National Justice Party Holds Rally In Akron, OK

The usual haters are bitching about this on Twitter.

Mike Enoch and Eric Striker are carrying on the work that we started at White Lives Matter in Shelbyville in 2017. Good for them!

Hyphen Report:

“BREAKING NEWS: The pro-White activist group the National Justice Party, led by Chairman Mike Peinovich, has once again taken to the streets of, Akron, Ohio to protest the racially motivated killing of White teenager Ethan Liming! The Hyphen Report is on the scene to provide live coverage of the event and document this important rally.

Ethan Liming was a seventeen-year-old White athlete who was beaten to death by three adult black males after a group of kids fired a water gun at them on the grounds of LeBron James’ “I Promise School.” Ethan, eager to deescalate the conflict between his black friends and the attackers, was singled out and killed, left with a bloody face, broken occipital bone, and deep footprints on his chest wall. When 911 was called, the killers intimidated the witnesses. When police finally arrived, they secured the scene and staunchly denied a racial motive before they even made a single arrest. …”


  1. The media, govt and either party is not going to stand up, protect and defend the White race from the hordes of blacks attacking us so we need groups and organizations to do it. If every other race can have organizations looking out for their best interest, so can Whites.

  2. @Brad Unfortunately, murders and violent assaults by feral Blacks in Akron and the surrounding area are all to common. From what I’ve read Liming’s two pals who were with him when he was assaulted by the ferals were both Blacks themselves, and were unable to stop the attack.

    • This is the first I have heard of this. We’re not connected on social media like we used to be

      • You don’t need social media, or to be connected to anyone — all of the info provided in the comment is available in news stories about this case (going back weeks) — see also my comment below, where I said I asked a reporter whether any of the Blacks who were with Liming were also attacked/involved in the fight with the black defendants, and why this info has not been in any of the news accounts (that I have seen), many of which claim the fight with Liming was not racially motivated.

      • From the Akron Beacon Journal:

        …Liming’s father, Bill Liming, said his multicultural family made up of white, Black and Filipino members will rely on their faith to get them through this time. He said this summer in Akron has been difficult for many people.

        “We know that every situation is different, but we also recognize a common grief that our family shares with so many other families whose loved ones have been taken from them,” he said. “Love will win. Of that, I am certain — not politics, not division, but love.”

  3. Finally, some pushback. Although I wish there was an organization that recognized and promoted White unrelatedness with Nonwhites which has been repeatedly proven here,
    That the key to ending all the attacks, hate, genocide, and replacement against White people. The biggest lie that Jews have pushed was that all humans are the same and liberal Whites cling to that like it’s one of the ten commandments.

  4. That is the second time NJP has protested in Akron, Ohio in regard to the black on White murder of Ethan Liming. The also held a protests over the murder of a White teenage girl by an african relocated to Fargo, North Dakota, as well as the one late last year in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    According to NJP social media, all of their protests have been well received by the locals.

    • Very good. Please contact all GOP state representative in Ohio. Follow up with “thank you for listening to our concerns, e-mails and phone calls.

      This takes work, lots of follow though, but needs to be done.

      • The GOP will not help. They are not on our side. This kind of talk gives naive people false hopes. You’re obviously not very informed on what is going on.

        • The Republican Party is about greed. It only cares about their own bulging pockets, the jews and the Super Rich. Zero care for White People, while they cater to and give special rights to the niggers.

  5. Amazing he wasn’t charged with murder, but the 3 men in the Ahmaud Arbery case are getting life in prison. Why do whites still insist blacks are the victims of racism, when stuff like this goes on??

    • Why do white people still believe that a Bronze Age rabbi rose from the dead?

      People believe what makes them feel comfort.

    • I live in GA and can assure that the GOP establishment has thrown working class Whites under the bus. They were all too eager to use the Arbery case to virtue signal. They are disgusting!

  6. Serious question. Mike “Enoch” Peinovich has admitted his own jewish ancestry on numerous occasions. See the Mike Delaney (ProThink) videos if you have any doubt. So could Enoch/Peinovich really be trusted to lead any “movement” claiming to be for white interests? Seriously?

    • There are those “conservatives” and others trying to circulate the idea that NJP are FBI informants or some kind of agents provocateur. I’ll only believe it if they start promoting and doing violence. So far, I’d say they have real balls (unlike “conservatives) and are doing a great job. We need more like them.

    • Enoch never “admitted” he was Jewish. He was married to a Jewish woman who was on his Nazi show mocking Christmas.

      And it was Enoch who staged “Heilgate” for the cameras of The Atlantic, which he bragged about afterward.

      He also posed for pictures with the Fed group NSM at Charlottesville, which helped the media talk about “Nazis” instead of the Confederate monuments being torn down by BLM.

      Calling Enoch a Jew or a Fed misses the point. If he were a Jew or a Fed, what would he have done any differently?

      Doesn’t matter now. It’s a funny podcast. Their optics are better now that it doesn’t matter anymore.

  7. Of course I don’t blame them for being upset about what happened specifically to Liming, as well as generally what is going on with violent black criminality and anti-white bias in the criminal justice system.

    But the truth is, both the autopsy report, as well as apparently witness testimony before the grand jury, indicate that Liming died when he was punched in the face, which stunned him, and he then fell backward in an uncontrolled way, striking his head on the hard surface, fracturing his occipital bone and causing a fatal brain injury (all of this is in Liming’s autopsy report) — this is what killed him; it’s the same injury that killed a few victims of the knockout game’, and is generally not a rare injury suffered during a fistfight.

    In the above sense, there is little evidence exceptional, murderous brutality was involved in, or the cause of, Liming’s death.

    Given all this, a charge of murder does not really seem appropriate, because when you punch someone you are generally not intending to kill them, nor is it reasonable or ordinary to expect a punch might kill them — the prosecutors seem to have decided, probably correctly, that everything considered they could not prove murder to ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ before a jury, especially with a competent defense.

    However I did email a reporter to ask whether any of the Blacks who were with Liming were also attacked by the black defendants — she didn’t answer.

    • If you cause a fatal injury it is still murder as with James Fields indirectly inducing the land whale into cardiac arrest. Life plus 300 years would seem reasonable in this case by precedent.

      • Believe me, I feel the same about all of this — but given that Whites are being targeted by the system right now, I think law and order absolutism, as advocated by many conservatives (sometimes I call them conservatards), is a mistake in the sense of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

        >as with James Fields indirectly inducing the land whale into cardiac arrest

        And the Fields case is very definitely an instance (a really heinous one actually) of anti-white (and politcial) bias in the criminal justice system (as I suggested exists and is a huge problem today) — perhaps the recent verdicts in the Arbery trials rival the Fields case for anti-white bias.

        Heyer’s cause of death was not cardiac arrest — her specific cause of death is stated in the autopsy report.

      • Wrong. They have to prove he deliberately and premeditatedly ran his car into her to murder her. Intent is everything.
        If you cause a fatal injury without intent or maliciousness, it’s manslaughter.

    • Your post seems to indicate that you’ve researched this. Well, I have also. The website provides multiple local links to the story. I’ve read that all three blacks took turns beating him while he was unconscious. There were shoe imprints left on his chest. Several ribs were broken from this stomping. They took his car so that his friends could not take him to the hospital. Ethan Liming was a minor. All three blacks were adults. They are claiming self defense when they fled the scene.

      Shame on you, eah.

      Everyone here should make it a project to read all the links at website over the next week and really understand all of the details as to what happened. It was a murder based on racial hatred.

      • 1/2

        Yes, anyone who wishes should read whatever info about this case is available — I personally don’t need to read any more about it; I’ve read enough, including the articles on the NJP website, the ones on Hypen Report, and many mainstream news accounts — I’ve had email exchanges with two different reporters in Akron about it.

        >Shame on you, eah.

        Nor do I have anything to be ashamed about.

        I’ve never seen it reported Liming had broken ribs — I saw that he had a broken collar bone and ‘foot impressions’ on his chest; a stomp on his chest could have broken his collar bone — despite that, the cause of death is clear: the occipital fracture and resulting brain injury, which no doubt happened before they stomped on him (which was disgusting of course).

        Note the charges were not reduced until the grand jury heard the testimony of witnesses, including no doubt Liming’s friends who were there, and whose versions must have supported the punch and fall backwards scenario (matching the autopsy findings).

        As I said, the occipital injury was due to a punch to the head and a fall backwards during a fight — the physical altercation was probably started by the defendants (so they could have been charged with assault had Liming not died), but can not unfairly be said to have been provoked by Liming’s prank of firing the toy gun at the accused.

        Which would be better: to overcharge them (murder) and have them acquitted and walk free, or charge them more appropriately per the evidence and secure a conviction?

      • 2/2

        Family mad, defense attorneys pleased: 3 men facing lesser charges in Ethan Liming death

        Deshawn Stafford Jr., 20, was indicted on four charges, including two counts of involuntary manslaughter, while Tyler Stafford, 19, his brother, faces a felony charge of involuntary manslaughter and a misdemeanor assault. Their cousin, Donovon Jones, 21, was indicted on two misdemeanor assault charges, according to court records. … Brad Gessner, chief counsel for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, said additional information came to light after the three defendants were originally charged that impacted the decisions of the grand jury.

        So the most serious charge is now involuntary manslaughter — charges were reduced after a grand jury inquiry.

        Did you read the Ohio criminal statutes? — they define crimes like murder and manslaughter.

        Section 2903.02 | Murder

        Read the definition of murder (‘purposely cause the death of another’) — click ‘Next’ to see the definition of voluntary manslaughter (‘knowingly cause the death of another’), then ‘Next’ again for involuntary manslaughter (’cause the death of another’).

        A description of manslaughter in Ohio:

        Ohio Voluntary Manslaughter Laws

        Voluntary manslaughter occurs when a person intentionally kills another, but acted out of passion or anger brought about by some adequate cause and before he or she had a reasonable time to calm down.

        Ohio Involuntary Manslaughter Laws

        In Ohio, involuntary manslaughter can happen when someone causes the death of another person or their unborn child as the result of committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor or felony.

        Note for voluntary manslaughter (a more serious offense) there must be intent to kill.

        Involuntary manslaughter involves causing the death of another, without intent to do so.

        It seems to come down to whether you believe there is enough evidence to convince a jury to ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that they intended to kill Liming (murder of voluntary manslaughter) — everything considered, including what came out in grand jury testimony, it seems the prosecutors decided there wasn’t — assuming you want to see them behind bars, this was probably the right decision, like it or not.

        At least all of them can and will be tried as adults.

        • Reverse the races. Do you honestly think the charges would be the same and that BLM wouldn’t be on the scene to intimidate court proceedings and to stir up Anti-White hatred?

          • >Reverse the races.

            I know there is anti-white bias in the criminal justice system; the Fields and Arbery cases were cited here as examples — this is one reason I’m a WN and believe in the ’14 words’ — so were the ‘races reversed’, I would not be surprised if the white defendants received more serious charges (look what they did to Rittenhouse) — assuming the same circumstances otherwise, obviously that would not be right either.

            Before I mentioned the ‘libertarianism to alt-right pipeline’, meaning many nationalist dissidents on the Right today started out as libertarians, including me — this means I don’t like the state, don’t believe in law & order absolutism, and don’t want to see anyone judicially persecuted unfairly, including useless black scum like these three.

            >(murder of voluntary manslaughter)

            Should have been:

            >(murder or voluntary manslaughter)

    • This is a bad take.

      Alright, first of all, a punch to the head could be excused as manslaughter. Sure. That’s system approved and you’re rolling with it. But none of the blacks would know that they had killed Ethan Liming. I’d say the brutal beating he took after the first punch (if that’s what did it) shows more hostile intent because

      1) if the first punch stunned and killed Ethan, he wouldn’t be fighting back
      2) that they continued to brutalize his body to the point that he wouldn’t have survived anyways, shows more hostility than a simple punch
      and 3) you’re not doing anybody any favors by being a forensic pathology sperg about something as obvious as black brutality and bloodlust.

      As ps_mike said, You should be feeling and embarrassed and ashamed of yourself.

      • Your comment makes little sense.

        The only thing that matters is whether or not the charge(s), as defined in the OH criminal code and years of courtroom precedent in that state, can be proved before a jury to ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’.

        >1) if the first punch stunned and killed Ethan, he wouldn’t be fighting back

        I never said it was the ‘first punch’ — I have no idea if it was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, whatever — it appears the accused initiated a physical altercation with Liming (i.e. they assaulted him), and at some point Liming was punched and fell backwards, fracturing his occipital, resulting in a fatal brain injury.

        Read the OH criminal statutes — what charges should they face?


        Were you a member of the grand jury? — did you hear all the witness testimony? — the people who did, including the prosecutors, thought it would not be possible to prove they intended to kill Liming, so involuntary manslaughter was the most appropriate charge.

        At this point, the question that interests me most is if the accused also assaulted the black friends of Liming (I read there were 2 there) — if not, why not? — was Liming the one with the toy SplatRBall gun? — it appears likely he was.

        For the record, despite what the media says I believe there was racial animus involved, meaning part of the reason they assaulted Liming was because they were mad a ‘white boy’ shot them with the toy gun (which I read stings) — but ultimately the question was whether intent to kill could be proved in court, and obviously it was decided it couldn’t be.

        • Obvious jew troll. To play defense attorney on a pro white wesbsite is a waste of time. If this were my blog, you would be banned.

  8. I see they have cleaned up their optics. Not a single club, shield, helmet, or body armor. No uniforms, just American casual clothes. No violent, hate-filled rhetoric.

    The next needed reform? The proper platform: an honorable, respectful, peaceful campaign for Partition.

    We’ll get there, but hopefully the Left will beat us to is in 2025; they have true Faith.

    • Shields and helmets are defensive. They become necessities when jewish and government golems attack you with batteries, bricks, glass bottles, balloons filled with urine, feces, or bleach.

      Have you ever faced our enemy in real life?

    • Yes, let’s have a partition like the Palestinians or the Botha government in South Africa or the British Raj. Partition cannot work between racial enemies. Besides who are we partitioning the USA with? The Jews who have been pushing this strike and hatred since at least the 1940s? The Blacks who can’t manage to get out a paper bag and would obviously resent their own failure and blame Whites. The Hispanics who have no damned right to even be here?
      The NJP is doing the work of raising White racial consciousness and presenting a political that presents White Americans as a disntict racial group entitled to protections.

    • It is difficult to make out.

      They livestreamed their protest on Odysee, but there is nothing on the link now. Perhaps, they will upload a video of their latest protest in Akron with enhanced audio.

      • I heard the same crap about Mike Enoch being a Jew when I first found TRS. All of the clips on the video that was linked in the top of these comments were taken way out of context deliberately. I advise anyone who is worried about this to type ‘Rebel Shoah Fashy Struggle Session’ into whatever search engine and listen for yourself. It’s a long-form interview about Mike’s ex-wife. Was it dirty to hide his marriage to a jewess? Yes. Is Mike Jewish? No. He was doxxed and his parents did disavowal interviews with the media. They’re also not Jewish. Spend 5 seconds looking into things before believing divisive Jewish garbage.

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