1. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job,
    A depression is when you lose your job,
    A panic is when your wife loses her job.

  2. What is really is….the economy goes down and so does spending. People are hiring less because of lack of sales and less need for production. So people lose jobs. If you have money you can get rich during a recession which is why recessions happens in the first place. So the rich can buy up everything and get richer while the Working Class becomes homeless. Still trust the system? Still think they really care about people? Nope. Deo Vindice !

  3. Loss of consumer purchasing power via inflation can be more damaging to the collective standard of living than a ‘recession’, regardless of how that term is defined — loss of purchasing power affects everyone, including those who don’t lose their jobs in a ‘recession’.

    • “Loss of consumer purchasing power via inflation can be more damaging to the collective standard of living than a ‘recession’,”

      You can have both, at the same time. Just look at Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

  4. A “recession” in the United States is officially defined thus: As many consecutive quarters of year-over-year negative economic growth as necessary such that the final single quarter of the chain of consecutive quarters ends after an election day in which Democrats defend either an executive level office and/or a majority in a legislative body.

  5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has declined for two quarters, that’s the classic definition of a recession.

    • “Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has declined”:

      What PRODUCT? Finance, insurance, real estate, war, and other “services” are the false “product” of this fake “nation.”

        • We’ve been in a recession for 20 years, since Clinton and Bush Jr. normalized China trade and gave away our real economy to them. When you do this guess what? You don’t get to call the shots anymore about things like Taiwan. Pretty soon China will be snagging people it doesn’t like from all over the globe to take back to China the way the US has been doing for half a century. One of the few things left is oil and now they are killing that too. Historians will look at Bush Jr’s term, when a party that allegedly represented the gentile sunbelt had the power to prevent the disaster that took place. This was probably the last chance to save the white majority and save our industry and that idiot, or traitor fiddled while America burned.

  6. Recession: (noun /r??s??(?)n/) mid 17th century: from Latin recessio(n- ), from recess- ‘gone back’, from the verb recedere


    1.) Any economic troubles that occur during a Democrat administration always caused by idiot
    Republicans or bad foreign actors such as Arabs, Russians, Chinese, et al.

    2.) Simultaneous inflation and decreased economic activity caused by demonic forces such as
    OPEC or, as of late, Vladimir Putin, the Devil incarnate.

    4.) Increased unemployment/inflation caused by lack of sufficient spending by Congress. The cure
    is always more balls out Government spending and debt which, as our illustrious leaders
    (such as Dementia Joe) deign to inform us superstitious peasants never causes inflation,
    it actually cures it! (Sort of like trying to cure herpes with syphilis)

    5.) Any time scumbag politicians’ economic crimes, which are legion, fuck up the economy causing
    public anger to such an extent even the Lügenpresse must report some of it before going in to
    cover up mode again.

    For an example of the Lügenpresse’s methods see their vigorous reporting of the Epstein
    crimes and their publishing of a list of prominent criminals a yard long. Which never happened, of

  7. Recessions happen in capitalism about every eight years (the historical boom-and-bust cycle) because it takes that long for the proles to forget the last time it happened, fall completely asleep and resume dreaming the American dream.

  8. What is a recession?; is a perfectly valid question to ask for a generation that produces a supreme court justice who can no longer answer what a woman is…

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