Tales From The Movement: Christian Activism

I don’t regret a single thing I ever personally did as an activist.

Every single event that I ever attended as a White Nationalist, a Southern Nationalist activist or an Alt-Right activist – I get tired of labels – was motivated by my sense of right and wrong. The vast majority of people who attended those events were good and solid people who felt the same way.

This is also true of Charlottesville. I went to the Unite the Right rally because I loved the statues and had always supported Confederate monuments. I believe it is the right thing to do to honor your ancestors. I could have sworn that I read that somewhere. I believed that Charlottesville was allowing anti-Whites to bully Jason Kessler and that his constitutional rights were being violated. I believe that we had the right to assemble in public to express our grievances. I still believe all of this.

The best people that I have ever known have been involved in “the movement.” Some of the worst people I have ever known too. There is also a difference between doing the right thing and doing the wise thing. It was right to go to Charlottesville to support the statues. It was unwise to hold the event in Lee Park in Charlottesville because of the corrupt local government and because of the bad actors who were there to cause mayhem and those who were there on our own side with bad intentions.

Looking back on my years as an activist, I always did the right thing, but not always the wise thing:

  • I supported our historic monuments
  • I opposed the Great Replacement
  • I supported secession
  • I supported free speech
  • I opposed refugee resettlement
  • I supported states’ rights
  • I opposed job destroying globalist trade agreements
  • I opposed gay marriage
  • I opposed black-on-White hate crimes
  • I opposed opioid and drug abuse
  • I opposed communists and Antifa
  • I opposed our enemies like the SPLC

This is my moral compass on display. I do what I think is just.

In retrospect, the remarkable thing about my activism is how mainstream it always was in those areas. Most people in Virginia were opposed to tearing down the Confederate monuments even after Charlottesville. Most people in Tennessee were opposed to the federal government dumping refugees into their area. Most people in Arkansas are still opposed to gay marriage.

In Shelbyville, we had went there because a Sudanese refugee had gunned down a bunch of White people who were worshipping in a church. It was a straight up black-on-White hate crime. The media buried the story. It was the right thing to do to be outraged and publicly oppose something like that. The event was also completely overshadowed by the internal culture of the movement. The message and reason for being there got lost in the sense that the Nazis from Charlottesville are in town to stir up trouble.

Here are some Christian Nationalist activist events that I have done over the years. I’m still proud of the fact that I protested gay marriage in Richmond in 2014.

We protested the SPLC over its support for gay marriage in 2014:

We protested gay marriage in Little Rock in Arkansas in 2014.

I remember that little rally because my son was three months old at the time. I look back at these events and I am filled with nothing but pride over my actions. Those events have aged well.

My beliefs and values haven’t moved an inch.

By far, the event that I look back on which feels me with the most pride was the last one that I attended in late 2018. Hurricane Michael had devastated Panama City, FL. I went down to Panama City with some League members and participated in the relief effort. Panama City was the textbook example of what we should have been doing all along instead of getting mixed up with the Alt-Right.

In Panama City, we just did the right thing. We helped out a distressed Southern community in the wake of an emergency. We were motivated by nothing but love of our neighbors, love of our own people, love of our fellow League members. We spent much of the day helping one of our own members recover from the storm damage. It wasn’t just a Christian effort either. I went down there with a pagan friend who was in the League. We stayed with a League member who is Christian Identity. It showed to me the promise of what could be done when Christian morality and love of your own people are aligned.

If people were doing that instead of arguing on the internet (focusing on what you have in common and how to reach and connect with outsiders), there is no telling where we would be today. Instead, we have people who loudly insist that you can’t be pro-White and a Christian even though most people who are pro-White and who oppose the Great Replacement are overwhelmingly Christians. Loving your neighbors isn’t a bad thing. It makes our people social and agreeable and inclined to help one another instead of preying on and turning on each other in emergency situations like when a hurricane strikes.

It is dumb to insist that White identity and Christianity are incompatible. It makes no sense to insist to the vast majority of people who are rightwing and sympathetic to nationalism that their moral beliefs are fundamentally incompatible with your cause. It is political retardation. I was resting at home after coming back from Panama City when I was once again rudely reminded of this type of retardation that is like a coiled strand of DNA that runs through the White Nationalist movement.

We will get to that tomorrow.


  1. Chrisitan activism is about upholding the Christian community while racial activism is about supporting the racial community. As far as I am concerned both kinds of activism seem diametrically opposed to each other because the White racial community is defined by the anatomical racial difference among all its members which in itself can have a morality built around it because of the ultimate threat of Black racial dominance of the racial purity and integrity of Whites everywhere. Morality is ultimately about what is beneficial for a group or an individual, so Whites now have two kinds of morality which is racial morality that is meant to keep their blood pure and religious morality which gives them a reinforced moral compass in the name of God.

    I personally think that racial morality is enough as the differences that set Whites apart from every other human, which is explained here, https://truthgiverofhumanity.blogspot.com/2022/05/What%20is%20the%20Human%20Race.html because this morality is what kept Whites together for so long from the Stone Age to their expansion into Europe & Western Asia to the conquest of the Germanic Tribes all over Europe while Christianity has something that was pushed on them which incorporated them into Christendom but I would say that the rise of Protestantism was a blessing for Whites as it isolated them from the rest of Europe which was composed of Gallo-Roman mixed population that either adhered to Orthodox Christianity or Catholicism so this new schism also helped reinforce racial separation. So, while Christianity may not be for racialists Protestantism might very well be.

    • Your thoughts are confused, which is typical for someone who does not have the Pnevma.
      To be Christian, is to be White. To be White, is to be Christian. This was the ‘given’ up until the early 1950’s- the reason for America to have been over 90% White, and close to that churched, prior to the 1960’s.

      Because the racial and the religious must be fused: or the entire concept of Incarnation (which is at the heart of Christianity) becomes meaningless… and then, like St. Paul says in another place, ‘We, of all people are most to be pitied.’

      Your dismissal of the ‘Gallo-Roman’ population or the Slavs, and thus, (supposedly) Catholicism and/or Orthodoxy, belies a very narrow definition of both what is a) European and b) White. It sounds very like the narrow-minded Nazi ideologues I constantly swat off me over at another social media platform. They hate my stance, and rightly so.

      My response to this fallacy is a long column I wrote and have reposted. I would ask that you read it.

      The only reason why ANY Evangelical can claim to be a Christian, is NOT because of their aberrant theology (which is all you wish to see, in your myopia- and blame them for that, either thinking IT is ‘Xtianity,’ or knowing that it is Xtianity- but it isn’t) but rather, they are Christians, because they are OF THE RACE OF ADAM. As such, they are covenantally OF THE RACE OF CHRIST, and are fellow-heirs with Christ, etc.

      Their aberrant theology does not save them, their Covenant does. Oh, yes- the vast majority of those Whites DO obey the law of God (one would hope) do so out of love of God; but it is not the sect or cult they belong to, but WHO THEY ARE… JUST AS ST. PAUL SAID.

      “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” [Gal.3:29]

      The fallacy of most Protestants is believing that the accusations St. Paul leveled against the Edomitic [sic] ‘Jews’ in the first century, were a blanket condemnation of those [i.e., the (sic) ‘Jews’ that all the biblical authors disparage] who sought to justify themselves via their race, ALONE ( which, coincidentally, is the only real ‘sola’ in the Bible!).

      There are truly only three possible ways of looking at this… f you TRULY want to talk about Christians.
      1) Grace (alone) – anyone of any race can become an ‘Xtian’ – but the word ‘alone’ is NOT IN THE MSS. Luther added it, and thus brought down the divine curse for ‘adding to the word of God’ on himself.

      [And the lives of non-whites rarely if ever, come up to the level of White sanctity, whether catholic or protestant… but usually the saints of the pre-schism Church, it what I am referring to.
      “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”]

      2) Race (alone) -this is the position of people like Lindstedt, the neo-Nazis, and the pagan IDIOTS. They think their blood will save them. Puh-leez. Neither of these premises make sense. The second position can literally mean ANYONE, even [hypothetically] Cain, can claim ‘godlike status.’ But then, we’re back to the reality that righteousness comes only from obedience. The first premise falsely means any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ can SAY they are in God’s Family, and from that, you get the ‘N-word is my brother’- i.e., racial and covenantal heresy. But, as Christians are wont to say, “What saith the Scripture?” It’s pretty clear.

      3) Graced Race – This is the only possible biblical, and historically verifiable position. God calls ONE FAMILY out of all the earth, out of all the ‘sons of men.’ And clearly, ADAM is the only REAL ‘MAN’ according to God’s definition, witnessed to in the Bible, and all Western Cultures- and no, he is not the prototype for al hominids. Adamity was specially created after the other races, thus his sudden appearance on the anthropological scene @6000 years ago- Oh, and why Cain could already find a ‘wife’ after expulsion from the Garden, when there supposedly were only three people on the planet! It also explains why God’s People were hated so, by everyone. We embody Divinity- what the Orthodox call ‘theosis.’ One look at the foundations of ‘cancel culture’ and ‘anti-White rhetoric’ explains that fact… in spades. It’s also witnessed to in Jewish APocryphal writings. Noah was like us, and it scared the people of his day! “Jewish Apocryphal legend represents Noah at his birth as having a body white like snow, hair white as wool, and eyes like sunbeams.” [BLOND hair in full sun appears as white, and the sunbeams come from a sky of BLUE.] “Lamech, frightened at this sight, went to consult Methuselah, telling him that his grandchild resembled an angel more than a child.” – http://jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/11571-noah This is the same corroboration of Pope Gregory on seeing indigenous Britons: “Non sed angeli, sed anglii.”

      So, moving on- we get Adam’s seed and David’s line, culminating in the ‘fair, ruddy’ able to blush’ race of ADAM, and in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. (Which is why Christ is not genetically a swarthy, ugly, hook-nosed [sic] Jew, but ‘the fairest among ten thousand.’ AND, we also know from Scriptures that both He (and God the Father) gives these [sic] ‘Chosen People’ in the O.T., the choice to ‘serve Him this day’ [Josh. 24:15] – or not! As God continues to give HIS New Covenant PEOPLE, the Church, [Matt. 1:21] this option.

      So, dealing with the Church as the [only] Body of Christ. Christendom is White Europe.; this, too, is historical fact. And, over the millennia, since she took over the moniker ‘Chosen People,’ in her (the Church’s/Christendom’s) bosom are ‘wheat and tares,’ just as it always has been: and from WITHIN THE CHURCH there is a ‘race of God’s People:’ and from them- and only from them- does the Elect in the Church, come- just like the O.T. records of the People of God- they weren’t all ‘saved,’ you know.

      But the modern-day Jews, the Moslems, Asians, Mexicans, etc., and the N-words? NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION by YHWH God. Doubt me? The ONLY TWO PEOPLE GROUPS talked about in the New Covenant were non-Edomitic Jews, and Hellenes (Greeks). i.e., Europeans. [cf. Rom. 1:16-17]
      Prior to the Reformation, that ‘Christendom’ meant EUROPE… we all know this, for goodness’ sake!

      This is true, just as IT WAS in the O.T. – There were godly Hebrews, and UNGODLY Hebrews- AND THE FIRST CHOSE LIFE, AND THE SECOND GROUP, CHOSE DEATH. But all the other peoples WERE NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR GOD’S FAVOR, save those very few whom HE used for His sovereign purpose (Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.- even Pharaoh was used by God).
      Yet still, it was ONLY THE SONS OF EBER who were the ‘apple of God’s eye’! NO ‘GOYIM’ were ever considered as a ‘son of the covenant.’

      IN THE SAME MANNER, the Jews (Khazars/Edomites/Pharisees) NEVER WERE PART OF THAT 12-TRIBED Family- witness the forced conversion to (by then, post-Babylonian Captivity) Talmudism in 150 B.C. of the cursed Edomites, under Hyrcanus. This is history, verifiable in the Apocrypha, Josephus, pagan records, etc.

      THIS FINAL SOLUTION by the Jews- this non-biblical ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT GOD’S ELECTION, led to the ‘bowl of wrath’ of the [sic] ‘Jews’ being filled to the brim- precisely because of their religious AND racial syncretism, prior to Christ’s coming. In short, their evil was the proximate cause for Christ, the Son of God, to incarnate on Earth, for crying out loud- to save the Chosen Race, Holy People, Royal Priesthood from MISCEGENATING THEMSELVES OUT OF EXISTENCE!

      • @Fr. John.

        Greetings. What about John 3:16? I’m not as versed in scripture as you are, but I got the impression that the Father’s plan to save all His creations from Hell was hidden from the Son before His resurrection.

        And doesn’t Revelations say that Christ the King will rule over all the people who will be separated into their own nations much the way the Father dispersed all the people and then separated the continent’s during Peleg’s time?

        So wouldn’t that mean that African believers would be governed by Him and worship Him in Africa just as the Asians would in Asia?

        Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Winning often requires combining two weak things into something stronger: christianity, white nationalism.

    You would be challenged to find a fiercer critic of christianity than myself, but the New Religion is the far greater threat. Most of the critique against christianity is how it weakens people, if a version of it makes people stronger, all the better.

    There’s only one catch: it cannot deliver victory (there are just too many people who will never accept it on truth grounds); that does not mean it cannot and should not move the ball down the field.

    I cheer you on and hope for Secession from the Left 2025

  3. ” It was unwise to hold the event in Lee Park in Charlottesville because of the corrupt local government ”

    Just like the German Bund holding its rally in jwzish controlled NYC. It was the death knell for the Bund.

    • @Arrian,

      I never could understand why they held meeting in NYC at all. Chicago or Milwaukee with their large German and Central European populations at the time made more sense, but hindsight is 20/20.

    • “The vast majority of people who attended those events were good people who felt the same way.”

      So why not vindicate them. It’s the UTR 5th anniversary.

      You have a talent for polemic. Create a message & narrative that people can rally behind. Capture the consensus good sense of why you were there & what happened. The purpose & meaning. Rally the troops.

      Wisdom is necessary but the driving force of history is:

      The people who turned up at UTR had thumos, courage & honor. They should be vindicated.

      The key point should be that no one predicted the authorities would throw the event. The blame should be placed on the authorities – not any of the rally participants. Diplomatically step over (Bowden style) the lessons to be learned.

    • “Worship a jew to save yourselves from us goys” – Nice try, BENYAMIN.

      Are you a Jew? A plant? Someone to turn white men’s hearts from their Adamic savior?
      Of which you can NEVER be a racial member?

      OR are you merely a bastard, who thinks he has an intellect, and is in reality in bondage and darkness.
      Slither back to your hole, in either event.

      • I don’t get the people who worship the Jews’ God and their bible, but turn around and call others J’s.
        As this religious thing grows stronger, more and more of the cult mentality comes out.

  4. The fact that you have no regrets means two things: first that you’re serious and consistent and second it honours you.

  5. There’s nothing wrong protesting and fighting for what you believe in, especially when it’s morally and ethically right.

  6. Very good post.

    The global empire might allow some “Christian nationalist” activism to partially re-moralize the homeland population, to get the homeland population on a war footing – prepared to accept the sacrifices of a real hot war, when their “national debt” is finally being settled by their complete impoverishment.

    Meanwhile in Nudelman Land (Khazarkraine), the ANTI-Christian, Neo-“Nazi” nationalism (rife with homosexuality and drug use) seems to hold sway, Orthodoxy is persecuted, and under U.S. orders, same-sex “marriage” may soon be legalized, if it’s the last thing the puppet Zelensky regime ever does:


    “In the Ukraine, under pressure from its Transatlantic and Western European sponsors, it is proposed to introduce this same-sex ‘marriage’. Here is the price that Ukrainians have to pay for the billions of dollars of suicidal arms it receives to promote ‘Western values’. Usually if you sell something, you receive something in return. But if you sell your soul to satan, you not only receive nothing in return, but you even have to pay for the sale. Spiritual fall always precedes the fall of the State. In the Ukraine many have noticed the satanic tattoos and pentagrams on the bodies of the Neo-Nazi thugs who formed the elite of the Kiev regime armed forces and many have seen videos showing their satanic rituals”: https://thesaker.is/the-decline-and-fall-of-the-western-empire/

    • @Methyr…

      “Meanwhile in Nudelman Land (Khazarkraine), the ANTI-Christian, Neo-“Nazi” nationalism (rife with homosexuality and drug use) seems to hold sway, Orthodoxy is persecuted, and under U.S. orders, same-sex “marriage” may soon be legalized, if it’s the last thing the puppet Zelensky regime ever does: ‘

      Yes, the Ukraine is currently ‘Nudelmanland’.

      It won’t remain that way for long, as it will soon be back under the Russian-Orthodox patriarchate, and that means you can kiss the LGBTQ goodbye in the Ukraine, the vast populace of which does not support that anyway.

      As to all the Galician Volhynian Nazis, that are the bulwark of the Nudelman government, I think they will soon be a part of Poland.

      Poland, if you haven’t noticed, has gotten tired of being used as a Blinken pin cushion and has quietly been reconciling with Russia.

      Fur it’s part, Russia does not want the Galicians and Volhynians, but Poland sure does.

      Poland is literally frothing at the mouth to get back what it regards as ‘it’s’ Lviv.

      Russia will give those lands to Poland, and let Poland wrestle with a resurgent Banderism..

  7. My thoughts as a Yankee who loves the South but am suffering no illusions about the Will to Power and relentless ability to subvert and work around the cultural norms by the Never Forgive, Never Forget, Never Learn people who spent thousands of years honing these skills as Steve Sailer put it, trying to “outlawyer God.”

    One would think the forced desegregation of Little Rock would have been the wake up call Southerners needed to preserve their history and culture by figuring out the true intent of the Enemy and forming their own collective to outlawyer them.

    There was no excuse for Charlottesville if the lessons of Little Rock had been heeded. The desegregation protesters could be forgiven for putting themselves in a position to be internationally humiliated. Their leadership knew at least 2-3 years prior that SCOTUS would rule against them and could have collectively worked with Little Rock Whites to non-violently subvert SCOTUS by quietly helping the churches open their own schools to White children.

    Imagine the media showing up to record little Black children on yellow buses turning into streets empty of White protectors and sanctimonious federal marshals escorting them into empty schools. No fuss, no muss, no bother. No little Black boys sitting next to little White girls. Because even then, there was separation of church and state.

    There was already a perfect constitutional way for Little Rock Whites to give the Northern Yankee Bolsheviks the double barreled family friendly finger by collectively segregating their children to private, parochial schools that would never have prayer taken out of them.

    Fast forward to Charlottesville. Like it or not, Dylann Roof shot a church full of Blacks on June 17, 2015. UTR went haywire August of 2017. The backlash to Dylann Roof was inevitable as was the removal of all public Confederate symbols.

    However, the destruction of these monuments and symbols was not inevitable IF Southern heritage preservationists and sympathizers had collectively worked to construct gated museums to house these artifacts guarded by armed private security and caneras. Visitors would have to pay good money to take a tour.

    Like it or not Whites are under the occupation of a hostile elite composed by a race of aliens with an atavistic hatred of them. It is one thing to say they control all the chokeholds, it is another thing to believe it and find your own work arounds.

    You have to take the black pill and take on the subversive mindset of the Enemy by getting better at outlawyering him with negative liberties imposed on the State apparatus and being prepared to sue the shit out of him for selective enforcement or no enforcement of the law. Bury him, his bank accounts, and all his property under liens. Do that to public officials and private billionaires. Yes, you CAN sue Soros and Bloomberg and you can do it pro se.

    Instead of defining marriage, you restrict any state entity from defining marriage or forcing any private church or institution of bakery from accepting or promoting its definition of marriage.

    Instead of outlawing abortion, keep the state from imposing taxpayer funded abortions. You have a right to refuse to fund activity you find immoral or objectionable. You have a right to ban trannies from reading stories to little kids in libraries; your taxes pay for them.

    You have nothing to lose by being a litigious pain in the ass. And you can do it from the comfort of an air conditioned or centrally heated law library. No need to be “Fa” rumbling with Antifa in the streets.

    Whites need to stop worrying about what is “de jure” and collectively work on imposing what is “de facto” whether our hostile elite likes it or not. Like our great grandparents ignored prohibition until the embarrassed rulers had to overturn it.

    • “churches open their own schools to White children.”

      Churches aren’t that loyal.
      Besides, they are there to virtue signal and being loyal to WHITES would contradict their pretense of universal love.

  8. After the break (~2:12:00) on FTN 508, Jazzhands and Warren give a well thought out dissection of what is calling itself Christian Nationalism at the moment compared with Gerald L.K. Smith’s pro-White and anti-jewish Christian Nationalism of the 1930s-1950s.


    Spoiler alert: George Lincoln Rockwell wanted to join forces with Smith’s CN, but Smith cucked. Kind of ironic, especially since it was Smith who recommended reading Mein Kampf to Rockwell years before.

  9. “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”
    — Epicurus

    • @November…

      I really love that you quote Epicurus.

      What a genius he was!

      That said, he thought all humans are sub-atomic particles.

      In all his brilliant conjectures he never fathomed the eternal nature of the soul or the loving nature of God that has created many many realms, and which allows the choice to do evil to be a part of many of them.

      If we could do no evil, we would not have choice, and if we have no choice, then our existences would be a mockery.

      God is better than that.

      He leaves the choices up to you.

      If you make a terrible mistake, that affeckts others he will make it right, for them and for you, in the other realms that your soul will eventually occupy.

      There is no perfect justice here, because he is about the gift of choice and consequences that arises from a loving architect.

  10. “Looking back on my years as an activist, I always did the right thing, but not always the wise thing:”


    You were right.

    As to wise, or the lack of it – nobody gets every battle right.

    Even the world’s greatest pitchers throw clunkers in their career, and more than a few of them at that.

    You have repeatedly put your life and liberty on the line to defend our people and our way of life.

    Anyone, including yourself, who wishes to criticize that is very suspect in my eye – VERY.

    • “Looking back on my years as an activist, I always did the right thing, but not always the wise thing:”

      How could you, not knowing the malevolent forces against you and lazy indifference of your own race ?

  11. You should have known better than to gather with Nazis. That is one regret you should have. Nazis are trash, all of them, the half that are homosexuals and the other half that are feds.

    The night before Unite The Right I parked my semi at a hotel near Charlottesville, thinking I might go in there the next day. All I knew was that Spencer had been with Buchanan at The American Conservative, so probably it was all good.

    But prudence requires some effort, so I fired up the laptop and did a deep dive. I found scores of antifa websites from all over the country, all saying the same thing, they were going to C’ville to kill Nazis. This was not going to be peaceful.

    But who were these Nazis? I’ve been dealing with antifa 40 years and I know they are approved by the feds and they would be assisted by the cops at the rally. And they call everyone that is not Red a Nazi.

    But who were these Nazis? That was the first time I heard of The Daily Stormer, which was promoting this protest. So I went there, and indeed found an outright open Nazi website. Looking around I found some other Nazis, promoting the rally.

    I had seen enough. No way was I going in there. I got a load picking up in Richmond and got as far away from C’ville as possible. I do not associate with Nazi filth. And honestly, I really don’t care about the idols.

      • Mike Peinovich is no longer married to a jewess, and has not been for many years, but Virginian Jared Taylor is so philosemitic that he is married to a jewess that professes her non-jewishness to the SPLC. At least, Peinovich learned from his mistake.

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