1. Democracy is not in peril. There wasn’t any to begin with.

    Of course the Republicans (of what republic? there is no republic!) are against Democracy, and so are the so-called Democrats.

    • Yes, the American system failed. It allowed itself to get overthrown. No King ever allowed his enemies to agitate at will? This country jerked off over “the freedom” and allowed political radicals to walk into our country, buy up our media, take over academia, and agitate at will. The country was doomed the minute they gave in and expanded the franchise beyond 25+ year old white men who owned property. Nobody else is responsible enough for that duty and since those allowed this slide to begin, perhaps neither were they? John Adams noticed these flaws when France turned into a bloodbath and some here cheered. The alien and sedition act were a good step to start reversing the childish political delusions the enlightenment spawned in this country. Too bad he was subverted and the autist Jefferson set the country on its libertarian slide towards open borders. The know nothings were right about immigration being the seed of the nations undoing. It was clear already by the mid 19th century that foreigners were going to be showing up to be paupers in the city, not “Hans and Franz” starting a homestead on the plains and their kids quickly picking up anglo ways. Once the first republic was overthrown in the 1860s the industrialists went hog wild importing everyone with a pulse from Europe to run their machines and that’s when we imported their political turmoil in a very serious, probably fatal way. We were invaded, not across the borders, but through Ellis Island right under our noses.

  2. Well duh! Of course Republicans are against democracy. The Founding Fathers organized the government as a Republic and restricted the franchise because they rightly regarded democracy as rule by the mob.

  3. Marxists love the word “democracy” even though they hate the actual idea of democracy because they don’t want the “stupid little people” to make any decisions for themselves.

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