How To Keep The FBI Out Of Your House (For Patriots)

These are all good tips.

I would recommend starting a Twitter account. You will need to add Ukraine and EU flags in your profile. You can start by tweeting about how much you hate Trump and support American foreign policy. Make it a point to always go along with the Current Thing and to keep a keen eye on what the liberal establishment are saying at The Atlantic and loudly voice support for it.

If you have any further questions, check out Richard Spencer’s Twitter account. He is being a good boy now. He is even posting Dark Brandon memes and cool with Drag Queen Story Hour. Please leave Richard alone!


  1. Spencer not being a good goy, he is following the political winds. He has no true ideology just trying to stay relevant.

  2. And be sure to emulate – and like on Facebook and follow on Twitter – the new female Prime Minister of Finland, a “great woke role model for all sexes.” She really hates Russians, loves NATO, and supports all U.S. imperialist wars. She will go far. Here she is, “living the freedom,” visibly drunk, and probably coked up too:

    • Finland, the Ukraine, the Caucuses and the Baltic states all need to be re-absorbed back into the Russian Empire. ZOG is openly trying to infect those places with Western decadence.

    • Throughout Western History, a leader, rulers, the upper classes, nobility, etc all had a social code of conduct how they needed to conduct themselves. Intemperate conduct of the masses was forbidden in public. The Earl of Oxford to this day probably never received proper credit for writing such eloquent gems as Hamlet, MacBeth, etc because it was seen as unbecoming of a noble to go messing around in the theatrical world. Charles was abhorred when Diana publicly did karaoke to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” dressed in a respectable way. Well, it’s extremely unbecoming of a leader to hang out in one of these “clubs.” Heck, as horrible as an influence as she has been on Harry even Meghan Markle hasn’t publicly conducted herself in THIS low of a manor since marrying prince ken doll?

      • Do you think Edward DeVere, the XVII Earl of Oxford, was the author of some or all of The Bard’s plays? And what of the Sonnets?

  3. Remember Feds are like roaches. If you see one, there’s probably at least a dozen more lurking about. Keep your shrubs trimmed short so they have no where to nest!

  4. Dark Brandon is a troll from the right, it’s basically just taking the AstroTurfed magatard aesthetic of ‘God Emperor’ Blormpf and applying it to Biden. And surely Brandon deserves his laser eyes more than Trump, after all, he is actually in the process of doing what Trump promised to do to Hillary. Libtards may be unironically sharing Dark Brandon but It’s origins are not a sincere endorsement of Biden, just a nuanced mockery of the magatards.

    Leftist media organizations refuse to admit there is anything to the right of Trump, this is part of their plan to have the spectrum of political debate confined to Jew-loving Zionist Republicans Vs Jew-loving Zionist Democrats. Both The Jewish left AND the Jewish right have an interest in maintaining the ridiculous lie that Trump is a secret undercover Nazi. The left does this right out in the open while the Jewish right spreads this on anonymous image boards.

    It can never be repeated enough: the Republicans (including magatards) are the bigger obstacle in the way of nationalism and self-determination for the White race. Democrats are honest about what they stand for, Republicans pretend to be secretly on your side.

  5. I do not find that red-haired fellow to be the least bit amusing. He’s as unfunny as Liberal Larry and Jimmy Dore.

  6. Who is this comedian? He’s a genius – humor is one of our best weapons. Our enemies – the ADL, Islam, PC Woke Libs, Neo Con Js have no sense of humor, it’s like direct sunlight for vampires which the Js often are vampires.


  7. Implying that subhuman conservative trash like ‘JP’ actually face any danger from the FBI if they don’t actually commit crimes. Ridiculous. Noone cares about ‘christian nationalist’ GOPe faggotry.

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