Tales From The Movement: Robert Bowers

“Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

—Robert Bowers

I sometimes feel like no good deed goes unpunished in the movement.

We had traveled to Charlottesville to support the Confederate monuments. It was the right thing to do. We should honor the memory of our ancestors. It ended with James Fields, Jr. crashing his Dodge Challenger into the crowd and getting nearly every prominent figure and organization who was there sued and ruined in federal court. Fields singlehandedly destroyed the Alt-Right.

There are people who insist to this day that Fields is innocent. He confessed to doing what he did under duress. He couldn’t have continued to back up his car, exited the alley and driven away. This is what any normal person would have done that day. There was nothing preventing him from doing this. Instead, he drove forward through the stop sign into the crowd. We want to believe that it was a horrific accident because the alternative is that he simply didn’t care about the consequences of his actions. We want to believe that guys who are deeply immersed in the Neo-Nazi subculture like James Fields, Jr. who spend their days posting on the Iron March forum and 8chan mentally have it together.

Back in October 2018, I had been home for about a week from Panama City. We had gone down there to participate in the relief effort. I was proud of what we had done. I thought it could be a fresh start after a year of chaos and fallout from the collapse of the Alt-Right. I remember where I was the day that Robert Bowers went into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and opened fire and killed 11 people. I was resting at a friend’s house in Montgomery and meeting up with another friend who was part of the old gang that used to attend our League of the South rallies before the Nationalist Front. We were reminiscing about our old friend Matt Heimbach and the spectacular collapse of TWP earlier that spring.

How it started:

How it was going:

How it ended:

Heimbach briefly returned over the next month. He joined the NSM and attended a rally about a week later in Little Rock. He was gone from the group by early December. It was the ignominious end of Heimbach’s project of building a popular front of White Nationalist and National Socialist groups which stretched back at least five years to the time when Heimbach was banned from attending the original League of the South rally in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro due to his NSM ties. Ultimately, he prevailed in convincing us all to go along with him in this. In retrospect, it was a serious mistake. Those who had predicted it would end up being yet another movement clown show were proven right.

I should have known better.

I had seen it all play out before watching Bill White and Von Bluvens in the NSM from a distance in the previous decade when I was posting on online forums. For whatever reason, it seems like there are people who come into the movement and who twist themselves into pale imitations of George Lincoln Rockwell. I’ve never seen the appeal of it, but I have watched the archetype reproduce itself.

Anyway, we were sitting around discussing Heimbach when the news broke that there had been a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. I instantly knew that the shooter was either going to be a Muslim or a White Nationalist vanguardist. I went through all the familiar stages of wondering whether it was someone I knew. The shooter was soon confirmed to be Robert Bowers who was a shitposter on Gab. It wasn’t long before the media was writing stories about how I was “linked” to Bowers.

After I was banned from Twitter in December 2017, I had spent the following year trying to build up Gab. I was a very active poster there in 2018. I recall seeing some of Bowers “gabs” and being “regabbed” by Bowers. I spent a lot of time there criticizing Donald Trump. I was also exposing the identities of Antifa who were doxing people on our side. I never once “collaborated” with Bowers on anything. I had been trying to figure out who Shawn Patrick Breen was for five years since he started harassing my friends in the League of the South. Somehow, this was used to drag my name into the Pittsburgh story, as if I had anything to do with his actions or could read the mind of some random poster on the internet.

Gab Town went up in flames because of Robert Bowers. Gab was deplatformed from all payment processors. Gab was kicked off domain registrars. Somehow, it survived due to Andrew Torba’s vision and determination to overcome all the technical obstacles that were thrown in his way. A lesser man would have given up, cut his losses and knuckled under to the ADL pressure. Torba could have taken the cowardly way out and given up on free speech. Instead, he persevered and ultimately recovered. He even hosts all the clowns who spend all of their time these days bashing him for being a “Christian nationalist.”

I remember logging off that weekend and enjoying Halloween with my son. It seemed like Gab was dead and was never coming back. The most unsettling part of it was watching the people celebrating Bowers and saying that he had done a good deed as he demolished one of our few surviving institutions. He was J-woke. He was a race realist. As we all know, these are the only qualities which are needed to build a successful racial nationalist movement. So what if he killed a few extremely elderly kikes? How is that not a huge win for our cause? Why is there all this handwringing about it?

Of course, everything we did in Panama City was completely overshadowed and forgotten amid what Robert Bowers had done in Pittsburgh. I wasn’t even angry about it. I disengaged from Gab and returned to Twitter. I lost interest in activism after that and focused more on my personal life. I never changed any of my own views. I just became disillusioned with the movement and wearing labels which I can’t control because those who try to do good deeds that bring honor to our cause like we did in Panama City or Torba was doing by building up Gab are constantly hamstrung by the actions of those who don’t.


  1. “Fields singlehandedly destroyed the Alt-Right.”

    That’s unfair. Fields was just an easy focal point for their designs.

    If Fields hadn’t been there, they would have accused everyone of the deaths of the two state troopers dying in the helicopter crash. As they have control of the narrative they can twist facts to fit any false accusations.

  2. This is an insane comment coming from you:

    “he drove forward through the stop sign into the crowd. We want to believe that it was a horrific accident because the alternative is that he simply didn’t care about the consequences of his actions. We want to believe that guys who are deeply immersed in the Neo-Nazi subculture like James Fields, Jr. who spend their days posting on the Iron March forum and 8chan mentally have it together.“

    High stress environments breed poor decision making. What seems most likely is his car was being attacked, he felt boxed in and threatened and attempted to flee — classic fight or flight — just like countless people did during the summer of St George (PbuH).

    • How so?

      I was in the exact same situation. I know lots of people who had trouble getting out of Charlottesville because that mob was harassing people who were trying to leave. None of them did anything like that including those whose vehicles were attacked.

      Why didn’t he just back up his car and leave? He was moving away in reverse. He could have backed up into the street and left. He didn’t. I have never been able to explain that

      • Too much Grand Theft Auto? Maybe he thought he could bust through the roadblock. Young kid. Very tragic. The sooner this government collapses the sooner he will be out.

        • Probably an impulsive, stupid decision from someone lacking self control and experience. I don’t think he went to Charlottesville with the intention of doing it. Something just clicked in his mind

          • ” stupid decision from someone lacking self control”

            Being raised in a single mother household doesn’t provide a good foundation for maturing. A problem that affects most of our society.
            The jwz know this very well, a reason they planted the poisonous weed of toxic feminism.

          • This is what I’ve always believed. He was already angry from the days events, got stressed & panicked and his temper flared & that was that.
            I feel like his mental issues were the thing that helped push him over the line.

            I had spoken to Bowers the day before on Gab. I didn’t know the degree to which he was a Larper. I stopped posting there until recently because of it.

      • Seems Fields was an already mentally troubled kid whose brain snapped amidst the violence directed at him … a kind of impulsive, poor-judgement act which is more common amongst black people, but which also happens in mentally vulnerable whites

        Fields deeply wanted to just get the hell out of there, and his judgement went to the winds in ‘survival’ mode … his instinct was probably that if he didn’t accelerate, the guys with the baseball bats would beat him to death … Fields was prob. in deadly fear of the danger behind him that he already experienced, and so reversing seemed ‘not an option’

        Not ‘rational’ as you say … but likely not really intentional attempted murder either …’classic fight or flight’ as the commenter above you noted

        btw thanks for the deeper personal perspective on all these events and people you’ve known

      • Were you alone in your car like young, prescription-drugged, sleep-deprived Fields, or were you with a car full of fully-grown people urging the driver to “keep cool”?

        Because such a difference makes all the difference.

        • Grown, experienced, sleep deprived people who had seen a lot more action that day than Fields up to that point. People with self control

          • So a group of mutually-supporting people are far less likely to panic in such a situation than a lone, inexperienced near-kid.

            Once more: save your indignation for the scum that deliberately created the conditions that were designed to ensnare & railroad someone like him. Stop joining them in piling on their chief victim.

  3. I know you deeply oppose violence and were not connected to Robert Bowers in any way shape or form. This is an attempt by the SPLC to make people on our side appear as murderous even though that isn’t the case. David Duke recently said that people who do these types of things are worse than our enemies because we are only proving them right.

    In regards to Heimbach, he is on that app telegram. I could get you in contact with him if you want. He has said nice things about you and Renee.

    • I still consider Heimbach a friend.

      We’ve been through a lot together. I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the mistakes we made. I never wrote about any of this stuff because I wasn’t interested in stirring up drama. I never explained to my own audience though why I hold the views that I do today

      • He was on my radio show last January. We debated White Nationalism vs National Bolshevism. I kept it respectful. When we allowed callers, people kept asking about the trailer park incident. There was a feud between him and a National Socialist Movement guy who called in out of nowhere. We all have awkward moments. More drama.

      • He was doing National Bolshevik Radio shows on Odysee last year, but no podcasts since January.

        Here, for example, is one of his NBR podcasts on the subject of “Religion and socialism”: https://odysee.com/@heimbach:0/National-Bolshevik-Radio-11_28:c

        In that podcast he has an excellent grasp of early twentieth century Russian socialist history, worth listening to.

        Someday you may say: “Matt Heimbach was ahead of his time, and led the way!”

    • >I know you deeply oppose violence

      The United States was founded via violent revolution — the colonists had to fight to secure their independence from the English Crown.

      The CSA fought to secure its independence, starting with the shelling of Ft Sumter.

      If you want to secure your freedom and way of life, sometimes violence is necessary and unavoidable — it’s as simple as that.

      When people in the media and political establishments say (seemingly absurdly) that ‘this’ or ‘that’ is a ‘threat to democracy’, what they really mean is that the people whom they are rhetorically attacking may eventually resort to violence in order to free themselves from what they view as their enslavement (e.g. via the coercive tax system) by an evil regime — in this sense these elites are right: it is becoming increasingly apparent to many dissidents that meaningful, lasting change within the current two-party, federal system is not going to be possible.

      • That is correct. As some smart-aleck once remarked, ‘George Washington was willing to blow people’s heads off because the tax on his tea was too high’. Bowers is no Washington. If he’s not a Fed wind-up toy, he’s a moron. How on earth does killing eleven old Jews in a synagogue – the youngest of whom was 54 – do any harm to the enemy? He would have been better off dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself ablaze as a human torch in protest of white genocide.

      • >their enslavement (e.g. via the coercive tax system)

        This just passed the Senate:

        Jim Banks Details the 50 Most Radical Policies in ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act

        The legislation would add $80 billion in funds to supersize the IRS’s ability to audit Americans. This would especially harm middle-class Americans.

        Elsewhere you can hear that this bill will result in the hiring of tens of thousands of new IRS agents (link).

        So in another demonstration that democracy and anarcho-tyranny are basically the same, to make up for decades of malfeasance and irresponsible spending they will ratchet up the oppression — all of this will of course do nothing to stop interest on the national debt from becoming the second largest budget item later this decade.

  4. “imitations of George Lincoln Rockwell.”

    Even George Lincoln Rockwell didn’t accomplish that much.
    I think Dr. Pierce was on a much more productive path.

    • >Even George Lincoln Rockwell didn’t accomplish that much.

      GLR ‘put himself out there’ as unashamedly pro-white using his real name, which, everything considered, was already doing a lot back then, as it is and would be today.

  5. I think we need to stop being fixated on Hitler, Colonialism, or singling out certain ethnic groups because they don’t show us the big picture behind why White racialism and nationalism is so important. If we look at the entirety of White history; the history of the White Race goes way back in history and culminated in a world where Whites were far more common and spread out all over the known world. The Tocharian’s to the Far East of Asia that bordered Ancient China and the Turkic people, the Medians that originally inhabited Azerbaijan and northern Iran who would eventually become Persians along with the Alans, Scythians and other Iranian tribes, The Thracians, The Illyrians, The Ionians, Achaeans, and Dorians that would form Greece. The Latini, Sabines, and other Italic tribes that would form Rome, The Celts which dominated most of Central & Eastern Europe, the Baltic people who has remained isolated until the Teutonic Knights arrived & the Germans who created modern Europe are the last of the pure anatomically different White Race as all other White people groups, with the exception of some Celts, Slavs, & Baltic peoples, have either gone racially extinct or mixed out of existence by encroaching Nonwhites peoples throughout history. This anatomical differences among Whites are especially important as it is what truly separates the White race from other races as explained here.

    This difference also gives Whites a reason to separate themselves from Nonwhites as well.

    So, Nonwhites have always been a racial enemy to White People and the fact that all the White people groups I mentioned were never unified racially but were more fixated by their ethnic and linguistic differences which helped destroy the White race even more.

    The actions of Robert Bowes then were very short-sighted because killing nonwhites is not how we will reverse the Great Replacement; we will only be able to do so once all White people unite and spark a revolution that eventually destroys the New World Order that the Jews and their allies have created permanently so that we can finally stop the encroaching of Nonwhites and finally save what is left of the beautiful, special, and biologically different White Race.

    • I disagree about Hitler, but not in the way you think. I think having an appreciation for what Hitler accomplished, and the core ideas of NS, is good.
      Whenever I see someone dress up in the brown shirts, etc…the larping, it feels like they are controlled op or something. Someone can be all for what NS stood for, but they don’t have to play dress up.
      Agree about Bowes.

  6. LOL – look when they started desecrating Rebel flag with swastikas, quasi-swastikas, and the rest of the foreign iconography. All part of the media campaign.

    It was always, ALWAYS, an attempt to associate traditional American Southern Dixie culture and symbolism with ‘Hollywood Nazi.’

    They are ALL, 100% of them, disingenuous bad actors. Never have anything to do with this fed and jew ridden repulsive fringe subculture.

    HW, remember when the VNN guy tried to get you to support ‘killing Jewish babies?’ And you’re a ‘cuck’ if you won’t? Do you think these people are anything but bad actors?

    The Virginia Flaggers picture? GREAT optics. We need more of that.

      • >Alex Linder ?

        Generally I find Linder very off-putting, especially has strict prohibition of (what he calls) Christian Identity (CI) — link

        • ” I find Linder very off-putting, ”
          Yes., he has a very domineering and abrasive personality, but he’s still bright with several strong racial insights.

    • I had forgotten about that one, but yes, now I remember it. The morally broken mindset was around back then. The streak has always been there

  7. “Fields singlehandedly destroyed the Alt-Right“

    No he didn’t. Even if you assume he was a bad person, and wasn’t set up and railroaded.

    Why should you accept the collective judgement of the ((Juice))who own the media and are looking for anyway to smear white people? If it wasn’t him, they would have found someone else.

    Every movement has bad apples, its unavoidable. Even the American Revolution had a few bad soldiers who were cold blooded killers and rapists. Did they single-handidly discredit the revolution? No, because the revolution wasn’t a full of worthless cucks.

    The only way that one low ranking person could destroy a whole movement of many thousands is if that movement was never serious in the first place. If that movement wanted to fail based on some defect in psychology.
    Most of the right seems to want to fail and they are looking for any excuse to give up and accept the persecution of their victorious enemies. Perhaps they aren’t really interested in building a good world and would rather be virtue signaling martyrs? “Beautiful losers” is what Sam Francis called the right.

    Your never going to get your ethnostate or separation or whatever. Any attempt at secession would fail the first time some innocent grandmother got caught in the crossfire. The ((juice)) would play up the incident on the media, and the entire secession movement would collapse into a humiliating circular firing squad of mutual disavowals.

    You accept the smears of our enemies and throw your kin under the bus so that you can pass yourself off as virtuous. I certainly wouldn’t want to share a foxhole with you.

    • Some of what you say is valid criticism. As I like to say in mockery: Voat moar harder, zeks! Let’s say the apparent strategy of the plutocrats ruling the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac works as intended. They permitted their lackeys on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe in order that a large group of white females could be emotionally manipulated by Jewsmedia stories of an upcoming Handmaid’s Tale – which also happens to dovetail nicely with the whole ‘Christian Nationalism’ bogeyman they’re projecting at the moment.

      So what’s the game here? We’ve seen twice in recent years that they are fully capable of stealing elections from the local to the federal levels. Nobody gets to run for a sufficiently high office without approval of (((them))), just for starters. If manipulating the votes of women and effete males over an horror tales of an abortion ban is necessary, this implies their vote-rigging system has some limitations of weaknesses which might be somewhat overcome if enough of the electorate is pissed off. An alternative explanation would be to distract from economic matters to allow more time for the plutocrats to prepare their golden parachutes and New Zealand bunkers before it goes full zombie apocalypse.

  8. >Tales From The Movement: Robert Bowers

    Bowers was never part of ‘The Movement’ — I’d never heard of him before, and even had to refresh my memory when I read the title of this blog post — it is scurrilous to connect him to ‘The Movement’, which is something the anti-white mainstream does.

    I covered this before in a previous comment — link

    ‘It’s like talking to a brick wall.’

    • He was so deeply involved that he connected the shootings to the Optics War which was inside baseball

      • The problem has always been a simple one: Evil be my Good.

        This is why a peaceful, honorable, respectful campaign for Partition has always been the ONLY way to victory, even now with Christian Nationalism taking its turn at bat.

        We will just have to wait a bit longer and be in a much weaker position before we get serious about winning.

      • C’mon @Brad. Bowers was just another pissed off White guy, of which there are many, as you should know by reading the comments on all of the various social & political media like Twitter, Facebook, FoxNews, Occidental Dissent ;o) etc. etc.

        As the late Richie Truma said, “I run a one stop shop for pissed off White guys.”

  9. >He was so deeply involved …

    How was he ‘deeply involved’? — maybe he was interested in ‘the movement’; perhaps one could describe him as a hanger-on, a follower — that was the extent of his ‘involvement’, right?

    I would not describe myself as ‘involved in the movement’; would you say I’m ‘involved in the movement’? — I make comments here, as well as on other sites, and have a significant archive of comments on the Unz site (here) — I also speak openly about these topics among family, friends, and acquaintances (which is occasionally problematic) — that is the extent of my ‘involvement’ — otherwise I have a normal day job.

    But more than anything, Bowers was a crank.

    In a previous comment you said you were ‘pro White’ — how are you ‘pro White’ — are you being ‘pro White’ when you connect a crank like Bowers to ‘the movement’?

    BTW, are you aware that less than a year before this incident there was an ‘active shooter drill’ at the exact same location?link — that’s an amazing coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

  10. There’s a war against our people and during war sometimes you have to do things you normally wouldn’t do. War is violence and violence is war. This country was built on violence, whether between the Indians, English or the states. We can’t just sit back and hope whats being done top our people or our culture will just go away because it won’t.

  11. I didn’t follow the Bowers incident very much but I am sure the anti-White, anti-Right Yankee system would give the Left’s version of Bowers a total break and hide his crimes from all search engines if they could. This Yankee Empire legal system is totally flawed. (Surprise!)

    I think the Arbery and Fields incidents expose the total unfairness in the system.

    People do make wrong decisions when under tremendous stress, especially people who are not mentally all there.

    Arbery was being asked simple questions by Travis McMichael that any normal person could answer. Arbery refused. He just ran off and didn’t cooperate at all. A few minutes later he charged straight for Travis McMichael who was not trying to kill Arbery and tried to take Travis’ shotgun away from him and was killed in the process.

    Now the Left-leaning judicial system will totally ignore black Arbery’s mental condition and even try to hide damning evidence against him from the jury so they can go after 3 white men with charges of murder and hate crimes.

    But when white James Fields has a mental lapse where any normal person would probably have made the correct decision there is no one in his corner in this pro-Left legal system hiding damning evidence from the jury or giving Fields any mercy at all.

    One could say that both Arbery and Fields turned violent and went berserk. Both had/have mental issues. One gets a free pass and the other gets not only condemnation/400+ years in jail conviction but every white person on the Right who was in Charlottesville and eventually the entire Right is condemned by his wrong decision by this anti-White, anti-South, pro-Communist, pro-Marxist, pro-Woke system!


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. I’m gonna try to organize my thoughts on this, because there are many different things going on that explain why White Nationalists behave the way they behave:

    1. Clearly, supporting the White Race and opposing Jewish Power is not sufficient to make oneself a morally good person, because if it was, then mass shooters like Robert Bowers wouldn’t exist. There needs to be some foundation for morality, and whatever that foundation is, it won’t come from merely being Pro-White and JQ aware.

    2. I agree with Hunter that Christianity – and at the very least, organized religion in general – is the best foundation humans have for morality. Stripping away that foundation makes Whites less moral and more likely to lash out like Bowers did.

    3. As Scott Terry pointed out years ago back in 2014 and 2015, the vast majority of White Nationalists were raised in public schools with a secular education. They internalized all its values, and specifically, they never once questioned what they learned about Darwinian Evolution in 9th grade biology.

    4. Darwinian Evolution teaches that all humans are animals, at a fundamental level. If we are all animals, and if we don’t have souls or any sort of teleological purpose, then frankly, lashing out like Bowers did becomes a rational course of action for survival, as opposed to an immoral act that everyone condemns and looks down upon.

    5. Much to my own chagrin, many White Nationalists were former Liberals, and although they became Race Conscious in the sense that they came to see race as a biological reality with meaningful differences between racial groups, they really never dropped most of their other leftist assumptions about the world.

    6. A major one of these assumptions is paternalism. In their view, normies are anti-racist not because they see racism as immoral or evil, but because they were “indoctrinated” or “conditioned” to basically have a false consciousness. If White Nationalists took charge of the institutions, somehow the normies would become Pro-White themselves over night. Simply put, White Nationalists deny or ignore how repulsive and vile they are actually seen as by normies.

    7. White Nationalists see normies much the same way liberals and leftists see those opposed to covid vaccine mandates: As people who are “misinformed” or victims of “disinformation.” Another analogy would be Republican Party operatives. We all know the Republican base in flyover country would vote in their own best interest and support the Democrats if it wasn’t for Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh going around and filling their heads with false culture war narratives.

    8. Its not possible in this framework for normies to oppose vaccine mandates and lockdowns because they actually think they’re harmful, or to vote Republican because they actually agree with GOP policies, or to oppose White Nationalism because its actions and beliefs are vile and undesirable. It must be that normies are “deceived.” This framework has been the consensus in the Pro-White Movement since I got involved in 2012, and as far as I can tell, has been the framework for the entirety of the moobments existence

    9. The intellectual and philosophical breakthrough Hunter is making by covering Christian Nationalism isn’t the actual content of Christian Nationalism, it is finally attempting to ascertain what do normies actually think? How do they actually feel? No more of this stupid game of “this is what we think they think.”

    10. If normies were actually mindless sheep and only thought and felt what they were told to think and feel, then the project of White Genocide would have been accomplished a long time ago. Normies do in fact have instincts and reactive feelings. They may not be able to lead themselves to redemption, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t repulsed by what White Nationalism has to offer. Its up to us to change our behavior and our framework so that they will find us more persuasive then the establishment. There is no other path to victory.

    • I’m honored to be known as a critic of government schools!

      Take what you say in 3 and 4 and look at the recent abortion debate between Richard Spencer and some limp-wristed TikTok Brit who was so emasculated, he, by his own admission, would never tell a rape victim not to murder her unborn child. “I just couldn’t do it…”

      I had to stop that debate after about 15 minutes, I was so disgusted. Spencer, and those with this worldview, are so woozy on their own arrogance they’ve reasoned themselves into being the caretakers of generations. He, with his pseudo-profound moralizing about common goods is the exact sort of “man without a chest” about whom C.S. Lewis says:

      “I had sooner play cards against a man who was quite skeptical about ethics, but bred to believe that ‘a gentleman does not cheat’, than against an irreproachable moral philosopher who had been brought up among sharpers…”

  13. If you constantly tell people “You are under attack, these enemies want to wipe you and your people off the planet“, on top of that there is no organized opposition to it…what do people think is going to happen?

  14. It would have been impossible for Fields to accidentally drive his car into the crowd via a wrong turn, then accidentally hurl it into a group of people fast enough to kill one of them………and the whole movement as well. It was by design. Fact remains:- when you carry out terrorist or war like practices in peacetime, you will wind up in jail for the remainder of your life, having achieved nothing except damaging the cause, and being of no further use to the movement. A few minutes of stupidity now means a few decades in the clink, a damaged movement and one dead women…………there were no winners.
    To every young man out there……….just use your fucking brains!!!

  15. Am I the only one who was actually there when Fields was arrested?

    I was driving around trying to find people and see if anyone needed rides, when this mangled dodge comes up and passes me (going the other direction). I thought…”…poor guy, they really did a number on his car somehow…”

    …some lady in a grey SUV (on the other side of me) began looking and pointing, then lights flared on (it was an undercover vehicle), did a u-turn right in front of me and went off after the dodge, followed by two town-cop cars. I saw them pulling the man out in my rear-view mirror…

    So, he got out of that crowd somehow and was headed south when I saw him.


    Re: Heimbach,

    One of the hallmarks of Southern conservatism, as channeled by the 12 Agrarians (and their disciples), is the importance of “place” and/or “rootedness”. I always think of Donald Davidson’s illustration of the centaur; its head is reaching for the heights but it has the body of a horse, to always stay grounded. Abstract ideologues have no rootedness. We need to reject the Enlightenment idea of system building and follow Burke and the Southern Agrarians: nations aren’t built, they’re grown. Heimbach was an abstract system builder. He reasoned himself in to his ideology and eventually reasoned himself out of it. A southern man will never reason himself out of the South.

  16. Even if you were linked to him, it doesn’t make you guilty in any way. No need to explain yourself. Guilt by association doesn’t hold up in court as far as I know.
    I was talking to a dude at a shopping centre whome I knew, but didn’t see that much. About a year later he stabbed three people who survived. It wasn’t me who stabbed them…….it was him. I’m not other people. I’m just me.

  17. Dude WTF. It wasn’t Fields fault, it was the commies who even pointed a AR at him then smashed his windows out.

    • Something people often forget when discussing Fields: before Charlottesville, there was a meme floating around, not just Alt RIght circles, but larger internet sub-cultures. It featured a compilation of vehicle after vehicle charging their way through protesters who, at the time, were blocking streets and highways. Many of these confrontations featured people actually getting out and fighting the protestors.

      I wish I could find some of these compilations but haven’t been able to. Vehicle after vehicle was showcased ramming through protestors. This meme video was passed around by those in sympathy with the drivers…”those stupid liberal protesters get what they deserve…” … and while the footage was shocking, it never gave the impression that any serious injury was done to the protestors. The cars (or trucks) would just plow through and keep going.

      My theory is, Fields had this meme in mind. Tragically, he wasn’t aware enough of the political theater taking place or how his, otherwise mild offense, would be spun and used.

      • If Fields was able to get out of that alley to drive past you, why didn’t he just back up and drive away like he originally seemed to be doing?

        • Yeah, he definitely plowed through on purpose. I just think his driver seat was more of a sanctimonious perch than a seat for him at the last minute…something he’s got to live with.

  18. Bowers was apparently quoting Bible Verses as he shot elderly Jews. He was a Christ-tard. John Earnest was also motivated by some form of Christ-insanity, not racial reasons.

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