Joe and Mehdi: The GOP’s Shocking Turn Toward Extremism

I see that Newt Gingrich is comparing the FBI to the Stasi. This was my position in 2018.

This is wild. I am watching Newt Gingrich and he is saying what I have been saying and there is no difference on this issue. The American Stasi has been crushing all dissent since Charlottesville while turning a blind eye to Antifa.


  1. Newt is like the Roman senator running after a mob shouting “wait for me, I’m your leader!” He used to be my congressman with I lived in Georgia. I met him one time and told him no to NAFTA in 1994. he just grinned at me.

    • @Sertorius—–He is Irish what do you expect?

      Gingrich was born as Newton Leroy McPherson at the Harrisburg Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on June 17, 1943. His mother, Kathleen “Kit” (née Daugherty; 1925–2003)

      Gingrich is a proponent of fag marriage too just like Gerry Adams, whudda thunk Mick?

    • @Sertorius—-Greg Johnson lived in Atlanta and he call me a crank too. And I suspect he is Irish, Catholic University, loves WB Yeats. Are you into the lifestyle? Do you love the homo Irish poet WB Yeats as much as Greg does? I know the fruit does not fall far from the tree and you shake the Irish tree, you get bushels and bushels of homos. How is spelling Mick?

    • Great story. Calling him “Incitatus” would be an insult to Caligula’s horse. The grifters are picking up on this “mood” or “wave” or whatever you want to call it and circling like flies.

      • I thought that was Jorge W. (Shrub) Busheron’s line in the wake of the Grutter v. Bollinger decision, which enshrined racial preferences against whites for eternity in university admissions. Chimpy McFlightsuit was notable for asinine quotes like that. Solemnly intoning that (the warrior reglion) Islam … is a religion of Peace in the shadow of the wreckage of the WTC was a very typical moment, though “mission accomplished” at the start of Curious Jorge’s misunderestimated Mesopotamian misadventure (still going on) was pretty spectacular too. Murika’s first Simian-Mexican Presidente.

  2. Today’s gop is how democracies die………………today’s gop and today’s so called democracy, can’t DIE quick enough as far as I am concerned, after all the party of lincoln and their so called democracy, made WAR on the people and murdered our republic…………..

  3. Not like the Stasi. They were better, working for the people not the elites. Gingrich works for the elites, not for common people.

  4. The Zionist GOP stealing dissident right (or whatever you want to call it) talking points is not a positive development, it just means more morons will throw their support behind Red ZOG in a futile attempt to thwart Blue ZOG. Would an FBI full of neocon scum be any better than an FBI full of snowflakes? If anything it would be worse.

    The battle between Republicans and Democrats is fake. It’s just professional wrestling at this point. They all hold the same core values, they are all part of the same ZOG.

    The GOP is extreme alright, extremely Jewish. There is a reason the Jewish media call their fellow Zionists “Nazis”, they are tricking you into thinking there is a mainstream alternative. There isn’t.

  5. Was listening to Sean Hannity the other day and he was going off on the FBI and started talking about the Deep State. Sounded a lot like Alex Jones!

    Some of the cuckservatives are coming around. (however I have no hope for David French. Lol)

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