Donald Trump Rages Against FBI



Note: I’m dying here laughing.

Trump is shredding federal authority. They are going after him. It is personal now.


    • It was the same way with social media.

      Once he was personally banned, it became a huge problem. He never gets it until it has a personal impact on him

    • Dump on GAB:

      “Just left a large gathering of people and all they could talk about was the complete and total stranglehold that the Radical Left Democrats have over the DOJ & FBI. It shouldn’t be that way. Nobody goes after BLM, ANTIFA, or the rest, despite murder, beatings, and burning down large sections of cities, a very unfair double standard. They definitely won’t attack the home of a former Democrat President, nor should they. It is all so out of control, great simmering anger!’

      Dump is now complaining about BLM and Antifa but his justice dept didn’t go squat about them when he was in office.

      I guess he forgot he was president and could have directed the FBI or his justice dept to go after them in stead on nonexistent White supremacy. I have no sympathy for him. Welcome to the White mans world, Dump!

      • I thought Kang Jared and Queen Esther wouldn’t allow Dump to post on GAB because Torba allows folks there who are less than obsequious to the (((master race))). Has this changed, or was someone just copying Cheetohead’s twats on Troof-Social?

  1. “I respectfully request that these documents be returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!”

    Whoa – I bet THAT made ’em shit themselves…

    Dump fucked around for 4 long years. Now, he finds out.

    • He appointed Christopher Wray.

      Now he is tearing down the FBI for going after him. Classic Trump!

        • He is doing the right thing here for selfish reasons. I’m not going to complain. I think it is great that he has his whole personality cult frothing with rage at the FBI. Whatever weakens the FBI is good in my book

          • Oh yeah. The whole fed “Intelligence Community” secret police apparatus must go down. Too bad the ultimate buffoon is leading the charge.

          • True.

            I thought he had ceased to be useful to us, but if he wants to tear down the FBI and undermine federal authority … you know, who am I am to object?

          • Unfortunately, Trump winding his MAGAtards up into a raging fit usually does not lead to weakening whatever it is they’re raging against, but to the opposite. It just provokes the system to kick them in the teeth harder, while Trump abandons them and leaves them holding the bag, as we saw with Jan 6 rioters.

          • @Dart. While you are most likely to be correct in your assessment of the outcome from the migatard wind-up, the one factor which might possibly work against the deep state would be if the latter seriously overplayed their hand – which is of course what they’ve done over in Country 404. This could end up turning a fair number of normies against them. That’s kind of a long shot, but I would never have thought we’d see numbers stating the Great Replacement is really happening at this stage either.

      • “He appointed Christopher Wray.”

        Zion Don nominated Christopher Wray because supposedly Chris Christie recommended him. Dump never takes responsibility for any of the blatant incompetence he displayed in his one term as POTUS.

        t wouldn’t surprise me, if Dump blames the golf ball for a missed ‘chip in’ putt.

        • He decided to surround himself with kikes & cuck enemies, rather than the people who put his orange ass in the White House.

    • “Dump fucked around for 4 long years. Now, he finds out.”

      Slow witted and total lack of empathy.
      The most mediocre of minds, “duh, i dunno it couldz happenz to ME !”

  2. So they dug up that combover commie Donaldson…lol. Oh, that wonderful (((FBI))) that’s “kept us safe” all these decades, what with their aiding & abetting Cankles by running with her campaign’s Russisgate lies to the point of falsifying FISA warrants, and the surveillance of Dump.

    All perfectly jewstified to Sammy, no doubt.

    Put the crumbling judenpresse mummy back in his sarcophagus and spare us the stank.

    • Yes it definitely looks like takings of some grave-robbers that were ‘animated’ with ca.1965 Disney technology (they had a robot Abe Lincoln back in the day, who looked only faintly like the real thing). Donaldson was the Lügenpresse klown who profited off of Federal mohair subsidies. The military ceased using mohair in 1960, but the program rolled on until 2012. Even Wokepedia still has some of the details of Donaldson’s receipt of welfare. Guess you better copy it before the acolytes scrub the article. The old-timey Walter Duranty kind of journalist. And some folks wonder why the little formula is passed around:

      journalist + rope + tree (some assembly required).

  3. >He appointed Christopher Wray.

    This is one of the worst things about Trump: for a man who wants to be the manager of an organization as large and powerful as the executive branch (which is a very important part of a president’s job), he appears to be an extremely poor judge of people, as well as someone who fails to motivate them — nor does he inspire loyalty — as a result he provides no direction to the organization as a whole.

    To be effective, a leader must also be an authority figure, which Trump is not — he must also have moral authority; but via non-stop attacks and harassment, the media and political elites robbed Trump of any semblance of moral authority (which is not entirely his fault) — of course there was no talk of a ‘threat to democracy’ as they neutered Trump, the elected president, by undermining him throughout his presidency.

    So as a potential president (again) Trump is fatally flawed, which is why I hate to see him sucking up so much energy on the political Right — in the end, if you’re looking for a controlled opposition candidate, you’d find it difficult to do better than Trump.

    That said, it is hard to find fault with his statement here.

    • De Santis is way better. Someone who has actually DONE something real for the Right and has executive experience. Not a clown honking into the void.

        • Israel could be our future – with us as the Jews contending with a sea of internal (Palestinian/Israeli Arab) and external (wider Arab/Muslim world) enemies. Whites in America could end up like the West Bank settlers. Watch and learn!

  4. Let’s try it this way as an analogy.
    Pro-Whites are on a train platform, been there waiting around for many decades without any proper (potentially winning) train willing or able to take them on it. Nor a viable train to get in the conductor’s booth to potentially drive it.
    Now, there is the Trumpism/Maga train literally stopping at their train station platform and it’s a long train, relatively strong with a built in working machine already in place. They have a viable and realistic chance to hop on this train and get in the conductor’s booth or at minimum get in it and maybe take over some of the cars…it has a built in apparatus and working lights, AC, running water. Yes, some of the other passengers are tards and loons/dreamers, yet they are relatively weak is somewhat annoying.
    White advocates have a real chance to get on this train and lead it, maybe not overnight, yet likely soon.
    Can you all understand this analogy?

    Or, is it better just to post on web comments about how right you are and Trump is a selfish rich prick who doesn’t become uncle Adolf and drive out the nonwhites?
    What would the clever winning jewish supremacists do?

    • The MAGA train is not stopping at the pro-White platform. That’s nonsensical. There is nothing at all pro-White about Trump or MAGA.

    • Yours is the long version of the ‘lesser of two evils’ strategy — probably most of us who bother to vote have gone with that for many years now, including by voting for Republicans — what has it gotten us? — obviously, Trump appears to again be the ‘lesser of two evils’ — but the problem is that he has a track record as president — he seems to function better as a lightning rod for the lunatic Left and deep state Machiavellians.

  5. Looks like 2019 posting in here. Y are we wasting time attacking Trump. We gain nothing from it.

    After his first term I would think its clear he isn’t at all concerned whether Whitey approves of what he does.

    Why not just amplify the good things he does say, like pointing out the obvious double standard in the justice system or absolutely shredding the legitimacy of the federal government that has done nothing but screw us over?

    Criticizing Trump for being Trump at this point is counterproductive. He is what he is.

    • You don’t care that Afghan girls won’t grow up to be radical feminists? What’s wrong with you? The entire world must reflect the west’s degenerate “values.”

    • Fuck Jack Keane and the horse he rode in on. This truck salesman made a load of money off of Afghanistan as head of the board of directors of AM General, the makers of the Humvee.

    • @eah,

      Hopefully, the Taliban keep their word, and destroy the opium market in Afghanistan. Of course, there are several other countries that grow poppy plants for the illicit drug trsde.

      It is a shame that fantastic painkillers derived from poppy plants and their seeds always get abused by both big pharma for profit, and people for the high they induce.

  6. OT

    Here’s an interesting article about ‘dark money pools’, something I mentioned not long ago in the context of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4):

    Leonardo DiCaprio funneled grants through dark money group to fund climate nuisance lawsuits

    These groups are very opaque in the sense that via their IRS and other public filings, it is impossible to tell which donor’s money was spent on which project — but donors can confidentially stipulate which causes they want to support, and management of the ‘dark money pool’ takes care of the rest.

    The one mentioned in this article is the Resources Legacy Fund; it is a 501(c)(3) — link

    These organizations operate largely under the radar, but they are powerful and influential.

  7. They, the Jews are making Trump into Hitler. Hitler went to jail, Trump may go to jail. Trust the plan. Anybody but Christ. Trust the plan. Moshaich is great you are going to love your Big Mo, I mean you Jared. You are down with the Moshiach aren’t you Jared?

  8. I have no dog in this fight.

    If Zognald had appointed a real cop to run the FBI, instead of this Deep State Communist jackass Wray, the FBI might at this time be a useful organization.

    • He would have to fire 90 percent or more of the FBI to actually change the agency into something other than a copy of Cheka. They’re well beyond being merely worthless – like many federal employees.

    • In fairness to Cheetohead the Clown, putting down riots operated by BLM and Antifa were a) local; or failing a – b) state; failing b – c) federal responsibility. The fact that all three levels utterly failed in most (not all) places in telling. Dump – ostensibly commander in chief – also literally ordered the military out of Trashcanistan. They flatly refused to obey, preferring to keep that particular self-licking ice-cream cone going for some more months. They pulled out when the string-pullers of the retarded ventriloquist-dummy Joey Shitpants ordered them to leave. It’s interesting what can be inferred from the above, as it does tell us something of who actually orders the military.

      • The military knew they could get away with defying Trump, but if they defied Biden they’d be hit with a ton of (media/institutional/deep state) bricks. Rather than use their better judgment (assuming they ever had any), they just went along with the Biden “plan” and were humiliated.

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