1. I am no fan of Graham because he flip flops according to which way the political winds are blowing as most politicians do but I will give him credit on opposing gay marriage. I think he probably opposes miscegenation but won’t say it because they want to stay in power and that could sink him if he came and and flatly opposed it.

  2. They have show themselves, no rational argument in defense of abortion or gay marriage will work, they want to have sex with kids and they want to make that legal. Sorry the genie is going back into the bottle.

      • Well, the hardcore anti-abortion types are imagining it’s Leave it to Beaver or Pebbles Frintstone who is being aborted. However, a lot of these “conceptions” are not exactly sanctified events. Remember the documentary “The Lost Children of Rockdale County” about all those rich suburban white people who were so busy with their dual incomes they left their teenage daughters to be “latchkey kids” after coming home from their integrated high school…well it didn’t end well. The unprotected daughters were fair game for all the testosterone charged 80 IQ black hoodlums forced by liberals into white schools and they easily conned all these white girls into having sex parties and gang bangs in their posh suburban homes in the afternoon after school while their career bitch mothers were fulfilling themselves with work. These kinds of situations call out for abortion, there is a whole culture of lowlife behavior that needs to be put back in the bottle for this idealized “anti abortion” world to work.

  3. There are more reasons to oppose interracial marriage than gay marriage the latter of which is opposed all other human groups

    Interracial marriage on the other hand, is a problem specifically towards White People because of the Black genetic dominance of births and race moxing which can. in a few generations of continuous mixing with members of the Nonwhite Race, will have diluted the genetically and anatomical different traits of White People

    The evidence for this is right here.

    Interracial marriage between Whites and Nonwgites should be banned based on these facts.

    • Very interesting to read the replies to your question-article from 2013, nearly a decade ago already. The complaints and observations we see here now were all present back then. If anything the situation is only worse there now than it was in 2013. Lady G will likely be “elected” as long as she runs, as will Mr. Tim. I still have some family in SC, sad to say.

  4. Do as we say not as I do, is it? Gotta tighten up those public morals! Get back to “Christian nationalism.” Toughen up the proles, make them better people willing to make sacrifices in a real hot war and the worst capitalist economic depression beginning now.

  5. Lots of existing words to call sodomites. Gay means happy. If you call them gay you are with them, you are on their side. You may not realize it, but you are.

  6. >Lindsey Graham Opposes Gay Marriage

    Perhaps this can be seen as evidence Graham has no intention of coming out of the closet anytime soon.

    • @eah…

      Closet or no closet, as a servant of the people of South Carolina, Senator Graham has taken the right position, and is to be lauded for his courage in doing so.

      • >… and is to be lauded for his courage in doing so.

        I’ll pass on that, if you don’t mind — I’m not going to start ‘lauding’ people for holding and stating a view that was perfectly respectable and acceptable (also widely held) about ten years ago:

        2010 — Obama Still Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

        • @eah…

          Unfortunately, standing against organized faggotry, in any manner, has become an act of bravery for public officials, which is why so few do it.

          And, yes, I am aware of the dissembling both Candidate and President Obama did on this issue, and, as well, many others.

          Be well!

  7. Gay marriage is against the nature, i mean they can marry but in nature male and females stay togheter not the same sex. Also then they buy children like in a market because they cannot have children……… because in nature only etero have children.

  8. Given the reversal of Roe v Wade, many are expecting the Court will also reverse previous decisions on affirmative action.


    Universities considering what to do when they’re no longer allowed to discriminate based on race. The idea is to help poor people and just hope some of them are black.

    In the last few days I’ve seen a number of stories about coaches, celebrities, business leaders etc submitting amicus briefs in support of AA — they’re not really legal briefs though, more like just dumb, formulaic letters full of the usual blah blah about the benefits of diversity.

    There will be an undercover guerrilla war against any ban on race-based AA, which will prove nearly impossible to enforce.

    • Well, the better part of the black community need help to get control and create some sort of semblance of civility in their community. Problem is that the left has done the exact opposite over the last 60 years, help the absolute worst blacks.

      • ” black community need help to get control and create some sort of semblance of civility in their community. ”

        Yes, a return to Africa.

    • @eah—-if diversity is our strength than why are the genetically diverse at the bottom instead of the top? Shouldn’t hybrids, be given every benefit over pure blooded Jews and Irish? They are more diverse are they not?

      “Diversity is our strength” is bullshit and pointing to the absurd proves it.

      • The Irish are genetically Celtic, Nordic, Scandinavian, Norman, and English. There may have been some infusions of more Mediterranean stock, but that is true of all of Europe especially England. In any case they are not related in any racial sense to jews. The very name Ireland is a direct derivative of Aryan.
        If you want to talk of anecdotal cases, let’s start with the jew loving slaughterers of Aryans like Winston Churchill and Arthur ‘bomber” Harris.
        I suggest you do one of the following: 1. admit that you yourself are a jew and defend yourself openly, 2. present scientific evidence that supports your racial denigration of the Irish people. 3. Shut the f_ck up about the Irish in general.

  9. Mr. Wallace,

    Well I had to look up what integralism meant. So I found it and I support it.

    Catholic integralism (also called integrism) is an “anti- pluralist ” trend in Catholicism; the Catholic integralism born in 19th-century Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Romania was a movement that sought to assert a Catholic underpinning to all social and political action, and to minimize or eliminate any competing ideological actors, such as secular humanism and liberalism.

    • Re: “Catholic integralism (…) (in) Romania (…) was a movement that sought to assert a Catholic underpinning to all social and political action, and to minimize or eliminate any competing ideological actors”:

      “Catholic integralism” in Romania was the Jesuits and the Habsburgs working together to capture and train and force the Orthodox population to become converts and servants to the papacy: https://web.archive.org/web/20080411140055/http://www.iezuiti.ro/istorie/index.html

      They certainly did “minimize and eliminate” the “competition,” by any and all means, “because the end justifies the means.” Hence, the Jesuits were rounded up and expelled from European countries about as often as Jews. Papism, superstitious and militant, is a millennia-old blight and curse on the peoples of Europe.

        • @Cristina…

          Though you are very young, you know far more of the truth than you suspect, and certainly much more than the vast majority of citizens of this country do.

          You know quite well what is going on and you are to be congratulated for having made the effort to be in that position.

          Kudos to your daddy, too.

          • Ivan,

            As always you are gracious. You are knowledgeable. I have always wanted to know when and why Jews went from being called Hebrews/Israelites and then were called Jews.

            Thank you for the compliment to my father.

          • @Cristina…

            You’re very welcome.

            I do not know the answer to your question.

            Maybe ‘Jew’ was once a derogatory slang word for someone whose ancestors came from Jerusalem, which, over time, became accepted as a standard reference.

            What I can tell you is that Jew the word used by most Western languages, for the word, ‘Jew’ is ‘Zsido’.

            This is how most Jews refer to themselves, as well.

            Using English phoneticization, the word ‘Zsido’ is .proouncet thus, ‘Xeedoh’

            Note that the x stands for the X in Xi Xeng Ping or the French J, as in ‘Jacques’.

  10. I am not sure why this was called a separate ism. Catholics have always historically believed in Church and State being united and Catholic principles ruling society. Calling it integrism seems redundant. Secular humanism and liberalism, even classical liberalism have always been condemned as mortal sins.

    Either way I do not recall coming across this ism in religious class. As for this article–homosexuality is a mortal sin. Interracial marriage is a temporal issue. If the State bans mixing between white and black then the Church will also. If not then it is up to the Bishop and/or the priest to decide such matters.

    I remember reading Delbruck a couple of years ago and he mentioned that interracial marriages even between white ethnics was forbidden for centuries up until the Moslem invasion. The 3 groups were the German barbarians, the celtic-Iberian natives, and the Latin Romans. So no there is no traditional Catholic right to marry anyone one chooses. No need to write what the modern Church is like of course.

    • 1831,

      It is not like I have not read something along those lines on this website maybe 500 times from Krafty Wurker, Robert Browning, comrade anonymous and countless others. Or the anglo Baptists in Texas in real life.

  11. @Cristina,

    FYI, during one of your extended abscesses, “Comrade Anonymous ” changed his username to Merthyr Rising, 1831.

    Having two posters using the same username on OD was incredibly obnoxious imho.

    • November,

      Thank you. I did suspect as much. The communist agenda with the communist songs along with a Welsh twist. Also the pretense that a christian can be a communist when they are incompatible.

      I understand why you are dubious on Christianity. However, In the 19th century back when the Church was still the Church the following heresies were again strongly condemned—Liberalism, Equality, International Socialism, Individualism, Communism.

      It was confusing having several anonymous’.

      Also, it looks like the white nationalists have conceded that they cannot take over all the United States but can only secede at best. A more realistic goal though still far-fetched.

      I will be attending school in Mexico this semester. I leave this weekend. I will be back at times usually on some holidays and trips usually on the weekend. Either the Fall of 2023 or the Spring I will attend a university. Probably in Guadalajara. That is a fun city.

      • Re: “the following heresies were again strongly condemned—Liberalism, Equality, International Socialism, Individualism, Communism”:

        Nothing said about monarchism and feudalism. Fascism by name didn’t exist yet, but if it did, that would probably not have been condemned either.

        “the pretense that a christian can be a communist when they are incompatible”:

        A Christian as such cannot be violent, and cannot participate actively in government and the military (except perhaps as a C.O. being practically forced to provide medical aid) – so of course a Christian cannot be a communist revolutionary. However socialism agrees with the Sermon on the Mount and the example of Christians in the New Testament who shared everything in common, than any form of feudalism, fascism, neoliberalism or other class-, greed- and money-based political economic system.

        I am concerned with the much more prevalent pretense (false teaching, or heresy) that a Christian can be a Conservative or a monarchist or a fascist, or Democrat or Republican.

      • Guadalajara has good schools, and the Book Fair. I have a very intelligent and articulate Christian Mexican friend who grew up there and told me all about it. Best wishes for your further education. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding”: Proverbs 4:7. If I was Latin American, I would also consider the University of Havana, Cuba – very good for public health medicine and second-oldest university in the western hemisphere – or else one of the universities in Managua, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is growing and prospering despite U.S. meddling and sanctions, and is leading the way for the rest of Central America. Great article here: https://multipolarista.com/2022/08/11/nicaragua-free-health-care/

        • 1831,

          Well even though we have clashed before I appreciate your well wishes. One thing you have never done is to insult me sexually and racially like I have been on here so many times I have lost track of.

          Nothing like being told I should be raped, sodomized or the crowning insult—that I should be stripped naked, forced to my knees and to sexually service donkeys in Tijuana. The latter compliments of Denise.

          Or that I am a Mexican whore, a mexican animal, and a Mexican insect by various creeps. And they can not all be agent provocateurs.

          Only November took up for me.

          Yes, There is nothing like a southern nationalist website. Makes me glad the Federals won.

          • “donkeys in Tijuana. The latter compliments of Denise.”

            Denise had a hot temper and an unleashed tongue.
            Maybe she had some terrible experience with Mexicans, but it didn’t justify an outburst against someone she had no knowledge about.
            Anyway, she rage quit over hunter’s reporting on COVID.

            Pity her husband, if he’s survived.

          • “creeps. And they can not all be agent provocateurs.”

            No, just weirdos looking for the cheap thrill of an internet fight.

      • “white nationalists have conceded that they cannot take over”

        They can do nothing.
        It will take natural immutable forces that will capsize this subverted republic.

        • Arrian,

          I appreciate your thoughtful comments. It was also funny when you mentioned Denise’s husband.

          As an aside I have had several relatives contract covid and one died of it. Two of my aunts and uncles have it and others as well. Yet all of them have been vaccinated including my relative who died. Some more than once.

          I have not been vaccinated and neither has any of my immediate family. None of us have received the virus.

    • November,

      You might not have caught it but last year I practically laid breadcrumbs to my door and who i am. Last year a relative who was powerful in the police and working for the District Attorney office died of Covid. I listed which city and state where he died.

      I listed his full name in Spanish and English. There were articles written about him and several obituaries which listed many of his family and relatives. Some of my family including myself attended his funeral. Our names were mentioned and I was easily recognized by my real name being similar to my user name.

      I did this because I already assume the Federals know everyone here. In Mexico they would. Also when I first came here Jack Ryan said he had investigated me and that he was assured that I was who I claimed to be. Roughly 3 years ago. I was impressed at being investigated. It made me feel important.

      Just so you know.

      • @Cristina,

        I guess those “breadcrumbs” you left disappeared due to HW posting new threads, therefore I either missed them or did not follow the trail.

        I have never been to Mexico proper, and considering the crime and corruption endemic there, most likely will not visit. Thankfully, the internet allows me to explore places like Mexico and its treasures.

        As far as be dubious of Christianity, it too succumbed to alien infiltration that corrupted its true nature, same as today’s “woke” version of Lysenkoism pseudo-science.

        Anyway, I have always favored reason over faith.

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