Poll Watch: Christian Nationalists Are 29% of Americans

I’m guessing these numbers are a bit dated.

The movement appears to have grown in recent years.


“Christian Nationalism is the idea that America is defined by Christianity. This idea has been around as long as America itself, but until the mid-20th century, many evangelicals saw themselves as being above, or at least separate to, mainstream society. The desire to penetrate politics has steadily picked up pace since the Fifties, with the dial being firmly turned in the Reagan-era and again since the 2008 financial crisis and election of Barack Obama.

Proponents of this ideology — the 29% of Americans who believe that “the federal government should declare the United States a Christian nation” — aren’t seeking a Taliban-style theocracy. Rather, they propose using traditionally American means, from their own stockpiles of arms to a rigged Supreme Court, to impose a muscular set of values on Americans that are equally informed by culture and faith. …”

Marge is speaking to a very large audience.

None of these people see themselves represented in the mainstream media.

Google Books:

“So how do we measure Christian nationalism and Christian nationalists in our data? Definitions matter a great deal. Consider how narrowly or broadly we could define a “Christian nationalist” depending on the measures we use. Data from the 2017 Baylor Religion Survey (BRS) shows that 29 percent of Americans agree that “the federal government should declare the United States a Christian nation.” Even more Americans, 46 percent, agree that “the federal government should advocate Christian values.” Depending on the question we use, then, we could estimate that a quarter to a half of Americans to some extent agree that the United States is a Christian nation and the government should recognize this either formally or informally. In addition, in the same survey 42 percent of Americans agreed that “the success of the United States is a part of God’s plan.” Using slightly older data from 2013, almost two-thirds of Americans either mostly or completely agreed with the statement, “God has granted America a special role in human history.” At the very least we could conclude that a sizeable proportion of Americans embrace the idea of a special relationship between God and the United States. Yet the picture of what Christian nationalism is, and who Christian nationalists are, is rather fuzzy.”

How many people in the Republican base do you suppose agree with this?


  1. We were a Christian nation built on Nationalism, as least that was the idea until it was subverted by jews over time. Now we are a diverse 3rd world shithole trying to regain our culture and religion.

    • All of this boils down to individualism caused by diversity which creates a lack of a unifying identity and genetic blackening.

      In fact diversity is nonwhite countries like Nepal & Malaysia isn’t destructive to their
      Social integrity because there is racial homogeny there in the form of mixed variations. Diversity is however destructive for White because Whites are anatomically different from nonwhites as proven here.

      So diversity is really a campaign of Nonehite racial dominance and victory over Whites who had dated challenge their genetic dominance over them and the former colonies which Whites settled in

      • When Whites colonize or take over nonWhites countries, they make it better for the nonWhite population such as S. Africa and Rhodesia. Those are just two examples.

        When nonWhites invade majority White counties, they destroy what Whites have built, not only the culture but the infrastructure as well. We have seen that with BLM burning down buildings that Whites built. There a big difference between how Whites make better nonWhite countries and what nonWhites do to White countries.

    • Muh Christianity didn’t keep us out of multiple ‘Brother Wars’ against other Christians.

      I’m sure Christians will have some cope, such as, “It was Satan’s doings,” or “We wuz the real Christians, and they were practicing apostasy.”

      • This issue arises from any Empire, as conflict is inevitable in that context. The religion just rationalizes it. Athiests in Russia and China have been no more peaceful than was say the Holy Roman or Austro-Hungarian empire, both ostensibly Christian.

        Your point is that Whites still end up killing Whites, and thats true. To that I answer, So What?

        There are lots of Whites I hate and would fight. Mostly those that would force me to do anything. Because I don’t wanna.

        This leads to the solution, which is decentralized and localized government of White states, by christian leaders. Give people the leash and let them make what they will of it. Empire is gay.

  2. There is an allegation that Reagan was a homo

    Excerpted from James Kirchick new book——–

    Best began calling him frantically to report that “homosexual people were very close to Reagan’s campaign leadership,” that they were “running” Reagan’s campaign, and that “the situation is absolutely out of control.” It was not until a boozy lunch with a man claiming to have been a “long time Reagan associate,” however, that Best found what he believed to be the “smoking gun” proving that Reagan was controlled by homosexuals. “Bill, you don’t understand the problem,” the man told Best. “I once engaged in a homosexual act with Reagan.”


    things to consider about Reagan—-

    1—-Good friends with Rock Hudson, Hudson was Irish on his mothers side.
    2—-Hollywood actor
    3—-Ranch in the Greater Palm Springs Area—-estimated LGBTQ community 50% of the population
    4—-Terry Dolan Reagan’s right hand man was a closeted Irish homosexual


    Look at all those mustaches in that photo. In the 1980 all the homos had them.

    We got played folks.

    • So Ronnie the Ray Gun was the gay moustache? Damn, here I thought it was Michael Medved all this time.

      • @Exalted Cyclops—-the Irish are for themselves. So if there are many many Irish queers, the Irish are for gay rights. If there are many many Irish men who want to marry other men the Irish are for gay marriage. If there are many many Irish who want to shag children the Irish are for legalizing that. And if you believe they are on your side, because you are white and they are white, you need to have your head examined.

  3. “The federal government should declare the United States a Christian nation.”
    “God has granted America a special role in human history.”

    There is a perception that the USA was founded as a Christian nation. It’s not true. While the average, good, patriotic citizen at the founding was a firm believing Christian, some (most?) of the elite who founded the nation were, at best, deists if not atheists, well rooted in the Enlightenment. The other NRA – the National Reform Association – tried for decades to get an amendment passed that would acknowledge that civil authority comes from God and that Jesus Christ is the Ruler of nations. This is similar to the RC concept of the Social Kingship of Christ although the NRA was strictly a Protestant organization. Unfortunately, the NRA eventually aligned itself with the temperance movement.

    In 1796, when John Adams was President, a treaty was signed with the Muslim city of Tripoli that stated in one of its articles:
    “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan) nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

    I recall reading some time back that a similar issue arose with the Confederacy. There was a group that also wanted the Confederacy to be organized as a Christian nation and it too failed. Some supposedly even blamed this failure to dedicate the nation to Christ as the cause of its defeat. I don’t have the reference and would have to do a lot of digging. Perhaps someone here more familiar with the Confederacy’s history has the info.

  4. History does not roll backwards. History is processional. It goes forward, relentlessly. There is no magic button to push that will MAGA. In the South we still have a good core of white Christians. Outside the Southland, not so much. Make the Confederacy Great Again. MCGA.

  5. Christian Nationalists,

    I bring you glad tidings that Laura Loomer has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior.

    Christian Nationalist supersoldier Lauren Witzke broke the news that y’all have a new fellow Christian Nationalist to MAGA with.

    Hallelujah, and pass the lox and bagel because we are SAVED.

  6. Whatever happened to “based” negro Christian Nationalist Jesse Lee Peterson?

    Last that I heard he was using his penis to proselytize homeless and wayward Christians back to Jesus.

  7. “Some supposedly even blamed this failure to dedicate the [Confederacy] to Christ as the cause of its defeat. … Perhaps someone here more familiar with the Confederacy’s history has the info.”

    Haven’t encountered exactly what you mention but have found at
    something similar:

    “White churchmen who believed that they were engaged in a holy war sometimes feared that Virginians might not be righteous enough to succeed. By July 1864, Southampton County resident Daniel W. Cobb had become convinced that God was using Northern armies to punish white Southerners for their accumulation of “a vast amount of worldly Good[s]” without rendering sufficient thanks to God. Clerics tried to address this fatalistic turn of white Southern religiosity by arguing that God chastened his chosen people—and that suffering was thereby a sign of white Southerners’ special relationship with God, not of their pending defeat. In a widely published sermon in January 1865, Episcopalian Charles Minnigerode preached that ‘[t]he might and power which our enemies bring against us, are not the might and power of God’s spirit, we may be sure—except so far as they are permitted to chasten us for our sins and train us for the hardships of a godly warfare.'”

    The National Reform Association that you mention was an organization of churches—Northern churches, I think, though that’s not entirely clear to me. It was established in 1864, no less, and seems to have associated Christianity with the Union cause. See https://www.google.com/books/edition/Religion_and_the_American_Civil_War/EnXs7IIES4wC?hl=en&gbpv=1&bsq=National%20Reform%20Association

    Note well from the passage I just now linked:

    “During the war, ‘In God We Trust’ was first engraved on coins, and the Protestant religious feast of Thanksgiving was made a national holiday. Before 1861, recognition of the Christian God was virtually absent from the official discourse and defining texts or slogans of the American Republic. Wartime Christian nationalism failed to knock down the wall between church and state, but it lowered it to an extent that might have made Jefferson turn over in his grave.”

    • @John Bonnaccorsi…

      Though there has always been a conspicious minority in Dixie that wish for a secular state, John, they are just that – a minority.

      On the other hand, I cannot say that the desire for a secular state is a a Yankee one, for, historically, the Midwest is much as the South – rather unenthusiastic for that.

      No, it is the Northeast which has championed the notion of a secular state, and, as this union comes apart, the Northeast will continue this, while the South will, sooner of later, return to what it was – a Christian State which accepts religious diversity, but, does not institutionalize that respect as a purposeful absence of Christianity from the publick sphere.

      If Jefferson turns over in his grave because of this, then so be it.

      • You’ve reminded me, Ivan, of a conversation I recently had with a young woman who, along with friends of hers, made a “spring break” trip a few months ago, to Nashville. Though she knows far more about the world than I knew when I was her age, she was surprised to learn that in Nashville—yes, Nashville—the musicians in places her friends and she visited were focused almost exclusively on country music. One musician, in one place, was able to accommodate her by playing, at her request, a song by Green Day.

        While she and I were discussing her trip, she offered what I gathered was the main impression that, in the course of it, she’d gained about Southerners. Oddly enough, it wasn’t “They’re a religious people,” “They’re a God-fearing people,” or “They’re a churchgoing people.” It was “They drink a lot.”

        • @John…

          Well, of course, your young Yankee lady friend was impressed by the amount of substance abuse that Southerners are doing, because she ran in substance abuse circles, not those Christian.

          That said, in her defence, I’ll say this : when I moved from an affluent highly educated Southern City, Raleigh, to rural Eastern North Carolina in the mid 1990s, I was floored to see all the substance abuse.

          In Raleigh, there is substance abuse, but much less of it.

          Then, when my wife and I moved up to New England, Northeastern New York-Central Western Vermont, we were utterly shockt by even more subtance abuse, and the people, so many of them, seems to be so very very despresst.

          After thinking about this, long and hard, I drew the following conclusions.

          Smalltown America, which built this nation, has been relentless pillaged since the 1960s.

          The merits of the New Deal Era economy, were shipped out, courtesy of the Northeastern Yankees, your people, who rubber stamp every cockamamie idea Organized Jewry wants want to do.

          In doing this, Yankees destroyed the very thing they built up – the New Deal Economy.

          In my mind, the Northeast did a lot to merit Southerners wanting to be in a union with them, between 1877-1952.

          The New Deal Era Economy was the gem of this merit.

          After Brown vs. The Board of Education, it was a long ride downhill, for what good the Yankees, your people, have done, y’all have undone.

          In the end, it is our fault, because we put up with it.

          We put up with forcet-integration, encouraged race-mixing, removing Chryst from schools, baby-killing, the shipping out of almost our entire manufacturing sector, and, to boot, we have swallowed the Jewsmedia lies about other countries and soldier mightily in y’all’s endless unjustifiable regime-change wars.

          Also, we have allowed ourselves to become deracinated and faggotrified, and to suffer the endless anti-White (anti-racist) campaigns.

          The result of all this?

          We have lost all pride in ourselves, nearly all hope for ourselves and our communities.

          Worse still, our own state government does absolutely nothing to rectify the Judeo-Bolshevik indoctination in our publick school system, nor does it really teach children how to think.

          To say that we, Southerners, are at a low point, is to belabour the obvious.

          It cannot get worse, unless we go to cannibalism.

          That is why I and my family are Southern Nationalists, secessionists, and Confederates, for we realize that, until we get free from y’all, and y’all’s government – The Jew England Yankee United States Government, we will be nothing more than fodder for y’all’s schemes – the latest of which was the Covid scam, the lockdowns (yet another oligarchical wealth transfer) and now the vaccination massacre.

          Oh, and dare I mention all the umpteen zillion oxy-codone pills the pharma companies have been dumping in our communities?

          I could go on, but, yes, Rural America is in a pinch – more like a vise.

          Ironically, the only major politician I have heard rationally address most of these things is a New England Yankee Jew – Bernhard Sanders.

          My wife and I, despite our massive disagreements with the Vermont senator on gun control, gender, and values’ issues, crosst over in the primary of 2020 to vote for him, because at least with him, we see something for the working man.

          With the Republicans we still get all the Woke issues, with no relief from the pillaging.

          Ironically, it has been Bernie Sanders who, until only very recently, has been the biggest hawk on Closed borders.

          Yet, Senator Sanders does not have the balls to protect himself, unlike Trump.

          All that said, it does finally look like these is a very good leader in the offing.

          His name?

          Ron DeSantis.

          With him, we do not have to choose between environment or values, border security or jobs.

          The man is the best hope we’ve seen in decades.

          Unfortunately, Trump will be nominated and win.

          He will continue this very bad nation and tweak it just enough to make it barely sufferable.

          Our best hope is that in 2025, some Northern States will balk at the prospect of a completely Republican Congress with Trump at the helm.

          2025 – that will be the witching year.

          But, yes, musicians in Nashville will continue to drink too much, no matter what happens.

  8. Do you want a Christian nation, or a white nation? Because the only thing that will change if you make it a “Christian nation”, is that there will be more tolerance for nonwhites. Think about it.

    Everyone is God’s children. You can’t exclude…

    • “The insidious [ transhumanist ] programming suppresses racial identity and seeks to pasteurize all peoples into a raceless, rootless mass of homogenous humatons. The reality of divine oneness is falsely invoked to legitimize this dehumanization, with the cant that if All are One we should live together in peace and brotherhood forever. The truth is that there is no contradiction between the oneness of Supernal Spirit, which underlies all creation, and the infinite variety of separate forms and beings which it spawns. In fact if all went back to unity, it would be the end of the cosmos.

      Spiritual enlightenment awakens an individual to the love of God for all beings, called Caritas. We have also awakened to the reality of racial identity; from this arises another kind of love, the deep primordial philos that binds together a family, clan, or tribe. Again there is no contradiction: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Awareness of the overarching unity gives us the wisdom to draw the line of separation exactly where it’s needed. Dharma requires strong boundaries on every front, and legitimate conflicts of interest between peoples must sometimes be dealt with by means of war. Only this fusion of blood and Spirit can redeem us from the debacle of World War II and regenerate the race in a New Aeon.” ~ josephrex

      The Unconscious Christian Theology of Transhumanism https://limitedhangout.wtf/transhumanism/

    • If White Christians could exclude Indians and forcefully remove them from their lands, then they could do so again. America wasn’t built by white liberal secularists, it was built by White Christian men. The pioneer families that moved West in horses and wagons and colonized it were White and Christian.

      Here’s the fact of the matter Pilot, which you are unwilling or unable to consider: When push comes to shove, Christians can and will ignore the parts of the Bible that appear to contradict what they know they need to do, such as exclude those who won’t behave properly. When that happens, they won’t be bothered by autistic intellectual considerations of “But this is what the Bible actually says!” They’ll forget they ever believed in inclusiveness.

      One thing I’ve noticed about the whole notion of “consistency”: Only Jewish scholars and autistic intellectuals consider it a virtue, or something you can “burn” others with. Normies don’t care. The same normie that has sex with ten different partners at age 20 will preach abstinence before marriage at age 30. People grow and change. White Christians will too. Go and sin no more.

    • @Pilot…

      Again, you are attempting to foist conflicts into Christianity that a Leftist would do.

      Christ only had Jewish males for disciples, and Christ never told Jews or Samaritans to integrate with each other.

      No, in Christ’s telling of the Good Samaritan Tale, you see that he shows how to be good to those not of your tribe, without bringing them home.

      You continually conflate the success of the the New England Yankee World Order, at getting Whites to think White Replacement as ‘Christian destiny’, with Christ and Christian practice.

      In 2,000 years of Christianity, this kind of phenomenon has occurred only at one time and only very recently.

      This recent ‘brand of Christianity’ will not last.

      It is a blip inserted by demonic mind control techniques that, even now as I write, are falling away.

      • He was sent ONLY to the Israelis… not my lord, king, or “god” … he be theirs! Matthew 15:24

        • @Only…

          Good reply.

          He manifested to Israelis, because they were way off course from what He intended.

          When they, as a whole, still would not do right, the Nationhood of Israel passt to Gentiles – whether black in Ethiopia or White in Bulgaria.

          Nowadays there are two Israels – one of Man, Herzl, and Rothschild, and the other of God as Christ.

        • @Pilot…

          ‘You’re obsessed with religion.”

          And yet you do not think that A. your secularism is a religion; or B. that you are ‘religious’ about your point of views.

          A White Society without Chryst will just be a hel, with a White tint.

          It’s pointless.

          Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Really, much to do about Christian Nationalism. Nationalism is only common sense to any White who has common sense, but that doesn’t make rank and file Christians understand that it is multiculturalism and the jews that have fucked up America. That’s a road to far for most of them. They’ll instead be quoting MLK and putting jews and niggers at the forefront of their Christian “Nationalism” movement just like the Tea Party. Their cowardice and cognitive dissonance is how we got here in the first place.

      • And they aren’t even upset about why they are attacked, except for the religion part. They don’t care that they are attacked for being white. Yeah, the Tea Party was another let-down, because of the whole “Everyone’s an American!” stuff.

  9. If you just want Laura Loomer to funnel you money, why don’t you just not post, bro? Why throw away all the good work you and other contributors to your site did over the years?

  10. One of the older folks at this blog, I grew up in a situation those younger here did not – in a nearly entirely White and largely Christian nation.

    To be clear, it was a better nation than this.

    Yet, that nation in which I lived out my childhood still had all kinds of problems, and all of them stemmed from either non Christian living, and or insincere Christian living.

    To establish a new white Nation without Christ would not only be a waste of time, it would be a farce.

    Why a farce?

    Because it will do just as this one has done – fall into many grotesque forms and degrees of evil.

    That some of these forms of evil might be of a different nature would not be much consolation.

  11. This is where a 4 way Partition is needed: East, West, South and North. The 20+% of normal whites are not going to sign up to be locked in a padded cell with the Christians.

    • The NORMAL rainbow flag bearing, injection mandating, nigger and Jew celebrating whites, eh? Let me see, you have the people who believe this nation was founded and settled by people of European Christian stock who regard their religion and its teachings to be important to the moral law, and that this must be acknowledged by the state to be representative. Then you have the people who believe “freedom” hinges on abortion and sodomy being legislated by the courts.

      Fundamentally, there’s a crew of batshit crazy people who let the Jews manipulate erase everything their ancestors passed down to them, faggots who think Nietzsche wasn’t some half-crazed degenerate (as his countenance, hysterical writings and final insanity show that he was), and then you have the Christians who think this country was a lot better off culturally and economically in the 1950s.

  12. “Do you want a Christian nation, or a white nation?”

    Thanks to Apostles Paul’s preaching about nationalism on Mars Hill one can have both:

    (Acts 17:26 NIV)
    From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.

    And that is not even getting into the Hamitic Curse or the Gen. 10 Table of Nations!

  13. Quote of the Day
    Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.

    – Plato

    • Unless there is a serious attempt to take back the church from the Jews and their white ‘Christian’ allies, this is what Sunday will be like in every “Christian” church throughout Murika. Either host the parade or lose the 501c(3) status. Note they will NOT be mandating this kind of thing in mosques or synagogues.

      • It’s funny seeing commenters here engaging with “Ivan Turgenev,” as if it’s a real person. “He” told us more than once that he’s a Jew. It’s so loathsome, adopting a weird Victorian tone and misspelling common words and, when called on it, citing some book from 1507. But just because it addresses people as “sir,” that’s all it takes, right? He’s “dignified,” he wore a white shirt, as Huck Finn’s pap would say. “Jew England?” No states were more ridden with them than the Carolinas. This commenter is the worst. I realize our host believes in free speech, but “Ivan Turgenev” is like having Satan coming into your house Sunday afternoon, drinking milk from your fridge, clapping you on the back and talking about the game, casually walking into a bedroom and fucking both your wife and your daughter, and then billing you for his parking tickets because it “oncet twas the peeples custome.”

          • I think so too.
            The Mexican who claims to be a high school girl and openly flatters men on here.
            The one who hates the Irish.
            And this Ivan guy.
            They could be written on here, to inspire drama for getting higher traffic ratings.

  14. Following up on my comment above, I did do a little digging and found some info.

    James Henley Thornwell was a Presbyterian preacher and slave owner in South Carolina. He proposed an amendment to the Confederate Constitution that would have read: “We, the people of these Confederate States, distinctly acknowledge our responsibility to God and the supremacy of His Son, Jesus Christ, as King of kings and Lord of lords; and hereby ordain that no law shall be passed by the Congress of these Confederate States inconsistent with the will of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.”

    The Confederates pointed out that their Constitution invoked God as opposed to the “Godless instrument” of the North, however despite this, Thornwell observed that the Confederate Constitution “still labours under one capital defect. It is not distinctively Christian” and thus did not “express the precise relations which the Government of these States ought to sustain to the religion of Jesus Christ.”

    It was Jefferson Davis himself who wondered as the South collapsed whether the “Confederate constitution should not have stopped at recognizing God but should have gone on to express its belief in the ‘Saviour of mankind’ and perhaps even … specifically have countenanced Christianity. Might this, he wondered, have saved his dying nation?” Quote from the book “Jefferson Davis: the Man and His Hour” by William C. Davis.

    I also included this quote in my first comment above: “God has granted America a special role in human history” but didn’t really comment on it. I shall do so here. This idea is a peculiar American problem which, unfortunately, many Evangelicals and other Christian patriots believe to this day. The roots of this idea are in the Yankee Puritan base and is part of the cause of untold suffering the USA has inflicted on so many nations around the globe. A patriot should certainly be proud of his nation and a Christian patriot can certainly believe that God has blessed his nation, whether it be with the land or its form of government. That does not mean, however, that God has ordained America to be the light among the nations and has justified attempts to impose its form of government on other nations. God did not ordain America to “make the world safe for democracy.” This key issue is something White Christian Nationalists will have to address and finally put to rest if any future Christian nation is to put aside the current American role as chief global warmonger.

    • @Caspar…

      Whoever you are, yours is an excellent comment.

      Yes, Southern Christians will have to figure out how to exorcise the nation-building regime-changing conditioning Organized Jewry and New England Yankees put into us.

      Historically, we believed in mindin’ our own business, but now, we’ve grown used to bein’ high and mighty.

      ‘American Exceptionalism is some god-awful Yankee stuff that Sean Hannity peddles every time he attempts to discuss foreign policy.

      He must be drinking partners with Victoria Nuland, Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, John Bolton, Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton, and the ghost of John McCain.

      God bless Jefferson Davis and long live a new Southern Confederacy!

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