Occidental Dissent 2022 Fundraiser

Editor’s Note: The five year anniversary of UTR seemed like a good time to launch our annual fundraiser. I’m also not closing the site down this year. I have been a lot more productive lately since getting a new laptop.

This is our weirdest fundraiser ever.

We’ve gone mainstream over the past two years.

As we remember Charlottesville, 90% of the stuff that we have talked about on this website over the past decade is part of the national conversation now and is broadly accepted by millions of White people.

  • The Great Replacement conspiracy to replace White people
  • The National Divorce / Secession
  • Civil War 2 / Confederacy 2.0
  • Destruction of American heritage
  • Christian nationalism / Christian values reflected in government
  • Generic Exclusionary Nationalism (isolationism, protectionism, immigration restriction)
  • Neo-Confederate states’ rights ideology
  • “Fascism” / “Authoritarianism” / Self-government
  • Restoring the patriarchy
  • Black-on-white crime
  • The term anti-White
  • Nationalism
  • Populism
  • “Journalists” as our enemies
  • Antifa as our enemies
  • Post-liberalism / Critique of conservative liberalism
  • The nefarious influence of PMCs and coastal elites

This is good news.

It is why we marched that day.

White grievance politics is making tremendous strides forward.

It has been five years since Unite the Right and 70% of Republican voters understand that they are being dispossessed in their own country. That’s worth something, right?

All of those conferences that we held and attended over the past 20 years where these ideas were forged and disseminated to the public is finally paying off. The worldview that we articulated in countless blogs, articles, podcasts, radio shows, the memes and mean tweets has permeated the culture in an irresistible tidal wave of cultural criticism that has been labeled misinformation by “extremism experts.”

There are still some major exceptions:

  • Jewish influence and power
  • Shyness about White identity

Some red pills are harder to swallow than others. The ADL has put up fierce resistance and has succeeded in getting us deplatformed from social media. No one really cares what Jonathan Greenblatt thinks anymore though. Being attacked by the SPLC and ADL is now a badge of honor.

If we keep pushing our message, I am confident that we will eventually succeed in getting it all to break through because the truth is on our side. Truth eventually triumphs over lies. Frankly, I am shocked that the resistance seems to have crumbled so quickly. Everything didn’t change all at once when Trump was elected in 2016. It has happened more gradually and has picked up rapidly under Joe Biden.

Do you remember the conservative bigshots like Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol and J-Pod? Do you remember when National Review, The Weekly Standard and Commentary used to rule the roost of True Conservatism? If you are my age or older, you do. If you are younger, you probably don’t remember them. You now live in a world where no one gives a shit what those people think anymore.

I’m not taking sole credit for it. I do think we have been out ahead of the culture though. I know you were condemning race-mixing before Viktor Orbán was willing to go there. I know you were dreaming about a National Divorce for years before Marjorie Taylor Greene. I know you were saying that non-Whites were invading America long before Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson. Someone has to be that guy who is willing to spit in the wind and get nothing but grief for it for years to change the culture. We settled into that outsider role in the rightwing political firmament many years ago and have no regrets.

In the years ahead, we will need to focus on normalizing White identity, which should be a lot easier given favorable polarization trends in the media. White men need to come out of the closet and stand up for themselves. I think this is achievable. I also think we need to work on closing the gap between the prevalence of our views and our representation in government. We’re no longer frozen out of mainstream politics. We can elect federal, state and local officials who will oppose the Great Replacement, dismantle the Global American Empire (GAE), work to secure the National Divorce and implement White Christian Nationalism across Real America by rolling back the Rights Revolution of the 1960s.

As impossible as this sounds, we have climbed this mountain before.

I will remind you of Sen. Ben Tillman and the White Man’s Revolution of 1876:

“. . . It was in 1876, thirty years ago, and the people of South Carolina had been living under negro rule for eight years. There was a condition bordering upon anarchy. Misrule, robbery, and murder were holding high carnival. The people’s substance was being stolen, and there was no incentive to labor. Our legislature was composed of a majority of negroes, most of whom could neither read nor write. They were the easy dupes and tools of as dirty a band of vampires and robbers as ever preyed upon a prostrate people. There was riotous living in the statehouse and sessions of the legislature lasting from year to year.

Our lawmakers never adjourned. They were getting a per diem. They felt that they could increase their income by remaining in session all the while. They were taxing us to death and confiscating our property. We felt the very foundations of our civilization crumbling beneath our feet, that we were sure to be engulfed by the black flood of barbarians who were surrounding us and had been put over us by the Army under the reconstruction actsThe sun of hope had disappeared behind a cloud of gloom and despair, and a condition had arisen such as has never been the lot of white men at any time in the history of the world to endure. Life ceased to be worth having on the terms under which we were living, and in desperation we determined to take the government away from the negroes.

We reorganized the Democratic party with one plank, and only one plank, namely, that “this is a white man’s country and white men must govern it.” Under that banner we went to battle. …

South Carolina and Louisiana were the two last States to throw off the blood-sucking vampires which had been set over them by the reconstruction acts ….”

Progress is a myth.

Our Democracy can be defeated. America can be taken back.

Liberalism was forced on the prostrate South during Reconstruction. It was rejected, dismantled and overthrown over the course of two generations. It was those generations who erected monuments to the Confederate dead and who even captured the idea of America itself during the Woodrow Wilson presidency. Civic nationalism gave way to ethnonationalism. The federal government was resegregated and immigration was restricted. Christian activists even banned alcohol during Prohibition.

The struggle is never over. The country is going through another one of those periodic moments when it has lost faith in liberalism and is reconsidering its identity and course. The ethnonationalist tradition is roaring back with a vengeance. We have been here before specifically with the Redeemer generation when great men like Sen. “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman and Sen. James K. Vardaman rose to power.

If you enjoy our content and would like to support our work, please contribute below. Unlike so many of our peers, we have persisted in the five years that have elapsed since Unite the Right. We haven’t given into despair because of a few setbacks. The cause is on an upward trajectory again. We have work to do.

As always, the money we raise goes to help offset the costs of my son’s school tuition. Inflation has made even that more expensive. Together, we move forward.

Hunter Wallace

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  1. K. I’m sending a contribution.

    But how about recruiting a professional fund raiser who’s got lists of rich people that gave money to Donald Trump, Romney, even the Bush family?

    Successful fund raising is both and art and a science. That *@$&@ founder of the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center Morris Dees he was a very skilled fundraiser. So was our Dr. Pierce.

    Our side tends to really suck at fund raising.

    How about recruit a pretty young gal who can have lunch with rich older White men like the richest man in Chicago Illinois a Hedge fund manager that through up his hands and moved to South Florida.

    Lydia Brimelow of Vdare is a very good fundraiser. Maybe your wife should do this. You’re a writer, maybe you shouldn’t also do fundraising.

    How about finding out who’s raising money for the NRA in your/our zip codes.

    The information of who contributed to Donald Trump campaigns is a matter of publish record. We can get those records.

    Also, please republish Counter Currents’ blog about how to give $ anonymously.

    God bless you and yours sir.

    J Ryan
    The Political Cesspool Radio Show

  2. How about Getting Ma**all’s beautiful young wife to lead our fund raising efforts. Just don’t tell donors that she’s married.

    Don’t tell female donors that Ma**all is married.

    I’m an excellent partner dancer – I’ll gladly romance rich windows like in “The Producers”.

    Hey B – text me, call me and tell my how to send you my $ via Zelle network.

    I did that to James Edwards TPC.

    We have to step up a bit and not just do checks and $ money orders through the US Mail.


    How about featuring me a bit more here on OD? Do R Murdoch style sports and (wholesome) pretty, sexy White gals, celebrity stuff.

    Women like my step daughter don’t much care for politics, they care about their rivals butts.

    Ha Ha.

    • Is that the one where Art Bell, that smarmy piece of shit, tried to pin Oklahoma City on WLP and The Turner Diaries? — I’ve heard that show before; it airs periodically on the National Alliance 24/7 radio stream here.

  3. Hey now, don’t become that ersatz dissident known by his government name, Steve Sailer, collecting money for nothing. Steve-O spends all his waking moments pointing out the “squirrel,” dark-skin and female disfunction, without calling out the people who use these lost souls to maintain their status as the great vampire squid.

    Naming names, and not just the Jews spinning their lies, is the key to actual resistance to the Regime. Sailer is a limited hangout disinformation agent, as is Ron Unz, and others we all know and reject. Never go back to shilling for the Man, like you did on Covid. That period put this blog to great shame, as the lies have all come undone, as myself and others here told you from day one. NEVER trust anyone with power or authority over you. NO ONE.

    • Sailor appears to be another boring, journo who enjoys telling us what we knew a month before.

      Unz is a member of the tribe. This is no secret. If you like him, you’ll love Dennis Prager!

  4. What happened was that Unz’s star dissidents, Ron himself and the great noticer, Sailer, have proven to be willing lapdogs to TPTB on the biggest issue of the day, the Great Reset in all of its manifestations in government subverting the rule of law to allow the controllers of wealth generating assets absolute security from the 99.9999%.

    They poo-poo the covid scamdemic, the fundamental abuse of power against Trump and his supporters, and anything else that shows obedience to the regime is unwarranted. You were traveling down that same road, and for the same reason (status envy towards TPTB), but in light of events on the ground shifting towards revival, Hunter is back supporting the rest of us, while Unz and Sailer maintain their distain for their audience.

    I change my opinion when facts and historic human nature suggest a shift is appropriate. Others tilt with the path of least resistance. I respect courage. Sailer and Unz themselves are cowards. Some on that site remain semi-valuable, but unless a person is 100% against the Empire of Evil, they are part of the problem. Fight or die.

        • I think Steve Sailer s father in law is J – got ethnically cleansed from the West Side of my Chicago in the 1968 Black MLK death riots

          i think the family gave up and moved to rural Iowa or something like that

          Steve Sailer is a great honest writer eventually got on the wrong side of the JQs

          David Podhoretz son of a (not bad) Neo Conservative Norman Podhoretz

          Steve Sailer s writing on Obama “ The half Blood Prince” is very good


  5. @Brad, This is worth every dollar anyone ever sent you:

    “I support the White race. I support Anglo-Saxon culture. I’m an Anglo-Protestant Christian. I support republicanism. I believe in liberty which is self government by sovereign states. I don’t want to live under a fascist dictatorship with a centralized and consolidated government. I want to live under a free government with a Christian culture with racial and ethnic boundaries that anchor the government and keep it stable. I resent liberals for jettisoning those boundaries and thus deracinating our people, degenerating our culture and redistributing power from the states and local communities to unaccountable federal bureaucracies staffed by progressives.”

  6. At this point I might just as well give my money to Rod Dreher. The two of you seemed to have merged.

    • I’ve stayed in the same place.

      Rod has become more radical although he isn’t nearly where I am. He still talks about White identity as being some kind of demon. He isn’t comfortable in his own skin. I don’t have any sense of racial guilt.

      The fact that people like Rod are relatively better than they used to be is something to celebrate. It is progress. The goal here is to persuade those people that our position is correct.

      • Agree completely. Dreher is a good stand in for the normie point of view that seeks to avoid conflict at all costs, because the normies have something to lose in any fight against the Regime, and generally will not risk anything unless 100% certain of success.

        If go along to get along Rod Dreher, who constantly states he can only imagine people are fundamentally good, is ready to FIGHT THE POWER, then other salt of the earth citizens are secretly thinking the same thing. And as the thought must precede the deed, this new consciousness is good for dissidents hoping to build a coalition of the willing (to actually prove their stated values are legitimate by sacrificing for those same values).

        Now just step out publically like the House of Representatives candidate who called out the Jews, and take over the levers of elected authority, first locally, then state-wide, eventually infiltrating the federal Leviathan like the enemy, and winning is possible. And for you OD naysayers who discount “voting harder, ” yes, that is a fool’s errand if you just take the choices offered. Who says you must? Run, support fellow dissidents who brave the Oligarchs, and so on. Fight standing or die on your knees. Your choice.

      • Your attacks on men who are genuinely persecuted for their race like James Fields and everyone else who ever stipulated to some jew prosecutor’s lie in a plea deal to avoid the death penalty say otherwise, Brad.

        • James Fields, Jr. could have backed up his car and left the scene. He actually did this after he crashed his car and was fleeing the scene. He was on pills due to anger issues

          • Sure, but this doesn’t change the fact that what he did was in no way capital murder. He was persecuted/prosecuted (same word in JewSA) for his race. We all know that a nig would have been given 10 years for manslaughter, released after 3. A jew or ‘vestie would have never been arrested at all.

  7. Ole stinkfinger stelter and his friend ” Lady Stink, sitting around talking about us, funny thing is, the day will come and we will be living happily ever after in our.Southern Republic and they will still be sitting around talking about us

  8. I’m going to send what I would have sent TRS. Jazzhands is one of my favorites but they never came clean. Hopefully he will leave.

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