Poll Watch: The “Latinx” vs. Libtard Divide

We’ve repeatedly seen this in polling.

The people who are the most enthusiastic supporters of mass immigration, open borders and the Great Replacement aren’t Hispanics. Their views are much more mixed on the issue.

Progressive activists are the biggest supporters of the Great Replacement. These people tend to be college educated Jewish or White libtard atheists who live in big cities. You have a much shot at persuading Hispanics whose views are more moderate to oppose illegal immigration than those people.


Note: The movement, of course, doesn’t want to deal with this reality.


  1. Hispanic support it because it racially and culturally benefits them and the libtards supports it because they hate their race and themselves due to decades of brainwashing.

  2. The Great Replacement is the replacing of anatomically different White people with anatomically different Blacks/Nonwhites that latter of which comprise about 90-95% of the global human race.

    Nonwhites have a high adaptability to any climate due to their highly various pigmentation levels from very light pigmentation/pale skin to the darkest shades imaginable, but their genetic dominance is what gives them an edge because no matter who they have children with as the offspring will always be predominately Black due to the potency of Black pigmentation itself.

    This same potency is what suppresses certain anatomically different parts of the body resulting in more blackness which further grows the Nonwhite population until Black genetic dominance dilutes what remains of White blood until it has disappeared into insignificance.

    Latinos are no exception to this and since the poll shows that the majority of them are willing to help Mestizo children enter into the US; you know that these children will soon come to grow the Nonwhite population of America even more either through high births or race-mixing the latter of which always favors Blacks.

    Een if a few Latinos are against mass immigration; it is due to individualistic or assimilatory reasons neither of which are excusable during this Great Replacement of White people.

    Ultimately Whites are the exception to the idea of a universal human common ancestry, and this is why.

  3. That data shows that the majority of them DO want to open borders and grant asylum. Even worse, the younger they are, the more they support it. So “the movement’s” concerns about this ARE justified.

  4. “The movement, of course, doesn’t want to deal with this reality.”

    There is no movement anymore. TRS and Daily Stormer each exist in a very small echochamber of loyalists and have next to zero impact outside those spheres.

    It really is time to simply ignore their existence. Reality isn’t waiting for official white nationalism. White Nationalism, a goal we all have, is actually progressing somewhat, without them, so who cares at this point.

    • Websites are not movements. A website is either a forum, a newsletter, or information or opinion site.

      WN is not progressing due to the laws.

      TRS is not really WN. His wife is Jewish and he freely admitted it.

  5. Need to finesse this issue.

    The one issue that legal Hispanics will overwhelmingly come over to our side is opposing Black criminality and breaking Black political identity power in cities, towns, nationally.

    Here in Chicago the only group that effectively took to the streets with guns to oppose invasions of BLM, Antifa rioters, looters during the George Floyd protests, riots was a long established gang:

    The Latin Kings.

    Good for them.

    Sure I detest the Bush family politics, but it does work to have some White GOP Anglo marry a Mexican and speak some Spanish.

    As my favorite writer in the Dissident Right David Cole just noticed, idiot GOP Conservatives in California wasted this election cycle virtue signally that they would try to elect a Black Conservative talk show host Larry Elder as a GOP CA Gubernatorial candidate. This worked about as well as when Illinois Conservatives ran a similar Black Conservative Alan Keyes for US Senator against a then unknown mixed race Black guy with a Muslim name:

    Barack Obama

    The rest, is as they say, history.

    • Because someone else has a common interest or opinion, it doesn’t mean they are on your side. Just because someone likes ice cream, and you do, doesn’t mean they will back you up. They are openly against us, and so what if they dislike blacks.

      The Bush family is not commendable.

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