Tucker Carlson: The Last White Man

In case you missed it, Tucker Carlson and Pedro Gonzalez had a casual conversation a few nights ago about White Genocide. It is becoming easier to discuss these issues.

Note: Over the last five years, the majority of White people have become worried about anti-White discrimination. The groups who are the most concerned about it are Republicans and White evangelical Protestants. As with the Great Replacement, the term anti-White has gone mainstream along with the general sense that Whites are under attack.


  1. Since its inception ‘western civilization’ has been infected with the virus of Jewish Christianity, which is the cause & the source of its politico-economic & cultural domination by Jews & its corollary contamination & disintegration into egalitarianism, mongrelism & Communism.

    All that matters is if your group/cult controls the State (money, media, schools, religion, corporations, police-military). Once that has been accomplished, you can do anything. The stupid/insane masses will believe whatever those in power tell them is the ‘truth’. For power supersedes truth, rights, freedom, ethics, laws & justice–for their existence is contingent upon the former. Without power defending/enforcing those concepts, they simply remain powerless & meaningless abstractions…

    • Your remark is historically illiterate. You do have a point that the thing which refers to itself as Christianity in the west is supportive of all of the contamination you mention, so we’re kind of left with a version of the “no-true Scotsman” defense. It was not always so and it’s not that way everywhere even now. When Christianity was strong in the west, the Talmudic subversion, perversion and inversion was kept at bay. When the faith was abandoned – especially in the wake of the catastrophe of 1914-18 – the contamination flourished.

      So what do we replace Christianity with assuming it’s over in the west? Islam? Pagan larping? There’s quite a bit of evidence that Islam – or at least a major sect thereof – is itself a Talmudic operation. Note that Islam has primarily concerned itself with conquering Christian nations – former Christian nations in the case of Europe as there’s no Christianity apart from the state-controlled Church of Woke standing there.

      • How do you worship the Jewish God and not his chosen people?
        According to the bible, you will go to the New Jerusalem when you die.

        • @Zard: right on the money! Yes, while one could say Christians at one time held the line against the jews, that all went away once the White Race lost WW2.

          • Dicarlo you are a blasphemer and deserve your eternity in Hell.I do not consider an atheist to be on the side of the White race.Either you three are all hasbara trolls or the dumbest people ever.You call our love of God supernatural .Yet you place your faith in lying Jewish science which is spouted by the weakest,ugliest specimens ever produced.The White race is only great because we were created in God’s image.This world is not our home.This time we have is a test and you have failed.You buy the Devil’s lie.I would rather stand alone than have allies like you three atheists.Christ is King today tomorrow and forever.The Whites of the past were great men and women and they loved the Lord.Most Whites now are scum who are different people than their ancestors.The greatest of our race will reassemble in Heaven and scum like you three will rot in eternal Hell fire.

          • @Roy — First of all, LOL! — and you Roy are a fucking kook. You are hateful and pathetic. If there’s any reason why Whites can’t get together and take our homelands back, it’s most probably Christianity, and your statement proves it. You kooks can’t even agree on anything among yourselves. That’s why there’s 35,000 Christian sects. Mainstream Christianity condemns “racism” and “White supremacy”, loves “Diversity”, is totally indifferent or hostile to White survival. Christianity says all races are God’s children and that the jews are God’s chosen. So, I know who people like you stand with, especially when you condemn people merely because they don’t believe your jewish Babble hogwash.

            There ain’t no hell, and there ain’t no devil, just like there ain’t no tooth fairy. It’s really a shame so many of you Christians are such assholes who have a need to believe in the tooth fairy. Keep your whacky beliefs to yourself. Belief is only a half-way-station between ignorance and knowledge. Anyone can “believe” anything and still be wrong no matter what they “believe” or in your case, how many DOPES believe it. And, you are wrong because you don’t know. And since you don’t know, you fill in the blank spaces with what you “believe”.

          • Rebel Roy…you had ancestors who didn’t believe in Jeezus. But I guess they are burning in hell forever due to their misfortune of being born in the wrong place and time. There is nothing more amusing than an ignoramous who thinks he knows it all.

          • @Rebel Roy The Jews are your spiritual cousins. You worship the same god. So you can’t be against Jews and worship Jesus at the same time.
            Are we created in God’s image? What about Negroes? Did God just have a bad day, or did they neglect to put that in the creation story? Or is Nature just cold and indifferent like the rest of the universe?
            If there is a God, why does he have “chosen” favorite people? Why are “gentiles” referred to as goyim or cattle? You should read the whole bible. The end of the story is interesting, because it’s all about a new Jerusalem.

          • @Pilot — Just think, burning at the stake wasn’t the only means of torture and death used by these “love” dispensing christians who were so eager lo spread their message of “love”. They used all forms of torture that the depraved human mind could devise to extort confessions and whip the unbelievers or heretics into line. No wonder Christians want to run things. Roy’s just like his chosen betters but spreading the gospel of “love”.

          • @DiCarlo Just think, they’d go back to living in the Salem Witch Trial environment if they could.
            They want a theocracy. They really believe only Christians have morals.
            Even if they got their theocracy, it wouldn’t end there. The denominations would fight for power.
            They aren’t going to a thing about the anti-white agenda. Nothing. They won’t recognize the enemy, either. They are far too passive.
            Just watch, in another year, no one will be talking about “Christian Nationalism”. The enemy will come up with another device.

        • Jews don’t worship the same god Christians do. Neither do Muslims. The assertion they all worship the same god is a Masonic lie. The Freemasons seek to ‘rebuild Solomon’s Temple for (((the usual suspects))), with whom they are allied. Jews worship the same spiritual entity who made Christ an offer during his 40 days and nights in the desert, which was rejected. Jews took him up on the offer. That’s the real source of their power – not superior intelligence, harder work or any of the other bullshit reasons put forth. That’s the actual traditional Christian position, widely held before the “reforms” of the late 18th century forward.

          I get zard’s point and it’s a strong one as far as contemporary western society goes. One has to reach back in history to disprove it, kind of a ‘no-true Scotsman’ fallacy (though not entirely so). Zard is quite logical as far as it goes. Thus my question. What do we replace Christianity with, assuming it’s totally subverted and worthless for the time being?

          • There’s no way to replace it unless Christians themselves walk away from it. That’s entirely up to them. I’m not pushing any non-belief system. And where would they go? Human nature seems to dictate that most people have a need to believe in the supernatural. That’s all well and good by me, as long as I don’t have to listen to it.

          • @Exalted Oh yes they do. Christians worship the triune God, Jehovah or Yahweh as the Father.
            But it doesn’t matter because Xians worship Christ as a Jew, as the Messiah, and the absolve all Jews of any wrongdoing.

          • You are correct as usual Cyclops.The Jews worship Satan and not our precious Lord God.People like Zard and his pal Pilot are either Jewish hasbara trying to turn young Whites away from God or Whites who previously were duped by Jewish hasbara.I would say that the White race came directly from God,and the Jews tried to kill His son Jesus on behalf of their father the Devil.Jesus knew the Jews (then called Pharisees)were His greatest enemy and fought them with all His might.Many modern Christians have been brainwashed with terms like Judeo-Christian and concepts like the anti-Christ Jews being the chosen people but that all comes from the lying Jews themselves.Zard and Pilot risk an eternity in the Lake of Fire for their blasphemy and stupidity.The Jews have truly beaten those two soundly because they have convinced them of such great lies.Long live the White race and Always shall Christ be our Lord and Master.As a great Klansman once said”All I need is the White race and the Jesus keys”.Amen.

          • Yes they do, they all worship the same concept of God. You see, the real jews all died fighting Titus and Vespasian in 70 AD. The survivors have evolved into something else. They really are something unique now, not really created by the selection forces of being a nation but as scraggly survivors living as outsiders somewhere else. Was Abraham anything at all like Woody Allen? Foxes were domesticated from wild beasts into a timid breed within only 15 generations. How many generations were at work creating these resentful schlemiels and bitter, ball busting yentas now running the Northeast, and our whole nation.

          • Papists and most Protestants do worship the same god as the Jews, since they are inheritors of the false theological assumptions of the judaizing pagan sophist Thomas Aquinas. Whereas papists elevated judaizer Thomas Aquinas to sainthood and “doctor of the church” status, dogmatizing many of his false teachings, protestants merely failed to adequately challenge the judaic/pagan assumptions that thomism and scholastic philosophy injected into their theology. That is why papists are always satanic, while Protestants are only sometimes satanic, but not necessarily so.

          • @Rebel Roy You call us names. But you have no real argument of substance against us. You worship Jews, yet you try to link US to them. Really smart.

          • @Nightowl You guys try anything to absolve the Js. Now they were all killed off. Some of you claim to be “the Real Jews!” Jews know their history all the way back. They can trace their lineage. So good luck trying to throw that out.

  2. All this because Hamid felt some kind of way about being subject to extra screening after 9/11 and that some people in the West don’t want to let any more of his relatives from Pakistan flood on in.

    • “some people in the West don’t want to let any more of his relatives from Pakistan flood on in.”

      Many want them returned to sender, pronto !

    • Conservatives are great with the wind up, not so good with pitch. This is why Tucker and others like him are allowed to stay on the air.

    • TUCKER’s reaction to the open hostility and contempt towards Whites by nonwhites:
      “Racism doesn’t ever end well —

      and I hope they stop it”.

      LOL! You go Cucker!

      • Dicarlo sounds like a squealing bitch with his “LOLS” in every comment.And Dicarlo is an Italian(North African)name right.Or is it one of those Izzy Dicarlo situations where you use surnames like paper napkins.You make no sense.You just strike out at your betters.I’d love to meet you face to face sometime and make you shit your pants.You stay in your IDF barracks where you are safe though.

        • Ya know, in all honesty, I almost never use acronyms LOL!, but you are so silly. You really are a joke and a living caricature of looney Chistards for all here to see and anyone reading your comments would understand I’m making a lot of sense. You people can’t live in peace with people who don’t “believe” the nonsense you “believe”. Now you resort to physical threats. Really, you are just too pathetic and I can’t help myself: LOL!

    Trump Executive Pleads Guilty to 15 Felonies in Tax Scheme
    ……….. Allen Weisselberg ……….admitted that he conspired with the Trump Organization to avoid paying taxes on lavish perks…

  4. “most concerned about it are Republicans and White evangelical Protestants”

    The same groups that were so self-congratulatory on bringing in 100,000s of Vietnamese ‘boat people’, which was the starting thin edge of this refugee wedge .
    The influx of the ‘boat people’ wrecked many WHITE communities in America, leading to progressive stages of urban/neighborhood decay, slumification.

    • Yep.

      I’m in Auburn right now.

      I would say this is a key distinction. Most people around here aren’t anti-White. They are also Christians, happy people and normal people. They aren’t so obsessed with race that it is all that they ever think about. They aren’t cranky, miserable and unable to relate to or communicate with other people. They understand the Great Replacement, but also watch football games. You can be pro-White or comfortable in your own skin without becoming obsessed with it.

        • It’s true.

          You can believe race exists and race matters. You can have a healthy sense of White identity. You can watch Tucker Carlson and agree that Whites are being replaced by non-White immigrants. You can also do this while being a Christian, while watching football games, while working and living a normal life. That’s actually the norm.

          The difference is that some people become so obsessed with race that it is ALL that they ever think about. It is a difference in degree or intensity. I saw this first hand when Richard Spencer came here and didn’t grasp this and was unable to communicate or connect with his audience and lost them by going on about SEC football.

          Tucker Carlson can reach those people and persuade those people. In contrast, people like Richard Spencer have no ability whatsoever to do this.

          • It’s not whites who are obsessed with race. It’s the people trying to get rid of us. The people allowing others to assault and kill us. The people trying to ruin our jobs, our schools, and our lives. It’s everywhere you turn.
            Taking notice of this might seem obsessive to you, but turning on the TV and watching football, pretending it’s not all geared toward nonwhites, is just denial. Eventually, you have to come to terms with it, when something happens, in your life.

          • The conservatives seem to have sussed you out, Brad. Maybe they’ll give you a payout like Grinder Greg.

          • I’ve never been one of these “race is everything” people.

            I personally don’t care that normal people watch college sports or professional sports. It doesn’t bother me that normal people are Christians. You can be a Christian and a Bama fan and a conservative and oppose the Great Replacement. The vast majority of people who are pro-White are not obsessed with race to the same degree as a small minority of people on the internet. Those people are outliers.

            As for conservatives, they have gotten better lately. The movement, however, has been getting worse. I’m not sure what to call it these days. I don’t see it improving. I don’t have any confidence in it. Instead, I think the only chance we have is for normal people to adopt better views on race and crowd out all the weirdos

          • Look dude, I know it’s your blog and I try not to be disrespectful (although considering your behavior during COVID, I could be even now, and it would be
            fully warranted) — nonetheless I will be plain with you: a lot of what you write dismissing racial nationalism is infantile and impossible to take seriously, e.g. anecdotal observations about your personal Umfeld — I already explained to you why that isn’t relevant.

            Perhaps others could make the same claims.

            It changes nothing about the current political situation (which regarding Whites I have termed the beginning of the physical elimination phase of diversity), and the obviousness of how undesirable it is for Whites to become a minority in America — in the face of that, your kind of blasé Pollyanna-ism is realitätsfremd.

            Go explain to the family and friends of the McMichaels how everything really isn’t so bad, and they should grab a beer and enjoy the game.

          • What is your point?

            My point is that the overwhelming majority of White people don’t think about racial crime statistics 24/7. They don’t think about race every minute of the day. Pretty much everyone here completely understands black crime and navigates around it.

            Compare and contrast Trump and Tucker with some of the leading lights of the movement. Both Tucker and Trump talk about Third World shitholes like Baltimore. Conservatives talk about black crime in places like Chicago all the time. Tucker talks about the Great Replacement on his show. He talks about racial double standards in the criminal justice system.

            Have you ever seen Trump or Tucker attack White people for watching sports? How about for being Christians? If you are drawing blanks, it is because that never happens for a reason. They are not political retards and grasp that it makes much more sense to talk about the issues and persuade people without insulting them with needless distractions

          • Those same southerners with an allegedly “healthy sense of White identity” have been allowing Blacks to rape and murder their friends and family members for decades (genocidal Black-on-White violent crime numbers over the course of generations). The same kwallege sports teams you/they love to watch also pimp out White girls to their Black affletes, and have been caught many times covering up the numerous sexual assaults and rape these affletes invariably commit. Recruiters there literally advertise that as a perk of joining their team (play for us and you can have all the White girls you want, young negro). There’s not much more degenerate in the USA than kwallege sportsball and the southern devotion towards it.

          • I live in a SEC college town.

            Football season is about to start again.

            What I see are folks who are going about their business, who are working, who are going to come to town, eat at a restaurant or go tailgating, go out to a bar and get drunk and cheer on their team. It is nothing but a social or leisure activity.

            Never once in my life have I ever heard anyone say “well, I am here to worship niggers.” The only people who think like this are White Nationalists on the internet. In fact, the two whitest mass activities that come to mind are going to church on Sunday and going to college football games.

          • Never once in my life have I ever heard anyone say “well, I am here to worship niggers.”

            Well, regardless, that’s exactly what they are doing. A bunch of fucking cowards. Beyond disgusting!!! Yeah, I guess going to church and then worshipping niggers, the people that hate and murder White people goes together. We’re all “god’s children” after all.

          • Never once in my life have I ever heard anyone say “well, I am here to worship niggers.”

            Well, when you patronize something, or buy the advertised products, you’re actually financially supporting it. When you buy tickets to a game, you are. When you buy beer that contributes to sports, you are.

            Americans need to wake up and see that these sports are part of the downslide of America. There was a time when sports were fine, but now they are the territory of the blacks.

            Just trying to be some church-going, sports-loving person, is the problem. It’s why we are being snuffed out.

            “Get drunk and cheer your team”…your “team” is a bunch of Negroes who hate you. Most teamplayers now, in any sport, aren’t even from your town.

            With all of the B on W crime, I don’t know how you can do that. If you try to defend yourself against one of them, your life is over.

            If this is “Southernism”, count me out.
            If this is Christian Nationalism, count me out.

          • Ok, fine.

            My view of the matter is that 1.) sports is a harmless leisure activity and that most people watch sports to decompress and because of the socializing that happens around these events and that 2.) I am a Christian and thus see no problem with Christianity and 3.) that we can persuade people who watch sports and who go to church to oppose anti-Whites and to oppose things like the Great Replacement. That’s what really matters, not scolding people who agree with us.

            If you want to focus on building a White Nationalist movement that is based on atheism and which only appeals to the 1% of atheists who agree with your views, then count me out. For one thing, I have no interest in supporting it because it is anti-Christian and thus immoral. It would also be a waste of my time because the people who share this mindset are such extreme outliers. There is a hard ceiling on the audience for this message. There isn’t enough people who support this for it to ever gain traction and go anywhere. There also obviously isn’t any interest in grappling with the fact that 95% of atheists are libtards and 80% of people on the Right are Christians.

          • @HW
            You wrote: “…we can persuade people who watch sports and who go to church to oppose anti-Whites and to oppose things like the Great Replacement.”

            Do you really think that people who cheer on and idolize black athletes are going to oppose anti-Whites???
            The same with people who like their music, etc. They just are not going to be on your side.
            Besides, if they are Christians, they’ll remind you that you need to love everyone per Jesus.

          • Sure I do.

            I think White people watch sports to relax. It is a leisure activity like watching movies or playing video games. I don’t think that it has anything to do with their racial, cultural or political views. If these people worship niggers like you insist they do, why don’t they vote for Democrats? Why don’t they support BLM?

            Do people who watch television or movies worship Jews? Are you worshipping Jews by watching television?

          • @HW I haven’t had cable TV for over 10 years. I rarely watch movies.
            I disagree about the “relax” aspect. Most whites get drunk and yell and carry on during football games. After the game, it’s “That DeLeown…he really should’ve drew back and punted!!!”
            I think it’s a form of numbing out. Distraction. Not owning up that the sport isn’t about whites anymore. Many whites do worship them.
            Probably many of them do vote for Democrats. But it really doesn’t matter when the Republicans are as liberal as the Democrats. Counting on voting to fix things is a waste of time.
            Christians think some divine event is going to solve the problem, because they know they can’t. If you’re relying on the Republicans, it won’t happen.

          • “They don’t think about race every minute of the day. ”

            They ought to. Going into hoods or leaving your guard down at the gasoline pump has been catastrophic for many whites.
            The world is not 1950. It’s 2022, where they go into our neighborhoods freely, where they get away with crime.

            When you’re the target of annihilation, you should be thinking about it. It’s called survival.

          • I live in an SEC college football town.

            Normal White people here go to church, watch football, go tailgating on game day because it is a social event and completely grasp the realities of black crime and navigate around it. They like Donald Trump. They are probably going to vote in the midterms. They watch Tucker Carlson.

            If you are only looking at a bunch of black football players on the field, you are missing the 90,000 White people in the stadium watching the game. It is White people gathering en masse to have a good time with other White people. It is an occasion to go to the bars and to go to restaurants and to socialize with friends and family and to support your university and decompress. The only thing these people care about is their team jersey. They don’t care about the players. When those same players transfer to a different university, they don’t care about them much less worship them.

            White Nationalists can’t understand how people can watch football and simultaneously believe the Great Replacement is happening or resent being attacked for being White. I grew up here and still live here and understand the culture. I was talking to a guy in Buffalo Wild Wings just the other day who is an Auburn fan who randomly brought up how he dislikes delivering food to the ghetto because of the blacks who live there.

            Identity is complex. Most people who have a positive sense of White identity also have other identities. They are middle class Christians. Maybe they went to LSU or Bama. They are conservatives.

          • If you want to focus on building a White Nationalist movement that is based on atheism and which only appeals to the 1% of atheists who agree with your views, then count me out. For one thing, I have no interest in supporting it because it is anti-Christian and thus immoral.

            This is just a bullshit, strawman, argument. There is no atheist “movement” working to control White Nationalism or any program to base White Nationalism on atheim. Those who “believe” may “believe” with no objection from any White Nationalist who doesn’t believe. We don’t care if you believe, but apparently Christians will not tolerate those who don’t believe.

            As far as niggerball, it used to be all White. White people patronized it to see the White sports figures they admired, and in most cases there were role models for their children. But no more. They don’t call it the nigger felon league for nothing.

            Niggerball is 80% niggers, and White players have actually been eliminated from making the teams because they are White for 20 years. Whites who understand this and can’t give up their bread and circus in the face of this direct insult to them and White people, and find something else to do with their spare time, are just pathetic. There just is no excuse for Whites to watch it.

          • @HW All I know is, you changed after that radio show crap with James Edwards and Jared Taylor. Somehow, they got to you.
            Now you talk about “normal people”, but those normal people are part of the problem. They refuse to see what is wrong. Blacks can assault and kill people, and these normal people will still act like nothing is wrong.
            As DiCarlo has stated, there is NO atheist WN movement.
            Christians have no lock on morality, in fact, so many of them lack it. You’re dividing this up as Christians are good, atheist/agnostics are bad.
            If Christians are so good, why do they allow memorial statues to be taken down? Doesn’t seem they care about any of that.

        • Sorry, Brad, but these are all piss-poor excuses for any Whites to go watch niggers. Sounds like something some race blind normie would say. Are you trying to convince yourself you’re right? You’re not. You aren’t patronizing your fellow White niggerball afficianados, your patronizing niggers and the people who promote niggers. I can’t read anymore of these lame excuses. I don’t doubt you’re very pro-White. Patronizing niggers running and jumping isn’t pro-White.

        • @Brad, what I meant by that is why not just drop all the racial stuff altogether? There’s no sense in it, and it just causes unneeded problems. Watch those videos. “Race” is not an issue you make it to be. Class, culture, morals, and religion are what matters. The elites weaponize “race” to keep middle class and working class people divided so they can sit comfortably on top in control. An intelligent person would see this and discard the term altogether.

          • Race exists.

            Race matters.

            Race is important and meaningful, but it is not everything. It is not everything or nothing.

          • calvin CANDYASS,, You have obviously, have always.lived in predominantly white area’s, never an inviroment, where your skin is your uniform, your colors, your tribe, your nation, that’s been your good fortune, but a lot of us, on this.site, have had different experiences, we have legitimate reasons, for thinking and feeling the way we do, we want too separate, so that we can live in peace, we owe nobody anything, except God in heaven and we are not anybody’s doormat either, maybe when you get out of high school, you will understand………..hopefully, anyway……

      • I fully agree. That’s why the movement is a waste of time because “racist” folks can’t relate to normal average people because they are obsessed with race. I don’t worry about it anymore just trust God. It is what it is and I’m just a rank stranger on the earth anyway. So in the long run it just doesn’t matter.

        • When people can’t find jobs or food, when they lose their homes, or packs of nonwhites hunt them down, they will care, but way too late.

          • “can’t find jobs or food, when they lose their homes, or packs of nonwhites hunt them down,”

            Just like the French in Haiti or Nordic girls in Morocco,
            they don’t understand anything until the knife is on their throats and their baby impaled on a spear. They are clueless and witless.

            “It ain’t happened to me, so it don’t matter none.”

          • @Calvin Candy
            You wrote:”I don’t worry about it anymore just trust God.”

            God let millions die in Soviet slave camps. You think that God just didn’t care about any of them?
            When Christians say they are going to “trust God”, do they think they are special, and God isn’t going to let anything heinous happen to them?

            Do you pray and ask your God to stop his chosen folks to stop hating you?

          • @Pilot,

            Speaking of the Eastern Orthodox Christians m, for example what occurred to the Kulaks by Stalin’s henchman (((Kaganovich))) in Ukraine.

            There was a short bit hard hitting post on Telegram last month. It went something like this: “Why do never meet Holodomor survivors, or see documentaries with interviews of survivors? Because it was a real mass murder/genocide of Ukrainian peasant farmers.

            In the same vein, the witty and brilliant writer and researcher at Occidental Observer Dr. Andrew Joyce wrote, and I am paraphrasing: ” The key to jewish success in the postwar West has been gaslighting the world of their ‘victim status’ as nauseum on every media platform they control. The myth of the holocaust has been their lynchpin to maintaining their status as an unassailable victims of history, but once the holocaust is exposed for the blood libelous lie against European gentiles, it will be their downfall.”

          • @November Oh yes, the Holodomor in 1932. No one gets that in History class in school. It’s another internet discovery. The ((Soviets)) starved millions to death, and if they caught anyone hoarding any food, they shot them in the head, communist-style, on their knees.

  5. Do you see the similarities between this guy Mohsin Hamid and Salman Rushdie?? Both British, both of India-Pakistani origins and both writers of very very provocative books to offend the enemies of the Jews. The white Christians are the Muslims now. Proud Boys dirty bombs, do math.

    These Indo-Pakistiani are the new henchmen for the Jews, the Irish are being put out to pasture.

    • Well good. Maybe now you’ll change your tactics and instead of repeatedly smearing your fellow Whites, you’ll actually criticize niggers and hindus instead. DIPSHIT!

      • @DICARLO—you are no different from an Irishmen you are both inbreds. Gliobastomas, the inbreds get them, the Jews and the Irish. Brain cancer is Gods love. God loves you kyke so much so he gave your kind a boat load glioblastomas. The Jews are Gods chosen people go tell it on the mountain schmuck.

        • LOL SIMPLETON! What are you drooling about, moron? Think of all the Christian groups, divisions, sects, ridiculously, they number around 35,000, mostly JUDEO-CHRISTIAN! Every one of them claims they are “divinely inspired” to believe what they believe and not quite what any other Christian faction believes. They’re all as confused and befuddled as the babblings you repeat from YOUR Holy Babble. ha-ha 😀

          • If you could only keep your mouth shut … when serious people talk about Christian kooks, brownshit, itz people like you who are at the vanguard of Christard kookiness, you and tools like you are best demonstrated here:

        • @Roberta O’Browning
          You’re having a junior moment again.
          You posted an impressive piece the other day, and I thought you were on a roll. Take your meds, a deep breath, and think about what you’re typing. Good luck! 😉

        • Robert Browning you are correct.Dicarlo is a big nose hasbara here to blaspheme and create chaos.Why does Hunter allow these atheists Jews to comment?Zard,Pilot,and Dicarlo have all blasphemed God in this one section.Goose must be one of them as well.They are demons who may mock God but they also tremble when His name is called.These Jews fool no one and they know there is a Hell and that they are bound to be there forever.They want to drag as many there with them as possible.Dicarlo repeatedly using speaking in tongues is a tact I’ve seen Tel Aviv stinkies use repeatedly.Never met a tongue speaker and believe it is something the Jews probably made up and injected.Notice most crooked TV preachers are Assembly of God and very big into worshipping Jews and tongue speaking.I would have nothing to do with someone like Dicarlo et al because they are lost filth but what I wonder is why they are repeatedly allowed to mock God on this site.I quit reading Irish Savant because he allowed such hasbara blaphemy.Hunter will you allow Jew trolls to hijack your site?I’d like a reply please.

          • This is a political site. When it turns into a Christian site, let me know. Your hatred for your fellow whites is rather hypocritical if you’re Christian. You’re supposed to love everyone. Jews, Blacks, and everyone else. If you try to change those commandments, you’re not real.

      • Dicarlo.No smelly Jew you are the enemy.You empower the Blacks and other racial filth.But of course you Jews are the greatest racial filth of all with your kinky afros and sickening noses and fat lips and hooded eyelids.The Jews,a race made of racemixing,truly from the pits of Hell.Nothing will save you because you are lost.Sitting in your smelly Tel Aviv barracks tying away.Christ is coming soon so you better hurry Jew.Create as much chaos for your father the Devil as you can before you burn in the Lake of Fire.

        • Oy vey, the sufferink! ha-ha I mean, REALLY, are you grown? What drugs are you on or are you normally as ignorant as you are? I am not lost. It is you who are lost with your silly “beliefs” in things that don’t exist. I don’t usually criticize Christards unless they insist on smearing their religious zealotry nonsense on me. This all began with the looney idea of Christian led White Nationalism. LOL! Can one imagine? Your Chistard moral preening, pretentiousness, and pious grandstanding is pathetically typical.

          Like Browning, another Christard nutball,I don’t know why you bother posting, and I’m glad it’s not much. Your prior posts identified you as a moronic troll with only slightly more brains than a can of beans. I’ll just bet you’re the type that struggles with facts.

          I would go on, but I gotta’ go. I’ve have to hand it to you, however. You’re really great at making an ass out of yourself, and so called Christians in general, whether intentional or not.

    • Assuming you live here, I am sure you are aware that most White people in Alabama can watch football and bitch about niggers a few beers later and see no contradiction between the two. This has always been my own experience. There is no connection between sports and politics.

      • “can watch football and bitch about niggers a few beers later and see no contradiction between the two.”

        The national sport, hypocrisy. “I can out hypocrite you!”

        Go to church Sunday morning, go to the whorehouse Sunday afternoon.

      • Yes, I “live here”. Bama grad. I think that nut that tried to kill the trees in Toomers is a perfect example of the sports uberfan. Sick.

        • Haha.

          Oh yeah, everyone remembers that guy.

          While I agree that Bama fans are some of the most annoying people on earth, I think you underestimate their ability to compartmentalize their racial beliefs. The only thing that they care about is their team winning. They are cheering for their school or in the case of the legions of dirt road alumni their tribe. There is a whole game day culture built up around it. Game day isn’t about cheering on blacks so much as it is about socializing, relaxing, grilling out and getting drunk.

          Blacks and Whites are both enthusiastic participants in it. Politically, the state is divided along racial lines though. White Auburn and Bama fans are conservative Christian Republicans. Sports remains at that level. It is just a leisure activity and has little impact on racial or cultural attitudes

          • @Brad, I also live in Alabama and the majority of folks are not divided along racial lines. Most people naturally mix, and don’t focus on race at all.

          • Brad, you can’t figure out when you’re in a back and forth with a nigger? Going native in your Golden Circle, confederate.

          • Just want to go on record that I graduated from Bama, lol.
            My people have lived in Bama a few hundred years. I get what you are talking about because I lived it.

      • Very disappointed that you are unable to see the damage that American football has done to our culture. White men should not be supporting it financially in any way.

    • TW — that’s so true. Whites who obsess over nigger ball are mentally and spiritually empty. The kikes bought the NFL with all the money they stole from America with the Federal Reserve swindle. Watching the NFL as well as college football is financially supporting the very slime who are destroying our societies, niggers and jews. ALL Whites with an ounce of common sense owe it to themselves and their fellow Whites to boycott mainstream football and make others understand that football is just another pleasurable facet of our lives that Whites created, but that jews have stolen from us and made into a weapon against Whites. Any Whites who patronize or follow pro or college football are being played as fools by the jews.

      • Worshiping the ZOG military, Christian Zionism and college niggerball are the three biggest weaknesses for Southern Whites.

    • “unseemly seeing whites cheer on gorilla like primates.”

      Monkeys watching apes.
      What do you expect from monkeys?

    • Bread and circuses will always be with us. Yes it’s bad that whites are supporting their sworn enemies who are literally working to genocide them out of existence. Even so I think it’s an error to make negrified sports a top-priority issue when it is really more of a symptom of the greater spiritual disease afflicting whites. Railing at sportsball on TV is treating the symptom, not the disease.

      • Well, you have to point it out to the blind morons. They won’t know unless you tell them. Evidently there finally was some recognition of the problem when the millionaire pavement apes refused to stand for the National Anthem. Probably, however, normie Whites have relapsed back into their normal state of dimwittedness and bread and circus.

        • Then the correct action would be to not oppose Church of Woke efforts to make blacks act out at sports events even more. As for the national anthem, standing for it is ultimately just ghost-dancing for whites. Afleetes turning the sportsball games into Woke minstrel shows will only drive whites away, which is the best thing for whites. Worse is better. Neither the flag or the anthem represent us in even the slightest way any longer. Gramsci’s ‘long march’ is a fait accompli. Even HW states we need a divorce in this country from shitlibs – and their followers (like negroes). We absolutely do.

        • Dicarlo you are so obviously hasbara constantly saying nigger like that gives you credibility.Who says pavement apes anywhere?You sound like a little kid trying to come off as tough.You are provocative because you are here to sabotage.You smelly hook noses always overplay and overact because you have no sense of reality or self-awareness.None of us here watch sports,join the military or believe in Scofield’s blasphemy.You’re trying to hard to look like one of us Izzy.

          • “None of us here watch sports”

            Well, if that were the case, why am I reading comments here that claim it’s OK to watch sports thus patronizing NIGGERS? Are you truly so obtuse, or is this an act? Apparently, besides worrying about niggers feelings and defending them, you can’t read either. When you see the antics of these disgusting, uncivilized, pavement apes, what do you call them? Teens? LOL! It’s merely accurate to call them what they are: NIGGERS! — except for the dumbed down.

            Are you under the care of a mental health professional? Have you tried shock therapy? You certainly need to up the voltage if it’s to help at all. Sure, use namecalling and personal attacks to demean my argument. Its the usual tactic of people without arguments — you and your fellow Christard, browning. It’s funny how the best you can do is accuse me of being a jew or anything but radically pro-White as if that relieves you of the responsibility of making any sense at all. You, Roy, are the classic case of the emperor having no clothes and no clue.

  6. “boycott mainstream football ”

    No, they should take-a-knee and make sucking motions with their mouth.

  7. As long as Whites have professional and college sports to watch, a full refrigerator of beer and food, see no evil, hear no evil. The cheering for their favorite nigger team drowns out the cries for help from a dying nation.

  8. When all this is said and done i have a strong feeling all the other Races will appear as a footnote

  9. “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” — Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912.

  10. As long as we have our McDonald’s and our favourite NFL team is winning…….all good!
    Afghans arrive to escape the Taliban, Chinese arrive to escape the CCP, Africans arrive to escape their own race…….and they ALL expect waysist YT to absorb them. As we ‘welcome’ them, we’re turning into what they fled to begin with. Yes the Jews are complicit in facilitating this. We’re complicit as well……….we let them do it……..in OUR countries.

      • Ultimately that is true. So how does one break the spell of their power? That’s how we need to be addressing the JQ, not endless kvetching about it. They have proved themselves over and over to have zero good intentions. Most normie whites have zero understanding of what they’ve done and what they are even now doing.

        For example, Jared Taylor, a smart articulate white advocate notes quite accurately that Our Rulers Want Us Ignorant, but fails to describe who these rulers are. The first sentence of the article: Some people want you to stay ignorant. That’s true. Who exactly are these people? Without too much research anyone with modest curiosity can easily figure out that all Jewish organizations want this, along with not a few whites and large numbers of minorities even the ones most whites would not tend to view as ‘hostiles’ – the very well off Asians and Dot-Indians by way of example.

    • And though we’ve come so far down this road of our destruction, it’s right out there in the open as the jewsmedia is blatantly demonizing and belittling White people every day of the week. But the White normies continue to enable them — the darkies, cheering them on in sport’s stadiums as thought they’re different niggers from the ones who murder them in the streets, while Whites 45 and younger listening to a steady diet of the most horrible Rap trash and then, on top of it, they literally worship the jew destroyers who have stolen their money and government — all of this over the safety and security of their own families. And many taking to heart the belief “we are all god’s children”, and that “we are all the same”. Just how fucking stupid and pathetic is that?

  11. “It is just a leisure activity and has little impact on racial or cultural attitudes”

    Exactly! Should Trump not play golf because one of the best golfers is the negro Tiger Woods?

    Also there are some good role models in sports like Tom Brady.

    Aaron Rodgers.has some issues but I think is overall an alright guy (I am kinda mad at him for dumping Shailene Woodley tho)

    Alot if the White fans are there just to watch Brady, Rodgers and untilrecently Rothlisberger.

    • @jeff — That’s just a cop-out comparing golf to 80% of niggers playing football while the leagues have been blatantly passing over talented White players for at least two decades. Those White players you mention should in fact get out of the nigger game. Something wrong with people who want to be around so many niggers and jews.

  12. Apparently the inferior races would rather live in a nonwhite world full of extreme poverty and nonstop violence than be ruled over by civilized Whites. That’s how much they envy and resent us!

  13. If all whites move to Mars in 2080 with some livestock, pets and seeds, mother earth would later deteriorate. Just watch the primates and joooo$ endeavour to seek asylum on Mars.
    They want us gone……….until they’re hit by the reality of their wishes. The entire planet will be Zimbabwe ll. Careful what you wish for!

    • I don’t think they’ll mind. They long for total confusion, chaos, dysfunction, and anarchy. Unlike Whites who want order in their societies, the inferior races seek the opposite and when they have achieved total disorder, they will simply continue. Things will become worse by the day until they totally annihilate themselves in rebel roy’s hellfire. LOL!

      • “until they totally annihilate themselves”

        If WHITES are removed, some other race will just destroy all llower races that aren’t useful to them. As the Mongols did in Asia.

        Just because WHITES are telescopic altruistic fools doesn’t mean the next race will be.

  14. @ Hunter Wallace AUGUST 18, 2022 AT 6:38 PM

    >What is your point?

    I will try to make it as simple as possible — unfortunately, to do so I will ask a question, even though, as I have already experienced, you are not very good at answering questions.

    Previously, you apparently had no problem with the label White Nationalist — perhaps it would not be unfair to say you embraced White Nationalism as a political philosophy — meaning there were certain things about the way the US was developing as a society that caused you to see white racial identity as desirable, maybe even necessary, to protect the interests of Whites — you were active in the Alt-Right, presumably motivated by these concerns.

    Question: What has changed in the US since then? — how is White Nationalism any less desirable, or the predicament of Whites any less threatening, even ominous, today than it was back then?

    Please note: I’m not interested in hearing (again) about your disillusionment, either with personalities in the ‘movement’, or with events that turned out badly (e.g. UTR).

    >It is not everything or nothing.

    As I told you before (in a since deleted blog post), citing your distaste for an apparent ‘race is everything’ attitude among White Nationalists as a reason for your retreat from White Nationalism is specious; one can see it as the logical fallacy of ‘appealing to extremes’ — most White Nationalists understand that race is not everything, at least in the sense that there are many problematic Whites — but when it comes to securing the survival of Whites as a self-governing ethno-political group, it is the most important thing — that should be obvious.

    • I lost interest in White Nationalism around 2010/2011. This was well over a decade ago.

      As I have explained multiple times now, people who shared common ancestors during the last Ice Age are not a nation. In addition to common ancestry, a nation requires a common identity, a common culture and sympathies and willingness to live together. Trying to build a nation based solely on race is like trying to build a wall with nothing but bricks or house with nothing but wood or run a motor without oil. There is no cement or nails to hold the edifice together or oil to reduce friction. It just doesn’t work as a blueprint because what is missing is essential and necessary for any functioning nation.

      The main reason why I rejected White Nationalism and the Alt-Right is because I became convinced neither paradigm could work. I grew tired of attaching myself to labels and paradigms which were obviously flawed and were created by other people. I would rather just think for myself. I don’t believe a nation based solely on race will ever go anywhere. The lack of a common culture, identity and especially morals will doom it to failure. It will never get off the ground because of this.

      If you are trying to build a rocket and it doesn’t work, do you just keep doing the same thing over and over again or do you question the design?

      • @Brad, believe it or not but I agree with 100% of what you just said. I think the only place we differ now is that you still think “race” is a biological reality whereas I no longer do. Studying biology and genetics will lead you to realize that race is a human created construct made to label people. You are close though because you have abandoned labels. I would encourage you to study about race through biology, and see if you still hold the same view. Just as you stated a nation requires common identity and common culture. I would suggest reading about the history of the British isles. At one time the British called the Irish “niggers”, and viewed them as an inferior “race”. There is ample evidence to prove that race is a social construct, and has changed over time. African blacks actually believe American blacks to be a separate “race”. I can go on and on but you get the point. Simply put race is not a fixed biological reality, but is rather fluid construct that changes over time. Not the same for gender as gender is a biological reality race is not.


        • … you still think “race” is a biological reality whereas I no longer do.

          Come on man — it’s 2022.

          Studying biology and genetics will lead you to realize that race is a human created construct made to label people.

          Look, you’ve shown you don’t know the difference between your and you’re — and now you want me to believe you’ve studied genetics — well, on second thought maybe I can believe that, since you’ve obviously come to the wrong conclusion.

          The dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome was finished in 1589 — when Europeans landed in North America in 1619, Native Americans were living in teepees and mud huts — there is no evidence Africans ever invented the wheel or constructed a two story building — a forensic radiologist can tell the race of someone just by looking at a skeletal x-ray, even a partial one — there are consistent differences in average cranial volume and brain size between the races.

          In the US, the poorest white kids (in Owsley County, Kentucky) have, on average, higher scores on standard academic achievement tests than the richest black kids (in View Park-Windsor Hills, near Los Angeles) — white kids whose parents have at most a HS diploma score higher on the SAT than black kids whose parents have advanced university degrees.

          Race is real and the differences between races are extremely significant and irremediable.

          Why make a fool of yourself like this? — I don’t get it.

          • The people who refuse to see the problem of race, are like the Emperor’s new clothes.
            They refuse to see the problem, meanwhile, whites are assaulted, robbed, murdered and it’s getting worse.
            Race mixing is rampant.
            It’s like they pretend not to see it. But if you’re white, they see it as the enemy, no matter how much they virtue signal and play all nice.

          • @Pilot: Exactly! How can you patronize niggers by watching them jump around ball fields when you understand how much hatred they have for you merely because you’re White. They not only hate us, they murder their own by the thousands every year.

            “The inferior races hate the White race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and White superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down Whites and their creations in order to make themselves Whites’ ‘equal’. This is not all, however, for tearing down Whites removes a burr from their consciousness — that of being reminded of their inferiority — and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when Whites are so stupid as to treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see Whites destroyed, for they see vulnerability in this stupidity, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of White civilization.” — JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 11

          • Race is real and the differences between races are extremely significant and irremediable.

            New York City is paying out nearly $1.8 billion to black and Hispanic teachers who were unable to pass a test that was required for them to get a New York State teacher’s license. Thus far, more than half of the plaintiffs in this decades-old class action suit have won compensatory damages; Silvia Alvarez was awarded $1.1 million for being fired from her teaching job in Brooklyn after failing the test ten times. This gravy train is still on the tracks; teachers’ claims are still being processed.

            And you can be sure the test was simple: it just verified basic competence, equivalent to what you would expect of a white (or Asian) junior high student (basic arithmetic, spelling and grammar) — yet large numbers of Blacks and Hispanics who wanted to be teachers could not pass this test.

            As I said before: today, ‘bad schools’ are just schools that have undergone massive demographic change over the last half century: the majority of the students are now NAMs (non-Asian minorities) whose ability and scores on standard tests are both significantly below what you see with Whites and Asians.

          • Some of the more intelligent progressives have already moved beyond the “race isn’t real” line because they know it is indefensible and becoming less so every day. At this point, they are reduced to performing semantic games over definitions of “race.” Some are trying to move to a progressive form of race realism that uses race realism to push for affirmative action and so on. Basically, “races aren’t equal, but they should be.” That might even become the standard progressive line in the near future. They will say that Whites (and probably Asians) are duty-bound to help less capable races (sub-saharans, latinxs, MENA peoples, etc.) because they are biologically disadvantaged.

      • “people who shared common ancestors during the last Ice Age are not a nation (…) In addition to common ancestry, a nation requires a common identity, a common culture and sympathies and willingness to live together. Trying to build a nation based solely on race is like trying to build a wall with nothing but bricks (…) There is no cement (…) what is missing is essential and necessary for any functioning nation”:

        I agree. It would be an unnatural, synthetic product that is unstable or unsustainable, whereas a real nationality, and a tribe or clan, is created by history and by the natural force of ethno- or tribal-centrism, which is like gravity, dependably constant, and very hard to resist.

        Furthermore, real nationhood means that ALL of a people belong to the nation. The wealth of the nation belongs to them all, not to only a few. Liberté, égalité, fraternité: nationhood is fraternity, and there is no fraternity, or liberty, without equality.

        “Pas de république avec les paysans”: “no republic without the peasants!”

        Tribes, clans and nations can thrive within federations, but empires attempt to obliterate the natural divisions of nations and tribes.

  15. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    These words, 14 simple words put together to deliver a short yet powerful message that has inspired the best part of a generation of modern day White nationalists.

    Every other race, religion, culture, every other member of the human race has, and is encouraged to have pride in themselves for what they are, with the blatant exception of the White Aryan Race.

    Popular labels used for anyone who is White and proud of it are, racist, Separatist, Supremacist, Bigot, Nazi, Fascist, the list as ever is endless, and simply claiming that you are not a White Nationalist will not lessen one bit the names the jews and niggers will assign to you.

    • I don’t disagree.

      I just think that a common identity, culture and morality are essential and necessary for any viable nationalist project. We can’t accept pedophiles, for example, on the basis of whiteness. Some White people are morally depraved. A successful movement has to be about more than race.

      • Well, yeah, everybody in the White Nationalist movement has to be White and be about what’s good for Whites. And that is what White Nationalism is about. Obviously we wouldn’t want psychopaths or moral degenerates in the movement. I don’t even know why you throw that in other than for distraction. But of course, it IS all about race when you have a racial movement that insists on doing what is good for our race and we expect those in a White Nationalist movement to at the very least, to have good moral values. It seems you have moved back to some moderate position, but looking at things as they truly are, I can’t blame you.

      • @HW So Brad, just what IS “the common identity, culture, and morality”? If it’s Christian, that includes all races and peoples.
        Yes, there are bad whites. But there far MORE whites who are weak and hedonistic, and apathetic. This is more pernicious than the moral degenerates.
        Most “conservatives” are now left of center, too.

  16. If anybody really wants to know what a world without white people would be like, I suggest that they visit Haiti or Zimbabwe, or perhaps Afghanistan.

    • A good role model for who? Spineless Whites who love niggers? I also responded to your dumb post above.

      While foolish Whites were busy watching football and cheering on their favorite black ballplayers, who, by the way, make up 80% of the NFL rosters, the anti-whites were getting stronger. Most Whites were not upset at how Derek Chauvin was treated, or how there was already plans made to get him if he wasn’t found guilty, or about the demonized Whites who participated in the Jan 6 demonstration. Most Whites are so mentally numb that when they hear about these things, they just forget about it over beer, sports, and TV.

      • @DiCarlo Yes, and Whites seem to be slow boiling frogs in the pot, putting up with more and more, nothing ever seems to be too much. Most politicians get away with so much, yet they’re hiring more IRS agents to come after whites.
        These “Good Christians” are so passive that it’s useless to even acknowledge them. They are at the point where they won’t fight back.
        They aren’t even worried about their freedoms.

  17. These “Good Christians” are so passive that it’s useless to even acknowledge them. They are at the point where they won’t fight back.
    They aren’t even worried about their freedoms.

    Yup! And that’s why we need Christians to lead White Nationalism. What could go wrong?

  18. First of all there are no superior or inferior “races” only individuals. Second black does not = nigger. There are more “White” niggers now then there ever has been. White does not equal “muh people”.

    • Yes, where are the Southern White Christians who claim they are the new movement, when this stuff goes on? Are they at football games drinking beer, cheering on their team??

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