Tales From The Movement: Shawn Patrick Breen

Bless his heart.

Shawn Patrick Breen is still “doing the work.”

Five years after Charlottesville, he is still threatening to dox everyone who was there. He is still harassing people who attended League of the South rallies a decade ago.

Shawn, of course, has never been one of us. He is a White guy of Irish ancestry who lives in York, PA. He is your classic SJW. He is one of our most dedicated enemies who has worked with One People’s Project for years. He spends all of his time cyberstalking people in Southern heritage and Southern Nationalist circles. It started with Matt Heimbach at Towson University a decade ago. He became absolutely obsessed with Heimbach and later with the Virginia Flaggers and the League of the South.

I’m including Shawn in this series for two reasons:

1. First, I started out as a White Nationalist, but I gradually became dissatisfied with that label over a decade ago. White people don’t share the same culture, values and beliefs. After a decade of watching anonymous White Nationalists on the internet argue among themselves to no positive end, I concluded that race alone is an insufficient basis for national unity. We needed something stronger which is why I moved on to Southern Nationalism which is based on shared history, culture and ethnicity. Finally, after years of experience of dealing with people like Shawn and his fellow brats in Antifa, I concluded that I just hate libtards and that is who I want to separate from more than anything else.

2. Second, Shawn is still “doing the work,” but times have changed. We’re in a new era now. My friend Marshall is now the median Republican voter in Florida. The ideas that we pushed for at League of the South rallies are broadly accepted now in the South. Antifa has gone from being unknown at the time of Charlottesville to universally hated now on the Right. Republican senators like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio would never dream of comparing Antifa to World War II soldiers in 2022. After the George Floyd riots, everyone knows who they are now and sees them as their enemies.

“Doing the work” has objectively failed.

Aggravating people has only deepened polarization and advanced our cause.

Gradually, it has made people like us and our ideas more accepted in our communities and people like Shawn more disliked. Libtards are the pariahs, not us. The one thing that everyone agrees on and which now animates our politics is how much they despise libtards. Our people are so fed up with libtards that they are willing to entertain radical ideas like abolishing the FBI or seceding from the Union.

We owe Shawn & Co. a debt of gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without you.


  1. I will never understand why so many people do not see (or have not seen until today) that today’s left is arrogant, bullying, wanting to impose its bullshit. I am not a conspiracist, but today’s left lives in an Orwellian system where it tries to control its opponents, to denounce them, to do them harm, yet there are still those who think that these undemocratic people with crazy ideas are the good guys.

  2. >White people don’t share the same culture, values and beliefs.

    What racial group does? — and yet …

    link“They’re trying to divide us by race!” … No they aren’t. They are actually uniting all racial groups in solidarity against Whites, while at the same time telling Whites they can’t unite and that race doesn’t matter.

    Your non-white enemies, including Jews, don’t believe this about white people; they don’t make such distinctions — the phrase is ‘white privilege’, there are no qualifiers.

    Similarly, I’ve never heard the phrase ‘Christian privilege’.

    I enjoyed reading a suggested older post (Chapeau!):

    Gone Spelunking: Restoring The Honor Blogger Unmasked As Shawn Patrick Breen

    A garden variety, chubby white virtue signalling faggot.

    But perhaps he visited Ireland in the nick of time — as I suggest about NZ in a recent comment, Ireland is a very small white country (population-wise), and is unfortunately undergoing fairly rapid demographic change, perhaps compared to other EU countries disproportionately due to asylum-seekers (Ireland accepts a significant number who come from other parts of the EU) — they already have a problem with African gangs in a number of Irish cities (link).

    • Ireland was a soft target for globohomo because like NZ it had a colonial inferiority complex and a colonial economy.

      Keith Woods did a great (long 3+hr) podcast with Striker at TRS (The People’s Square – like 3 years ago, Keith’s first appearance there) where he went into detail about how the Irish government basically gave Silicon Valley the keys to the country, sold off its resources and tried to catch up to Cuck Island in terms of replacing White people on a crash schedule.

      In a decade they’ve managed to terraform Ireland’s religion, culture and demographics. The Irish “won” the Troubles but lost the peace. Sinn Fein politicians supported the “modernization” and “development” of Ireland.

      Countdown to resident anti-Irish crank posting below. So tiresome.

      • @Exile—-homosexuality is rampant in the Mick community and do you know why? Because the Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline. Incestuous breeding God does not approve of and he curses the blood with homosexuality and mental retardation and all sort of mental, physical and emotional maladies. God hates you Mick and Goddamn’s your blood. High five.

      • @Exile—-and another thing, I am trying to make a point. I want to show you what a real haters is. My hate will never end for your kind Mick and I want to share it and spread it with others. Hate is a good thing when it is used against the deserving, like your kind Mick. We are going to see in the personage of Uncle Ted weather or not the Irish are capable of self reflection and contrition, I say no. I say it is not in your kind to admit a horrible wrong and ask for forgiveness. And if it is not and I am correct….. you are damned Mick.

      • Actually my incidental remark about Ireland was the least important part of my comment.

        The most important part was pointing out that HW makes a straw man argument about Whites not being a racial bloc, one that I’ve never seen him make about any other racial group — I can only assume or guess he does this in part to justify his retreat from racial nationalism — but to me it’s a specious quibble that is harmful to racial unity among Whites, and considering the current and worsening predicament of Whites in the US (and incidentally in other white nations, e.g. Ireland) the timing of it could not be worse — yet he describes himself as ‘pro White’, and when I ask him directly to explain exactly how he is ‘pro White’, he does not answer.

        • eah—why don’t you go sell your racial unity line of crap to Terry McAuliffe and Karen Dunn? They are not getting your message.

        • Eah, I took Hunter’s comment to mean that he’s adding another condition to his previous formula of White Christian Nationalism (Southern culture/heritage) rather than trying to de-racialize Southern Nationalism – but he’s given kinda mixed signals on this in the past. I’d like to assume he’s just doing “optics” rather than going weak in the knees on race.

          I know there are a small number of mostly countryfied Blacks who would welcome Jim Crow back rather than get wrecked in the Wakanda-to-Somalia arc that awaits Black separatism in cities like Atlanta. But that placid percent is far outweighed by the other 12 who do 50.

          I’m not going to split nappy hairs over what to call various parts of da moobment so long as everyone in practice is anti-Semitic, Whites only, no NAXALTs.

          But it sends the wrong “optical” signal if you leave White out.

          • Thanks — it’s just that given everything I know, have seen and experienced, all of which led to my view that the differences between races are both significant and irremediable, I struggle to understand how someone who claims to be ‘pro White’ could not be a racial nationalist, despite the obvious practical difficulties of such a political stance — but as I have said several times, the physical elimination phase of ‘diversity’ has begun, and I think for Whites it will only get worse and more threatening from here — I see no good will for Whites.

        • There will never be “White” unity because we are not a homogeneous group. We cannot unite across religious, moral, ethnic, cultural, and language barriers. All of these categories prove we are not all the same. To go a step further I would even say “White” unity is harmful and counterproductive to our different tribes survival. All you guys want us to mix up all “Whites”, and in the process you lose distinct cultures and tribes. That’s no different than ethnic cleansing, and the great replacement just in a different form. This is why racial nationalism is a destructive ideology.

          • Calvin, no one is attacking us for being “Irish” or “Latvian.”

            We all leveled up from “What is White anyway?” about 5+ years ago.

            Identities are defined as much by who your enemies are as who your friends are.

      • LOL, Exile, you called it. The resident crackpot didn’t waste anytime to start bitching about the Irish.

        • @Sertorius—- I am not going to stop, has it dawned on you yet retard? Call me a racist hater bitch.

          • I’d rather call you a crackpot.

            Please don’t stop. It is a source of amusement for me, reading such insipid ignorance from you.

    • Same as pretty much everyone. Focused on his family. I still maintain this blog, but that is all I do.

  3. It is the blood that is the difference, there are people you can reason with, make you points to and try to convince them to see things your way, and then there are inbreds, like the Irish and the Jews who just will not listen to reason. Both the Irish and the Jews have a long long history of incestuous breeding practices. The ability to reason has been bred out of their blood by their doings. You just can not reason with this filth. They know everything, they know who is good and who is bad better than God does…… but they do not know what God has in store for them, they can not even begin to imagine it.

    • @RB

      How about the Irish who went to Charlottesville and fought against the “dragon” and the Communist setup? Isn’t their blood superior to your wimpy blood of a coward who didn’t fight but you now hide behind a keyboard and fling slander and other “darts” at them while being too ashamed to even reveal what race/ethnic group/mix you belong to? It appears that you are the one lacking the right character, the right blood and many other “right” things. Remember the real Robert Browning’s father was forced to sit in the “colored” section of a church he visited one time. Maybe OD needs a “colored” section to put all your posts in. Just sayin’…

      Margaret Tittle was said to have had a mixed race ancestry. Both her son Robert Sr. and Robert the poet were dark-complexioned, which raised eyebrows. According to one account, Robert Sr. – on visiting the family plantation in St. Kitts – was made by the church beadle to sit with the “colored” people rather than with the white. The two poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning were married in secret in 1846.
      — “Browning Surname Meaning, History & Origin”

      PS: Great job, HW! (I reread your post on tracking him down.) A LEFTIST was finally caught “by following the money” NOT, but “by following the honey” — his “honey”.

      Great job to you and to your wife for her invaluable help!

      • @Banned For Life—–my father grew up in an orphanage, he never new his mother or his father. Typical Irish filth acting like they know it all when they know nothing. You are looking to attack are you Mick? You sicken me you diseased disgusting filth.

        • So you are an eternal victim? Have you got a dime — as my friends used to say. May the “IRA” catch up with you one day…………

  4. While personally I’ve never been on Twitter and wouldn’t be a reportfag even if I was, I have to ask: did anyone ever try to get accounts like these suspended? — I know ‘targeted harassment’ has been a bannable offense on Twitter for quite a long time now:


    We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.

    What other purpose do these accounts serve other than ‘targeted harassment’ and ‘inciting harm towards others’?

    Everyone has seen how subjectively and broadly Twitter interprets ‘inciting harm toward others’, e.g. a number of accounts that did nothing other than post quotes of what Jews said were banned.

    Here’s the Twitter policy on doxxing:


    You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.

    Isn’t this what the account ‘Dixie Tears Streaming Service’ does?

  5. I can’t believe these people are still doxing law abiding attendees of this rally from 5 years ago now. What legal recourse do these people have when their lives are destroyed/jobs lost?

  6. If the League of the South is serious about creating a Southland Confederation it will have to do so on a county by country basis as many states in the South are slowly turning blue because of diversity. There is talk that Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas will turn blue. Personally I think an upper south/midwest heartland area would be more conducive as parts of the deep south will soon be lost to the race forever.

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