Tales From The Movement: Auburn

I look back on this day and violently cringe, fam.

Cameron Padgett, the guy who sued Auburn for Richard Spencer could be allowed to speak there in April 2017, is dead. He won that lawsuit and came away from it with $29,000 in damages.

As the Spencer Tour moved forward in 2017, Cameron filed more lawsuits against other universities like the University of Florida, Penn State, Ohio State University and Michigan State to pressure them into hosting Richard Spencer. If memory serves, I recall hearing that he was eventually counter sued and was left holding the bag for his efforts. He disappeared after the collapse of the Alt-Right and ended up dead late last year at the age of 33. The last time I heard anything about him was when he showed up at “Charlottesville Three” with a tiki torch at night following Richard Spencer around who had vowed in a manic nervous breakdown after Unite the Right to return again and again to haunt the town. Spencer did return to Charlottesville later that year with Eli Mosley and IE and the media in tow.

Auburn is the closest place that I have to a second hometown. I attended Richard Spencer’s speech there out of solidarity. I wanted to support the Alt-Right movement. I knew a lot of other people in the area who went for pretty much the same reasons. Even if we didn’t agree with Spencer on everything, we wanted to support the cause. He had our goodwill because we thought he was at least standing up for free speech and White people. We weren’t looking at the Spencer Tour and seeing it as a rip off of the MILO tour or looking at Richard as someone who wanted to make a name for himself and to become a minor celebrity like MILO by identifying himself in the public mind with the Alt-Right label that he had discarded years before when he started Radix Journal. We didn’t have the same motivations.

What was the point of this?

What did Richard even say in this theatrical Nietzschean word salad?

As I look back on the time that Richard Spencer came to Auburn, the thing that I seem to remember the most was how he got into an argument with Auburn students about sportsball. There was no interest in the audience. There wasn’t any interest in the security of the attendees. Everyone seemed to be there for the sole purpose of admiring Richard Spencer and creating a media splash for him.

The entry and exit also left a bigger impression on me than the speech. Spencer split out the back door and skipped town. I remember Matt Heimbach charging into the crowd of protesters outside with a shield. Gabe was there. I’m pretty sure one of the TWP guys who came down to Auburn with Heimbach got their jaw broken in a fight outside the building. There was another friend of mine who got into a confrontation and a fight with Antifa when he was trying to enter the venue. He got arrested that day.

The whole event was ill conceived, imitative and geared toward self promotion. It didn’t have a positive impact on campus. It got people hurt who were there to support the cause. Surely, the thing that grates the most though is knowing that the guy who put this event on never even believed in free speech.

The moral of the story: you should think twice before jumping on bandwagons, branding yourself with labels that you may later regret and making sacrifices “for the cause.” Everyone involved in this story was J-woke and redpilled on race, but we overlooked the character of the man at the center of it.

If you takeaway anything from this series, it is this. Character is destiny. There is too much focus on White identity and Jews. There is not enough focus on culture and character. We desperately need more of a balance. Being White alone isn’t much of a guide to what kind of person you want to be in life.


  1. What did you expect to happen? This is what millions of white gentile Communist-Christian Allied morons defeated Nazi Germany for: Nonwhite Supremacy. The purpose of WWII was to destroy the power/supremacy of the white race (Nazi Germany) & ultimately replace it with Nonwhite Supremacy (Jews, Negroes, Asians. Latinos, mongrels). The words & concepts such as diversity, ‘white privilege’ equality, refugees, social justice, integration, BLM etc., are simply cyphers/masks for Nonwhite Supremacy–utilized to disempower whites & demolish the white race & its civilization/culture..

    • “Being White alone isn’t much of a guide to what kind of person you want to be in life.”

      Absolutely true, but being WHITE means that you have a wealth of 3000 years of culture and intelligence to draw from. From the Greek philosophers to the Enlightment.
      Jefferson, Voltaire, Napoleon etc. WHITES are starved of their great wealth, instead jwz stories and lies have displaced our heritage.

      Being WHITE means far more than being born with a light complexion.

      • You can’t separate the greatest White achievements and characters from The Bible and Christianity. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee were both extremely devout and pious. Ditto the great Boer warriors.

        • “can’t separate the greatest White achievements and characters from The Bible and Christianity.”

          Archimedes and all the great thinkers of the classic period were making profound achievements before there was a bible or Christianity.

          • Where in the Gospels does this Virgin Mary tripe come from? Might as well worship Santa Claus. At least it is our culture and not some desert goatfucking nonsense although turning water into wine would be a cool party trick.

          • Alas, there are parts of ancient pagan legacy that you might not like. Such as Epicurean materialism for example. Modern shitlib bugmen like its hedonistic ethics very much, but no one who cares about traditional virtue, manly strength and heroism, or simply childbearing (Epicureans frankly taught that it did not make much sense to have children) can approve Epicureanism, which is like tailor-made worldview for Nietzsche’s “Last Man.” Where do you think ATOMISTIC INDIVIDUALISM originally came from?


            “Again, at supper, where all sorts of topics were discussed, and particularly that of Greece and her philosophers, Cineas happened somehow to mention Epicurus, and set forth the doctrines of that school concerning the gods, civil government, and the highest good, explaining that they made pleasure the highest good, but would have nothing to do with civil government on the ground that it was injurious and the ruin of felicity, and that they removed the Deity as far as possible from feelings of kindness or anger or concern for us, into a life that knew no care and was filled with ease and comfort. 4 But before Cineas was done, Fabricius cried out and said: “O Hercules, may Pyrrhus and the Samnites cherish these doctrines, as long as they are at war with us.””

          • “What a beautiful world God, in His loving kindness to His creatures, has given us! What a shame that men endowed with reason and knowledge of right should mar His gifts….”

            Robert E. Lee

    • Sometimes the religions people just surprise me with how unscientific they are.

      I really think they believe God will eventually come down and save them from the communists. God never saved anyone from communism, but they think they are special.

  2. > Matt Heimbach

    Well that is your problem right there. Did Parrott call up Mark Potack’s intern and give her a post-show report? Did they have the Antifa ‘journalist’ they were collaborating with for over a year with them at the time?

    I keep reading how there are so many ‘good people’ in the movement and how many are ‘true friends’ which tells you all you need to know. When people have to tell you what a good person and a true friend they are, just turn around and walk in the other direction.

    If they say they ‘truly care about our people’ don’t walk, run.

    • I just haven’t had the chance to write about those people yet. I’m also deterred from doing so because the vast majority of them aren’t public figures.

    • > Did Parrott call up Mark Potack’s intern and give her a post-show report?

      No. I received a call from an unknown number that turned out to be the SPLC, and very briefly and succinctly told them that there’s nothing to discuss politically when I figured out it was media. Nothing was discussed or revealed. I told them to quit bothering me and that was that. Several media outlets found my number and called me for comment, and it was in my legal and personal interest to state that there is no longer a political project.

      There are too many urban legends relating to the incident to bother correcting everything floating around, but this one is an especially obvious and direct mischaracterization of my actions and my (imagined) relationship with the SPLC.

  3. I had no idea that Cameron died. I used to give him money from time to time, I felt sorry for him. 🙁
    Auburn was a s#itshow. I remember watching it on livestream and thinking, these people do not understand Alabama.

  4. First of all sad that this Cameron Padgett died, because it is always sad when a young guy dead, especially if he’s one of us. I guess he’s died for an ilness. Regarding Spencer, i tried a lot to understand this man but now he seems to me very pathetic. The last correct thing that he said was one or two months ago, when in a streaming with Ed Dutton, Spencer said that he’s trying to create a white nationalist intellectal movement with Apollo’s cult and also with his university. Also he made a joke about transgender, saying that we should send a trans squad against russians so we would free ourselves from transgender stuff. These things, two months ago, made me happy because i saw Spencer reasoning in anti-woke manner, but now he’s spreading confuse things.

  5. I think the video of this event was the first time I saw Mike Enoch; I remember him asking a young white woman if she would ever ask a black person if they were ‘black enough’ — I already knew of Spencer — I knew about Milo and his ‘tour’ but had never really paid much attention to him.

    >What was the point of this?

    Perhaps see it, in retrospect, as a somewhat clumsy attempt (‘I look back on this day and violently cringe’) to widen the Meinungskorridor of allowed political discussion, even activism — i.e. try to ignore the Spencer self-promotion aspect of it.

  6. Great article. I agree we all should focus on ourselves first. Having a good character and focusing on our culture is very important. Get our act together and go forward fighting the enemy. White Nationalism will be better off as a result. Deo Vindice !

    • Haven’t you heard? Brad doesn’t care about white people any more. He’s a Christian Nationalist.

          • I’m a Christian.

            I generally support the goals of the movement. I would like to see Christianity reflected in our laws on marriage and abortion. This has always been my view though.

            I’ve said repeatedly though that I am skeptical of movements based on past experience. It seems promising. I would rather just watch though from a distance and see how it plays out. For all I know, it could become another disaster.

            Again, I am sympathetic, but skeptical. Poor leadership can destroy the best causes

          • @ Hunter Wallace AUGUST 10, 2022 AT 12:03 PM

            >Poor leadership can destroy the best causes

            Maybe — but considering the importance of the ’cause’ (or ‘movement’) in this case, that’s not really the best way to look at it, is it?

            Poor leadership’, or events that went badly or were, in retrospect, naively conceived or poorly organized, are not the same as the ’cause’ — it seems those setbacks, as well as the fallout from them, especially the resulting personal (legal) problems, greatly diminished your interest in the ’cause’ — which I guess in one way is understandable — but that’s not the same as some intrinsic flaw in the ’cause’.

            I know I have explained this a number of times now, and out of some exasperation said it was like talking to a brick wall — but I honestly do not understand why you cannot grasp this.

            Maybe these ‘Tales from …’ posts will help you purge more of these feelings, and you will then change your view.

            The ’cause’ was not destroyed — it is still there, and after 2020 more important than ever.

          • @Hunter Wallace But there is no “White Christian Nationalism”.
            There is no “leadership”.
            We don’t have a real white group, no white party, nothing.
            There are no leaders. Just because someone wrote a book, or has a blog, doesn’t mean they are a leader. It means they are able to go public and not lose their job. That’s all it means.
            The perfect leader for whites might have a family and need his job.

  7. How the mighty have fallen. Ole Miss students had full scale bloody riot in 1962 when one single nigger was going to be admitted. The next morning, after the smoke had cleared, the Stars and Bars flew from the campus flagpole.

  8. Good story Brad. I think the entire event was a total wash. The angry mob descending on Heimbach was unfortunate. He had to face them all by himself. Spencer managed to retreat but not anyone else? Talk about inconsiderate.

    I remember seeing a video of some chant you were doing screaming “Communist scum off our streets.” Additionally the SPLC photo they use of you was taken from Auburn. Clearly it was quite the spectacle.

    • “Why are people still paying attention to Spencer? ”

      People are desperate, desperate for someone to lead them out of this cultural sewer.

    • I don’t think many are. He’s a legend in his own mind of course – very Trumpian in that respect, along with the endless grift. There will always be some fools who fall for it, but many now relegate him in the same hole of wokeness as David French.

  9. We need real proactive leaders (probably just one) and leadership to recover our culture and to survive. We don’t need grifting media personalities which pretty much covers everyone still allowed on the internet and social media in general.

    That everything we are accessing on our TVs, phones and PCs is totally controlled propaganda is essentially obvious to any rational White mind.

    Real research can be done if one is mentally initiated, but all you see without effort is just jewish BS.

    • “Real research can be done if one is mentally initiated,”

      That’s real time consuming, far beyond the typical person’s available time.
      Just consider Adam Green’s work, he’s working full time Just to discover a segment of Judaism. No average person has that sort of time.

      We need full institutions devoted to that kind of research, with 100s of ppl devoted to full time discovery.

    • >We need real proactive leaders (probably just one) and leadership …

      This is what is missing, yes — you can find plenty of good ‘takes’ (including shit posting), analysis, historical background, coverage of current events, etc on social media and the internet generally — but organization and activism is missing (I guess part of what this blog does today is chronicle what went wrong the last time that was tried).

      For an example of such a project that seems to be going fairly well, check out PA (Patriotic Alternative) in the UK — I don’t agree with everything they do (some of it is a bit cringe), but they understand what’s at stake (2066 is the general prediction for when Whites will be a minority in the UK) and seem fearless at this point, not really giving a shit about the way the media treats them — in fact they seem to enjoy the publicity, which generally brings more attention and members — all this despite police harassment (e.g. house searches and device seizures as part of an investigation into suspected ‘public order’ offenses) — any time you address the issue of race in the UK you run the risk of being accused of a ‘public order’ offense.

      Laura Towler is one of the leaders — you can follow her on Telegram:

      Telegram/Laura Towler

      Also Mark Collett

  10. Why are people even discussing Richard Spencer like he’s some kind of world-historical figure, like Alexander the Great? Awful character, did a lot of damage to White interests. Not a serious person with the gravitas and experience needed to lead. Good riddance!

    Now let’s ignore the bleating f*cker.

  11. “There is too much focus on White identity and Jews. There is not enough focus on culture and character. We desperately need more of a balance. ”

    Hear! Hear!

    • There is too much focus on White identity and Jews. There is not enough focus on culture and character. We desperately need more of a balance.

      What specifically about ‘culture’ deserves more focus?

      It would have been better to say there were too few men of solid character in the Alt-Right focusing on ‘White identity and Jews’ — more emphasis on ‘culture’ couldn’t hurt, but there are people in the Dissident Right who already give culture a lot of attention.

      Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to put too much focus on ‘White identity’, as a later post here demonstrates:

      Steve King: The White Man Doesn’t Have a Chance In DC

      As someone else might say (not me of course): I don’t think it’s his ‘culture’ that results in ‘the white man not having a chance in DC’ (specifically in a DC courtroom).

      • Culture is the glue that holds societies together. It is like the oil in an engine. When people share the same values and beliefs, they work together more smoothly. There is less friction between them.

        The problem with White Nationalism and the Alt-Right is trying to base identity solely on biological race. This sidesteps the question of how people relate to their race. Some people have a positive sense of racial identity. Some people have a very negative one. Few people are absolutely obsessed with their racial identity and hostile to other aspects of identity.

        As a result, the movement ends up being a grab bag of people who value their racial identity, but who differ in all sorts of other ways due to the lack of a common culture. Cliques form based on shared affinities. It leads to endless fighting between anonymous people. It is nearly impossible to get the “movement” to cooperate and push forward toward any kind of goal. Most people eventually get exhausted with this and drop out.

        If you have been around for as long as I have, you have seen it. People form extreme subcultures based on their alienation from mainstream society and get so immersed in online ghettos that they lose the ability to communicate with outsiders.

        The character issue is probably the biggest issue. Focusing solely on race and dislike of Jews and trying to form a movement on that basis leads to deemphasizing personal qualities like character. Bad actors come along who say the right things and push the right buttons, but who are terrible people who lead us into disaster after disaster until their flaws catch up with then.

        • So if you don’t base it on race and who the common enemy is, then you’re opening the door to any one from any race, to be in your group.
          Which is…what we have now.

          What would you ever base your group on? Some subjective ideas on morals?
          If you say it’s based on not having gays or trans, or indoctrinating schools…then it’s not about being white. But you can’t get the white thing in there, not at all.

          Culture comes from genetics. Whites were a certain way for thousands of years, because of how we developed and thought.
          Culture comes from traditions, and histories.
          But a black could say, tracing back to Africa, that their people have a culture and value similar things. Is that how you want to connect?

          You see, if you connect by race, its genetics.
          Nature cast the first stone, and everything else came after that.
          If you want to get back to what whites started out as, you can’t open the doors to other groups.

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