David French: Far Right Media Intentionally Whipping Up Far Right Public Into a Fervor

David French never recovered from being trolled and called a cuckservative. He is still sulking about it seven years later. It was all downhill from there for his career and reputation.


  1. First time I have heard this guy speak. His speech is evocative of light in the loafers, gay-ass Lindsay Graham speech.

  2. The literal face of Cuckservatism. So how are the WN’s going to “convert” some total POS like this? Beating your head against a wall would produce better results.

  3. Of course French doesn’t represent Whites.He is the Jews puppet and chosen specifically to mock us.Both left and right figures promoted by the media are just Jew tools.Real White advocates aren’t allowed on TV etc.He looks exactly like the type who would adopt darkies and bring them into his home.Never heard his voice as I prefer to read but I can imagine he sounds like he looks,a nothing pansy.He supposedly is White and new age Christian but damn if he doesn’t look Jewish.The nose,the effeminate manner,balding…very Jewish.I’m sure he would take that as a compliment.

  4. Its way past time that Whitey got his back up. All the rightwing media is doing is amplifying what the Left is doing and putting it in proper context.

    Folks have a right to be angry at whats being done. Its so brazen at this point that it can’t be ignored.

    They’ve sown the wind.

  5. I gave up on NR after they defenestrated John Derbyshire. I have not given them a penny or a view in decades but I thought they would at least take a firmer stance on the Mar-a Lago raid rather than just parroting left wing bullet memo points.
    I go way back with this publication and met WFB and Joe Sobran in the day when I was a conservative activist.
    I am now ashamed of all of it except for meeting Joe Sobran..

  6. He is in strong competition with Lady Bug Graham in the running of “Americas most punchable face”

  7. David French is a fag. Not all fags are homosexuals and not all homosexuals are fags. But…

    There certainly is a large overlap.

    Here’s a funny song about well, just because you’re paranoid that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you/us

    “Whatever you say say nothing”.


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