Tales From The Movement: James Fields, Jr.

Before we get to James Fields, Jr. crashing the Dodge Challenger into the crowd in Charlottesville, which was the coup de grâce to the Alt-Right which pretty much killed the organized movement, we should keep in mind the culture of the movement that we have already encountered.

As with nearly everyone else, I was introduced to James Fields, Jr. in the hours after the Unite the Right rally when I heard about the car crash and his arrest on Twitter. It wasn’t until years later during his criminal trials that we began to get some better insight into who he was and what he was doing in Charlottesville and what motivated him to be there. He wasn’t a face that I recognized. Unlike Gabe, he was also on point in terms of the preppy image, fashy haircut and “optics” that the Alt-Right desired to project that day. He blended in with all the guys who were around him. Nothing about Fields looked amiss.

I remember going through all the stages of cope while being in the dark.

  • It was an Antifa who crashed into the crowd
  • Heather Heyer was morbidly obese and died of a heart attack, not from getting hit by the car
  • Fields accelerated because Antifa were attacking his car
  • It was an accident and he got mixed up and in trouble due to his GPS

He later admitted under oath to everything.


“At his plea hearing on March 27, Fields admitted under oath that he drove into the crowd of counter-protestors because of the actual and perceived race, color, national origin, and religion of its members. He further admitted that his actions killed Heather Heyer, and that he intended to kill the other victims he struck and injured with his car in the crowd. 

Fields also admitted that, prior to Aug. 12, 2017, he used social media accounts to express and promote white supremacist views; to express support for the social and racial policies of Adolf Hitler and Nazi-era Germany, including the Holocaust; and to espouse violence against African Americans, Jewish people, and members of other racial, ethnic, and religious groups he perceived to be non-white. 

Fields further admitted that, on Aug. 12, 2017, he attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia. That morning, multiple groups and individuals espousing white-supremacist ideology also attended the rally. These rally participants, including Fields, engaged in chants promoting or expressing white supremacist and other racist and anti-Semitic views. 

Shortly before the scheduled start of the Unite the Right rally, law enforcement declared an “unlawful assembly” and required rally participants, including Fields, to disperse. Fields later returned to his vehicle and began to drive on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Fields drove his car onto Fourth Street, a narrow, downhill, one-way street in downtown Charlottesville.  At or around that same time, a racially and ethnically diverse crowd had gathered at the bottom of the hill, at the intersection of Fourth and Water Streets. Many of the individuals in the crowd were celebrating as they were chanting and carrying signs promoting equality and protesting against racial and other forms of discrimination. Fields slowly proceeded in his vehicle down Fourth Street toward the crowd. He then stopped and observed the crowd while idling in his vehicle. With no vehicle behind him, Fields then slowly reversed his vehicle toward the top of the hill and away from the crowd of counter-protestors. 

At or around that same time, the members of the crowd began to walk up the hill, populating the streets and sidewalks between the buildings on Fourth Street. Having reversed his car to a point at or near the top of the hill and the intersection of Fourth and Market Streets, Fields stopped again. Fields admitted that he then rapidly accelerated forward down Fourth Street in his vehicle, running through a stop sign and across a raised pedestrian mall, and drove directly into the crowd. Fields’s vehicle stopped only when it struck another stopped vehicle near the intersection of Fourth and Water Streets. Fields then rapidly reversed his car and fled the scene. As Fields drove into and through the crowd, Fields struck numerous individuals, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of people nearby. …”

Who was James Fields, Jr.?

He was a Neo-Nazi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

James Fields, Jr. knew who we were. We didn’t know who he was though. He was one of these people floating around behind anonymous pseudonyms who was obsessed with Hitler. He was someone who had a great time on his school field trip at Dachau. The idea behind Unite the Right was to unite everyone from conservatives to Neo-Nazis in the broadest rightwing coalition to come to Charlottesville to attend a protest over the Confederate statues and abuses of Jason Kessler’s civil rights.

I was sold enough on the idea of White unity and setting aside our differences for the greater good to think this was a good idea at the time. I suffered from a failure of imagination. I spent too much time thinking about how the movement could grow, gain momentum and break out of the box we were in, but not nearly enough thinking about the ways in which it could fail. I wasn’t thinking hard enough about people like James Fields, Jr., who aren’t socialized, who are detached from reality and living in a fantasy world in online ghettos, who had no IRL activist experience, who are essentially stroke victims when it comes to the morality center in their brains and how those people might make rash, spontaneous decisions.

It would never occur to me to deliberately drive my car into a crowd of people. I was there because I had always loved those monuments. In retrospect, I wasn’t advancing the cause of the Confederate monuments by being there with all of those people who I didn’t know. It all seems so obvious now. I didn’t know what was going on under the hood in the hearts and minds of a lot of these people.

I mean … Fields was J-woke. He understood race. That’s all that matters, right? Do you really need anything else to form a successful movement? Do you need Christcuck morality?

The lack of a moral GPS sent James Fields. Jr. to prison for like 500 years, sunk the movement and its organizations and made the Alt-Right brand toxic to normies. It was bound to happen. If Fields hadn’t wrecked that Dodge Challenger, someone else with the same issues would have done it eventually. He took out everyone in his blast radius.


  1. I was under the impression he plead guilty and signed on to those admissions to avoid the death penalty, I’m I wrong? The R.A.M. guys also plead guilty to avoid longer sentences and did at least two of the guys in the parking garage fight. I’m not saying the young man isn’t troubled I’m not in a place or qualified to make a decision on that.

    • I want to believe it.

      I don’t want to think it was so clear cut. I don’t know what was going through his mind though. The impact it had has made me a lot more skeptical of attending events with strangers

      • @Brad What’s the East Alabama Motor speedway like, have you ever been there? What’s the closest speedway to you where they run stocks and super modifides? There’s usually a wreck or two, that may or not be the drivers fault. Ever been to a demolition derby?

      • Well, this changes EVERYTHING about C’vile. If people were innocent, and it was the niggers, fags, and other detritus that were obviously in the wrong, I was willing die on that hill. Now, not so much…

        For if Fields and others were stupid ass patsies for Neo-nazi BS, they deserve everything they got: it wasn’t about monuments, and White Culture, and ‘our sacred dead’- their God-damned (literally) rhetoric was JUST as STOOPID as ANTIFA(g) Apostate Cucktianity, and BLM bolshie rhetoric… merely from the other side. [Rev. 2:8-9]

        And it was both unjust and disingenuous of the only internet folks writing about this (I’m thinking about that Chris guy who is now in prison; Trailer Trash Parrott and Heimbach, and you) to not be upfront, as you were far closer to the scene as any of us. Of course, HW, you didn’t know until now. But that you are willing to ‘come clean,’ is a mark of both sincerity and humility on your part.

        I was going to go to C’vile. I was within driving distance of it, back in the day. However, now I am glad I didn’t. It has given me five years to see how utterly useless both sides of this situation are, without Christ and an overt White Racial return to conciliar Christianity. Again, thank you.

        • Fields confessed last spring in that federal case. It very well could have been that he was afraid of getting the death penalty. I just don’t know. It created a lot of doubt in my mind that he admitted that was what happened

        • If you legit believe the MSM narrative about Charlottesville, you are part of the problem. (And it sounds like the writer of this piece is part of the problem.)

          James Fields did nothing wrong. He simply got into a car accident. The above “confession” is just some legal mumbo jumbo they force you to sign or get a harsher sentence.

  2. I followed this pretty closely and I think Fields was a victim of circumstance as much as anything. He was basically lost and ran across ANTIFA types who brandished guns and threatened him. He appeared to be lost. Too bad. He shouldn’t have even been there at all, hours after the gov’t shut down the rally.

    I note he was raised by a single mother. That partially explains how he got lost in a strange city. A father’s training and leadership in his life would have made a difference. His race and his people let him down as it has let down millions of young men struggling without much guidance.

    My father wasn’t perfect, but thank God I had a father. I’ve known lots of single mothers and boys raised by them and what an incredible advantage I had being raised by a father who was there every day. Just having him around taught me so much. I used to see it. Fatherless boys were less confident, less competent, less focused and sure of themselves than boys raised with fathers around. This is so sad.

    • I don’t think/know that he had the plan to run anyone down that day. I always figured he had a lot of socialization issues, poor guidance, (that no daddy thing), and impulse control issues, so when everyone encountered the feral mob and the rally was canceled, he just exploded in anger.
      A sad story of a lost boy, in any event.
      Heather Heyer died because she was morbidly obese, smoked 2 pks of cigs a day, and was broadsided by a car.
      If the car wasn’t the finishing move, the other 2 were gonna get her soon. No great loss.
      I think we all wanted to believe this could be a great unity of various factions, but yes, no one really took into account how many truly damaged people online were listening. You know you would never do what Fields did, I know I wouldn’t, but there are a lot of damaged people in the shadows that would.

        • You never hit the woman who died. The car in front of you may or may not have hit the woman who died.

          People have auto accidents every day, under less harsh & difficult conditions than you and Fields were faced with!

          I wonder if the court appointed lawyer ever talked to Fields insurance company or insurance man?

    • Great post about fatherless boys. It’s a deficit that a man can spend his entire life overcoming. That paragraph could be the seed of an entire book.

  3. One can’t take Fields’ ‘admitted under oath’ confession seriously

    – Fields was mentally troubled and on psychological medication whilst in custody and on trial
    – Fields was terrorised by the threat of lethal injection execution – whose victims sometimes take nearly an hour to slowly die. Fields was told that ‘confessing’ to everything they demanded, was the only way to avoid that death by injection.
    – Fields’ court-appointed ‘public defender’ was a classic working-for-gov betrayer with legal mafia ties, serving the establishment and making the ‘lethal injection’ extortion threat for them
    – It seems Fields indeed came under attack and deadly menace by antifa-type goons, which panicked his fragile mental state

    If Fields was black, he would have gotten off light due to being a mental case from a troubled childhood (tho before the 2010s, many blacks were jailed for life just as brutally as Fields)

    And remember Jewish Lizzie Grubman, who yelled ‘F-ck you white trash’, and rammed her Mercedes SUV into a crowd injuring 16 … it was only 38 days in jail as the sentence for the Jewess


    • This post touches on the crux of the matter, which is that Fields was made an example of for being white. If he were black, jewish, gay, etc, this would have been swept under the rug. The Jewish media routinely sweeps crimes of far greater magnitude under the rug.

      One area where Hunter is correct is that if not Fields, they would have found somebody. I could see in early 2017 that the IRL stuff was a powderkeg waiting to blow, so I stayed away.

  4. “He understood race. That’s all that matters, right? Do you really need anything else to form a successful movement? Do you need Christcuck morality?”

    1.) True. Standards matter, even more so when your movement is not in power. One of the reasons Der Movement has been an utter failure is because of not properly identifying and rejecting defectives.

    2.) No, Christian morality is not required to form successful political movements. Is it smart for White Nationalists to alienate Christians when 70% of Whites in this country are Christian? Probably not unless it has been definitively proven that White Nationalism is inherently incompatible with scripture. I think that’s still up for debate. I do have a Christian friend who is insistent that it is. He believes that using the state to potentially force the removal of non-Whites from a territory is unchristian.

    3.) James Fields’ vehicle was struck by two different people with improvised weapons prior to his acceleration after he initially slowed down as he approached the crowd. Was that footage ever used in his defense? Did he ever bring it up with this lawyer? Would it matter if he did? I have no idea.

    • It was nearly and exact copy of the 1939 Bund rally in NYC. Thugs, cops and politicians all set up to ruin a WHITE gathering.

    • Yep. Once they had him, he was the sacrificial goat. It was all planned. They’d attack someone, and then when something happened, they’d nab him.

      Which is why rallies and demonstrations are stupid.

      It gives the other side another chance to make us look bad.

  5. All these Neo-Nazi cults, passionate hate groups and people who revel in the obscurity of White identity has done the Jews a favor by constancy ruining the reputation of White racial solidarity, culture, and history as they project supremacist ideals and paint Whites as the evil overlords against all other races which inadvertently makes the Jews seem like the heroic “White” in the eyes of Nonwhites & empathized White liberals.

    White racialism, despite what these buffoons project, has been around for as long as Whites have been around. The Battle of Tours between the Franks and Moors, the Battle of Teutoburg Forest between the Germanic tribes and the mixed Roman army, The fight against the Huns by Eastern German tribes, & The normalcy of Whiter people in Medieval and ancient Europe all point to a subconscious racialism. In wasn’t until the 19th century that White racialism became a conscious idea that every White person knew but unfortunately that racialism was tied to racial supremacy which gave the impression that the only thing separating Whites and Nonwhites is inequality and oppression.

    But this isn’t the entire truth behind White radicalism, as White history has shown, and the reality is that White racialism was based on the very real idea that Whites are a biologically different race or, in other words, this race is built different, but such an idea has no evidence behind it until now because is scientific evidence behind White biological difference which is covered here.

    White biological differences are what forms the core of White identity, and White cultures, languages, morality and history are built on that core identity, not white supremacy, which these Neo-Nazis and far-right subcultures identify with.

    • Everything the jews accuse the Whites of doing they do themselves. Why is it OK for jews and blacks to have racial solidarity but not Whites?

        • Christianity is good for Jews…. the god of christianity is a jew claiming to be god with a so called second coming to rule over you with a rod of iron (communism)… wake up and distch that very ole psyop to our peoples destruction…

          “all of that toxicity and fake brotherhood” … same BS in the so called “moral” christian sphere who seek vicarious “salvation” for a mythic “heaven” (as described, seems to me they’d all be borg’s robot’s worshipping the Jew day in and day out as the sum total of their being!) which is immoral as it gives one the excuse to forgo any responsibility and duty to one’s own people…

          Revelation 4:8
          And each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around and within. Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty (the Jew man-god their Lord and God?), who was and is and is to come!”

          Jimbo Fisher
          AUGUST 5, 2022 AT 10:38 AM
          @AElf, that’s cool man well enjoy HELL because that’s where your headed.

          AElf Nation
          AUGUST 5, 2022 AT 12:36 PM
          your sending yourselves to a “hell”
          The Unconscious Christian Theology of Transhumanism https://limitedhangout.wtf/transhumanism/

      • John, because Jews and blacks are in power and we aren’t. If we were in power James Fields would be a free man. It’s not about optics and political beliefs. It’s about being in power or not.

    • Was he under duress ?
      Did he get toxic advice from the public defender, “if you confess to all charges it will make it easier when we appeal, showing that you cooperated with the court”?

      Again, he’s a young person and very naive to the real workings of a court.

      • That’s what I thought. But admitting it was intentional was exactly what they wanted. Sounds like his appointed defender was not for him at all.
        This was the quintessential “white man can never defend himself” thing.

  6. There seems to me a disproportionate number of leaders or ‘influencers’ in the Dissident Right that are young, inexperienced and immature men. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the many young White men who have aligned with the Dissident Right. We need them. At the same time, we also need older, mature, wise, and seasoned White men who can give our movement direction and inspiration. This appears to be sadly lacking among the Alt-Right and other White dissident movements.

    Perhaps this is because far too many of our older men are Boomers who have not yet taken the Red Pill on race, WW2, Hitler and JQ? Still, it seems to be me that our movement is missing the kind of men who are more well-rounded and stable.

    For instance, I had complained to Greg Johnson of ‘Counter Currents’ about a year ago regarding having ‘Millennial Woes’ (real name of Colin Robertson) on his channel after the guy reportedly engaged in some obscene act or behavior that drove him into hiding for a several months. There were allegations that he was bi-sexual and was attracted to “pretty boys,” had passed on to several others an STD he had contracted and made some disturbing public statements about not necessarily finding anything wrong about bestiality. Kyle Hunt at ‘Renegade Tribune’ published a pretty damning article about ‘Woes,’ and I hope the reader will investigate the matter for themselves. I don’t know with full certainty if the allegations are true, but there’s enough about ‘Woes’ that deeply concerns me.

    Of course, complaining to Greg Johnson who is apparently himself a homosexual about another guy’s perversion may seem like a waste of time (and it was), but I thought I would at least give it a shot. It did little good.

    Why are our so-called leaders or ‘influencers’ on the Dissident Right so often people like ‘Millennial Woes’? These kinds of guys can’t or won’t hold down a job (yes, I know some of them have been doxxed and de-platformed). Not married. No children. Little maturity. Little experience in life. Living in their mom’s basement, etc. It’s embarrassing to say the least.

    In the case ‘Woes,’ from what I’ve seen the man smokes incessantly. In my opinion, he often appears disheveled, poorly groomed, and unkempt. The guy shows up at an NPI conference he was invited to speak at wearing a purple T-shirt?! All of this smacks to me of immaturity and a poor self-awareness.

    • Just because someone has a website, a book, a radio show, a video channel, or a blog, doesn’t mean he’s a leader.
      There are people who cannot go public, because they’d lose their jobs. Some others are rich or have other circumstances or whatever.
      I don’t know why you’d call Johnson “a leader”.

    • There seems to me a disproportionate number of leaders or ‘influencers’ in the Dissident Right that are young, inexperienced and immature men.

      You left out white: they are young white men — there’s a reason so many young white men are so disaffected that they turned to radical, system-critical political activism.

      Many of them could be described as millennials — they see how rotten the system is, how they have been screwed, with little or no chance of (economically) achieving a lifestyle close to what their parents had, how the regime gives preference to non-whites who are dispossessing them, etc — all while at the same time telling these young white men about their ‘privilege’, and making them scapegoats because of their race for societal problems they have nothing to do with.

      It’s also not a coincidence that most of them seem to be from ‘flyover country’ — the Rust Belt.

      Millennials have almost no chance of being able to afford a house

      Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance

      They will likely be the first generation of Americans who are economically worse off than their parents — probably significantly worse off.

      So it is no surprise that some of them had the guts to turn to political activism — it is also no surprise that the regime that clearly hates them smeared and stigmatized them without even attempting to address the issues they raised.

      People who feel they have nothing to lose will be more willing to risk losing everything trying to make a change.

  7. This is just sad. That guy plead to avoid the death penalty, and you’re throwing him under the bus because you’re mad that you fell for a goofy media promotion and got flack for it online.

    Do better.

    • Do you think Fields is an isolated case? How many people have we seen over the years come out of that cracked nihilistic subculture do something like this?

    • @Vanilla I agree. He panicked when they were beating on his car, and screaming.
      He certainly did not deserve what he got, especially when negroes get away with intentional murders.

  8. He has ‘autistic’ written all over his face. They can be smart, but not always rational types. The fact remains, he sent the movement back years. Did he communicate with people in the real world? They could of schooled him on how to behave appropriately. The sad thing is this:- 99% of people likely did the right thing that day for the circumstances. There’s always that one person…..
    He deserves 500 years for the damage he caused the movement alone.

    • Something was broken there.

      That’s the impression that some people got who were in jail with him. He wasn’t a cold, remorseless ideologue like Dylann Roof. He panicked or just floored it on impulse. Either way, he did incalculable damage to us and had no business being there.

      • This misses the crux of the matter. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Alt-Right had done what BLM did in June 2020? We would have been bombed by F-16s and machine-gunned by the 82nd Airborne, no joke. It’s a classic double standard. Our task right now is to convince white men to refuse to support the empire. If we can accomplish that, its armies will get buck-broken overseas, its credibility and finance will collapse, and we can do our own version of Afghanistan in Sept 2021 here. If we do that, imagine how crowded the air route to New Zealand will get. Whew lads.

      • In addition to being far superior to the New Religion, Christianity is superior to the Alt Right and similar Evil be my Good ideologies.

        When Vox Day was pushing his 14 points of the movement, he and others did not comprehend the damage that had already been done by filling the minds of scared confused young men with violent and insane rhetoric (bombing people, gassing people, hanging people, shooting people, dropping people out of helicopters, burning people alive in ovens…).

        It was inevitable that one day one of these young men would act on that rhetoric and that would be the end of this incarnation of the movement.

        We’ve had three or four of these, Fields not even the worst.

      • The event was promoted by everyone: TRS, The Daily Stormer, if I had to guess you probably promoted it too. That was likely a lot of guys first event.

          • No one predicted it would end that way.

            The key point is *setup* – no one predicted that the authorities would throw it. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

            I had a negative/skeptical view pre-UTR because it seemed risky – especially w/ groups like the NSM involved.

            But afterwards (once the scale of the setup became clear) I took a positive view along the lines of Sam Francis’ final Amren speech:
            “And above all, I have found, whites do not want to think they will have to do anything out of the ordinary to protect themselves or their race or their civilization — to risk their reputations, their well-being, their money, their friends and social status, let alone their lives or physical safety — and as a result they grasp at any straw that is available to avoid confronting the realities of race that might imply that there is a serious problem.”

            The event was risky but maybe it’s necessary to take risks. Are there lessons – sure. Maybe it was premature – too ambitious. But lots of political movements have dress rehearsal stages where things don’t go as planned.

            The 5th anniversary is coming up. Why not focus on framing & messaging? Vindicate the sacrifice of the folks who turned up.

            “Jefferson & Lee – You will not replace them.”

      • @ Hunter I agree. I wondered why he drove his car where there were people. He sure wasn’t thinking. But he didn’t deserve what happened.

        • I was there.

          I didn’t run over anyone in the same situation. Neither did anyone else. Antifa attacked and threw shit at a bunch of vehicles. He wasn’t alone in that. Everyone else made it out.

          Why didn’t he just drive off after putting his car in reverse and backing up out of the alley? I could never explain that. That’s what I would have done.

          I don’t think he planned it. I think he just impulsively did it. He spontaneously drove into the crowd due a lack of self control. He didn’t think through the consequences for himself or anyone else. It was a snap decision

          • Why wasn’t the event policed? Why were antifa allowed to run riot after the State of Emergency was called? Why was a young man who attended a legally permitted rally in this position anyway?

            There is an issue of folks who aren’t in the best of shape personally/psychologically. This needs honest reflection. But it is a broad societal thing – left/right/whatever.

          • @Hunter
            You wrote in the article: “It would never occur to me to deliberately drive my car into a crowd of people.”

            Perhaps he drove in one direction, and then the crowd got in front, next to, or even behind his vehicle. I can’t see them all staying just in front of him.
            With a violent crowd, things could’ve changed in a minute.
            Maybe they picked a car with a lone person it it, as it would be easier to confuse, scare, and intimidate a lone driver.

  9. As usual Hunter sides with the enemy’s mainstream narrative at the expense of our side.

    Sure, this was Fields’ first event, and he shared the same memes the rest of us did. Hunter shared a meme about faggots killing themselves yesterday.

    Fields was railroaded, and no one will cover the full story. This is shameful.

    August 12, 2017: He walked his friends to their car first, after the unlawful assembly was declared. If he was such an undersocialized asshole, why would he do that? They were filmed on CCTV in a restaurant going to the bathroom after the event.

    When he got to his car, he called his mom and said he was coming home. He looked up GPS directions home. He followed those directions to be confronted by antifa commie Dwayne Dixon, who admitted in court to moving police road blocks illegally, blocking Fields’ route home. He then waved Fields at rifle-point into the street that the accident happened. Dwayne admitted this is a facebook post, and on video at a speech he gave at the University of North Carolina, where he teaches.

    Fields slowed down in front of antifa. If he was trying to kill them, why didn’t he floor it from the top of the hill? Why was his vehicle photographed with his brake lights lit up in front of the protesters?

    They spotted his white polo shirt, yelled death threats, attacked his car with clubs (earlier photos of his vehicle proved that there were no dents in his car prior to the antifa attack) antifa threw a frozen urine bottle into his windshield so hard it lodged itself in the window. He was under attack by a whole street of screaming antifa and BLM. When the bottle hit he ducked down and his glasses came off. At this point it was fight or flight, so he tried to flee. He didn’t know there was a van parked in front of him because the street was filled with people.

    After he left the street, he voluntarily pulled over by police. He was crying and distraught. He apologized, and asked if anyone was hurt. He did not resist arrest.

    He was then denied a change of venue, and given a former county prosecutor as his court appointed attorney. This lawyer was caught in an affair with a married man, she is trash as a person. In court, Fields was railroaded, and antifa, specifically Dwayne Dixon, though clearly guilty of breaking multiple laws (interfering with traffic, conspiracy to riot etc) was let off without charges.

    Fields had to take their deal (where he signed off on their bullshit narrative “admitting to everything”) to avoid the death penalty, which was the extent his whore lawyer would fight for him.

    Since 2017, we have seen over 50 car accident all over America exactly like this: antifa attacks, person flees, antifa gets run over. This is the same scenario, except in a deep blue stronghold, with a baizuo judge and a precedent they want to set.

    At least put some effort into understanding the details of this case before throwing this young man in with Kenny and Schoep!

    Fields is a literal martyr who did nothing wrong.

    • I’ve wanted to believe this.

      The problem for me is that he confessed to everything. He admitted it. You can say that he was under pressure, but I just don’t know at this point. He backed up the car and could have sped away. He didn’t. The best case you can make for him is that he fucked up

      • You’re trying very hard to make your “WN is a dumpster fire” argument – and yes, this is an easy case to make. But Fields is not even is the same league as the rest of these jokers you’re profiling. Though you’ve apparently updated your memories with the MSNBC version of events, it was not at all uncommon at the time for normal, right-leaning guys to share shocking memes that were meant (mostly) tongue-in-cheek. Just because someone shared the “Hitler dancing with glowsticks” meme doesn’t mean they’re building up their stocks of Zyklon B and constructing a gas chamber in their backyard.

        You don’t need to drag this kid through the dirt to make the case that “The Movement” is stupid and full of lumpenproles. He wasn’t even involved with “The Movement.” The fact that you’re doing this lowers my opinion of you.

          • If Fields ‘admitted doing it’ (doing what?), why was there a state murder trial? — why didn’t he just plead guilty?

            After his show trial conviction for murder in a Virginia state trial, he pled guilty to federal charges in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

          • I agree — this trashing of James Fields is absolutely despicable. The anti-Whites have convinced a certain segment of you that their false narratives are actually the truth.

            Well, you’ve convinced me of one thing, Mr. Wallace; this is all just a toxic waste of time.

      • The military has “isolated person” training for a reason. It’s incredibly difficult to resist cracking under pressure, and just saying anything to turn down the heat.

      • It wouldn’t be the first time a suspect or defendant made a false confession under pressure. IMO, the worst charge he should have faced was involuntary manslaughter.

  10. The man had his life destroyed in a fate worse than death and how his kin react?

    “James Fields, Jr. knew who we were. We didn’t know who he was though. He was one of these people floating around behind anonymous pseudonyms who was obsessed with Hitler”

    Don’t such people fully deserve that Jews on their backs?

  11. Luckily, the choice isn’t between being a mentally ill teenager or some goofy evangelical. I can just be a regular white guy who thinks the government, media, schools, and churches suck and want less immigration and decent jobs for Americans.

    • Why did your good and moral christian southerners, who you want to give more political power, start Iraq II together with the jews that killed millions of people and flooded my country with refugees? If you goona be on you high moral horse, and show no mercy, non should be shown to you and yours. Your people is weak and dumb and will just be led by the nose by the jews if they get any power again. Going after an innocent man like field…. very christian of you.

  12. I agree Brad, i can see your point and condemn people like Fields because, as you said, they have tarnished a noble cause by damaging the cause and the people who were advancing it. But we have to blame also the other side, i mean not only the presence of far-left activist but also the idea to remove historical monuments which was and is crazy. The woke craziness was the fire that lit the fuse of the James Fields bomb. The more the woke madness goes on, the more people lose their minds.

  13. He plead to the charges to avoid the death penalty. This was coercion, plain and simple, by the jewdicial system in the jewnited banks of america.

    There were complete and total idiots attracted by the alt right, but the underlying issues that were addressed have only become much worse.

    • Weird that they pushed it to homicide, when it was more like manslaughter.
      Also weird is that all of the pictures online show Heather Heyer looking very slim and attractive. You don’t see one of her being large.

  14. Why in creation would y’all want to turn over your personal and nation’s sovereignty over to some Jew claiming he’s god? I wouldn’t turn over my personal sovereignty to any entity claiming they created the universe… it’s pure bullshit!! It’s why we line in a Republic of Sovereign’s and not in some self professed “divine right of hereditary kingship bullshit either!

    Support, aid and comfort given to anyone claiming global monarchy is TREASON HERE IN THESE SEVERAL REPUBLICS OF AMERICA !!!

    See Article III sec 3 of both the constitution for the Confederacy and the US, bith under the Articles of Confederation… Christian monarchists are committing treason for the JEW Nation’s quest for global communist “messianic” monarchy… wake up Dixie!! I’m sorry but no fucking man is god to me as they all pull up their short’s or panties the same as I do every morning despite what they may claim…


    The Unconscious Christian Theology of Transhumanism https://limitedhangout.wtf/transhumanism/

  15. I don’t approve of everything Fields does/did. I know personally for me when the adrenaline (because of a life threatening situation) hits my system I would put the pedal to the metal if I was surrounded by godless Communists threatening to kill me. Might even be so pumped that I would probably weave from one side of the street to the other trying to take out as many as i could before they got me. But for his young age and under the influence of mind altering drugs prescribed by the system I would like to cut him some slack.

    I don’t think Fields was mentally stable to start with. Plus, he didn’t have much sleep coming into the event before he did what the corrupt police department in Charlottesville should have done — cleared the streets — and arrested Antifa/BLM/Commies/etc for not obeying the order to leave.

    Some law enforcement agency higher in authority than the city of Charlottesville should at this time (NOW) identify from video surveillance all those Leftists who were still on the streets protesting in Charlottesville disobeying the order to leave and charge them with crimes and fines and give them jail time since they were an accomplice in this “murder” that requires almost 500 years of jail time for punishment. The Unite the Right people DID try to leave even with Antifa/BLM/Commies/etc stalking and assaulting them on the way to their vehicles. Even Fields was trying to leave and the Commies couldn’t care less if they happen to block his or anyone else’s safe exit from the town. No one in the mainstream media even mentions this as if the Unite the Right people were escaping from some crime they had committed of actually exercising their right to protest and those on the Left were just doing their civic duty to chase after them to inflict vigilante justice on them. The whole system was/is against those on the Right. None of their freedoms and protections under the law matters to this very day. THAT IS WRONG AND EVIL!!! That has got to change. Secession will probably be the only way to fix liberal anti-White hellholes like Charlottesville forever.

    Here is the statement of the “RIGHTEOUS” VICTOR over Fields — some anarchist professor from UNC Chapel Hill who had no trouble walking around Charlottesville with an AR-15 waving it at Fields (or who knows how many others he may have threatened that day) before Fields became known to the entire world.

    Dwayne Dixon, a leader of the left-wing Redneck Revolt militia group, bragged to his class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that he “waved” a rifle at Charlottesville driver James Fields shortly before Fields crashed into a crowd of protesters. He speaks of Charlottesville as an actual physical battle between the Right and Left, yet the Right was only expecting to go to a park to give a few speeches and merely exercise their right to protest. Somehow the Left-wing media conveniently misses this.

    “It was actually the mobility, the improvisational power of the entire Left that won, effectively. Right? Even though Heather died,” said Dixon, a UNC cultural anthropology professor who also bragged about using a rifle to “chase off” Fields in a Facebook post.

    “So James Fields, driving his Charger, slow-rolled our western perimeters [so the Left had apparently conquered and set up military rule over portions of Charlottesville and someone on the Right had the gall to drive a car near/into their territory]. So that was Fourth Street. Several times. One time he paused right in front of me. And I waved him off with my rifle. At his last pass he accelerated a block away and he killed Heather,” Dixon said.

    Put Dwayne Dixon in jail and make James Fields the chief of police of Charlottesville and let him clean that Commie rats’ nest out.

    Here is the real truth about Charlottesville that challenges the Left’s usual pro-Commie, pro-woke, anti-White narrative for only $5.00 at the publisher’s website:


  16. Facts: immediately before Fields ran into the mob of scum illegally blocking the street, he was threatened by an AR-15-brandishing (((Cultural Marxist))) perfesser from NC; then, his car was bashed by a race traitor punk with a club (and it was caught on video – not that it was allowed to matter, any more than the video of nig Deaundre Harris hitting Ray Crews in the head with a flashlight mattered). He only slowly & haltingly approached the mob: if it had really been his intent to kill them, he’d have roared into them at high speed – like the fucking nigger who killed the White Christmas paraders in Waukesha.

    As for his posting of that run-over meme: many others have posted it or others like it in disgust at all the shitlib punk “protestors” who habitually pull that obstructive shit whenever some nigger thug gets rightfully killed by cops, or by a White defending himself. The (((law))) will use & twist anything & everything ever said or done by pro-White/anti-kikes caught in their lawfare bear trap to railroad them.

    For you to shit on hapless, helpless, totally jew-screwed Fields shows a flaw in YOUR morals & character.

    • He backed up the Dodge Challenger. There was nothing stopping him from exiting the alley the way that he entered it. He could have just backed up and drove home to Ohio.

      Why didn’t he do that? That’s why the jury found him guilty. You can disagree with their decision, but it is not unreasonable. There was nothing about the situation that would have necessarily caused a collision

      • Commie scum Dixon was at the other end with his AR-15.

        The whole god damned thing was a trap laid by the kikes & their whores from McAuliffe on down. THEY ALONE are the ones responsible for all of it, and they should be the ones spending 500 years rotting in prison.

        Still, you prefer to empty your bowels on their most hapless young victim.

        • James Fields was backing up his Dodge Challenger. He could have put his car in reverse, backed up into the street from which he entered and drove off. At this point, he wasn’t under attack by Dixon.

          Why didn’t he back up and drive off? He sat there. He thought about it. He made a decision which destroyed his life and brought down the Alt-Right by getting everyone sued into oblivion.

          No one else who was there would have made the same decision in the same circumstances. There were a lot of people there who had Antifa throw shit at their cars. There were people who had gotten into much more physical violence and been busted up. Hundreds of people parked in downtown Charlottesville and drove past that same violent mob including everyone in our group. Everyone else navigated around it

      • “He could have just backed up and drove home to Ohio.”

        I don’t think you are considering the panic of the moment, he was surrounded by a hostile mob beating on his car.
        A cool rational retrospective analysis of the situation is not the same as immediate panic.

        • The mob wasn’t beating his car until he drove forward past the stop sign. He was going in reverse. Then he stopped. Then he drove forward.

          Why didn’t he just back up and leave? Any normal person with no dog in fight would wonder why he didn’t just back up and leave the area

          • “He was going in reverse. Then he stopped. Then he drove forward.”

            I’m not familiar with the fine details of the situation, but I do know that anxiety, confusion and panic can create many poor decisions.

            IMHO, it was a witch trial.

      • He might have hit the gas, when he wanted to hit the brake. Happens ever week on the street, or on the track, to professional drivers.

  17. More anti-White liberals take all news…. Whites need not to resist… it is totally useless is their message…

    Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers to be sentenced Monday for federal hate crimes

    The three white men convicted of killing 25-year-old Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery because of his race are due back in the Brunswick federal courthouse on Monday for sentencing. GPB’s Benjamin Payne reports.

    (Travis McMichael, left, Greg McMichael and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, who were found guilty in the February 2020 slaying of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, face sentencing Monday, Aug. 8, 2022, on related federal hate crime convictions.)

    The three white men who murdered 25-year-old Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery in 2020 outside Brunswick are scheduled to be sentenced Monday for their federal hate crime convictions.

    Travis McMichael, his father Greg McMichael, and neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan are already serving life sentences, after they were found guilty in a separate state trial last year of murdering Arbery as he was running through the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Glynn County.

    The three men could each face an additional life sentence, after a federal jury in February found that they killed Arbery because of his race. They were also found guilty of attempting to kidnap Arbery. Additionally, the McMichaels were convicted on firearms charges.

    U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood will hand down their sentences in separate hearings at the Brunswick federal courthouse, beginning with Travis McMichael at 10 a.m., then Greg McMichael at 1 p.m., and Bryan at 3 p.m.

    Before the hate crimes trial began, Wood rejected plea deals that prosecutors offered to the McMichaels, which would have seen them serve time first in federal prison, which is generally seen as preferable to Georgia’s state prisons.

    Brunswick-based attorney Page Pate, who is not involved with the case but has practiced federal law for more than 25 years, told GPB News that the terms of those proposed plea deals were highly unusual.

    “I cannot think of a single time where I’ve even had discussions about having the person’s federal time basically take priority over state time, when there’s been a prior state conviction,” Pate said. “That almost never happens in federal court.”

    The court-appointed attorneys for the McMichaels have each filed motions asking Wood to sentence their clients to federal prison, in the interest of their safety.

    “[Travis McMichael’s] concern is that he will promptly be killed upon delivery to the state prison system for service of that sentence,” attorney Amy Lee Copeland wrote. “He has received numerous threats of death that are credible in light of all circumstances, and the [federal] government has a pending investigation into the Georgia [Department of Correction’s] ability to keep inmates safe in a system where murder rates have tripled.”

    Greg McMichael’s attorney, A.J. Balbo, also argued that his client’s “age and poor health demand a heightened level of care,” citing the 66-year-old’s heart disease and depression, among other ailments: “It is quite clear that access to medical professionals and care is historically greater on the federal level than the state; the Department of Justice’s ongoing investigation into Georgia prisons supports this contention.”

    Balbo’s motion also included a letter written by Greg McMichael’s wife, Leigh McMichael, asking for leniency: “This is not a man who would chase someone and kill that person because of the color of the person’s skin. Greg is a devoted and loving husband, Father and Grandfather. Greg loved his community and Country and served to protect both through his Military career and Law Enforcement career. Although Greg has dealt with some pretty evil people, He believes that most people are good no matter of race.”

    The McMichaels’ attorneys earlier filed motions for acquittal, which Wood denied in an order issued Thursday: “The McMichaels argue that there is insufficient evidence to support any of their convictions. They are wrong.”

    The motions for acquittal argued in part that the roads on which the men chased and killed Arbery were not public streets, which is a necessary element in the hate crimes statute that prosecutors charged the men under.

    Wood wrote in her order that “Glynn County may not have originally built the streets, or even accepted them when they were first offered, but the testimony and records regarding the use of county resources to maintain the streets provide ample evidence that Glynn County treats the streets of Satilla Shores as public — and, in fact, undertakes to keep them in working order.”

    In 2016, Wood gave a lecture on sentencing at her alma mater of the University of Georgia School of Law, in which she said, “More than any other area of law, sentencing holds up a mirror to society and shows us who we are.”


    Three white men being treated as if they had lynched a black man at a Klan rally when in reality they were just trying to protect their neighborhood. Sad, sad days in Dixie…

    Pray for the McMichaels & Bryan. May God set them free and turn the tables on those who are responsible for this miscarriage of justice.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  18. “The court-appointed attorneys”
    Yep, there’s the reason for their troubles.

    “Three white men being treated as if they had lynched a black man at a Klan rally when in reality they were just trying to protect their neighborhood”

    Sure, this is a message to all WHITE people, “don’t you dare touch a black, the Zog prosecutors will attack you like sharks on chum.”

  19. IIRC, DOJ has a conviction rate of about 96% and nearly all the defendants plea guilty instead of going to trial. Don’t they just put a statement in front of you and tell you to sign it?

    • They have many tricks and methods of intimidation.
      Unless a person has $100,000s to put down on retainers, they are sunk.

  20. James Fields is a victim of the system and it’s really infuriating that people like him are arrested for self-defense when things got bad at the rally meanwhile BLM is allowed to go ahead and commit murders on the regular. When will they be held accountable?

  21. Fuck you, Hunter. This young man, abandoned by f**got conservatives like you, took a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. You’re as bad as Fuentes. Go be a Christian Nationalist with your god Laura Loomer.

  22. In the end it does not matter if you can figure out what was in Mr. Fields’s mind, or what the complex and vitiated politicks were surrounding this tragick event.

    As licensed vehicle drivers we are all charged with not allowing our cars to go plowing into pedestrians.

    And that’s that…

      • @Pilot…

        I thank you for your reply.

        I have read more on Mr. Fields than I care to.

        I simplified it because the law, as we White Southerners understand it, is about what you choose to do, NOT so much why you whose to do it.

        It is the Left which advocates ‘understanding’ in lieu of law.

        I have driven umpteen zillion miles around this earth and I never broke the most elemental understanding of being a driver – plowing into pedestrians.

  23. Ahmaud Arbery actually charged Travis McMichael grabbed and tried to take away his shotgun leaving Travis no option but to shoot him. So the Left ignores the reality and says all three white men involved are guilty of murder and hate crimes. One of them was just blocking Arbery’s path trying to make him stop until the police arrived yet he may receive tomorrow a 2nd life sentence for his “crime”. So Arbery basically commits suicide by attacking a man with a shotgun who was not trying to kill him but just wanted to ask him questions until the police arrived.

    If James Fields had of driven much faster and rammed into the rear-end of the car he hit and it killed him and no one else died in the incident would the Commie Left Justice System charge all those Leftists blocking the streets with murder and hate crimes for his death. They were blocking Fields’ path just like Arbery’s path was being blocked. They were the ones not obeying orders. They were not leaving, not clearing the streets so people could make a safe exit from Charlottesville. In fact they were all extremely hostile to Fields and any other white conservative male as well and showing much more hostility than the McMichaels and Bryan had (which was practically none) towards Arbery and who knows what they would have done to Fields if they had of stopped him and dragged him out of his car. There are laws being put in place that protect drivers from prosecution who are surrounded by mobs and have to run over people to get away from them.

    Terry McAuliff, Michael Signer, top Leftist law enforcement officials involved, etc should all be put in jail with 500 year sentences. They gave the Left free reign, no restraint, and let them attack the Right. When one Unite-the-Right protester asked a law enforcement officer how they were going to get into the park when the park’s entrance was being blocked by Leftists the officer reportedly said, “Welcome to Charlottesville!” It was McAuliff’s, Signer’s, other law enforcement officials plans, decisions and actions that caused all the death and mayhem that happened at Charlottesville and this entire Commie/Leftist Yankee Empire regime is trying to put the blame for all their crimes on some young man whose brain has been subjected to mind alternating drugs prescribed by medical people in the past and who had probably no sleep the night before because he drove from Ohio to Charlottesville.

    This is your Yankee Empire!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  24. Brad, how can you do this hit piece on this poor guy Fields who got rail-roaded by a .gov who claims White people are terrorists?

    Are you and Heyden working hand and hand with the SPLC by denouncing this poor guys judgement and making White people look unhinged? What kind of offer did they arrange for you? Is it maybe dismissing the law suit case against you?

    You’re despicable for writing such trash and then backing it up with your ridiculous comments.

    Oh how you changed Brad and it isn’t for the good!

    • Let me get this straight.

      I’m a terrible person for pointing out that Fields confessed. I’m the one who is making White people look unhinged. It is people like me who make you look bad

      • Brad even with the covid scam you took the side of the MSM and the exterminators promoting nothing but a seasonal flu or cold with a 99.7% chance of survival. Since the scam you personally took their side and still do even with the faggot pox. I know 4 people who died from the vaxx and several others who are damaged because people like you promoted it like it was the end of the world.

        Like I said Brad, you’ve changed quite a bit and not for the good.

  25. Fields did not plan to ram his car into anyone. Moments before the event, he was using GPS to find a best route out of Virginia. He had just used GPS or some computer device or his phone to try to find a decent restaurant to grab a lunch. The video I saw was clear- he is moving slow down the street- as if to avoid people or cause them to merely jump out of the way so he could pass- until his car got wacked twice by Antifa. This is the moment he accelerated, the rest if history.

    • Of course, and somehow we’re supposed to be confused about Field’s guilt or innocense because after he was found guilty by an obvious kangaroo jew court, he decided to sign a statement of guilt in order to avoid the threatened death penalty, and we’re supposed to even entertain the idea that this crooked court, in that crooked state, has any sort of high moral ground. That he was charged with murder in the first place shows the malicious and feminine criminality of the Left.

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