Peter Strzok: The FBI Isn’t Targeting One Side Or The Other

Well, that settles it.

I love how Clint Watts and John Brennan are on there to remind everyone how entangled the FBI, CIA and MSNBC have become. Peter Strzok is the icing on the cake.

Sam Donaldson was on CNN last night comparing Trump to Al Capone. He argued that if Merrick Garland couldn’t get him on 1/6 that he could take out Trump with some other excuse like tax fraud or these classified documents. This, of course, is exactly what Trump tells his supporters.

It is a partisan Deep State witch hunt by deranged liberals who are weaponizing the federal bureaucracy and federal law enforcement against their political enemies. Donaldson was happy to confirm everything that Trump supporters believe about “journalists” and the FBI.


    • LOL. Did Trump have proof that Epstein was murdered, and that was the purpose of the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago.

      • Was Epstein murdered or was it an extraction? For all we know he could be sipping Mai-Tais on a Haifa beach after diddling some blonde Ukrainian six-year-olds. They do like their Ukrainian and Russian whores over in ‘muh Israel’, especially the younger ones of both sexes. The Talmud sez it’s OK so they party away. Maybe that’s why all these ‘Christian’ leaders are constantly visiting the place.

  1. How was the country sold on a national police force back in the 1920’s when America was still America?

  2. Don’t worry about it. Its all a meaningless charade. Trump is simply an actor playing his scripted role. You have two parties in the USA: the Zionist Party (Republican) & the Communist Party (Democrat). The white wing morons don’t understand they must abandon the Zionist Party & form their own Party. They could call it the ‘American Party’. Even if they did that though, the elections would still be rigged–but at least the ‘patriot’ types would have some sort of organized base or mass movement they themselves would control instead of the Zionists.

    The white wing morons will fill up stadiums to listen to some phony Zionist mountebank, but when a real white leader appears (George Lincoln Rockwell) the white retarded masses ignored him…but hey, if you’re going to travel thousands of miles across the ocean to obliterate pro-white Germany in WWII because some warped handicapped President told you to–what do you expect from a population like that?

    • @zard

      Excellent points. This is nothing but theatre, designed to further increase the already wide polarisation in the US.

      This will bring the entire system into disrepute with normies (it’s intended target). As Gustav LeBon stated in his book, The Crowd, “once prestige is called into question, it no longer becomes prestige.”

      We are witnessing the liquidation of goodwill towards the system, a necessary prerequisite for the creation of the new system, following the civil war of course, and the USA splitting into 2 or more independent polities.

      Nothing is ever what it seems. Death to ZOG.

    • @zard
      You wrote:”Trump is simply an actor playing his scripted role.”
      Yes, if only more people understood this.
      We have no party that represents us. Nothing. There is nothing that represents whites.

  3. Is it possible to be a more plastic and insincere human being than Sam Donaldson? I’ve had “conversations” with Siri that are less robotic.

  4. This is true, if you understand that people like Strzok consider Democrats and old establishment/business Republicans (McConnell and friends) to be the only legitimate sides. They consider others to be “extremists” and not legitimate.

  5. Donaldson always displayed that extreme arrogance of Silent Generation liberals. In the old days they didn’t often get hysterical like shitlib boomers and Xers do. They were just extremely arrogant that they knew so much better than the mass of Christians. And they were quick to cut off disagreements, usually with some form of ridicule, knowing that there was a media monopoly that practically guaranteed there could be no substantial dissent. It hasn’t been easy for those types as they get very old. This guy obviously wanted to come back to crow about Trump being like “Al Capone” because Trump’s campaign message and subsequent 2016 victory must have been something that’s been choking him for years. Born in 1934 during the FDR’s years he probably never believed something like that could happen. Remember how he went after Pat Buchanan. My old high school principal died of a heart attack in 2017, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump’s election had a role in causing it.

    • These people are all obsequious statists — the contempt they and others like them in politics and the media feel for ordinary Americans is palpable, and this contempt led directly to extremely destructive policies like ‘free trade’ (for which large parts of the country paid a very high price), uncontrolled Hispanic immigration that further hurt the economic prospects of lower class Whites, and ignoring the opioid epidemic for over 20 years.

      I never cared at all for Donaldson — I found him obnoxious.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Donaldson’s generation of shitlib functionaries came up, pursued their lucrative careers & retired totally certain that (((Cultural Marxism))) had triumphed, and that it was permanent. History itself had decreed it so. Oh, they’d always had the noise of the friendly Beautiful Loser country club Repuglicants to flick aside, but that was restricted to amusing old grumbles about too-high taxes on corporations & insufficient support for police & the military. It was a very comfy & secure political biosphere they inhabited.

      Then along came the unspeakably gauche loudmouth Dump with his shocking & successful rhetorical attacks on their sacred taboos like open borders for muds. The loathed Flyova White Trash they’d spent their entire professional lives safely freezing out of power & influence had a new beloved champion (or at least so they thought).Suddenly, they lost their silencing fear of the social ostracism judenpresse whores like Donaldson had always been able to inflict; they had the gall to get up off their knees & start using the same “racist & inflammatory” language as their orange hero.

      No doubt this fills Combover Sam & his fellow-travelers with horror & impotent rage to witness it on the cusp of death.

      What a sweet thought.

    • Zionism (Occupied Palestine) is an expert too. It’s a skill and tendency of fallen human nature (the evil impulse) to lie, entrap and destroy others. As it says in Scripture, “the love of money is the root of all this evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10

  6. It would be ironic if the persecution of someone from Queens, NY was the spark that broke this united state up.

  7. @Sertorius

    The first American revolution was caused over taxes. The announcement that 87,000 new IRS agents, to be armed and deadly, suggest taxes may be the cause of the next American revolution

    • @Tom

      It certainly be a contributing factor once it goes in effect. As far as Trump goes, people are pissed off over this BS by Biden and his handlers. I hope this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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