Tales From The Movement: Jason Jorjani

I’ve been involved in this scene for 20 years now.

In this series, I have tried to spotlight the wide variety of people who I have come across who have been brought down by their own character flaws. We have looked at Baked Alaska as the pure attention whore. We have looked at Beardson Beardly whose wife left him due to his epic incel gamer moments. We have looked at Catboy Kami the genderfluid nihilist Zoomer internet troll. We have looked at Samantha who slept her way to the top of Identity Evropa before turning on the group and testifying against them. We have looked at Brenton Tarrant who blackpilled into a violent accelerationist.

Vince Gilligan should create a new television show based on this amazing cast of characters. It would be like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul except the Alt-Right universe would explore the descent of their character arcs in the far right. I can imagine the actor playing Nick Fuentes watching Joker like 30 times and waving his limp noodle arms around on his livestream in imitation of Arthur Fleck in the movie. He would succeed in getting sitting members of Congress to appear at AFPAC only to spectacularly self destruct because he is incapable of rising above his niche audience of embittered nihilistic incels with porn addictions.

Jason Jorjani would neatly fit into this show. He would perfectly represent the pseudo intellectual or crackpot fantasist type that you come across in the movement. There could be an episode which would tell the story of how Jorjani became the head of Arktos Media and how he created the AltRight Corporation with Richard Spencer at the behest of Michael Bagley of Jellyfish Partners, a private intelligence firm based in DC, and a mysterious figure known only as “X.” The plan was to install Jorjani, a Persian aristocrat from Queens, as Supreme Leader of the Alt-Right through control of the AltRight Corporation and for the Trump administration to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran and recreate the Persian Empire as an American bulwark in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this We Wuz Aryans project never amounted to anything because the funding that X had promised to deliver never came through.

Jason Jorjani:

“You see Michael’s interest in me was not limited to what we called “the Iran project.” At a meeting we had in Washington just before the Trump Administration came to power, Michael proposed to “take Richard [Spencer] out” and install me as the leader of the Alt-Right. By then, I had met Richard during NPI 2016 and, as someone whose fatal flaw is always wanting to see the best in people, I counter-proposed that Spencer was a reasonable guy who would accept direction from above if it meant that, through a figurehead other than himself, he could have access to the President. Steve Bannon was known to be a reader of Arktos books and Michael’s plan was to send me into the White House to cultivate a relationship with Bannon, and through him, to influence President Trump. My main reason for wanting to have such influence was to help determine Iran policy. Michael got at least one of my letters on this subject into the hands of the President. In it, on behalf of the Persian Renaissance, I explicitly warned Trump not to pursue a pro-Saudi or generally pro-Arab strategy for regime change in Iran. In retrospect, I suppose that through that letter the President and his policymakers also acquired some fairly substantive intelligence on our outlook, intentions, and capabilities.

Together with X and Michael, a plan was hammered out to secure my position as the leader of the Alt-Right by creating a corporate structure that unified the major institutions of the movement, in both North America and Europe, bringing Richard’s National Policy Institute think tank together with Daniel Friberg’s European Arktos publishing house, and the Red Ice Radio and Television network founded by Henrik Palmgren. A major investment would allow me to become a majority shareholder both in this new Alt-Right Corporation, and in its would-be subsidiary, Arktos Media, replacing Daniel Friberg as its CEO. When I expressed concern to Michael about what this plan would mean for my academic career, he replied, “What do you need an academic job for? You’ve been there and done that. Now it’s time for us to put some money in your pocket.” When a man who routinely does work on contract for Fortune 500 executives says something like that, it really does amount to an assurance that one will not be thrown under the bus (in the way that I now have been).

The funds for this investment into the Alt-Right Corporation, through yours truly, were going to be secured through a multi-billion dollar black budget for a classified project to be implemented by the Trump Administration. That project involved the construction of a vast constellation of “micro cities” in North Africa and Western Anatolia to contain the flow of migrants from the Islamic world into Europe, and to act as resettlement areas for illegal immigrants expelled from European countries. I was fully aware of the catastrophic damage that these migrants were doing to the social fabric of European countries: increasingly frequent acts of terror, molestation of women and children, and the spread of no-go zones where sharia law is enforced in European cities. …

We know that you do not really have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” You are oppressed by a rogue dictatorship. Rest assured that after we liberate ourselves and secure our future, we will bring the ever-living fire of true freedom to your bountiful continent as we once brought it to Greece. Far be it from us to leave your resistance movement in the hands of the Alt-Right or comparable culturally impoverished and regressive reactionaries. We are coming to save you, America. So speaks the living spirit of Xerxes, King of Kings, Light of the Aryans …”

This is why Richard Spencer moved across the country and set up shop in Alexandria, VA. He was supposed to live with this guy who was his business partner. “X” was supposed to fund the project.

Jason Jorjani:

“The New York Times hit piece did get one thing right, I was in fact “the architect of the Alt-Right Corporation.” I suggested it to Richard Spencer. I’m afraid the time has come to confess why I did that, and to explain what the organization was supposed to be as opposed to what it has become.

When the post-Hailgate writing was on the wall for me in academia, Richard Spencer visited New York for a few days. His right hand man, former Radix journal editor ‘Hannibal Bateman’ (who I really respect), slept over in my apartment and Richard and I got to spend a lot of time together. Between a business lunch at my favorite Persian restaurant on one day, and a long evening that ended with a Dionysian, intoxicated hours-long discussion at my apartment, my idea for a corporatist unification of the major institutions of the Alt-Right movement was seeded in Richard’s psyche. But Richard did not know something about this act of inception, which I commemorated by leaving an Easter egg for the future in this picture that I suggested we take in front of Hermes, the Trickster, that evening.

“What Richard did not know I disclosed to him about a month later during a late night dinner at the Hamilton restaurant in DC. After publishing Prometheus and Atlas with Arktos Media, I was approached by some people who had already been aware of my (entirely voluntary and unpaid) high-level advisement work with the (501c3 non-profit) Iranian Renaissance organization. These individuals facilitated some initially promising private meetings with incoming Trump Administration policy makers, with the aim of interesting them in our vision for an Iranian cultural revolution. They wanted to help build a new Persian Empire that would offer the West a staunch ally in the war against a nascent Islamic Caliphate. I was told that my book, Prometheus and Atlas, expressed exactly the kind of vision that they had for the future evolution of Man.

Hillary Clinton had given the so-called “Alt-Right” a great deal of unwarranted media attention, to the point where she helped to damn-near mainstream what she herself had described as a “fringe” movement. If the total mess that was then the Alt-Right could be unified, under my intellectual and ideological leadership, then it could be used to forward the aims that these backers claimed to share in common with me. This would have involved a course-correction that extricated the Alt-Right from the ghetto of “White Nationalism” – or as the mainstream media calls it, “White Supremacy” – toward a discourse of Indo-European identity. This inclusion of the Persian, Indian, and Buddhist traditions of the Eastern Aryan world was integral to another key aim: to transform divisive and defensively weak ethno-nationalism into a different vision for a new world order than the deracinating one of soulless globalist financiers. An inclusively identitarian Indo-European Community would be strong enough to take on China and Islam in the battle for planetary hegemony, as humanity faces existential threats from convergent advancements in technology that promise a superhuman future but could also yield a horrifyingly transhuman dystopia. My second book, World State of Emergency, basically lays out what we had in mind.

I corporatized the Alt-Right because a corporate structure allows for both outside investment and hierarchical governance. The key was to have a real brain installed at the pinnacle of the hierarchy. I was supposed to be the conduit for a major investment during the formative phase of the Alt-Right Corporation, and thereby assume its leadership – at least as far as fundamental questions of ideology were concerned. After listening to my explanation of who my potential backers were, and of what capabilities they had (which I urge him, even now, not to disclose for his own sake), Richard agreed that granted such an investment would be forthcoming I would be on point. What was especially compelling to him was the promise of direct engagement, through me, with people inside the White House such as Steve Bannon – something my backers suggested that I could, and should do, but that would not be possible with Richard at the helm. …

What is worse is that in the long months of the Spring of 2017, as I waited for funding to materialize, I watched the corporation that was my brainchild turn into a magnet for white trash. Exactly the kind of people who were supposed to be sidelined by my centralization and corporatization of the Alt-Right were cultivated by Richard as the populist base for ‘his’ movement. I was sorry to see Daniel’s Arktos affiliated and European-centered Right On journal, which had been in the business of publishing serious intellectual content when John Morgan was editing it, merged into an altright.com news and ‘perspective’ platform that has about as much perspective as a tabloid. The comments sections of our website devolved into a cesspool filled by the most despicable pond scum, former 4-chaners who would routinely pile on in trolling attacks against me every time I published something with a bit of intellectual content. “Iranians is brown poo-poo people” kind of sums it up. I decided to stop contributing until the investment came in and I could really clean things up. When Daniel and Richard agreed to lazily use Daniel’s “Points of Orientation” from his pamphlet, The Real Right Returns, as the basis for an ideological statement to appear on the website, consulting the serious philosopher on the board to help edit it was only an afterthought to them.

In May, at a meeting in London, I was assured by the investors that the obstacles had at last been cleared and I could expect our collaboration to begin in June. When I reported this to Richard at a New York lunch at the end of the same month, he thoughtlessly and angrily dismissed a plan that the investors had shared with me for creating an economic and security corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and across to the Caucasus. This “Neo-Scythian” Ukraine-based approach to the long-term revitalization and liberation of Europe – linked to a future, post-Islamic Greater Iran via the Caucasus – offended the Russophilia that has been fostered by his wife. …”

Years ago, Richard Spencer contacted me and asked me to write for AltRight.com.

I had never attended any of the NPI conferences. I wasn’t familiar with Jason Jorjani who was the head of Arktos. I just thought to myself … sure, that’s fine, I would love to help out. I wasn’t aware of this larger scheme. I had no idea that Richard and Jason were on the cusp of recreating the Persian Empire, de-Islamicizing Iran and restoring the Ancient Aryans to their rightful place in the world.

Admittedly, this was my own fault. I never bothered to read much less swallow articles like “The Return of Zarathustra, Part I,” “The Return of Zarathustra, Part II,” “The Return of Zarathustra, Part III,” “The Return of Zarathustra, Part IV” or “The Return of Zarathustra, Part V.” I didn’t read “The Fire of Prometheus” either. I don’t think the white trash who were reading AltRight.com ever bothered to read those articles either. I don’t think anyone but Richard saw any value in that stuff.

Jason Jorjani is still around. He is the leading light of Prometheism these days. He is just an overeducated nerd with delusions of grandeur. The fact that Richard Spencer bought into this speaks volumes about how the Alt-Right ultimately shaked out.


  1. Jorjani, who appears to be a typical head in the clouds idealist type, was being set up by neo-cons who wanted a war against Iran. Very spooky stuff. The Counter Currents article is well worth reading.

    It just shows how lame and sucky your movement is that they couldn’t even run a decent website, AltRight.com, with very successful influencers like Red Ice.

    Face it, Andrew Anglin and the Troll Army – even though much of it was just astroturf spam – dominated the Alt Right, online and off.

    Even smart people who should have known better, Taylor, MacDonald, etc., fell for what amounts to PHISHING SPAM.

    How many dumb white guys reading 4chan though they were going to go IRL and be welcomed by the masses, waking up the normies that Hitler was Right? Stand Up!

    Steve Bannon along with Breitbart ran an online astroturf spam campaign and you all fell for it LOL.

    The normie Trump voters were both smarter and more “red pilled” than the entire Movement. You are not an intellectual vanguard, you’re a bunch of extremely online cranks, basically a religious cult.

    Basically right-wing Tumblr SJWs.

    • Hey, Big Dawg! Just curious when you’re going to come out of the closet as a total flaming faggot after reading your comment and blog? 4Chan are mostly chinks and weirdos, who nobody takes serious except extremely online clowns like you, and to no one’s surprise you shouted out Counter-Currents. Did you think the comment was profound before writing it, “Banned Hipster?” Were you banned from a faggot bar once or something?

      • Look at this, I hit a nerve. Even “Ron,” a Trump spammer, is back.

        This is what the Breitbart Spam Army is, folks. They hate it when the audience won’t play along.

        They are all Jews and Feds and Astroturf.

    • 4chan is like the devil in disguise. Anytime it’s users become common amongst a movement, that movement always becomes steered towards them. They hijack it. This has happened before.

      The 4chan culture becoming so ingrained into race realism and white nationalism is what has essentially destroyed it and prevented it from ever being something serious.

  2. Because nothing says promising Western ally like a revanchist Persian Aryan Nationalist movement.

    Throughput all of Western History we have been in conflict with Persia. Through all of Classical History the Greeks/Macedonians, the foundations of “Western Civilization” were in conflict with Persia.

    This kind of conceit is skullsplittingly stupid and myopic. Its no different though than the blind sinophilia, and Russophilia well entrenched still in the dissident right.

    The idea that we could have common cause with so different a race and culture is beyond autism. There has never existed any such common cause, no common interest and no room for such.

    These specific people’s are and have always been our competitors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And it doesn’t mean we have to be in an existential conflict with them either.

    We are not their friends. They don’t care about us, and don’t want anything but to climb our legs and take power from who they see as the crab on top of the pile, the wounded Anglo Races look vulnerable and the sharks are circling.

    Persia is no different either in its current Islamic state or in any kind of Aryan revolutionary culture that could arise were that system to be toppled.

    We have distinct interests that will never be honored by these groups without threat of reprisal in force. These cultures are all absolutely as cynical and corrupt in their own ways as ours is.

    Stop looking abroad for allies. Look to your neighbors.

    Stop denigrating your own race and phelating these others because of misplaced envy at their supposed racial/social cohesion. Its all BS.

    Advocate White Working class American interests, Emphasize identification with State citizenship. Let other people figure out their own issues.

    • “These cultures are all absolutely as cynical and corrupt in their own ways as ours is”:

      Cynical and corrupt, of course (the evil side of human nature) but not necessarily AS cynical and corrupt as “ours” is. Furthermore, aside from cultural differences, some political/economic systems are better or worse than others. A system that institutes greed and inequality is corrupting whereas a system of sharing and love tends to subdue the evil impulse.

      “blind sinophilia, and Russophilia well entrenched”:

      Blind fear and hatred of Chinese and Russian people is much more well entrenched, and it supports the System’s endless war against those nations. I always say that a TRUE ethno-nationalist is also an internationalist with respect for the rights of ALL of the peoples, or all people, that exist on this small planet.

  3. “Jorjani, who appears to be a typical head in the clouds idealist type, was being set up by neo-cons who wanted a war against Iran.”

    Yes, that is an angle worth noticing: here, like also in the case of Ukrainian nationalism, Far Right energy was being channeled in such a way as to support the geopolitical interests of the shitlib American Empire:

    “This “Neo-Scythian” Ukraine-based approach to the long-term revitalization and liberation of Europe – linked to a future, post-Islamic Greater Iran via the Caucasus … ”

    Only THIS kind of “Alt Right” stuff could get any hearing among the Washington DC swamp creatures.

  4. Regarding the supposed Trump administration plan to use “Aryans” of the AltRight “to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran and recreate the Persian Empire as an American bulwark in the Middle East”:

    It was not too far fetched. The U.S. under Truman, with the help of the British, toppled the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 and installed the capitalist puppet Shah dictatorship, which was an American (and Zionist) bulwark in the Middle East for twenty-six years.

    The Biden, Trump, Obama, and earlier administrations going all the way back to Truman have been using far-right Banderite “Aryans” to topple Russian socialism. The proxy war against Russia in Khazarkraine is another criminal project (it is war crime under U.S.-ignored international law) that Spencer endorses. The far right has a vital role to play in sustaining capitalist imperialism. As soon as WW2 was over, German Nazis were being re-hired to work on various U.S. projects to try to topple socialism in Russia. The Contra war against the people of Nicaragua is another case of far right involvement, serving its purpose, fulfilling its role. The far right can also be counted on to support imperialist war against the rise of any authentic African or Asian nationalism.

    • @Methyr

      The idea of a confederation spanning from the Baltic sea to the Black sea is a product of the cold war and the Initiative was called: Intermarium (between two seas).

      See: MI6: 50 years of special operations by Stephen Dorrell.

  5. What a fiasco. Any time I begin feeling smart or uppity, I remind myself that I trusted Richard Spencer once. Then I remember that I know nothing. It’s not just the con artistry, it’s that Spencer himself is genuinely not as smart as he thinks. Spencer is a midwit. I always wondered why he was flying around the east coast but Jason was such obvious BS that I never bothered to look closer. X could have been a spook for all we know. What an absolute disaster the whole Altright was.

    • Maybe the Alt Right can be regarded as a clumsy first attempt at organizing all the disparate pro-White elements into a single cohesive force?

      • Honestly, boiled down, that’s all it was. I generously believe most people involved were sincere and meant well, but like anything thing that happens too quickly with too many disparate ideas and people, it blew up.
        I never disliked Jorjani. I still don’t.
        I just don’t share his vision.

  6. If this Jorjani fellow was trying to restore the Pahlavis to the Peacock Throne he might have gotten somewhere. But that would have required working extensively with the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad. But thinking he could restore the glory of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenids, enlisting the aide of dubious characters like Steve Bannon and Dicky Spencer to do it, was pure folly, if not a form of madness.

    • “that would have required working extensively with the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad”:

      Re-subjugating unruly, Multipolar, Islamo-socialist Persia under a puppet fake “democracy” (dictatorship) is an ongoing project of Unipolar Anglo-Zionism.

      “restore the glory of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenids”:

      Ha. I’m sure the people NEVER wanted to be ruled by “nobles” and monarchy, who built all those “glorious” buildings and monuments, and imperial military infrastructure, with slaves’ sweat and blood.

  7. If someone told me a “plan” 1/10 as f-ed up as that, I would LOL, head out the door and ghost them forever.

    Make that 1% as f-ed up.

    I SAF would not relocate to the heart of the Rainbow Empire and drag my friends and associates into proximity with something that so obviously glowed brighter than the sun.

    If I’m just falling for HW’s elaborate troll-pasta, you got me. My brain just won’t process that as something real that anyone actually believed.

  8. Greg Johnson—-Ukraine

    Steve Bannon—-Guo Wengui and China

    Richard Spencer—–Iranian guy

    Do you see a pattern here? These people, white nationalist leaders, are taking bribes from foreigners to influence American foreign policy, and they are selling you out in the process. You think those fancy neck ties and those parlez vous francais hairdos grow on trees?

  9. “Vince Gilligan should create a new television show based on this amazing cast of characters.”

    I’ve followed the paleo/dissident/alt scene online since roughly 2007/8 – the time of the financial crisis. As well a genuinely interesting ideas & debate there was always a soap opera-ish quality w/ characters more entertaining than any TV drama.

    What would Sam Francis say? Wasn’t NPI originally a vehicle for Francis? Hunter’s writing always seemed an extension of Francis’ – humorous but ultimately serious.

    • Did NPI ever rid itself of Spencer? The series has been informative. I knew there were plenty of clowns and grifters around but had no idea of just how thoroughly they took over and dominated the whole ‘movement’. That’s how folks like the ADL and their step-n-fetchits at the FBI turn grassroots movements into astroturf clown-shows. Remember the “Tea-Party” from circa 2008? Same deal.

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