Tales From The Movement: The Sussy Cast

I don’t follow these people.

I won’t pretend to know exactly what is going on here.

After the Alt-Right, I never branded myself with another label like America First. From what I have heard though, America First has a new gay themed show called The Sussy Cast.

When this all got started after Charlottesville, I seem to remember hearing about how America First was going to be different from the Alt-Right. It was going to be a Christian movement. It was going to have good optics. It was going to focus on mainstream politics. At some point after 1/6, these guys seemed to have decided that no, actually, they were going to be gay incels who play video games.

Note: Skip ahead to 1:20:00 in the first video and 3:39:00 in the second video from Kino Casino.


  1. A lot of pointless, self-indulgent nonsense I would guess, of the sort spawned by a shallow, voyeuristic internet culture — you should put these people on the ignore list along with Spencer.

  2. They aren’t really gay. Fags aren’t happy people. Calling them gay is to tell a lie.

    But yes, that Fuentes guy is queer.

    You are 100% right to distance from them. What fellowship have the people of God with the people of Sodom? Hopefully none.

  3. “At some point after 1/6, these guys seemed to have decided that no, actually, they were going to be gay incels who play video games.”

    Every man under age 25 plays video games, Hunter. Boomer Christfags like yourself are impossible to please. If your have sex, you’re committing the sin of premarital sex. If you don’t have sex, you’re “antisocial” “woman-hater,” etc.

      • I find that each side has their judgementalism. On the Left, you get judged for noticing that racial differences are real and meaningful, that feminism poisoned women, and that homosexuals are basically all predators. On the Right, you get judged for playing video games, watching movies, and having extramarital sex.

        The Chad answer to all this is to tune it all out and just do what you want to do. Surround yourself with people who won’t judge you for it. Ideally, we’d all conform around a specific set of values and morals, and we’d show tolerance on minor things that dont matter, but since the White Race is either unwilling or unable to cooperate and stick up for itself, the best we can do is live for ourselves every single day and learn to be happy with it.

    • Look at this, these guys are just mad at their parents for making them go to church, and notice the sexual hangups too.

      Normal men with wives and children are “Christfags” while incel porn addicts are the truly red pilled about women and religion.

      You can’t make it up, remember these are just online trolls with literally zero to offer anyone but their incel rage.

  4. I grew up largely on my own after my parents split up. I spent all the time I could playing video games and still do. Now I’ve got three degrees, a wife of 15 years and a successful career.

    What I do in my spare time is my own damn business and I reject the association of playing video games with dysfunction. I have nothing in common with those faggots.

    I’ve done everything expected of me to earn the right to choose my own leisure activities, which also include hunting and camping and yardwork and fixing stuff and things/opening jars… as is the case of any domesticated White man.

  5. Neof, use your real name coward, better too be a boomer christfag, than a millennial, hellbound, bonesmoker, who has a tattoo of a of drumstick right above his ankle……

  6. Our society as a whole needs to end porn, put it back to where it was around 1970 at least. Porn over- use is written on their faces.

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