The Ethics of Abortion

I agree with Kendon Fahr.

BTW, this was also my position in 2016 when I criticized the support for eugenics and abortion in the Alt-Right. I haven’t seen anything that has led me to reconsider my views. The “trans” craze that has snowballed since then is proof that there is no moral bottom to this slippery slope.

A “pro-choice” culture is a degenerate culture. The people who are “pro-choice” support severing the mother-child organic bond – the strongest of all human bonds – as a matter of principle. I’m unable to see what would stop such a culture from becoming completely deracinated and degenerate. It is based on the assumption that blood doesn’t matter. Such a culture will place no value on kinship.

Generally speaking, the people who would support a mother murdering her own child are also inclined to support the decision of a man or a woman or a teenager to mutilate their own genitals. It is their own choice. It is an act of self-expression that inflicts violence on the human body.


    • It really depends on whose being aborted.
      Abortion of White Children, among the anatomically different White racial community. Is unacceptable given the special genetics such children have opposed to nonwhite children.

      The Abortion of nonshite children,while it helps to pre ent the growth of nonwhites is something g we can permit but not enforce and if such children will ne born into neglectful and abusive hoiseholds then sterilizing Nonwhites with a high inclination to individualism would be ideal

  1. “A “pro-choice” culture is a degenerate culture. The people who are “pro-choice” support severing the mother-child organic bond – the strongest of all human bonds – as a matter of principle. I’m unable to see what would stop such a culture from becoming completely deracinated and degenerate. It is based on the assumption that blood doesn’t matter. Such a culture will place no value on kinship.”

    If a woman chooses to abort her child, the bond isn’t particularly strong. You calling it so won’t make it so, just as Bruce Jenner calling himself a woman doesn’t make it so. The natural outgrowth of your view will be a bunch of kids raised by unfit, neglectful mothers and growing into juvenile delinquents.

    My support of abortion is because I realize blood does matter. I want a world full of decent, healthy, smart, beautiful people. We can get there with eugenics. We cannot get there by forcing trashy women to have babies they don’t want.

    • @6v6…

      That you are okay with killing other races is not a good look for you, and at a very high profile national blog, no less.

      The moral answer to a desire to live with your own kind is the same in 2024 as it was in 1024 – segregation.

      Most of the land in this earth is uninhabited.

      Indeed, most of this country is uninhabited.

      No need to kill or hurt each other.

      The era of forcet integration and diversity is coming to an end, of it’s own failings.

      No, whether it stays together or not, this country will reconstitute itself, and one of those things that will revive within it is a greater respect for tribalism.

      • @Ivan Turgenev You miss the point entirely. Vacant land isn’t the issue. They all come to white countries to live off of us, because they like how we live, and they aren’t smart enough to do this for themselves.
        Your “each other” implies you think all races are the same and brothers.

        • @Pilot…

          Certainly those who control the Jew England Yankee World Order would agree with you in this – they want to control it all, starting with every inch in the North American continent.

          If you want to spend your time killing, and being killed, to control as much land as possible in this country,for whatever your motivation is, it is certainly your right.

          I cannot muster any enthusiasm for it.

          My hopes are that the differing factions in this land will soon all have a place to be, where none of us will have to constantly contend with each other over laws, customs, race, demographics, and politicks.

  2. Would Christians be willing to compromise and always have exceptions for rape, incest, and mother’s health? If so, I can get on board. There is potential for cooperation between non-religious Whites and Christian Whites in a movement that sides more with Christians on social issues and more with “the Left” on economic and environmental issues.

    • A Christian does not compromise with the Devil. An innocent child is not resposible for the crimes of its biological parent. Why do you want to murder an innocent child, when its father or mother committed a sin?

      Chastity belts prevent rape, or intecourse when a woman is in poor health. If a woman is in such poor health, that she would die if she had a baby, why is she having sex?

      I also support Compulsory Church Attendance for everyone of prominence in this country, so they get good ethics drummed into their heads ever Sunday. Not fake modernist churches with women priests, homesexuals, or transexuals. Those churches will be outlawed. A proper Church vetted by very strict Christians. We need to put the Fear of God back into you people.

      • Rape or incest are not voluntary committed acts.
        Your attitude is what turns a lot of people off. You can have your “compulsory church attendance”.
        You should just go to the temple and worship there, because it’s the same thing.

      • @Thomas Harris…

        Yes, unless the people in this country get ‘Christian ethics drummed back into their heads, I would not give you a red cent for it.

        Just watching the commentary from the non-Christians at this site is an ample demonstration enough of the cold barren inhumanity that inhabits so many, precisely because we have allowed the presence of Christ to be diminisht within us.

    • The problem with the exception for “rape/incest/mother’s health” is that it creates such vast opportunity for loopholes that you may as well just not even have laws at all.

      I know Anglin isn’t a popular voice around these parts, but he’s correct on this issue. “Mother’s health?” Ok, go get a shrink to claim she’s a high suicide risk, or that there is some overwhelming mental trauma that being pregnant is causing. “Rape”? Well we all know the definition of rape has been so warped and degraded as to become meaningless. How many false rape charges will this create? Watch while the “date rape” statistics soar. The incest claim is a little more dubious, because of DNA testing, but the other two examples provide ample enough opportunity for abuse.

      If there were rape/health loopholes that could be legitimately vetted by unbiased medical committees or something (good luck putting those together) that at least made the process painful enough as to deter all but the legitimate cases, then I’d be fine with that. Otherwise, ceremonial and superficial laws with easily abused loopholes might as well not even be on the books at all.

  3. Brown V. Board of Education, The Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965, Loving V. Virginia, Roe V. Wade, and Obergefell V. Hodges all were passed with complete obedience by White Christians. But now, they are as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore? Too little too late. That ship said, and it’s making harbor in Tasmania.

    • @November…

      You are very very correct in calling out the apathetic practices of the last couple of generations of Christians in this country.

      That it is too late, however, is far from accurate.

      It is never too late to change a heart or change the heart of a nation.

      Just look at Russia, over the past 30 years.

      A few hundred barely functional Orthodox churches, in 1989, has gone to several tens of thousands in robust health.

      If Russia can begin turning from Judeo-Bolshevik poison, so can we.

      • @Ivan,

        I envy your optimism, but you know that comparing a more homogenous Russia with multiracial America, and all of its competing sects of Christianity is not equivalent.

        Being that the American South is 49% Evangelical Christian, folks like you and HW should be pushing secession all the more, I am sure that Father John+ would be thrilled beyond imagination to be a citizen in a Christian theocracy in Dixie as well.

        Please be on the lookout for the Gospel according to Trump being amended as a new chapter to the Scofield Bible. Chabad-Lubavitch jews will never quit trying new tricks and schemes. Remember that those Southern Evangelicals bought into the whole “Q” op more than anyone else.

        • @November…

          Please forgive me, but, Russia is a far more multicultural nation than is our country.

          There are scores and scores of peoples in that lands – from Mongolian Buddhist Kalmyks and Uzbekis, to Tatars, Cossaks, Ingussetians, and Muslim Chechens, and, yes, White Russians.

          If memory serves, the Soviet Union would brag that it had 203 languages within it’s borders.

          Though less today, it is still something formidable.

          As to the Jewry, and their tricks- of course they will continue.

          They, however, are not the issue.

          No, we are the issue, and, if we cease to play along with them, things will work out quickly.

          We need to stop being dumb.

          That’s all.

          My point stands – if Russia can turn from Jewish lunacy so can we.

          The future is bright – IF we will stand and fight.

          Thank you for doing so.

  4. I am pro-life not just because I believe in Christ but also because the way to measure a culture is how it treats the most vulnerable and helpless of it’s citizens. If a woman is willing to kill her own flesh and blood, what else is she willing to do? The mother-son bond is one like no other. Destroy the family and you destroy society.

    • Most people can’t find a respectable mate these days. A lot of whites have already race-mixed or contracted some disease. Hepatitis is rampant. Too many drink and do drugs.

    • @Mr. Confederate Man….


      Whatever problems we have, if we trouble ourselves to reorganize this society, which is occurring, yet we do not do so in a way that endeavours to protect innocents from harm, then that society will be just as unblesst as this one.

      As Viktor Orban said, recently in his speech at CPAC…

      ‘George Soros sees the disasters of the 20th century as resulting from Christianity and Nationalism. We see the opposite. We see that those tragedies that occurred, took place precisely because certain governments forgot their Christian values.Because we might go too far, we need our Christian values, which give us limits.’

      • This!

        Our nation was created on classical liberal principals in the vein of Locke and the Magna Carta but also republican principles similar to Rome. However America was once a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant’s paradise. My ancestors are part of the founding stock of America and built this country. They wouldn’t recognize it today.

        I assume you are either Russian or Russophillic but I will say that Russia is similar to the way old America in regard to in blood and soil.

        Russia believes in keeping their native population, helping them, and creating a Christian character. America today is doing the opposite. Our Founders would throw up if they saw what happened to the republic they fought for.

        • @Mr. Confederate Man…

          Thank you for your interesting reply.

          Yes,this land (these lands) was created as a White Anglo Protestant paradise, something which was ruined when Jefferson let in the Irish – as our fellow blogger here, Mr. Robert Browning, would assert:)

          Yes, I totally agree with your statements about the situation being the opposite in Russia today, from what it is here.

          Not that they do not have problems, scalawags, and predator oligarchs.

          They do, but, they are blesst to have Czar Vlad at the top, and he has both excellent judgement and an affinity for his countrymen.

          As to your comment about our Founding Fathers, I often say this : if a million White Southern Men, from just a century ago, would manifest, there would be a run on rifles and rope, and this situation would get straightened out quickly.

          We are too nice, too weak, too tolerant, too intoxicated, too degenerate, and too clueless, BUT, it seems that this may be changing!

  5. I wish we could do a nationwide poll of White Christians to see how many would agree with everything you just said.

  6. If a rapist impregnated your daughter, wife, or mother, then should you reward him by forcing your loved one to give birth to and to raise the rapist’s child? If your loved one aborted the rapist’s child, then would they be guilty of murder? If the rapist’s child living in the womb threatened the life of your loved one, then would they be guilty of murder if they aborted the rapist’s child?

    If a father impregnates his daughter, then would she be guilty of murder if she had an abortion?

    Abortion can be moral and life-saving. The killing of an infant in the womb is a homicide, but homicide may be justified by exceptional circumstances, including extramarital pregnancies.

    Would you like to reward a rapist? Would you like more single mothers and fatherless young men stealing from you? Abortion can be the solution.

  7. Come on with the bullshit, we all know abortion and gay marriage were stepping stones, conditioning in preparation for the legalized of child rape. Debate child rape. I mean if Uncle Ted, a man of the cloth, a man one step removed from the Pope was cool with it shouldn’t everybody be, debate.

  8. It is notorious that ancient pagans had much more relaxed attitude towards baby-killing than Christians do, but even pagan Greco-Roman moralists began to get worried when infanticide began to take forms of outright race-suicide.

    The historian Will Durant writes:

    “The partial emancipation of woman was accompanied by a revolt against wholesale maternity, and the limitation of the family became the outstanding social phenomenon of the age. Abortion was punishable only if practiced by a woman against the wish of her husband, or at the instigation of her seducer. When a child came it was in many cases exposed. Only one family in a hundred, in the old Greek cities, reared more than one daughter: “Even a rich man,” reports Poseidippus, “always exposes a daughter.” Sisters were a rarity. Families with no child, or only one, were numerous. Inscriptions enable us to trace the fertility of seventy-nine families in Miletus about 200 B.C.: thirty-two had one child, thirty-one had two; altogether they had one hundred and eighteen sons and twenty-eight daughters.30 At Eretria only one family in twelve had two sons; hardly any had two daughters. Philosophers condoned infanticide as reducing the pressure of population; but when the lower classes took up the practice on a large scale, the death rate overtook the birth rate. Religion, which had once frightened men into fertility lest their dead souls be untended, no longer had the power to outweigh considerations of comfort and cost.”

    And emperor Augustus raged at Roman upper class men:*.html

    “5 1 Yet, if one were to name over all the worst crimes, the others are as naught in comparison with this one you are now committing, whether you consider them crime for crime or even set all of them together over against this single crime of yours. 2 For you are committing murder in not begetting in the first place those who ought to be your descendants; you are committing sacrilege in putting an end to the names and honours of your ancestors; and you are guilty of impiety in that you are abolishing your families, which were instituted by the gods, and destroying the greatest of offerings to them, — human life, — thus overthrowing their rites and their temples.”

  9. So, right here, you can see why pagan Rome went down.what do the wannabee Caesars(César) and fanboys of Imperial Rome make of that?

  10. >when I criticized the support for eugenics

    Conceptually, there is nothing wrong with eugenics, although today it seems to attract a Pavlovian sort of opposition — in fact, I have suggested to Steve Hsu that his support for polygenic embryo scoring and selection (e.g. see here) will likely face growing opposition for being eugenic, and he ought to look into the history of opposition to eugenics, since at one time it was quite respectable — so he can better counter the criticism and defend the technical progress being made, and its application.

    It seems appropriate that Spencer wants to join America’s effete, useless pundit class — I wonder if he ever asks himself why anyone would or should be interested in his opinion about anything? — I imagine very few of them do this; it’s a unique kind of conceit.

  11. Could we please place some sort of embargo on discussing this utter waste of white racialist time? The poseur speaks for no one but himself.

  12. OT (but here seems like a good place for this comment)

    First, of course this incident was horrible and unfathomable: how could anyone be going that fast in such an area, and blast right thru a red light?

    ICU nurse, 37, cries in court after being charged with six counts of MURDER: She faces 90-year prison sentence after 100mph LA crash killed pregnant mother, her unborn baby, her one-year-old son and FOUR others

    But if you are in the ICU and haven’t started to worry yet, you probably ought to start if you see your nurse looks like this woman.

    Also note the pregnant woman who died was black — she was 23 y/o — she already had a son who was 1 y/o — she was pregnant again, and this child had a different father.

    I point this out because I want to repeat: when you hear a politician or anyone else talk about the ‘black family’, you know you are being fed bullshit — because this is just another example that if a black woman has more than one child, it is very likely she is unmarried, and the children have different fathers — that is far from an atypical ‘black family’ in the US — but the media does not want Whites to realize this, just like they don’t want Whites to realize that George Floyd was not far from the average for black males in the US: a lifetime of menial employment, crime, and drug abuse.

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