• Damn straight November!…the GOP is the enemy and if you are a Southron it always was

        That spiel by Pence was the most blatant case of crony patriotism and blue balls bootlicking so far this year, i thought i had had my fill of near cardiac arrent inducing cringes but that came close to being the big final one

        “Party of Lincoln” as for the FBI hang them all or put them in uniform and ship them to the Ukraine and Russia will do it for us

    • Little Know Fact: Pence converted to Christianity from Roman Catholicism as an adult. How much he knows about Christianity/Protestantism and the New Testament is debatable.

  1. Just another grifter; an obsequious statist, he serves the system, he doesn’t represent voters — a soft liberal arts degree, then law school — never held a real job or created wealth; has spent literally his entire life as a parasite — pretends to be a moral better (link):

    In 1988, Pence ran for Congress against Democratic incumbent Philip Sharp, but lost. … He ran against Sharp again in 1990, quitting his job in order to work full-time in the campaign, … During the race, Pence used “political donations to pay the mortgage on his house, his personal credit card bill, groceries, golf tournament fees and car payments for his wife”. While the spending was not illegal at the time, it reportedly undermined his campaign.

  2. Remember when Mike Pence staged a fake anthrax attack on his own office after 9/11?

    Even the “mainstream” media had to admit there was no anthrax and there wasn’t even a fake letter like the NYT “journalist” got.

    But Mike Pence called a press conference and everything then sponsored the Patriot Act.

    Pence is the ultimate George W. Bush Republican.

    • I’d forgotten that. Yes, he’s been a deep-state ticket-taker from the start. His term as IN governor was total cuckery too. So Cheetohead naturally picked him (or was ordered to pick him) as his running mate, then acted surprised when Pence thrust the knife into his back on 1/6/21. He can team up with Liz Cheney to run as the ultimate neo-klown ticket.

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