Sasha Stone: The Raid That Red-Pilled America

It has been a wild ride.

COVID, the George Floyd riots, the 2020 election, January 6, the Great Hushing on social media, the Biden presidency and the looming DOJ indictment of Donald Trump. A lot has changed over the past three years. Some people gave up way too early.

Sasha Stone:

“The Democrats, the media, and the blue-checks on Twitter have no idea how many people have been red-pilled over the past three years. …

But the raid on Mar-a-Lago very likely has red-pilled Americans even more, especially when you put it together with the authoritarianism during COVID, the suppression of speech, the silencing of dissent, and the dehumanization we all live with every day.

To watch our Department of Justice raid a former president’s home months before the midterms, where the Democrats were expected to do very badly, looks suspect to anyone. If they were trying to create distrust in our institutions, they succeeded …”

I agree.

The number of radicals in the population has exploded over the last three years.


  1. Re: “Save America”:

    But they’re still confused and lost. Moving toward the Right is wrong. The blinded are being led to a dead end or in an endless circle, not being shown the one way out.

      • “Your ideology is stupid and no one cares. Normies have no need of you”:

        History (not “ideology”) still wins whether or not the “normies” care to learn the facts.

        • Now you claim to speak for “History” but you’re just blowing smoke up your own ass. You just post some fringe socialist ideology from two hundred years ago.

          You’re a religious crank, like a Scientologist. Normies are your intellectual superiors which makes you upset because you aren’t special at all, and have no special knowledge or insight that any normie has any interest in.

    • You need to get beyond the ‘left’ and ‘right’ wings of the dialectical do-do bird. The terms, maybe once useful as shorthand, no longer have any meaning. The real contest is now between populist nationalism and globalist slavery.

      • Left has the same meaning it did in 1789.

        Re: “The real contest is now between populist nationalism and globalist slavery”:

        If the right-populist “nationalism” wins, there will be a further contest in the future between right-populist “nationalism” and real-left ethno-national socialism.

        • The problem here is that we end up resorting to the “no-true Scotsman” fallacy when we try to argue in favor of right (in some cases) and left (in others). You and I are probably a lot closer than we might realize. The word “capitalism” has also been corrupted. I expect the original socialist definition is what was originally meant by the term (using money to make money). This is described now as ‘finance capitalism’ or the ‘rentier-economy’ by some, while they refer to something like a farmer selling his home-grown food at the local market as “capitalism”. Even the more corrupt and brutal nominally socialist regimes by and large permitted this practice. Populism is neither right or left, same for nationalism – though both can be influenced by 1789 right or left positions.

  2. I really enjoyed Sasha Stones opinions on this. I listened to the podcast version she did. Her feelings about it are very much like mine. They are destroying themselves over a remarkable, but flawed man. And dehumanizing much of the country. And it was all so unnecessary. This kind of thing, never turns out well….. for anybody….

  3. As long as they’re focused on blaming Democrats for everything and fake stuff like “authoritarianism during covid” (that never existed), then they aren’t “red pilled” at all. Playing into backlash politics and reverting to the conservative liberal “small government” comfort zone is the opposite of anything red pill, because it only seems to stabilize the system and empower their enemies.

        • Lots of conservatives are on board with this now. That’s an improvement for them. They’ve come around to my position.

          If they want to abolish the FBI, that’s great. We have a thousand reasons to want to get rid of it.

  4. If they could only figure out what group is behind the radical left and responsible for subverting and undermining the govt agencies and the govt as a whole. That would be a true awaking.

  5. >If they were trying to create distrust in our institutions, they succeeded …”

    Latest during the Russiagate farce reasonable people should have lost trust in ‘our institutions’ — of course during all of that there was zero talk of a ‘threat to democracy’, although ‘our institutions’ (nominally non-partisan) spent four years undermining an elected president.

    And fuck that talk about ‘our institutions’ anyway — while I was never all that patriotic, certainly never a ‘my country, right or wrong’ type, I haven’t felt any sort of national consciousness really since the formation of DHS and the start of the ridiculous War on Terror (under the moronic, menacing, and anything but conservative George Bush), which I was suspicious of from day one — Snowden and his revelations were the last straw; since then I’ve wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it.

    America is increasingly weird and dumb and I never signed up for any of this. The whole crackpot empire is going totally mad, and I can’t be the only person who just happened to be born here and just wants a home and feels pretty much stateless.

    Is this America lost?

    Yes, it is.

  6. So how is this fragmented union of fifty, gonna handle seeing him in handcuffs, being arrested……..question if I may, it they take mr.trump into custody, does his secret service detail, go into custody with him ?

  7. I’m more for abolishing the entire Federal government. You gunna fix that? We can’t get past the doorkeeper.

      • Our states were supposed to be like European nations. States had their own militias, voting, governors, and state capitals.
        It would be a nice dream to see each state become like a country.
        At one time, California had the 8th largest economy in the world.

  8. Yes very true. I was watching something on You Tube tonight about how the 5% on the left wing and the 5% on the right wing are the most vocal in politics now. So in other words 90% of the population is ignored now? That’s honestly pretty sad if you ask me and I do consider myself something of an extremist (a White Nationalist and very radical in defending Southern Heritage & Culture) however it’s obvious nothing is getting done anywhere in America or state level politics now. The whole “Democracy” thing is so split between the D and the R nothing is getting done. Which is why I believe this country will be much better off with far more Third Party folks in office. Deo Vindice !

  9. How long before we see Cheetohead in cuffs being frogwalked by some FBI goons in full battle gear? Garfinkel can hardly keep his pants on he’s so excited at the prospect even now. Bring it on. It should help shove a few redpills down gullets. If they do it, the Q-psyop will have gotten one right for the very first time: The first arrest will shock the world.

  10. If the Republicans really wanted to do something, they could run on the idea that the F.B.I and bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and Firearms need cleaned out from top to bottom, change the laws from civil service or whatever it is, to congress or the next President can fire whoever they want to fire. Everybody connected with Roger Stone’s raid should be canned, he isn’t the head of MS 13, everyone connected with Manifort’s raid should be fired, he isn’t El Chapo. The same thing with Trump, he wasn’t the Unabomber, he was President. The FBI isn’t there to set policy, they are there to enforce laws, not decide for themselves who can be President. Nobody elected these asshats.

    This is the deep state right here, a bunch of jerks that no one voted for, thinking they should run the country.

    And these intelligence agencies have been out of hand since at least Waco and Ruby Ridge.

  11. State versus Self
    There is the state and there is the self. These two social parts need each other, but are at odds with each other. The self is the individual who produces goods and services, they work for themselves. There motto is “just leave me alone.” They choose or appoint those in the State whose purpose is to protect and provide basic services to those selves. The state needs the selves for such nominations while collecting a fee. They dream big state dreams but most state folks just feed themselves. Over time the state grows, wanting more power, never producing a product or service. They pass laws such that they own individuals; the selves are not left alone. The self gets mad and rebels. They force a changed (civil war or revolution) to reflect their current viewpoints. The state is reborn and the process starts again.

    This has been going on since the clan had chiefs, that Romans had Caesars, that Russians had Czars. So here we are. Remember the current USA state is made up of Democrats and Republicans. Both parties want to control you. Both represent liberals or conservatives but they want to control you. Taxes and laws that restrict freedom are written and passed. Have we ever had a decrease in taxes on the federal level? Are the selves ready to rebel, maybe? Can we have another Incident on King Street? If it comes will some fight like our forefathers did? Talking/posting left or right is easy but sheading blood of others or even your own is a hard. Time is short, that revolution may be here soon. Best you vote in November.

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