

          I might add, that White European women used herbs reinforce menstrual evacuation after being hang raped by invaders and any Non Whites that survived these Plan B attempts ended up dying of exposure in the forest afte being abandoned.

          There were not as many White areas raped out of existence as one might think; Non-White conquerors just Nigerian with their own people and resettled or colonized, if you will, the area after wiping out or driving out the former inhabitants.

          I am hoping and praying that White Americans will ultimately take a couple chapters from the influx of “Latinx” collectives now in this country. Unfortunately, Whites are too in love with the libertarian mythos with its “frontier soirit” and “rugged individualism being promoted by Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro who know our history better than we do.

          The only Whites who survived on and ultimately conquered the frontier were collectivist. All the rugged individuals were raped, tortured and mutilated to death and often cannibalized by the Amerindians who attacked isolated farms. Their scalps adorned their lodges and teepees.

          There is a lesson to be learned there but it keeps eluding White Anglios.

          • clytemnestra57,

            I have to admit I have great fondness for you and I eagerly read what you write. I can promise you that I am not soft and will never give in to non-christians or non whites. I personally think rapists should be castrated.

          • “rapists should be castrated.”

            Castration does nothing to an adult male , aside from making them sterile.
            Other glands take over for the synthesis of male hormones. They will be just as aggressive and depraved as before.

            Having heard a few men who lost their testicles in accidents say that the removal had no effect on their desires, a couple said it increased.

          • clytem,

            You might not like this but I will not spit upon your flag and I honor you for what you were not what you are now.

        • @Cristina…

          Thank you so very much for your kind words.

          Yes, let us not murder people for the crime of being conceived or born.

          Is that not the least we can do?

      • @Ivan Turgenev:

        The French planters of Haiti who raised and educated mulatto children got the dubious honor of watching their mulatto offspring rape their White nieces and impale little White babies on their spears before being strung up themselves.

        They played stupid games and won stupid prizes including the Darwin Award not just for themselves but the other Whites who were not as into liberty and fraternity as they were.

        Forget about “following the science.” If you follow the history you will get unstuck from stupid and stop your moronic virtue signaling. Keep your stupid principals off my nieces bodies. You won’t pay as dearly for your stupidity as my nieces will.

        The fate of the McMichaels and their neighbor after they tried to detain Ahmaud Arbery for police questioning illustrates that White men can no longer protect White women so your answer is to strip White rape victims
        of the ability to discreetly prevent bearing the fruits of Black rape themselves?!

        You are either a mendacious asshole or if it is true that ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest man on the planet. If you want to live in South Africa, move there. Don’t use muh Christian values to impose it on the people I love so you can feel virtuous.

        Thank you.

        • You need to post more and put some of these simpletons in their place. If the big invisible man in the sky is so loving of all his creation, he shouldn’t have created a planet that is ultimately ruled by tooth and claw. Nature is going to punish Whites for being too soft.

          • Yes, these people who think God loves all of the babies stuff…they think with their emotions, not logic and reason.
            What “creator” would make a race of primates so stupid and violent, that they exceed all other animals in violence, and they prey on us. Nice creator.

        • “The French planters of Haiti….. rape their White nieces and impale little White babies on their spears before being strung up themselves.”

          Do you know that those who escaped returned, under promises of ” safe conduct” by the mulattoes and blacks, only to be massacred ?

          Sometimes I really wonder about WHITE intelligence.

          • They really believe the “we are all alike” thing. They think the blacks think like they do. What a flaw. Being a skeptic can keep one alive. I bet early man and Cro-Magnon man was very cautious and on the paranoid side.

        • @Clytemnestra…

          Thank you for your reply.

          There are many solutions to this problem you mention.

          Killing innocents is not one.

          As to White men protecting White women.

          I very respectfully disagree with that.

          I protect my wife every day, just as the men of my community do.

          The Negro Community is well-apprized of what will happen in this area is someone steps over the line.

          Thus, they commit atrocities on themselves, and keep it there.

          I do not think your example of Arbaury is a good one.

          You can’t just go and shoot people for pilfering construction sites.

          That said, the problems we have in Dixie will never get right so long as we are under Northeastern occupation, for it is therefrom that all these policies, that you hate, arise.

          So long as Jew England is in charge, Whites will have troubles of every kind.

    • OccidentalDissent turned into Reddit’s ‘I hate my dad for making me go to church’ section so gradually I hardly noticed.

      Because one thing the internet lacked is a place where people could bitch about their Christian parents oppressing them.

      Thank you HW for finally providing a Safe Space for them. Also for people who hate the Irish, those paddy jerks!

      • Young white men are the least religious demographic group, so it should hardly surprise anyone that an ideology that mainly appeals to young white men is going to have a lot of secularists.

        Young men don’t like going to church because it’s boring as hell and not relevant to their lives. I’m just not interested in hearing about an ancient conflict between two bronze age ethnoreligious groups.

        • You never read me ever complaining about secular people. But just like SJW your crowd is upset that Christians even exist.

          If you people could build a secular pro-white movement, you would. But you can’t, you’re religious fanatics that worship Hitler and do cringe ‘pagan’ shit.

          The Alt Right was supposed to be a secular movement and look how bad you screwed that up.

          Why aren’t you people at VNN? Why do you troll Southern nationalists who are Christian?

          We know why, no one else will put up with your reddit-tier bitching about mommy.

        • Andal,

          We get it. You just can’t get over your support of such Pro-White positions as:

          -Darwinian Evolution
          -Hard Drugs
          -Birth Control Pills
          -Hormone Blockers
          -Liberal Democracy
          -Human Rights Organizations
          -Separation of Church and State
          -No Fault Divorce
          -Secular Education

          I openly question whether eradicating diseases and extending the life expectancy to almost 85 years was worth it. We traded in physical misery for spiritual misery. We are worse off for it.

          Secularism is never – EVER – coupled with anything that can be classified as “Pro-White.” It doesn’t matter if White men have chosen to become secular. They will be forced at gun point to become traditional, or they will be allowed to perish as they so richly deserve.

          Under His Eye!

          • That is complete bunk. Most religions are mind viruses that rewrite pathways in the brain. Indoctrination often begins before kindergarten, a stage of development where the toddler cannot tell the difference between mythology and reality.

            Do you fear shaking the “Tree of Knowledge?”

            “Conservatives” do not possess the intellectual curiosity of a slime mold.

          • He never said a word about such things, simp. How traditional are you talking, by the way? “Submit to an alien, Semitic religion” traditional, or “put the alien, Semitic missionary to the sword” traditional.

      • To the contrary, I don’t hate most Christians, I get along with almost everyone in my personal life. You’re just projecting, you clearly hate people that reject Evangelical Christianity, which is ironic because hatred, a natural human emotion, is a “sin” in your faith. I have no problem with what Evangelicals do in their personal life, but I won’t vote for an Evangelical GOP. After voting for Trump in 2016 and 2020, I don’t see myself ever voting again. I’ll go back to my position before Trump, where I check the news from time to time, and laugh at how crazy the outside world is getting.

        • Thank you for that Steve Denison, for proving my point. You actually claimed that I, Banned Hipster, hate everyone who isn’t an ‘Evangelical Christian’ and then you call me a ‘sinner’ – a ‘hater’ – according to my supposed religion.

          Clearly, you are not arguing with me, nothing that you said has anything to do with me, at all, nor anything I’ve said.

          You are arguing with your dad, or whoever, not me. You’re making the personal, political, like some green haired SJW.

          Christians are not oppressing you. Why are you trolling people on a Southern nationalist website? Isn’t VNN more your speed?

          We’re all normies here, not redditors with hangups about other people’s religion.

          • My Dad isn’t Evangelical, and I have a good relationship with him, he’s been accepting of me checking out multiple denominations over the years. Honestly, I think he’s an atheist or agnostic himself, though he wouldn’t say it. My dislike of Evangelical Nationalism doesn’t come from a resentment of my parents, but from years of following politics and attending many churches over the years. Evangelicals don’t represent most White people, and politically speaking, I won’t support any movement that puts their religion or ideology before the White Race.

        • @Steve Denison—-but you do love your Moshiach, on this subject there is no debate, right or wrong kyke? And you would do anything to please your Big Mo right or wrong kyke? So if Moshiach wants you to kiss it and make it big, no problemo, right kyke?

          i get it kyke, you like the way that Christians threat you. But kyke, we, us Christian do not like the way you bring harm to the innocent, do you understand you miserable disgusting diseased filth?

    • eah—– in the Jew the hatred of the innocent is stronger than the desire to protect the innocent. Their natural inclinations are always to harm the innocent be it straight, gay, or anything in between. We are talking about the nature of the beast here and the nature is contrary to reason and the morality of civilized man. Don’t expect to understand it, just recognize it for what it is…..evil.

    • I have seen what unwanted children turn into and it’s not a positive for society. Abortion is only an issue because trouble making Catholics came here and made it one. Catholics clergy just want bans on abortion so they can have access to unwanted children so they spent vast sums of money to get evangelicals to give a crap about the issue. This is not going to turn out well.

      • @White Working Class—-what about Moses Farrow? How TF did he turn out the way he did after being raised by that degenerate Jew father of his?? You think it would have been better for that unwanted mixed race child to have been aborted? He turned out to be better human being than either you are I.

  2. Coastfags like the people of Kansas?

    You go on about how race isn’t everything, how you don’t want to share a country with socially liberal whites. So why is it a problem when these people are aborting their children?

    • 1. Kansas indirectly caused the Civil War

      2. Kansas voted against Kris Kobach in 2018. They support open borders and infinity brown people

      3. Kansas is more concerned over who Bill Self is recruiting from the McDonalds AA team then whether the country around them is thriving or not

      4. Kansas has exactly one interstate highway that everyone uses to get to Colorado.

  3. Killing any baby is wrong, Bi racial, or otherwise. It’s a savage thing to do. As a Christian, I have to answer to HIM. And HE loves his little ones. They were made in his image. You won’t save the white race by doing evil. It doesn’t work like that.

    • Yes, but the problem is this is an election loser and first step is getting power back from the marxists and you need to trick the white women into voting for you. The democrats are expert manipulators and the GOP just found a loser. You have to achieve unimpeachable power before dispensing such a bitter pill and this anti abortion hobby horse doesn’t play well outside evangelical southern baptist areas, it lost in conservative Kansas.

    • Well, as the other groups grow in the US, you will eventually find yourself surrounded by them, the one your god loves so much. Enjoy.

      Stop being naive. Get out into the foxholes.

    • Your Hebe forefathers apparently had no problem killing women and babies when HE commanded them to do so. Did you read that part of the Bible, or do you conveniently ignore it?

      • Thank you. No one reads the Bible from cover to cover any more or they would understand why there are no more Philistines or Babylonians or Sumerians walking around. True Conservative Incorporated types like David French read the Bible to confirm their biases after spending their whole life being indoctrinated to Lysenkoism and other destructive doctrines taught by the Red Diaper Doper Baby professors produced by the Trotskyist hordes that Stalin and the increasingly Russified government in Moscow purged from the Soviet Union.

    • “You won’t save the white race by doing evil. It doesn’t work like that.”

      This is exactly why I hate Christfaggery. Even if it’s true that abortion is immoral, it does not follow that abortion won’t “work.” Genghis Khan was pretty evil, yet he conquered Eurasia. Please grow up and stop believing in this fairy tale.

      • Biggest mass murderer and rapist in known history, but millions of prayers went unanswered, and no god ever stopped him.

        • Hasn’t been seen or heard of in over 2000 years. Where O where, not to mention the insurmountable evil that has triumphed since Stalin’s mass murderings.

      • @Noy:

        To paraphrase the quote attributed to George Orwell:

        Whites used to sleep soundly in their beds, because rough men stood ready in the night to do violence in those who would harm us.

        Not a bunch of virtue signaling idiots whose idea of reasserting any sense of control over the country they lost by stripping their women of any autonomy to discreetly protect their families and livelihoods by stopping a bad situation – interracial rape – from getting worse – mulatto children of rape.

        They certainly didn’t plant pious expressions on their faces while bleating about innocent children so they could reduce their own women to baby factories producing enemy soldiers.

        Again, this is the most Pyrrhic Victory the White race has ever won. You are in essence stripping your women naked, tying them down on a silver platter and offering them up to Non-Whites. Expect to claim your Darwin Award sooner rather than later.

        • Exactly, let me know when Evangelical Nationalists seal the border and start repatriating immigrants(illegal and legal). They’ve yet to do a single thing for Whites.

          • Agree. This whole “White Christian” thing is just another renamed pressure valve. They don’t care that millions of Mexicans are invading their nation and ruining it. They think their “real reward” is in heaven.

      • @Noy I agree. We won’t get ahead by being nice.
        You never see Christians condemn the Jews for their anti-white activities. Never. They refuse to tell the truth about it.
        Just like they make their god “all-good”, when he’d tell the Hebrews to take the conquered people’s young women for themselves. Jeesh.

        I think most Christians think God will eventually come and save them from all of this. It’s all that trust, hope, and prayer. I think they really believe this.

        Nothing fails like prayer.

  4. Hey, VA & NC, where are you? Too many Yankees have infiltrated? If Indiana can do it what is stopping you two?

    If Billy Graham was still alive and he supported/praised NC for banning same-sex marriage I feel sure he would be in full support of banning abortion.

    In 2012, Graham and his son, Franklin, publicly endorsed North Carolina Amendment 1, a measure to ban same-sex marriage in the state. They both condemned President Obama’s public declaration of support for same-sex marriage later that year.
    — Wikipedia — “Billy Graham”

    And VA needs to cede their northern counties (and independent cities) near DC to DC so these “originally out-of-state” liberals working in DC will no longer be a curse to the rest of the state.

      • @Pilot….

        Very true.

        As this country splits, Indiana will wind up in a Red State Confederacy.

        So, too, will Iowa and Southern-central Ohio.

        • Do you REALLY believe the government is just going to let the country split up? I don’t see anything “splitting up”.
          Besides, there is no point in trying to secede, if you’re going to take the huge dark populations with you.

          • @Pilot:

            While the WBTS effectively ended the right of states to leave the Union, there is no law to prevent counties from leaving one state to join another.

            One reason that Glenn Youngkin was permitted to keep his victory over Terry McAuliffe is that many parts of Virginia, like Loudon County had approached West Virginia about joining with them. These were conservative but very affluent counties and West Virginia made it clear that they would be welcomed with open arms.

            So, had several votes for McAuliffe had mysteriously surfaced, McAuliffe would have found himself the governor of a much poorer, smaller state. That’s why he conceded.

            San Bernadino, a conservative county, is investigating whether to join Arizona or Nevada, and there are parts of Oregon and Washington State that are looking at joining Idaho.

          • @clytemnestra57 That’s just playing musical chairs, and is far different than trying to secede from the US.
            They will all STILL be under the control of the US Govt.
            The rest of that is stupid because of logistics.

          • @Pilot…

            “Do you REALLY believe the government is just going to let the country split up?

            No, of course they are not going to just sit idly by.

            They’ll be unsuccessful, however, and quickly so.


            Because it’s hard enough to keep 2 people together, who have come to detest each other, much less hundreds of millions.

            A nation this size is a voluntary thing, and the moment that it is not that is the moment it will cease to be.

            My deepest hunch is that it will be the Coastal West (New England West) which breaks up this nation.

    • Banned for life, you are right about, Billy and franklin Graham, when they denounced homo marriage, the obomination administration, used the IRS too start hassling the graham’s and anyone else, who publically opposed their wicked policies……………

  5. It’s good that Indiana has banned abortion except for incest and rape but there will be states that will be more than happy to kill fetuses and full term pregnancies all in the name of “Science” and “women’s” rights.

  6. They will have to raise taxes to support the thousands and maybe millions of nonwhite births that will be adding to the welfare, Medicaid, and WIC counts.

  7. 1831,

    Right back at you with friendliness. This song became famous during the Mexican Revolution as far as I am aware.

    • It might be much older than the Mexican Revolution, going back to an anti-Moorish miitary tune and lyrics of the Reconquista period in Spain, fifteenth century. As a Revolutionary song, there were/are a lot of political lyrics, although it is not thought of as a political song now, is it?

      I’m a fan of Mexican Revolution of course. Too bad it was derailed and mostly undone by the U.S., Mexican elites and the Roman Catholic Church. The French Revolution was undone as well, soon after Waterloo, the Bourbons and the RCC came roaring back.

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