Axios: Biden Administration To Announce New $800 Million Package For Ukraine

The giant sucking sound is back.


“The Biden administration will announce a new roughly $800 million military assistance package for Ukraine on Friday as Russia’s unprovoked invasion of the country nears the six-month mark, according to multiple media outlets. …”


  1. There’s always ample money for wars and foreign aid (bribery), but never any for domestic needs, like a border fence.
    “We just don’t have the money, it’s not in the budget.”

    Worse, or just as bad, than the money and weapons is the battlefield intelligence, giving the Ukrainians targeting information.

    • Exactly! Why any American would give a rat’s ass about that corrupt shit-hole Ukraine when America’s borders are being sodomized on a daily basis by hordes of mongrels, miscreants, degenerates, and worthless parasites is beyond me. White Americans have been under siege while the antiwhite US gov criminal cartel aids, abets, and otherwise facilitates the nonwhite invasion at home and engineers psychopathic foreign provocations.

  2. From the Axios link:

    With the new package, the Biden administration will have committed a total of $10.6 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

    Note: this is just Biden, and doubtless almost all of that since Feb of this year.

    Ukraine Military Spending/Defense Budget 1993-2022

    Per data at the above link, Ukraine spent, on average, less than $3b per year on defense — so just since Feb of this year the Biden admin has provided Ukraine with military aid equivalent to more than 3x its average annual spending.

  3. If what I read elsewhere is correct, the Ukrainians will be held accountable for the entire amount of all these “loans” however they’ll be lucky if they even see 30% of the money. Basically they’re still laundering money through the Ukraine.

  4. “Worse, or just as bad, than the money and weapons is the battlefield intelligence, giving the Ukrainians targeting information”:

    And even worse or just as bad as giving the proxies their targeting directions, is fact that the U.S. (and UK) have put actual, uniformed, BOOTS on the ground in Khazarkraine, to actually fire those howitzers and launch those missiles. Yes, U.S. (and UK) special-force soldiers are “on the ground,” actually operating the very expensive equipment the U.S. and its NATO and Five Eyes lackeys “give” (lend-lease) to Khazarkraine.

    And it is the U.S. that has been aiming and firing missiles at the largest nuclear facility in Europe. The U.S. is committing nuclear terrorism, risking an immense loss of life, and an environmental catastrophe that could be worse than Chernobyl and Fukushima combined, running into the Dnieper river and the Black Sea. It is a “Samson Option” move against Russia. Scroll down to the second article here, translated from the Russian “Colonel Cassad” blog:

  5. Where’s he getting all these billions from? Has anyone in Congress voted for these continued funds? It would not surprise me at all if 50% or more of this was stolen.

    • “We have no idea where the billions sent to this country have gone” says “Andrey,” a Ukrainian journalist based in Mykolayiv:

      “It is obvious that the US doesn’t want Ukraine to win the war. They only want to make Russia weaker. No one will win this war, but the countries that the US is using like a playground will lose. And the corruption related to the war aid is shocking. The weapons are stolen, the humanitarian aid is stolen, and we have no idea where the billions sent to this country have gone. I’m especially appalled by the lack of services provided to internally displaced Ukrainians. It really isn’t a mystery why everyone wants to go to Europe. There’s a refugee center near Dnipro, for example, and displaced people are only allowed to stay there for three days. And it’s 45 or 50 people in one big, open room with one bathroom and a tiny kitchen. Horrible conditions. So after the three days, if they have no money, no clothes, nothing, they are kicked out and have no choice but to go back to their homes in dangerous areas. We must ask our government where all the aid money has gone, when our soldiers don’t have what they need, and our civilians don’t have safe places to stay. Before the war started, I spent several years reporting on corruption and crooked politicians in Ukraine. After an investigation into a government official in Odessa resulted in death threats against my wife and young daughter, I sent them to live with relatives in France. Ukraine is a democracy, right? So the government won’t press on you in an official way. First you get phone calls warning you to stop. Then they offer you money to stop. And then, if you refuse to be bought, you should be prepared for an attack. Real journalism is dangerous here. You see, since the war started, we have these new star reporters and every day they write: ‘Putin is bad, the Russian soldiers behave very badly. Today, the Ukrainian army killed 1,000 Russians and destroyed 500 Russian tanks.’ They get a million followers on Twitter because they lie, and this isn’t real reporting. But if you write about the corruption in the Armed Forces, and have real examples, you won’t be famous, and you’ll be in trouble. I’ve been picking up extra work as a fixer, arranging interviews and translating for foreign journalists who are in Ukraine to cover the war. I have worked with about a dozen journalists from different countries in Europe. All of them have been shocked. They’ve left Ukraine shocked. They said they couldn’t believe the situation here. But this shock didn’t make it into any of their articles about the war. Their articles said that Ukraine is on the road to victory, which is not true”:

  6. Regarding: no money for “domestic needs like a border fence”:

    On the subject of border control, I was reading Stalin’s evaluation of Tsar Ivan the First (1530-1584) nicknamed “the Terrible,” where he praises Ivan’s strong border policy: “Tsar Ivan was a great and wise ruler because he looked at things from the NATIONAL point of view, and did not allow foreigners into his country. He barricaded the country from the entry of foreign influence (…) He was not like Tsar Peter, who was extremely liberal towards foreigners, opening the gate wide to them and allowing foreign influence into the country, and permitted the Germanization of Russia. Catherine allowed it even more. And was the court of Alexander really a Russian court? Was the court of Nicholas a Russian court? No, they were German courts. But the most outstanding contribution of Ivan was that he was the first to introduce the government monopoly of external trade. Ivan was the first, and Lenin was the second.” He also noted that Ivan introduced the Russian people’s army that fought for and was loyal to the nation, in addition to the existing feudal armies of the five noble families that were unreliable, and “could leave the battleground at any moment.” Indicentally, he said Ivan’s one failure was that “He did not liquidate the five families. If he had finished destroying the five families, there would not have been the Time of Troubles” – decades of feudal reaction, division, foreign invasions, depopulation, and serfdom – that came upon the Russian people after Ivan died. “It was necessary to be decisive, but whenever Ivan executed someone he repented for it and prayed for a long time.”

    • Stalin wasn’t Russian, either. That’s probably why he was able to kill millions of them so easily.

        • That is a gross exaggeration and a common line of anti-Stalinist, anti-Russian propaganda, however “Georgian gangsterism” is a real fact.

          Georgians are a very small ethnic group of only a few million, less than one percent of the total population of the Russian Empire and the later, post-WW2 Soviet Union, and the even smaller number of Georgians who actually were gangsters could not possibly have “run” the Soviet Union. The so-called “Georgian mafia” or Kartuli mafia, that originated in Georgia, is still one of the most powerful syndicates in Europe, but it never ran any state besides the little state of Georgia itself. Georgia, which exists since the fall of the USSR and is allied with the U.S., has become a fully mafia-run human-, weapons- and drug-trafficking criminal enterprise masquerading as a country, just like U.S.-allied Albania since the death of Enver Hoxha and the fall of Albanian socialism. There is a long history and you might call it a CULTURE, of organised crime in Georgia, and most of the southern Caucasus, just as in Sicily and southern Italy.

          The related subject of the Georgian Jews, and other Jews of the Caucasus region such as Azeri Jews of Azerbaijan is also interesting. Most of them are supposed to have emigrated to Israel before the USSR was dissolved.

      • “Stalin wasn’t Russian”:

        You succumb to propaganda. He was born in Georgia, a province of Russia – formerly ruled mostly by Turkey and Iran except for a brief period of “Georgian independence” in the early middle ages – so he was a Georgian Russian, and spoke Russian with a Georgian accent. He was also Russian Orthodox by religion, and began studying for the priesthood at an Orthodox seminary in Georgia. The Anglo-Zionist empire intends to divide, dismember and destroy Russia, so it emphasizes in its anti-Russian propaganda that Georgians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, etc. are “not Russian.” But the entire Caucasus region which includes the Orthodox Georgians and the Orthodox Armenians, and majority-Muslim Chechnya, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan, etc. was long-established, fully-incorporated Russian territory, when Stalin lived.

        “why he was able to kill millions of them so easily”:

        You need to read accurate history, instead of that ubiquitous “Holodomor” hoax propaganda.

        • You are such a hypocrite. Everything you commonly rail against is perfectly fine with you so long as communists are doing it.

  7. I did check out this summer on Geo politics!

    However, recently viewing Tru News hosted by Pastor Rich, I was dumb founded by his resent analysis on the international war conflicts!

    If he’s so concerned about a nuclear war with Russia and China this fall, why pedal a trip to Jordan to visit ancient biblical sites this coming November?


    Stay safe!


  8. Regarding the “new 800 million dollar package for Ukraine”: The Biden administration has announced that the money will finance missile attacks on Crimea, on Russia itself. The war is being escalated because the Empire intends to win, and winning means continuing to successfully bleed and weaken Russia until it can finally be destroyed, and then China is next.

    “On Friday, the Pentagon announced another $775m in weapons and ammunitions supplies to facilitate the beginning Ukrainian offensive. This brings the total of direct military aid by the Pentagon to Ukraine since Feb 24 to $10b, an amount that does not include the $40b aid package passed by Congress in May. According to Politico, the US will now for the first time be sending 15 ScanEagle surveillance drones ‘to help the Ukrainians spot and correct the precision artillery and rocket strikes that have taken a toll on Russian forces in recent weeks. The small drones can be moved around the battlefield relatively easily and would be invaluable in the expected push to retake the city of Kherson in the south.’ The deliveries will also include 40 heavily armored MaxxPro mine-resistant vehicles, which were originally developed for the US occupation forces in Iraq. In addition, the Pentagon will provide fighter-launched High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles that have targeted Russian radar systems, as well as TOW guided anti-tank missile systems, sixteen 105mm howitzers and 36k rounds, and 2k rounds for the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. POLITICO explained that the Carl Gustav is a “small anti-armor weapon used by US special operations forces which can be carried easily and is designed to work in close quarters with an enemy, is an indication that the Ukrainians expect close-in fighting in the coming weeks.” A source told POLITICO that the US is planning to send Excalibur precision-guided artillery munitions in another tranche in the near future. The deliberate escalation of the war with Russia by the imperialist powers comes even as tens of thousands of soldiers are believed to have died on both sides; over a quarter of the country’s pre-war population of under 40 million has been forced to flee; and over 5,300 civilians have been killed. There are also significant concerns that fighting around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, could lead to a nuclear disaster. After weeks in which Ukraine and Russia traded accusations of shelling the plant, Putin and Macron agreed on Friday to arrange a mission by officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency to visit the plant in the coming days. The developments of the past two weeks have shown beyond any doubt the true character of this war: the imperialist wars are waging a war against Russia, using Ukrainian territory as the staging ground, its troops as their proxy and the civilian population as their hostage. The Russian invasion was provoked to provide a pretext for the implementation of war plans that had long been in the making. It is now used to further a massive escalation of the rearmament of all the imperialist powers who are positioning themselves for a new imperialist redivision of the world. While Ukraine is currently the main battlefield of the war, NATO has aggressively pushed to broaden its frontiers. Particularly dangerous are the explosive tensions around the Suwa?ki gap, a less than 100-km stretch of land which passes along the borders of NATO member states Poland and Lithuania and connects Belarus, a Kremlin ally, with Kaliningrad, an enclave on the Baltic Sea that forms part of the Russian Federation….” Source:

  9. Can’t build a wall, but can fund overseas causes with your money.
    Internal traitors are a bigger threat than external enemies. Without the former, the latter would never thrive.

  10. More money for the self-licking ice-cream cone. Perfect example of what an utterly useless fake-and-gay “opposition party” the repukes are. Betcha the Kentucky undertaker is getting a take off of all the grift along with “the big guy”. As for all the weapons going in for use on the Russian federation itself, this would fully justify direct attacks on any Murikans – even the ostensible “civilians” – operating in Country 404. They will have fully earned their Darwin Awards with the ice-cream cone clusters. Over 220 mercs have already earned this award and there will no doubt be more. You just can’t fix stupid. Much of the ‘wunderwaffen’ will undoubtedly end up on the market and a recent leak from 404 defense official indicates the Ukrainian dead are nearly 200,000 with over 300,000 wounded. That’s why they are now drafting men in their 60s and 70s and women. Schlomo is having a good laugh at the all the stupid goys – and Gindr Greg’s going to have to find catamites elsewhere regardless since the ones in 404 will all be dead.

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