Eddie Gorcenski: Did We Win?

Eddie sees himself as a badass lib:

  • Eddie doxxes people
  • Eddie gets people censored and deplatformed on social media
  • Eddie gets people publicly shamed in ProPublica documentaries
  • Eddie gets people fired from their jobs
  • Eddie vandalizes our monuments
  • Eddie supports lawfare

These are the tactics which he sincerely believes are going to defeat “fascism.”

Edward Gorcenski:

For me then, the outcomes were clear. Either we would win, and fade into obscurity, Unite the Right just another distant memory remembered only by a small handful of obsessive journalists and activists, or we would lose, the alt-right gaining a key tactical victory in their political ascent.

Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t foresee that we would win the battle and lose the war. I knew that Donald Trump was a fascist, but I was surprised to hear his “both sides” comments. I knew that the FBI sides with Nazis almost every time, but I was still shocked to see them leave easy PR victories on the table. I never predicted that Charlottesville would be reduced to a single point. …

We won the Battle for Charlottesville, but we’re losing the war. I ask myself, was our stand too little, was our stand too late? …”

Five years later, people like Eddie are still doing victory laps around the likes of Baked Alaska, Christopher Cantwell and Jason Kessler. They missed the forest for the trees

Antifa was always focused on punishing evildoers. We were always focused on trying to change the culture. Social movements aren’t defeated by making life harder for individuals.

If we had gotten the chance to speak that day in Lee Park, the speeches would have been about topics which were edgy then but which are largely accepted now like secession or the Great Replacement. The last five years have shown that we never needed to be physically present in that park in Charlottesville or even to be on Twitter in order to get our points across and persuade our target audience.

Thuggishness didn’t help our cause. It certainly didn’t help Antifa who are loathed today by millions of people who didn’t know who they were in 2017.


  1. Eddie belongs in a mental institution because it thinks it’s Emily. One day, hopefully very soon, Eddie will taste Karma and wish he was never born.

  2. The last five years have shown that we never needed to be physically present in that park in Charlottesville or even to be on Twitter in order to get our points across and persuade our target audience.

    I would place about 75 to 80 percent of this red-pilling you describe in the last 18 months. Yes the whole 2020 clown show was what started some ‘normies’ to begin to see a tiny glimpse of reality – despite being marinated in literal decades of lies by academia (K through PhD), media (all) and the double-headed racket of the Washington Generals (GOP) and Harlem Globetrotters (D-jerseys). Is it for real this time? After all, some of us remember the great ‘turnarounds’ of 1994 and 2010 and how they turned out – ultimately victories for the Empire of Lies and the cloud people. Red-pilling slowed to a trickle after January 2017. The summer of St. George of Fentanyl got it going again, and the brilliant moves of Joe Tzu from 1/6/21 forward really got it on track again.

  3. If there was real fascism Eddie would have caught lead poisoning about 5 minutes after opening his mouth, but they’re all too dense to realize it. AntiFa was always a tool of the system (they’re also too dumb to realize that as well) and their usefulness may be coming to an end. You know what the left always does to useful idiots once their usefulness is at an end.

  4. Christ was the biggest racist there ever was, you will know them by their fruits, and he was the son of God. Anti-racist means anti-Christ.

  5. All the Left managed to do, was take out the most uncontrollable people, the ones most likely to create problems for the movement. What was left was adult people like Brad that were sane and willing to do the hard slow work of getting the message out. Kind of survival of the fittest. Shoot all the easy deer, and the surviving deer get way, way, harder to hunt…

  6. The ability of jews to look you straight in the face and lie is really breathtaking. I’m not the first to point this out. I want to live in a high trust society and this behavior is just not compatible.

  7. The unite the right rally was quite impactful in the sense that t brought the White nationalists to the mainstream. The message that Charlottesville pushed was nowhere near as influential enough to spread White Nationalism far enough to reach all White People.

    All Charlottesville did was show another event of antisemitism, racial discrimination based on implicit supremacy despite the message of separatism, White Southern heritage, and opposition to the Great Replacement all of which were misrepresented by the Jewish media.

    Although the Great Replacement has now become more well known among Whites, thanks to the efforts of this media platform and other related platforms there is still something that is missing; the final nail in the coffin if you will and that is that White people aren’t genetically related to Nonwhites because even if Whites know about the Great replacement or the death of Western civilization and culture, Nonwhite crime rates, or even the problems of mass immigration the fundamental idea that is driving all of these things, despite the negative societal connotations it has, is that al humans are the same

    So. Whites will tolerate all of this Nonwhite chaos, destruction, and disorder because they think that Nonwhites are like their distant blood relatives and are thus driven by conventional morality to help them even if they don’t feel the same because ultimately, if all humans are the same, then the differences between humans can also change as the only differences that can occur between the same things is numerical/quantitative.

    Take away any familial relation between Nonwhites and Whites; then you have a very good reason to reject, expel, and fight the invasion of Nonwhite people everywhere within White lands.

    The fact is then that White people are anatomically/functionally different from Nonwhites which proves their unrelatedness to them and a thorough proof of this is right here.

    This White/Nonwhite unrelatedness would have changed everything had it been the message of Charlottesville. It would have brought into question the legalization of interracial marriage, the allowance of mass immigration of Nonwhites & open borders, and would have even sparked a nationwide and worldwide revolution that would have eventually toppled the current Anti-White establishment and created a world with White-Nonwhite worlds that are separate but cooperative with each other due to respect for the differences that separate both races but still acknowledges the equal potential of both races for advanced civilization and culture,

  8. “I knew that the FBI sides with Nazis almost every time”

    Do these people live in an alternate reality?

  9. ” I knew that the FBI sides with Nazis almost every time”.
    In what world does this tranny abomination live in?

    • For antifa, FBI siding with nazis just means they aren’t rounding up and exterminating anyone with even slightly socially conservative views. By their worldview, if a person doesn’t “bash the fash,” then that person supports nazis. By that logic, Soviets were “siding with Nazis” because they had East Germany (including many former Nazi supporters) as a socialist republic rather than just genociding all of the Germans there.

  10. From wiki.

    “””….In 2018, due to safety concerns, Gorcenski left Charlottesville for Berlin, Germany, where she now resides.[14][15]…”””

    Good example why we need global anti communist alliance. We can not afford commie change, so that communists bullied out from US coming to our countries and communists kicked out from Europe, moving to your neighborhood .

  11. For this guy, he considers it a loss for his side if the FBI isn’t rounding up “fascists” and summarily executing them.

  12. Antifa is fake leftism, not socialism. It is no real threat to capitalism. Like ISIS, it is no threat to, and it ignores Zionism. Anarchism is also not socialist. Vandalism and hoodlum thuggery are not socialism either. It is also the opposite of true Christianity.

    Like the far right, Antifa and other fake left “movements” are mostly divide-and-rule controlled opposition that take the place of, discredit and prevent the formation of REAL left opposition. They are proxies of the System, infiltrated and led indirectly by agents of the capitalist System.

    Antifa proxies are conservatives, in the sense that they are really, mostly unwittingly but effectively, helping to conserve the rotten system of Talmudic or Talmudistic plutocracy that some of them claim to oppose, by what they do.

    Remember that the very first “Action Squads” (aka La Camicia Nera) were not anti- but PRO-fascist proxies, who were being used to destroy (they actually KILLED hundreds of) real-left socialists and communists in Italy. The far right has much in common with the fake left.

  13. This Eddie, whatever it is, hopefully is vaxxed and triple boosted. In the twinkling of an eye, it will go to the next world, where it will learn, the fascists were actually quite tame.

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