Tales From The Movement: Catboy Kami

Where do I even start with Catboy Kami?

I’m sure everyone here remembers his infamous date with Nick Fuentes.

As I have explained, I soured on branding myself with labels after the demise of the Alt-Right. I became much more skeptical of movements. I learned through bitter experience that something can initially sound promising, attract a mass audience and swiftly turn into a complete disaster. Publicly branding yourself with a label is like getting a tattoo. You can come to regret it in the span of four years.

Such was the arc of the America First movement. It splintered off from the Alt-Right after Charlottesville. It was going to be based on good optics, Christianity and engagement with mainstream politics instead of wignat goon marches. It sounded promising to a lot of people who had watched the Alt-Right crash and burn. This is how it was sold to the public at the time. This time it was going to be different.

In the end, the America First movement became another cult of personality centered on a narcissist with self destructive tendencies. It reached a clear peak on January 6 which was the biggest goon march in American history. It has collapsed over the past year and half as the top people in the movement have all publicly turned on each other. It succeeded in breaking through into mainstream politics only to alienate politicians like Rep. Paul Gosar through incomprehensible, childish behavior.

I was never involved with this iteration of the movement. I just watched its rise and fall from a distance. It was focused on very online Catholic Zoomers and incel gamers. It had little appeal to Protestants or to White women or to Millennials and older generations. I had never heard of catboys before the America First movement. I didn’t know that having sex with women is gay. I had never heard of the HBO show “Euphoria” until Jaden McNeil revealed on Kino Casino that Nick Fuentes is a fan of the show.

In retrospect, Catboy Kami was the mascot of the America First movement. It was the Alt-Right, but it was gay or genderfluid. Having a girlfriend is extremely controversial in these circles. There isn’t much to say about it except for the fact that the same pathological self-marginalizing and self-destructive tendencies of its leadership narrowed its appeal to a niche audience and ultimately destroyed it.

I will always remember AF for its optics.


  1. Men with real families tend to be the most stable leaders. Unfortunately, they also have the last time to devote to movements. Families, tend keep such indulgence to a minimum , usually. A man with children can’t, and won’t tolerate the nonsense single men can and will. But he has less time for building a movement too. You need single young men with real character. And our society is set up in the best way NOT to create them.

    • Yep. People with too much to lose, never do anything. Lenin understood this and touted that there is nothing more to lose than chain’s.

      Luckily, Jews and communists screwed up society and economy so royally that our side has also millions of poor white males with nothing to lose.

      This is also one of the greatest gun myths. When you have so much money to afford a gun, your life is too goid for shooting Government employee and go to prison for life. Single lunatics aside, 99.999 % of gun owners never do anything illegal . Those people don’t get even parcking ticket and some folks dreaming about coup and taking Goverment down.

      • Again, youre not seeing it. You think someone having a job is “too much money”??
        I’m not talking about the rich. I’m talking about most people.
        What’s the matter with some of you?

  2. What a strange concept of right-wing, now a leader or mascot of a self described movement is faggot or gender fluid……. Sorry men but this happen only in USA.

    • Total war needs total action and when homosexual serial killers will support us, let the out from prison and welcome our new allies.

      War is not medieval knight tournament. At the current moment, we can not afford luxury to choose our allies.

      • I disagree, your identity, you credibility, your value is rapresented by people with whom you are allied. If you preach against degeneracy and then ally with degenerates, you don’t deserve to win.

        • Well, don’t preach against degeneracy fight against Jews and communists. When you get rid from those people, degeneracy and other problems disappear by themselves, without fighting.

          • @Juri Fighting degeneration with degeneration, this makes no sense, it is devoid of logic and I repeat, you cannot be credible if you do this, because your opponents will say: why do you criticise us if you then do the same thing as us?

        • The NSDAP had a strong homosexual subculture but it didn’t seem to conflict with the heterosexual majority too often. Pagans, Catholics and Lutherans in the Party also seemed to get along rather well. The only source of friction was between the SA and the SS, which largely replaced the Brownshirts.

          • @Spahnranch1970 yes, but first in NSDAP party homosexual were hidden and second if you think at Ernst Röhm he was homosexual but still maintained a certain masculine attitude and behaviour, this Catboy on the other hand has a pure faggot attitude and way of dressing, there is a big difference.

  3. I have no idea what any of this is. I never cared about the eceleb aspect of the dissident right.

    Queers are anathema to all natural law and I have no sympathy for them.

    • All of which means you belong to the realm of reasonable people, particularly those who never took Fuentes et al, including the Groypers, seriously as any kind of genuine political movement.

  4. I have always been very adamant that the “optics” thing was utter BS.
    We live in a country where they dress 10 yr olds in drag to dance for pedos and gay men have face rot from sticking their tongues in each others butts & it’s mainstream.
    The optics aren’t the problem.

    • It’s basically a failure of character. This has been lamented back to WN 1.0. We just have very poor human capital at the moment and I expect that the first try at secession/revolt will look like a skit from the three stooges.

  5. Hunter, please – 6 January 2021 was not, the ‘biggest goon march in American history’.

    Many Americans quietly wish they were a part of that day, feeling even a bit of shame that they are not now suffering alongside those tormented and in prison for 6 January ‘crimes’.

    It was a profound day, somewhere between a passionate protest of truly aggrieved citizens who felt wronged, and something on the order of Shays’ rebellion of the 1780s or the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s – which latter, it should be remembered, ended with President George Washington pardoning those convicted, the 1st USA President quite unlike the ‘goons’ of today’s Joe Biden government.

    The Americans who entered the Capitol 6 January 2021 were, for the most part, deeply sincere, courageous people, who believed a great terrible wrong had been done, and who risked their honour, livelihoods and lives, in order to be a part of trying to redress that wrong.

    They deserve the same respect as the sincere Confederate rebels of 1861-65 … or the various ‘pro-democracy’ protesters in various countries whom the USA claims to have been supporting in recent years.

    It was in truth a halfway ‘rebellion’, but one of utterly sincere, morally-righteous motivation. There was indeed a half-expectation by many there, that the white-hat cavalry would come over the hill, and make the rebellion succeed, to keep in power the President whom they saw as being unlawfully deprived of his win by criminal fraud.

    But at the same time, many in the Capitol deep down knew, that there was no white-hat cavalry coming from Q or anywhere … that was merely a cope-fantasy, to help give themselves the courage to do what they felt they should. The 6 January protesters took a risk and they lost, yes … but their intentions were largely noble. They will be remembered as brave people who tried to do what they thought was right, to save the people of the United States. After all their sufferings, some of those persecuted for that day, will in their later years recall it, as some of the finest hours of their lives.

  6. Catboy Kami’s sexuality creeped me out BUT I thought he was extremely entertaining. Fuentes is intelligent and articulate but America First is too fruity and elitist to have any mass appeal.

    Has anyone here noticed how popular Handsome Truth/John Minadeo of GoyimTV is becoming? He’s pro-Nazi but not like Heimbach with his big gut, neckbeard and plastic toy army helmet. Two other promising pro-White livestreamers are Duey and Mr. White Tuber.

    Meanwhile HW is like a retired general or statesman living the life of a gentleman farmer on his plantation, writing his memoirs, showing kindness to his slaves and reading Virgil, Marcus Aurelius, Dostoyevsky, Thomas Wolfe and Mark Twain.

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