Tales From The Movement: Hurricane Spencer

In the wake of the disaster in Charlottesville, I was still a supporter of the Alt-Right and was still trying to hold the cratering movement together. I blamed what happened at Unite the Right on the Charlottesville police who refused to control and separate the crowds. As an experienced activist, I had never seen anything like what I saw that day. Unlike Auburn, New Orleans, Pikeville and later Shelbyville, the police in Charlottesville wanted a collision and stood around and watched fights take place.

If that same rally had taken place with the same people in a different city and state, there wouldn’t have been any violence. The White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville which was held by the Nationalist Front that October was uneventful. There was no violence because the police were careful to separate the crowds. We even cancelled the Murfreesboro rally because the point had been made and it wasn’t worth taking another risk. There were still people there who looked embarrassing and who did stupid things that overshadowed the political point we were trying to make, but no one got hurt or killed. Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer declined to participate. Mike Enoch came to Shelbyville though.

A week before, I had attended Richard Spencer’s event at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The University of Florida was the next stop on the Spencer Tour. Cameron Padgett and a local attorney in Gainesville had threatened to sue the University of Florida on First Amendment grounds to allow Richard Spencer to host an event there. The University of Florida eventually caved and allowed the event to proceed. As with Auburn and Charlottesville and every other tumultuous event Spencer was involved with in which our people got hurt, killed or arrested and sent to prison, the irony was that Richard Spencer himself never even believed in free speech. He never believed in anything he was saying. He was simply ripping off MILO and organizing these events to promote himself to become famous.

Once again, I drove to Gainesville with my wife to “support the cause.” We wanted to support the movement and watch it get back on track. Mike Enoch was there. Cameron Padgett was there. Eli Mosley was there. Greg Conte was there. Evan McLaren was there. Jack Corbin was there. Thomas Rousseau was there with Patriot Front which was just getting started at the time. We were expecting to see William Fears there who we knew from New Orleans and Charlottesville. Richard Spencer, of course, was there. Most people except Spencer were there because they supported the movement.

This is a key difference between Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch. There are lots of people who hate Mike Enoch, but he was always there to support the cause. He was with Richard Spencer in Auburn, Charlottesville, Gainesville and other places. He was even with Richard at that torch march the time he went back to Charlottesville. He was in Pikeville and Shelbyville. He went to events which he knew would cause him grief and where people there hated him and which were far away and expensive. Mike Enoch came to the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville because he was genuinely angry about that church shooting. Years later, Mike Enoch still goes to events like this and organizes his own events like the one in Waukesha long after everyone else who was around back then has ceased to be active.

Here are some things that I remember about Gainesville:

  • The Patriot Front guys slept on the floor
  • The Fears brothers were in town, but were told to come in to the event separately through general admission due to concerns about optics
  • I remember it cost us $200 to stay the night there. I didn’t mind. I was there to “support the cause.” I think we paid Evan McLaren who was working for Spencer.
  • Greg Conte had an elaborate entry and exit plan.
  • The New York Times was there filming Eli Mosley for the hit piece that they eventually ran on his claims of military service
  • The event itself was a disaster due to the constant disruptions of the protesters and hecklers who were allowed inside the building.
  • We went shuttled into and out of the event in white vans.

Here is what I don’t remember:

  • Anything that Richard Spencer said in his speech. It left no impression on me

As we departed the University of Florida, I remember nervously checking my phone. Based on what I had seen and experienced at Auburn and Charlottesville, I was concerned that there might have been more problems with entry and exit. I was worried that there might be another incident with someone getting swarmed or attacked by counter protesters while trying to leave the area.

Sure enough, there was a shooting after the event. The Fears brothers and Tyler Tenbrink who came in through general admission were leaving the event and got into a confrontation with counter protesters. It escalated into Nazi salutes and shouts of Heil Hitler. A counter protester attacked their Jeep with a baton. Tenbrick got out of the vehicle and fired a warning shot. All three of them were arrested.

The concerns about optics were not unwarranted. It was reasonable to assume that one of those guys might be a loose cannon. If those three had been shuttled into the building in the vans, the incident might not have happened, but you can’t babysit all of your supporters. Eventually, the movement as a whole internalized the lesson after bitter experience that it can’t trust its own supporters due to the autism of immersion in internet culture. There are no more organized events which are open to the public because you never know who on your own side will show up and make poor decisions.

After the University of Florida event, I remember Richard Spencer giving interviews to the media. He struck me as someone who loved to talk to the media. Elle Reeve was there that day. I have no doubt that Richard was happy that she was there. He was always far more interested in talking to liberal journalists. He also didn’t seem to care that the people who were coming to support him were getting in trouble. The whole purpose of those people being there was always just to draw attention to Richard Spencer.

Character is destiny. Spencer finally admitted to Elle in a heartfelt interview during the Charlottesville trial that he was only using these people as a means to become famous. Dick is still a narcissist and a racist. He just has no other redeeming qualities which is why no one including Elle likes him.


  1. Terry McAuliffe, the legendary corporate bagman for Bill Clinton turned governor of occupied Virginia, was going to use Charlottesville as a springboard for his Presidential campaign against Trump. It was going to be Boomer MLK 1968 Redux for the umpteenth time.

    They managed to set up all the right wing dupes who went to Charlottesville, but they really screwed up, they managed to come out worse in the eyes of the public, and waving that bloody shirt turned into a loss, not a victory, in their culture war. Also one of the only times Trump didn’t cuck.

    It destroyed McAuliffe’s political career which was good as he is a real scumbag.

    All ‘activists’ should shut up and go home you’re all worthless. No one wants to see your clown show. If you were really interested kn preserving monuments you would be doing it NOW while the heat is off. Younwould be fundraising and hiring lawyers.

    But ‘activists’ are just attention seeking narcissists who are not interested in anything that won’t draw attention to themselves. Fa/Antifa whatever words you use are meaningless the medium is the message.

    • @Banned Hipster—–Terry McAuliffe, he is Irish. like Karen Dunn, like Uncle Ted and like Homo Hannity and there are distinct identifiable predictable traits that define Irish blood. One of those identifiable traits I have observed is a willingness to do harm to the innocent. It does not matter if the victim, is a white southerner, a Muslim, a Chinese or a invalid. Harm shall be done. The malevolence the Irish have towards their fellow man is giving the Jews a run for their money.

        • @Banned Hipster—-I am a racist and that is what racists do. They see the awful but true commonality in the blood. And it is no coincidence that the Irish have the same negative sentiment towards out groups as the Jews due, both the Irish and the Jews are genetically inbreds, both are people who breed and produce children within their own bloodline and both hate the innocent.

          You are not a southerner are you Mick, if you where you see the truth in what I say. Instead of seeing the bad truths in blacks I have taken a good hard look at the Irish and what I have seen is sickening. The Irish are scum and a people devoid of virtue and it is by blood, that in which can not be change except through Christ.

      • Occidental Dissents own Oliver Cromwell ladies and gentlemen. Its just this type of crank monomania that plagues the far right.

        • @demize—-the Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline. If the Irish are white and whites are a single grouping of the same or similar peoples then why TF do the Irish only mate with other Irish, can you answer your obnoxious Mick retard??

        • demize—another thing Mick, Oliver Cromwell was deeply deeply religious man. What would compel a deeply religious man to do as he did? Cromwell’s actions were done in defense of the innocent. And like I have been saying schmuck the Irish hate the innocent. More proof, then and now the blood tells all.

    • “All ‘activists’ should shut up and go home you’re all worthless. ”

      You know all of them ?
      You can make a blanket condemnation of people working toward a goal against established power ?

  2. Italian Americans seem to be successfully getting Chicago statues of Christopher Columbus reinstalled in the two places Antifa, BLM mobs destroyed them in 2020.

    Some good news.

  3. Yeah, McAuliffe, Kaine, Sullivan, and the State public safety director all Roman Catholic O’Assholes.

    Just remember, “you can’t beat our Dick.” Or as the Dutch say, “too soon old, too late smart.”

    • @ORANGE—-they are Irish not Roman Catholic Irish. Mexicans are Catholics, Filipinos are Catholic, the Irish are Irish. Do not associate the Irish with anything Christian it is blasphemy and deeply deeply offensive.

  4. “Eventually, the movement as a whole internalized the lesson after bitter experience that it can’t trust its own supporters due to the autism of immersion in internet culture.”

    This is certainly true of the “leaders” who more than anything have sought to cover their asses and protect their profiles.

    I would say that from an anon’s perspective, i’ve adopted the same assumption about “leaders” who try to influence and direct White Dissident Politics. There aren’t any of these ecelebs I’d walk through fire for. Not one who impresses me in that way.

    Yourself Brad, and Cantwell I find relatable because of various aspects of my own experience. Not the rest of these guys.

    Respect is one thing. You earn that daily here with your work.

    Deference is…. well virtually impossible for A Scots Irish hill billy like myself.

  5. Spencer want power, he never hid it….. So now he attend peolple like Brahmin and Dutton (the latter is likeable) because he feel like intellectual and spend his time publish books, doing podcast, teaching at not recognized university. Normal people who share his views are not to his liking because they are not intellectuals who speak of religious cults and strange philosophies.

  6. Singer Mac Davis had Spencer down Hard to Be Humble
    Mac Davis
    Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
    When you’re perfect in every way
    I can’t wait to look in the mirror
    Cause I get better lookin’ each day
    To know me is to love me
    I must be a hell of a man
    Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
    But I’m doin’ the best that I can
    I used to have a girlfriend
    But I guess she just couldn’t compete
    With all of these love-starved women
    Who keep clamoring at my feet
    Well I could probably find me another
    But I guess they’re all in awe of me
    Who cares? I never get lonesome
    Cause I treasure my own company…..
    A song to the most narcissistic person of the movement…

  7. I never understood the fascination with Spencer. It’s all about ego and hearing himself talk using big words.

  8. Richard Spencer used to be interesting before he turned into a woke libtard. He sounds insufferable now with his shit takes on everything with his woke imperialist politics. Macron is a multi-cultural globalist and Spencer literally thinks he is the savior of Western civilization. The whole Mark Brahmin era was really weird, Brahmin is even more insufferable than Spencer with his “everything is Jewish” shit takes and his Apollo cult.

    Overall Spencer makes nationalists look bad with his fits of rage / ego and talking points about Whites meaning to rule the world and lord over non-Whites. The probably most cringe thing Spencer has done is vote for Biden and promote Biden, he has pro-Biden memes on his twitter account right now along with his stupid woke Ukraine-EU flags on his twitter handle.

    On another note:

    I don’t even consider myself a White nationalist, just a concerned citizen opposed to globalization and open borders. I have to get news from White nationalist sites because it’s the only way I can get real information and not made up bullshit fake news.

    I like Brad Griffin, he gives good information and I consider him a reliable news source. But Brad has made huge mistakes shunning nationalists because they didn’t want to go along with the Covid narrative. I also get you don’t like Trump but you used to make it out on a daily basis as if he was worse than Marxist Jews. Trump is a flawed individual with a huge ego. It’s kind of funny because even though Spencer despises Trump, Spencer is very similar to Trump. They both make too many enemies, they have massive egos, they can’t control their fits of rage, and they trust the wrong people. Overall Trump was a decent president if you compare him to every other president in the 21st and 20th centuries. Constitutionalist judges throughout, immigration reduced, good economy, turned the conservative movement further to the right.

    I’m watching everything from the bleachers and seeing where the chips fall at this point. Will the Democrats resort to desperate measures and steal another presidential election? Will liberals go even more woke and try to have conservatives arrested simply because of their political views? “Hate-speech” laws? Further weaponization and politization of the department of homeland security, department of justice, FBI, and intelligence communities. Will there be another Charlottesville-like event used to weaponize against nationalists? Will Trump win the presidential election and govern more like a nationalist? Will Trump win the presidential election and govern like a huge disappointment? Who knows?

  9. You know, the more I think about it, the more that “I love mushroom and Swiss cheese burgers” thing was Spencer’s “hello fellow poor people” moment. I somewhat appreciate whatever drop of genuineness there might have been for us working class stiffs, but but it’s clearly outweighed by his elitism and “chosen one” god complex.

  10. I’ll never forget how shocked I was when Spencer was insisting on doing Florida after the Earth shattering C’ville. I was 100% against it and as I watched three separate livestreams all at once, I became horrified.
    Being able to see so much of it as it unfolded and how smug and frankly useless Dickie appeared had me completely checked out.
    This was my final dissolution and I was happy when everyone seemed to understand that street activism and college tours were over. At least for a good while.
    I was never happy with Dickie and his constantly changing BFFs. How can you trust anyone who builds up and discards people at the drop of a hat? I can’t.

  11. Richard Spencer deserves to be forgotten. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he betrayed so many White activists, he switched sides, and has always cowered in the face of the enemy. Interestingly, he is now hated both by White Nationalists and Antifa. Hope he likes clinging to whatever niche still thinks he is cool.

    You were his last friend Hunter. He did podcasts with you in early 2021 but that was pretty much it. Spencer’s a traitor.

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