Inflation Remains High In July

Seems right.

The peak was during my road trip in June when gas prices were at a record high. Inflation has eased because gas prices are down. Gas prices always come down during recessions.

Joe Biden can boast that his economic and energy policies and his foreign policy combined to ignite a wave of inflation. Prices are down though because he crashed the economy.


  1. “Gas prices always come down during recessions.”

    Is it really that, with refinery runs strong as ever and consumption is very high ?
    Or is it that Russia is gaining wider channels, via India and China, to put more of its production on the world market ?
    I think The latter.

  2. Hey keep voting for your Zionists & Communists masquerading as ‘Republicans’ & ‘Democrats’ in your Jewocracy–I mean ‘democracy’..

    • “keep voting for your Zionists & Communists”:

      There are no communist candidates to vote for. Socialism is never on the ballot in the U.S.. Don’t confuse Zionism and Phariseeism with socialism, and with communism, which is the end goal of real socialism. Israel is a fully capitalist state. Neoliberals and The Neocons are all capitalists. The love of money is the root of all this evil.

      • Communism is a phantom but persons with a history of expressing Communist sympathies are always on the ballot. You will find relatively few people with a history of expressing genuine disgust or outrage at Communism on the ballot. Those people are considered to be “fascists.”

  3. The overheating triggered a recession, the only question is whether the rate hikes will create a “soft landing”.

  4. “8.5%”? Ha! The U.S.’s consumer price index, and official inflation rate, and gross national product, are all laughable, too-obvious fabrications.

  5. Gasoline is down a dollar a gallon in my area, but every other CPI has gone up or remained elevated.

    I do not trust the government’s statistics on anything tbh.

  6. Increased unemployment “will help fight inflation” as destitution reduces the plebs’ demand for goods and services. I noticed that Ford is cutting its workforce by another 10,000, and that Amazon already reduced its workforce by 100,000 in the last quarter, with thousands more job cuts to come, as it allows attrition to exceed the new hires. The insurance, banking and real estate industries are also cutting thousands of jobs and closing thousands of brick-and-mortar facilities (Geico for example will not have a single physical office open soon in the state of California) and some are restricting phone contact, going for online communications only which requires the fewest workers.

    Meanwhile a U.S.-run biological “research” facility located in Taiwan has announced yet another “novel” disease that has never been known to infect humans before. Langya virus (LayV) belongs to the Henipavirus family, two other species of which include the Hendra henipavirus and the Nipah henipavirus virus that have infected humans, with case fatalty rates over 50%, and are classified very dangerous, lab biosafety Level 4 pathogens. The People’s Republic of China, with its highly skilled and hyper-vigilant public health system has already detected some cases.

    The new Monkeypox, that spread from Nigeria where there happen to be two U.S. biological “research” labs, has mutated 26 times in the last few months, which seems very unnatural. Pox viruses, including smallpox and monkeypox are normally very stable, mutating extrremely rarely. But this new monkeypox mutates a lot. The elites’ sought-for “perfect” weapon is not nuclear, but biological. Biologicals could be made even more precise (even mono-ethnically or racially targeted) than the neutron bomb that can kill off all the excess poor in an area while leaving the elites’ valuable real estate and other infrastructure standing intact.

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