Anglo-Saxon Gals Defeat Saxon German Gals in Euro Football Final

Yeah, American politics, popular culture, Brit and European politics, White brother wars in Ukraine and Crimea are very depressing. So how about a sports break?

England’s gals looking good and winning. Woke crowd says they are too White

A record 87,000 football/soccer fans at London’s Wembley stadium watched our very talented and good looking Anglo Saxon English gals defeat an equally talented and good looking Saxon German gals for the Euro 2022 cup.

Here are some highlights of the Anglo Saxon and Saxon final and the road to the final:

I’l admit that I’m as “sexist” as the other guy, probably more so. I only support women’s sports where the best players are better than I am now (late 50s) and better looking than I am if I wear a wig and dress in drag. I also don’t like pushy, feminist, LGBT dykes in blue hair like the American Olympic and World Cup soccer team captain that lost to some 13 year old boys. So, I was pleasantly surprise to follow this year’s Euro 2022 Women’s football/soccer championship and notice some excellent players that looked, well rather beautiful.

I wish they wore more flattering football uniforms than just the same uniforms the men wear. And there is a reason women’s beach volleyball and pole vaulting get the highest TV Olympic ratings – these girls are showing a lot of their god given curves.
It’s just reality that our best women are better looking and more athletic than Arab, Turkish, Pakistani, Black Sheboon, POC women and pretty much all the men in the world from OJ Simpson, Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy, all Arab sheiks, Ottoman Turk Sultans and of course pretty much every J Hollywood producer, agent, actor, Billy Joel, Howard Stern – they all “notice” the beauty of our women and go for our women over say…. nasty, ugly Je*ess women like Elena Kagan, Bella Abzug, Barbara Streisand, Ruth Bader Ginzberg etc.

The beauty of our people – especially our talented and beautiful women and children, that’s one of our people’s greatest gifts to the world, we ‘d be a fool not to promote the beauty and talent of our best gals.
These Anglo Saxon English Football champions and the 2nd place Saxon German football/soccer players – they did great and I for one don’t want them to cover up in Islamic burkas and ban them from some sports…

Of course that doesn’t mean I/we want to hear their opinions about politics, or much of anything else besides…

Kinder, KĂĽche, Kirche



  1. I am dubious about the promotion of women’s sports- it was a Leftist project from the start.- remember Title 9 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?- that’s where it got it’s start. Ever wonder why America never excels nowadays in Men’s gymnastics when they used to be world’s champions?- It was because all the men’s collegiate programs in gymnastics and many other non-revenue sports were dumped by many schools so scholarships could be shifted to women’ sports. The reason was that the feminists insisted on parity in number of scholarships-not parity in number of sports. American football takes up 85 scholarships in Division One college sports- much more than any other sport- and it is also the cash cow that finances all of the so-called non-revenue sports like tennis,golf, wrestling and the like- which includes all women’s sports. The result was that colleges started offering athletic scholarships in sports that girls didn’t even play in high schools in the South- like field hockey,for example. All of the lesbians on campus signed up- if you liked getting in a fleshpile with other girls, go out for the field hockey team and go to college free! Charles Cavagnaro,former athletic director of Memphis State University, said Title 9 should be renamed the Full employment Act for Lesbians, or “Spikes for Dikes”! Everyone tries to ignore the fact that Women’s sports in college is disproportionately peopled with lesbians, and putting your daughters in sports is going to expose her to aggressive lesbians who would like to recruit her into their lesbian lifestyle. – beware, parents!

  2. The best looking white women are more attractive than the best looking of all other races of women.
    These woke types who complain when a team is ‘too white’ never open their mouth’s when a team from China or Pakistan is too Chinese or Pakistani. Their hypocrisy just knocks me over.

    • They would be highly offended if you said a team is “too Chinese” or whatever. They are mindless scum.

  3. I forgot to add, needless to say, there are no women’s American football sports teams- What if they decided to have that?- come on out, girls – 85 scholarships to college plus free room and board there for the taking!

  4. You can tell the difference between Anglos and Saxons by torso and leg lengths. Anglos have longer torsos and shorter legs.

  5. Thanks Hunter for publishing this sports blog. Can you include an icon? The featured photo will work OK. How does one make the icon for a blog? Thanks Hunter.

  6. Even though they didn’t win, there was a rally for the German team at the airport in Frankfurt when they flew back in.

    Women’s soccer has a “reputation,” if you know what I mean. But there’s just something about national teams that’s different, that gives people the good kind of “girl next door” feeling.

    • Tikkun Olam is coming for You
      AUGUST 6, 2022 AT 4:38 PM
      The men’s teams are much darker, correct?”

      Yes, you are correct but forced efforts by anti White “Woke” powers that be to make Black/Arab national soccer/football heroes have generally failed.

      England hasn’t won a European Cup or World Cup since their all White English team won the World Cup in 1966.

      A racially integrated English team did make it to the finals this year in the Eurocup played before a home crowd in England, presided over by Woke British royals. It went to a shoot out against Italy and the Woke PC Powers that be made the final penalty kick English players be all Black in hopes of creating a Black National hero who finally brought a major international cup victory to England, the first since 1966. But it wasn’t to be.

      The Black English Football/Soccer players choked.

      Here’s the video of them choking.

      Lot’s of very high level White English and Italian football/soccer.

      • Sure it takes some work to break through the J media monopoly (ESPN, Time Warner Inc, CNN etc) to force us to worship Black College (in name only) Football (should have been called American Rugby) and NBA travel and dunk basketball. But with some effort and (my) guidance there are lots of White American and White British, White European athletes that are doing great.

        Once such champion is American steeple chase champion Emma Coburn – and she is a great beauty!

        • >… and she is a great beauty!

          There is a very healthy professional volleyball scene in Europe; many countries have a top league, as well as minor leagues, for both men and women, and the top leagues have TV contracts — similar to football (soccer), there are also international competitions for these club teams (e.g. the CEV Champions League) — there are a significant number of American women playing professional volleyball in Europe (link).

          From what I have seen, female volleyball players are, on average, the most attractive female athletes.

  7. Every school in the SEC has a woman’s soccer team with a full compliment of scholarships , but none have a men’s team, although the men’s game is the most popular sport in the world. Therefore parents, if you’re looking for a sports scholarship for your sons, forget soccer. The only thing that it will help is being a kicker in American football, and the powers that be make them walk on in football. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that most kickers are white- ya think?

    • >Every school in the SEC has a woman’s soccer team with a full compliment of scholarships

      Title IX is the reason — for many years now, schools have axed unprofitable male sports and replaced them with unprofitable female sports (not just soccer) in the name of ‘equity’ and in order to avoid lawsuits based on Title IX.

      Intercollegiate Athletics and Title IX

      During this time frame in which strides have been made in women’s athletics, men’s athletic programs have generally suffered. More than 400 men’s athletic teams have been eliminated as a result of Universities needing to become NCAA compliant. The sports worst hit have been low revenue Olympic sports such as wrestling, swimming and track and field. This is a disturbing trend that was never intended when Title IX was introduced.

      To comply with Title IX, my alma mater eliminated at least half a dozen men’s teams and replaced them with several women’s teams — e.g. there is no longer men’s wrestling, but now there is a women’s water polo team.

      • >Title IX

        The impact of Title IX is an underreported phenomenon — many Americans would be shocked:


        According to the 7th Cir., an Indiana community turned out more for boys basketball because their games were scheduled on weekends. For girls games, “the bleachers are nearly deserted.” Hence, civil rights law must fix by setting the schedule.

  8. End result- women’s sports are one of many weapons the Left uses to feminize men and masculinize women. Fewer sports for men = feminized men and more women athletes= masculinized women. It is also a happy hunting ground for lesbians looking to groom your daughters.. Why do we support this?

  9. Women’s soccer is best when played in the mud…and when they play dirty in the mud! Just my humble opinion.

    • Ha ha. I had one of my very few decent jobs as a credit and collections manager in downtown Chicago. We had a very handsome Jesuit trained Brazilian guy help out with … (mostly our female interns). He told me that the only way Brazilians would watch women’s football/soccer is if the women played in bikinis.


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