Tales From The Movement: St. Tarrant


I don’t even know where to begin with Brenton Tarrant.

Obviously, I never knew him. Tarrant was another one of these people like Dylann Roof or James Fields, Jr. who were immersed in a marginalized, anonymous, online racial nationalist subculture. He felt the need to “do something.” He believed time was running out. He decided to act.

The Great Replacement:


The spell broke, why don’t I do something? Why not me? If not me, then who? Why them when I could do it myself? It was there I decided to do something, it was there I decided to take action, to commit to force.To commit to violence.

Were/are you a Christian?

That is complicated.

When I know, I will tell you …”

There it is.

These people congregate in the bowels of the internet.

I’ve only occasionally browsed 4chan and I have never followed what goes on at websites like 8chan. Brenton Tarrant was active there as were all the people who followed in his footsteps like Patrick Crusius (El Paso), John Earnest (Poway), Stephen Balliet (Halle) and Payton Gendron (Buffalo).

We agree on the need to oppose the Great Replacement. We disagree on morality, violence, tactics and strategy. Violent accelerationists believe in individual solutions to collective problems. We believe the only solution to the Great Replacement is persuading our own people about the need to oppose it and then doing something about it through the political process. Going out and shooting random people in a black church or a Sikh temple or a mosque or a synagogue or Hispanics shopping for groceries at Walmart does absolutely nothing to solve the problem and makes it harder to do so for the rest of us.

White people are always going to do what they think is right. This is lost on people who get immersed in online ghettos and siloed away from reality like Brenton Tarrant. Many of these people are already autistic or nihilistic sociopaths. They convince themselves that Christian morality is bullshit. They convince themselves that they can persuade White people to set aside their moral beliefs. They go out and martyr themselves on behalf of deracinated people who are incapable of identifying with their actions.

There can only be a collective solution to this civilization-wide malaise. The collective solution has to be perceived as morally justified. The loss of racial, ethnic and cultural identity that has occurred in the West since the triumph of “antiracism,” liberalism and modernism in the post-World War II era also has to be reversed. We have to change our culture to summon the will to stop the Great Replacement.

Oddly enough, the fact that these mass shootings even happened is an indicator that such a cultural shift is already underway. 70% of Republican voters in the United States now understand the Great Replacement. Éric Zemmour ran to the right of Marine Le Pen in opposing the Great Replacement in France. Polls show that 60% of French voters are now worried about the Great Replacement.

Brenton Tarrant was blackpilled by the 2017 French election results:

“The second event was the 2017 French General election. The candidates were an obvious sign of our times: a globalist, capitalist, egalitarian, an ex-investment banker was no national beliefs other than the pursuit of profit versus a milquetoast, feckless, civic nationalist, an uncontroversial figure who’s most brave and inspired idea resolved to the possible deportation of illegal immigrants. Despite this ridiculous match up, the possibility of a victory by the quasi-nationalist was at least, to myself, a sign that maybe a political solution was still possible. The internationalist, globalist, anti-white, ex-banker won. It wasn’t even close. The truth of the political situation in Europe was suddenly impossible to accept My despair set in.My belief in a democratic solution vanished. …”

The Christchurch mass shooting happened on March 15, 2019.

Tarrant overinterpreted the results of one disappointing electoral setback. Within three years of Christchurch, most people in France had begun to understand that they are being demographically replaced by liberal elites in their own country. Ordinary White people are coming around. It just isn’t happening all at once. It is taking longer than impatient radicals like Tarrant expected.

We made a similar error with Donald Trump in 2017. We allowed our expectations to soar in 2015 and 2016. When some people found out that Donald Trump wasn’t the second coming of Mussolini, they blackpilled way too hard and succumbed to despair. We felt the need to “do something.” It is how we ended up in Charlottesville. Then we overinterpreted the fallout from Charlottesville. In retrospect, we can now look back on those years and see them as being a part of a process. The Tea Party evolved into MAGA. Now MAGA is evolving in a more ethnonationalist direction under Joe Biden with Christian nationalism and racial panic about the Great Replacement beginning to rise to the surface.

By 2025, Donald Trump might actually be Mussolini after everything that has happened to him. Today, Trump supporters are far more radical than they were in 2017. He is also succeeding in purging the haters and losers and replacing True Cons who obstructed his agenda with his own people at all levels of government. Liz Cheney is going to lose her primary in a blowout on Tuesday.

The moral of the story: just because change isn’t happening on your timetable it hardly follows that all is lost or that things will never change and it is better to succumb to rage. Brenton Tarrant’s lack of faith, hope and charity led him and many others to a dark place and ultimately to prison.

Faith, hope and love get you through hard times. This is also lost on pagans and atheists who are constantly self destructing. It is one reason why Christians will lead the next incarnation of the movement.

Note: A few years ago, the Stormer Book Clubs were posting fliers of “St. Tarrant” on churches. He was celebrated by Weev over there for his high score. It was just one of many things that convinced me that I was surrounded by retards and why I regret branding myself with the label.


    • I don’t have access to guns, you do, when do you plan to go Brenton Tarrant? You’re too much noise and very little action.

  1. I imagine most of your detractors either grew up with preachers or pastors who were solely in it for the money, teaching Christianity as some hippy bologna. There’s sure plenty of those denominations out there.

    I, too, grew up in the South, and the lessons we were taught there were “hate the sin, not the sinner” and “be intolerant to tolerance.” Perhaps that’s why I don’t feel animosity for the opposition, and yet still have the motivation to fight against them. Perhaps your complainers on here think it’s a “this-or-that” situation, and aren’t clever enough to think otherwise?

  2. As you know, I was in Paris and right there on the ground for most of the month of April. The lessons that I learned right then and there didn’t quite become obvious to everyone else until two months later when the RN had a surprising showing in the legislative elections. It’s just that I tend to find the moral of the story or the lesson of the thing before everyone else. And generally speaking, the lesson of France in April and then again June is something that I know Hunter has also been figuring out on his own, that WN on its own is empty without “everything else.” In the case of MLP and the FN, it’s melding WN with economic populism, making economic populism the front and center, and sort of smuggling the WN behind it.

    I’ll link to my long essay, if you want more details.


  3. It is the Jews that will lead the world to Christ and then take credit for it and be proud of themselves. Everything and I mean everything the Jews do is being done out of a hatred of Christ.

    “You have us to thank for leading you to Christ you stupid goyim.”

    Purification through transgression is Judaism.

  4. Tarrant targeted a radical mosque on purpose. Dylan Roof killed some black political organizer. Robert Bowers was pissed about HIAS…Whether you think what they did was wrong or not, it’s objectively incorrect to say ALL these guys are just shooting randos.

    That quote from JFK about making peaceful revolution impossible, we’ve all heard it…what if ChristNats fail to use the GOP to reverse Whites becoming a minority? What then? South Africa?

    Last time Christians there made a big show of gathering to resist they broke down and started the whole “We’re all gods children we don’t hate anyone.” As the black radicals were openly talking of using violence against them.

    Jumping back to the GOP just because they say stuff we like, as has happened every single freaking time Whites get too uppity, will not solve anything. Conservatives generally, but ESPECIALLY Racialist minded ones, seem to have the memories of goldfish and the souls of rape victims.

    Either an Ethnostate or Brazilification. That’s our options. GOP will lead us to the latter, but atleast they’ll be based Christians right?

  5. 4chan /pol/ is super-useful once you get the hang of navigating it quickly

    Its virtue is that stuff appears there before anywhere else, and content there regularly becomes ‘famous’ 3 days or a week later … there is a kind of procession from /pol/ to other sites like Anglin and Paul Joseph Watson, and from there on to ZeroHedge and ‘mainstream’ on Twitter etc … I see this all the time

    Also, in case of a ‘happening’ like the Mar-a-Lago raid, the /pol/ autists pretty quickly fan out and find a lot of info on the net before it gets scrubbed, like the Jewish judge who signed the Trump raid order, being a Florida synagogue director and tied to Jeffrey Epstein

    The key to browsing /pol/ once a day is – during peak USA evening hours – taking a laptop / desktop and looking at the ‘catalog’ page where you see on one page, all 200 or so live /pol/ threads at that moment; this lets you skim thru them quickly to see whatever might not be dreck … despite the vulgarity etc, /pol/ is a prime window into the pulse of things, where you see the propaganda narratives tested in collision

    Along with racist crudeness etc, there is also a surprising amount of deep zoomer-millennial Christian and religious feeling there


  6. We agree on the need to oppose the Great Replacement. We disagree on morality, violence, tactics and strategy.

    Since you’re not a racial nationalist, how exactly do you intend to ‘oppose the Great Replacement’?

    Something to think about: after this incident, anti-racist propaganda was weaponized in NZ, which will help soften up that nation in preparation for its demographic annihilation (NZ is, like Ireland, a very small white country) — then, led by a woman who as a ‘leader’ of a nation (of men) is about as ridiculous as one could imagine, NZ used this as a pretext to outlaw and confiscate firearms — dissemination of the video was also criminalized (i.e. similar to ‘Holocaust’ material, apparently they don’t want too many people scrutinizing it).

    So this incident served the Establishment really well, but benefited literally no one else — funny how often that happens.

    • I don’t agree with racial nationalism because a race isn’t a nation.

      A nation is a group of people who share common ancestry, but also a common identity and culture and thus sympathies and willingness to live together. A group of people who were related during the last Ice Age aren’t a nation. They don’t see themselves as being one either.

      You could say that there are lots of European nations. New Zealand is one of them. It isn’t my nation even though we share the same racial and ethnic origins. We can oppose the Great Replacement without conflating race with nation and misleading ourselves that race is all that matters

      • Not to be disrespectful (a little ridicule is perhaps OK now and then), I would describe most of your answer as quibbling drivel, roughly equivalent to a libtard whining about ‘scientific racism’ — but I’ll let it go.

        >We can oppose the Great Replacement without conflating …

        However here again I must ask: how exactly do you intend to ‘oppose the Great Replacement’? — because I do not see how it is possible to ‘oppose the Great Replacement’ without race-conscious politics and concrete policy — as it is, legal immigration, including asylum (I believe to this point white nations have only seen the tip of that iceberg), will demographically obliterate every white nation this century unless they all adopt race-conscious policies designed to preserve their demographic heritage — and in such a scenario, I don’t think it is unreasonable to speak of ‘white genocide’, as I have explained this term before (albeit I generally do not use it myself).

        • “English” and “Scotch Irish” are not races. White is a race. White is not Negroid or Mongoloid or Australoid, so it IS race. Or species and subspecies or breeds, if you prefer.

          • @Pilot, no your wrong “White”, “Black”, and “Brown” are social constructs. All that matters is nation/ethnos these other things are useless. Trying to mix all “Whites” into one universal blob is no different than mixing any other groups together. We need to preserve our individual nations/ethnos, and stop trying to unite via “Whiteness”, and who’s “White”.

      • @HW Race and nation are different, and most people feel attacked based on their race.
        The only time I have heard people say they felt attacked based on nationality was with taxes or laws or infringements of freedoms and rights. But this isn’t just for whites, although that is how it’s being enforced, and we all know it.
        Every former white nation has been flooded and ruined by forced massive nonwhite immigration. This is more about race than nationality.
        No one is saying that “race is all that matters”, but it is clearly the biggest parameter that is being affected. Race affects everything. If you have to go to school with nonwhites, it’s more of a problem than religion. You could argue that Muslims could be a problem, but again, most of them are not white…
        America has been turned into “the Melting Pot” and “a Nation of Immigrants” by certain people with an agenda. So “nation” isn’t clearly the top parameter.
        Neither is culture, due to “Cultural Appropriation” and so many whites have very little culture as they mindlessly adopt things like tacos and “Cinco de Mayo” as part of their lives, because the media tells them so.
        If race is not adopted as the top tier parameter, then you have these other values that include nonwhites, and now, you have absolutely NO cause, nothing to hope or gain from.
        Whites are only 8% of the world population, so how can you NOT acknowledge this…

      • How do you respond to this criticism:
        We are hated and attacked based on our race, not our nationality. Therefore, we should band together and resist as a unified race, rather than as divided nations.

        • I’m a Southerner.

          I’m used to being attacked on the basis of my ethnicity. Mostly by other White people too!

          • @Brad, that’s why people like you and I need to just refer to ourselves as Southerners not as “White”. It’s more direct and specific, plus the overwhelming majority of our enemies are other “Whites”. So why should we identify with the same label/term as our enemies? Most Yankee Whites have always seen us as less than them, and inferior. We are not the same “race” as Yankees and Pacific coast people. I have a book titled Yankee Babylon that describes this. So calling ourself “White” is a self-defeater in my opinion. I don’t give a damn about other so called “Whites” I care about my Kith and Kin in Dixie. Dixie forever!!!!!!!!

          • @Calvin Candy
            You wrote:”We are not the same “race” as Yankees and Pacific coast people.”

            Most Southerners, not the transplants during job migrations, are of English, Scottish, Irish, and French bloodlines. Lots of French, as we almost became a French nation, hence Louisiana and all of the French up north in upper NY state and all.

            So you say you’re “not the same race” as Yankees and Pacific Coast people. Well you’re quite wrong. There are people of those bloodlines all over the US. So why make up stuff that is clearly wrong.

            So calling yourself “a Southerner” isn’t racial at all. The blacks in the South are Southerners. So are the Mexicans who are there now.

            I bet if you could talk to Jefferson Davis today, he would say you’re white. So would Thomas Jefferson.

          • >I’m used to being attacked on the basis of my ethnicity.

            Perhaps you ought to be careful lest people start ‘attacking’ you for not answering questions.

      • It’s a shame most on here don’t have enough sense to realize that. I would go a step further and cease using the term “White” to describe our “race” because that is a social construct. I instead identify with my nation and ethnicity.

      • The South isn’t a nation either then. Black and White Southerners do not share the same ancestry. Alabamans are different from South Carolinians. Georgians are different from Louisianians. Within Alabama, rural Alabamans are different from big city Alabamans. If the South seceded from the U.S., Alabama should then secede from the South. Then, Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, etc. should secede from Alabama and form independent city-states. This is the logical conclusion of ethnonationalism.

    • Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first

      Teachers are normally laid off or excessed based on seniority alone, but the new agreement adds a racial component as well. … A Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before “educators of color” in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff. … After the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and MPS struck a deal on March 25 to end a 14-day teacher strike, the two sides drew up and ratified a new collective bargaining agreement complete with various proposals. … The stated justification for these measures is “to remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination by the District.”

      But remember: we musn’t ‘conflate race with nation’ — that’s the important thing.

      • Good. Any white teacher participating in that monstrosity should be forced out. There isn’t a single white teacher in that district who isn’t an enemy of whites in Murika. These are the types who take the class out to march with BLM. Perhaps they should ‘learn to code’ or maybe work at Walmart stocking shelves like Dennis Wilson did in the wake of being quietly run out of police work after being acquitted of “murdering” (e.g. defending himself) St. Swisher the Sweet, the Gentle Giant of Fergudishu.

        This is an example of something that will serve to destroy public education overall. That’s for the best in the long term (and the short term). There is absolutely no reason to oppose this. Public education is one of many enemy-controlled which needs to be utterly destroyed. It is not reformable. As the dindus in Fergudishu chanted: Burn the bitch down! The graduates of MPS will be model of world-class retardation. Have Joe Tzu give their graduation address after the air shakes his hands.

        • LOL

          Your comment reminds me of one I saw when protests by Dutch farmers first made the news — speaking sarcastically of the bureaucrats and activists behind the measures affecting the farmers, someone said: ‘Yes, while these new rules and regulations may harm farmers by making it more difficult and costly for them to earn a living, what you must understand is … I am not a farmer.

          I take it you are not a teacher.

          While I think it’s a good thing that these clauses in the contract are publicized, I don’t necessarily see it as a good thing that random white teachers whom I don’t know (and neither do you) might lose their jobs as a result.

          The obvious problem with public education are another matter.

          • @eah. No white teacher who is employed by MPS is going to be one of us, or even a normie. They will be enemies – whites who want to see the entire race exterminated. How on earth is one of these losing their cushy overpaid job a bad thing for us? I do not give a rat’s ass about our enemies. If one of them was on fire and begging for mercy. I would toss some gasoline on him to speed his journey to his eternal reward. Participation in the crime of indoctrinating white kids into self-hatred means they have fully earned whatever horrors come their way, with accrued interest.

            Your comment is indicative of a failure to understand we’re at war. It’s largely a one-sided war now, because most whites refuse to believe their lying eyes.

          • @ Exalted Cyclops AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 11:51 AM

            LOL (yes, again)

            Actually, at least one of them just might be at a minimum a ‘normie’, because that person sent the contract details to the media.

            What a big warrior on behalf of Whites you are, making blanket assumptions about a lot of Whites whom you don’t know at all, and effectively wishing ill upon them based on these assumptions.

            Yeah, we need more white advocates like you for sure.

            >I would toss some gasoline on him …

            You wouldn’t do shit, faggot.

            Fucking psychopath.

  7. These lone attacks against Muslims, Blacks, and Jews are nothing significant. These people do what they want within their own communities which can exist without persecution unlike Whites who aren’t allowed to live homogenously with each other even though their non-variability or anatomical differences say otherwise.

    I know there are many frustrated Whites out there who have come to realize this and take revenge against those who oppose them but if Whites are to ever fight back against the Great replacement; they need to stubbornly band together and refuse to diversify as a whole even if it requires widespread clashing and rioting against their opponents but only as a last resort.

    Tarrant, Roof, and other Whites would have been better off just spreading the word about the Great Replacement & how White people are genetically exceptional and not related to Nonwhites which would make the integration of Nonwhites nonsensible.

    I am sure that would have been more impactful then shooting up a few Blacks or Muslims & it is against US law to restrict free speech anyway. At the end of the day independent Pro-White media is needed to bring more Whites to realize how unique they are.

  8. “Tarrant overinterpreted the results of one disappointing electoral setback. Within three years of Christchurch, most people in France had begun to understand that they are being demographically replaced by liberal elites in their own country. Ordinary White people are coming around. It just isn’t happening all at once. It is taking longer than impatient radicals like Tarrant expected.”

    Did he really? FYI, the Bankstein puppet Micron remains the nominal ruler today in the French okrug of the EUSSR. MLP lost. Are French elections rigged? Probably. The big picture remains unchanged: politics move only in one direction regardless of what polls say and regardless of which nominal party wins the beauty contest. In order for France to even be a sovereign nation again it would have to leave the EUSSR, NATO, the Schlomo Bank system just for openers. You think the cloud people who call the shots there are going to allow some zeks to dismantle their built up asset-stripping operation because of some stupid vote? You’re dead on that there are no individual solutions to collective problems. This is indeed where Tarrant and his companions went astray. Rather than playing by the enemy’s rules (fake elections) we need to be doing things to cause massive systemic failures. Withdrawing consent on a massive scale, so to speak.

    “The moral of the story: just because change isn’t happening on your timetable it hardly follows that all is lost or that things will never change and it is better to succumb to rage. Brenton Tarrant’s lack of faith, hope and charity led him and many others to a dark place and ultimately to prison.

    Faith, hope and love get you through hard times. This is also lost on pagans and atheists who are constantly self destructing. It is one reason why Christians will lead the next incarnation of the movement.”

    This is a superb point which needs to be kept in mind regardless of what the situation is. My point is that our enemies are more evil than most understand or comprehend. They’ve been in power a very long time. Why the hell would they not rig the entire process of elections, law and every other political institution?? They even control 90% or more of so-called Christianity at present. Like the Globo-Pedo NATO-army in Jewkraine, our enemy has enjoyed plenty of time to dig in and fortify. Rooting them out will not be easy. Even so, don’t lose heart! The Taliban drove out the Globo-Pedo empire after 20 years of fighting. The Spanish required 700 years to take their country back from Muslims and Jews. Our enemy is not invincible. It might require far longer than anyone’s lifetime to grind him down. We fight on regardless.

  9. Whites are victims of lone attacks by blacks and other races but those always seem to escape the media and if it makes the news, there’s always an excuse made for the perp.

    • @John. That’s been going on since 1948 – almost the same time the military was integrated and restrictive covenants were declared “unconstitooshunal” by blackrobed philosophah-kangz on the Supreme Kourt. It as in spelled out in Associated Press journalism “guidelines” pushed by the (((New York Times))). This shit has been going on for decades. Whites have been warned for decades too. They don’t give a shit because the false prosperity from easy loans of fake-money created by the Banksteins dulls them to all reality. It won’t stop until the rotten system crashes – the day of the rude awakening.

  10. Bottom line: It’s a question of numbers. Can *enough* white people wake up in time before the non-white percentage is too high? You have three variables: A) Whites who oppose the replacement, B) Stubborn leftist whites who will always support it, C) Immigrants. A has to defeat B+C, while C is constantly growing (very rapidly in Biden’s America), and that has to happen *before* children become majority non-white. In the USA, the battle has already been lost. The children are majority non-white. C > A+B. The Great Replacement already happened, around 2016, before people started waking up. People like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden were boasting about it years before it happened. The USA died in its sleep, and most countries in Europe are likely doing the same thing. Depressing but true. They won’t even collect or publish the stats on non-white children. A while back, Steve Sailer provided evidence that the children in France are majority non-white, or close to it. The battle to wake people up needed to happen a long time ago. Some sounded the alarm, but no one was listening. The question for white people in the USA is not how to stop the Great Replacement, it’s how to survive as a minority.

      • I don’t give two shits about the “White race” because other Whites are my enemies, other Whites attack my faith, other Whites attack me for being Southern, the reason the country is fucked up is majority because Whites sold out. So to hell with the so called “White race”.

    • Whites will not survive as a minority. The others will live in constant dread that Whites might claw our way back up, so they will Genocide us. Besides that, years ago I read that once a people become a minority in their own country, it only takes about 2 generations before they completely disappear as a people. That’s what no one wants to hear but that’s the reality.

      This is why, for years some have been pushing for a White homeland carved out of the US. No one took it seriously. They saw it coming and that Whites as a minority will NOT survive for long.

      Personally, I think the turning point was WWII. The Allies destroyed the future of the White race to cuddle up to (((communists.))) They put everything else ahead of race and we’re paying for it now. They forgot that race is the foundation on which everything else rests. Even people here want to believe that Christianity is more important than race. Well, maybe the last Whites will be killed by Christian POCs, so that’ll make it all alright.

      • Good post, and agree. I can’t see why some want to put religion first, when Mexicans and other brown people have the same religion.
        The window of opportunity to change this, is gone. There are so many nonwhites in the US, it’s unbelievable.
        Also agree about WW2, which was probably the last window of time, before technology was used against us. I’m tired of hearing about :”larping” and how we should forget Hitler. It was the first time Whites got rid of the banking system, and made their currency about either German made goods or service. They did everything for their country. I don’t think we will ever see that again.
        Perhaps some small bands of whites will survive, but they will have to stay hidden, or risk being taken out by nonwhites. They’re convinced they’re better off without us, and they don’t care about who will be generating income tax to support them. It will truly be Planet of the Apes.

    • @Jim Hall Right now, there are so many whites with Mexican spouses here in the US. So the infiltration is pretty heavy. There are so many you can’t even pick out the dominant race with them, Latino + Black+ whatever.
      It’s gone way too far. I think a lot of people don’t live around it, enough to really see it, but it’s overtaking areas that used to be white.
      You’re right about them boasting about it long ago, because they knew once they controlled everything, they’d open the border wide and finish it.

    • I think so.

      This was mainly due to people being pissed off about the attacks on Confederate monuments. It also coincided with Trump’s rise in late 2015

  11. This one was not a good post, Hunter. Did you watch the movie? Hundreds and hundreds of rounds and no blood. The alleged bullets have no impact. All that comes out of the weapons are puffs of air, which is what blank rounds do.

    I like how he passes a “dead” guy going out to his car to fetch more weapons, and the “dead” guy is batefoot. But when Tarrant comes back in and passes the same “dead” guy, the guy is wearing socks. What’s with that?

    Well, the director used that time in the script, while the villain was outside, to take a break. Take five. So the “dead” guy gets up and puts on his socks, and lays back down with them on.

    The movie was great, with a nice soundtrack. It is just fiction, of course. You don’t do things like that.

    New Zealand ZOG put on a good show, and used it as the excuse to disarm the people, which they did.

    I somehow still have some hope that our people will not be so naive and gullible concerning these staged events.

    But hundreds of rounds from high powered weapons and no blood? Puffs of air? Try harder.

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