Whatifalthist: Explaing America’s Nine Nations

I always appreciate the autism.

I covered all this way back in the day during my transition to Southern nationalism.

A decade later, the conflict between Dixie and its allies in Real America and Libtardia (Acela Corridor) and Shitlibia (West Coast) on the coasts is far more intense. There is also a new class dimension to the conflict which is centered on these cultural divisions


    • The goal of the North American Union is to give Amerinds (aka hispanics in name only) the full range of the American continents. From Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego will look like Mexico.

  1. Althist had the balls to debate the fat commie Vaush so he’s good in my book. Also do we have the same YouTube feed?

  2. Well, the US population west of the Mississippi is like 20-25% depending where you look. Most of the pop of America is east of the Mississippi. The West is more like a colony and is basically used for agriculture and mineral wealth. However with the extended drought, much of the west may become unliveable, so you too can enjoy mexamwerica coming to your hometown soon.

  3. Boston was one of America’s most liberal or “progressive” cities yet also one of its most rigidly segregated. Keeping its Negroes under control was one of the reasons for its success. Of course if the South tried to reintroduce segregation it would be condemned and vilified. It would then face economic pressure from the North until it relented.

    • Whit(e)man, Washington is the largest wheat producing area in the world last I checked. Depends on how you measure it I guess.

  4. Right now it does feel as if the South is the center of America’s growth and will be where its future lies. The magic of California is gone and the water supply in the far west is drying up; The Northeast and Midwest are cold, depressing and inhospitable; The Great Plains are boring and desolate; And the PNW has been taken over by neurotic fags and communists. It seems everyone is moving from the blue states to Nashville, Austin, Raleigh, Charleston, Tampa and Miami. But something will have to be done about the South’s large Negro population. Generally speaking they’re not as bad as the Negroes in Northern cities like Chicago and Philadelphia but they work as a retardant that keeps the South from becoming a more desirable destination for Whites from other parts of our dying nation.

    • The Midwest has the water. The West is losing the water battle. Environmentalists keep talking about how there won’t be enough water in the next 50 years, due to the Colorado River drying up, yet…they push for more and more Mexicans to come into the US.
      The South has as many Negroes as the Midwest, and probably more.

  5. I’m from Canadian Shitlibia, but Canadian Shitlibia is a bit more lowkey, laidback and mitigated than American Shitlibia.
    Generally Canadians are more apolitical, centrist and status quo than Americans whether they’re left or right.
    Vancouver Canada isn’t as bad as say Portland Oregon, but then I live in a suburb (Surrey) and rarely visit downtown these days.

    Canadians don’t like revolutions, they don’t like to rock the boat in either direction.
    Typically cultural and political trends start in America or Britain and take several years before a watered down version catches on here.

    That being said, Trudeau has been quite the revolutionary, he’s pushed Canada further left in just about every direction, from legalizing pot on the one hand to gun, covid and climate control on the other and he’s ultra woke, but a lot of people despise him here, he won a plurality, not a majority of votes, that can happen when you have more than just two parties of significance.
    Americans had their revolution with Trumpism, Biden hasn’t been able to accomplish much, we’re having ours from out of Ottawa with Turdeauism.

    The Quakers who gave birth to the midwest seem pretty cool.
    And the Scots (Irish), Northern and Southwestern English (all three are more Celtic than Southeastern English) and who gave birth to south seem pretty cool.
    It’s those Puritans from the Northeast who suck.
    They may have ditched Christian utopianism for progressive utopianism but they remained every bit as authoritarian and elitist.

    Looking forward to part two.

    • I live 30 miles from the Canadian border and I when I was a kid Canadians were people like Gordie Howe and Guy Lafleur. I cannot understand how you people are letting that mincing faggot son of Castro’s whore drive your country right off a cliff.

      Our politicians are retarded, idiotic and criminal, but Castreau is a particular mix of evil, arrogant, haughty, and condescending, I cannot stand to even hear him speak or look at him.

      I cannot state in print what that bastard deserves for obvious reasons, but he is taking guns away from people so they cannot do to him what he deserves, I can tell you that.

      • It’s too bad Canada didn’t divide into two nations, one British origin, and one French. It seems there is no one in Canada with enough money, willing to stand up to Trudeau. It is so sad.

  6. Still waiting on those calls for Alabama to secede from “the South” since Alabamans are a unique ethnic group with their own history that is different from other ethnic groups such as South Carolinians. And since black and White Alabamans do not share the same ancestry, they obviously are not of the same “nation” and need to geographically separate as well. Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery also need to secede from Alabama and form independent city-states. After all, big city urbanites are just too different from rural Alabamans. Many of them vote Democrat. Some are even atheist! The rest of Alabama don’t need those libtards.

    • You don’t have to be of the same exact ancestry to be a nation. The south is of mixed ancestries and it’s still a nation.

  7. There are only three, or really two, nations, besides Canada.

    1. Since 1865, Yankeedom and her PacRim colonies, which totally dominate the federal government, pick the presidents, and set policy, both foreign and domestic. Despite claims to the the contrary, there is no real difference, ideologically, between New England, and Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, and the other Great Lakes States. The so-called non western, as in not west of the Mississippi, “Midwest.” Which is “out west’ to people in Massachusetts, but not to us in Dixie, or folks in the real West.

    2. Jeffersonian America, which consists of Dixie and the Interior West, in a quasi political alliance, whom get out-voted and screwed over at every turn, by Yankeedom and her three Pacific Coast colonial enclaves.

    3. Dixie. Which reaches into the Southwest, via Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and arguably, Kansas. And is the real orgin of Anglo Cowboy culture. And which had a significant influence on California, before Yankee transplants made it a colony of the North, and turned it blue, beginning in the late 1960’s. At one time, Los Angeles wasn’t that much different from Dallas, which itself, was likened in some respects, to Atlanta. After 1865, Texans founded the Northern Cattle Kingdom, that stretches from the Dakotas to Eastern Washington State, as was noted in the Lonesome Dove novels, and in the TV mini-series of the same name. The prequel, Texas Rising, depicts the founding of a Southern Republic, by Southern free booters, Dixie frontiersmen, and filibusters. Even the gold fields, mineral belt and logging empire were opened up by miners, loggers and lumbermen from Dixie. Before that, a significant amount of gold, silver, copper and lead came from the Carolinas and the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. It’s no accident that characters in Westerns speak Southern, or use Southern idioms and slang. And it’s no accident either, that the West tends to be largely Jeffersonian and conservative, in the Southern sense of that concept and term. In Wyoming, you’ll find more of Dixie, than you’ll find of Massachusetts and New York.

    Getting rid of Yankeedom will free up the rest of the formerly United States. When New Yorkers can no longer support candidates for Governor of various Southern or Western States, and Minnesotans can no longer protest on the capitol steps of Southern and Western States, then we’ll be able to get down to the business of solving our socio-political problems. Many of which, will disappear overnight, once a Northern government(s) has been established. Personally, I think that the North should be broken up into three to four distinct nations, to disperse its political power. However, that’s for the Northern People to decide, not us. It would be a boon for us, simply to be rid of them and their Puritanism, and their un-Jeffersonian, authoritarian collectivist ways.

    If Indiana is Dixie’s middle finger stuck up into Yankeedom, then Joe Biden is Yankeedom’s middle finger to Jeffersonian America.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  8. People still keep dividing up the US with these hypothetical maps, but the Federal government still rules over everything, and nothing is seceded or autonomous.

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