Aleksandr Dugin’s Daughter Assassinated In Russia

I never read Dugin.

I was never influenced by him.

I will just make the unremarkable observation that this is likely to escalate the war in Ukraine.


  1. Sigh

    This was the work of ZOG and so many of our confused Nationalists living in the past.

    Folks – it’s not 1930 in Ukraine.

    It’s not like Democrat USA party was the party of working class White Southerners and Midwestern hard working union industrial workers in 1950.

    Yeah, I know – your daddy and great daddy was a Southern Democrat – a Yellow dog Democrat but …

    Sigh, things change.

    Oh dear.

    • Well said Ryan

      Yeah there is still some folks on our side that think Azov and Right Sector is the second coming of the SS

      Most of them are satanists criminals and they have more incommon with a Cali prison gang than they have with the Wehrmacht! they are the army of the 09A paid by jewish sheckels

      Besides Bandera was a enemy of the “Real Nazis”TM! funny enough most of the people his men murdered was not Russians or Germans they were Poles
      He was such a fucking problem to the Germans that Hitler put him in Nordhausen ca to rot

  2. Putin should start doing this to the war-monger Globohomoshlomo scum in DC, London & Brussels. Tit for tat. No grandiloquent words, just the same death they’re so used to dishing out because they never pay with their own worthless lives.

      • I mean a proportionate response by professionals who know how to get away with it. Nothing traceable to Russia, even though its targets will know who did it & why.

        That alone will force those loudmouthed warmonger cowards to cease killing others with impunity.

  3. This Dugin fellow is a lot like Solzhenitsyn, although without Solzhenitsyn’s critique of the Jews. Which most Americans don’t know about anyway. A lot of really dense Russian prose from what little I’ve seen.

  4. Whoa. Talk about escalation.
    I’ve read some Dugin here and there.
    Decent writer with interesting ideas.

    • I also read some Dugin he is clearly a man of the highest inteligence

      I don´t agree with many things and i agree with some things

      so i take it for what it is, as you should when reading what another man wrote

  5. Good sorry for the girl though! But the upside is maybe this will bring hell on the EU and DC

    Hope to see some Globohomo politicians get the same treatment by Russian partisans, agents and the FSB, Von der Leyen,Stoltenberg,Bolton just to name a few

  6. What goes around comes around! You can’t go kill Ukrainians, take their land and expect that nothing will happen to you or your family! ????? ???????!

    • @Anti-Russian Slav—-who did the girl kill?

      Your hatred for the innocent is showing Christ killer.

    • Anti-Russian Slav,

      “Muh anncessstehs wuz enslaved en sheeit”-Africans

      “Da Huwyite Man came in boats and took our land!”-Indians

      Nobody cares what happens to a bunch of pasty, backwards, drunk slavic retards. You people aren’t worthy of the lands you inhabit. Hitler should have started with you guys instead of the Jews.

    • Have you considered that the modern ideology of “Whiteness” may be in conflict with real, natural ethnicity and ethnocentrism, and a threat to the existence and nature of real peoples and nations?

      • @Merthyr Surely you jest. The biggest threat to the whole planet, is if white people are genocided out of existence. It will go back to candles and spears.

        • Dugin does not want White genocide. You must recognise what is hyperbole, and what he means by synthetic whiteness being different from real ethnicity or ethno-nationality.

    • Dugin is ” Anti-White ” for two reasons.

      Our treacherous Western elite have totally bought into the Coudenhove Kalergi plan and our imposing it on their own heritage populations whether they want it or not. They certainly didn’t vote for it and, notice that there were never any referendums to get their opinion and, after it was done, dissenters were punished for violating “hate speech” codes.

      Before our treacherous Western elite went full batshit crazy with the CK mongrel lower classes plan, they repeatedly rebuffed any attempts by the Russians to be considered European White. Even though the origins of the Rus and many Slavs was in Scandinavia.
      The reason given was the Mongol invasions which is why the Russians, who don’t look too dramatically different from other White Europeans were classified as Eurasians.

      As I told Cristina, even in early devoutly Christian Europe, there were remedies available to White European women that prevented the mongrelized bastards of Non-White rapists from proliferating. There were herbs women could take to bring on early menses and suspect infants who survived any herbicides, were smothered in their cribs or abandoned in the forests to die of exposure. These methods were used judiciously by European women in regions where there was any chance the invaders would be driven out by European men.

      So, by promoting Eurasianism, by throwing the West’s Anti-White rhetoric back in their teeth, he is throwing down the gauntlet by saying, to the effect, hey, you’ve said we weren’t White for generations, so take your rainbow world order, stick it where the sun don’t shine, and just keep bringing in Africans to kill your men and rape your women. Leave our people the hell alone, because we have no “White Guilt,” here.

      Any here who think that Dugin is advocating that the Eurasians of Russia and Belarus and the women, in particular, should be absorbed by China with its surplus male population are dead wrong. Dugin’s Anti-White rhetoric is Anti-Western and anti-miscegenation. That is why he is pushing Eurasianism.

      • Very good. You have the correct view of Dugin’s Russian nationalism, Clytemmestra! Dugin has said, “This is the REAL national socialism.”

      • Because Dugin is intelligent enough to know that “Whiteness” is a modern Western social construct.

        • Are you brave enough to go tell a black person, that their “blackness” is a modern Western social construct” ??

    • Dugin was never very popular in Russia and had no influence whatever on Putin. He was fired from his professorship at Moscow State University in 2014 for advocating a USSA style attack on Ukraine to mass-murder Ukrainian civilians – while Russia was trying to work on the Minsk agreement which Zelensky (who was installed later) ultimately used as toilet paper.

      That’s why neither Dugin or his daughter had a security detail. Dugin is actually most followed to in the West, by midwits like Richard Spencer. My bet it was Zelensky-regime who planted the bomb, with plenty of assists from Mossad, CIA, Mi-6, et al. Dugin was a soft target and the killing serves as a fresh klezmer tune to be played by the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ of gaslight media. They’re already celebrating over at Daily Kos and the like. As the Country 404 military is gradually destroyed, look for more such desperate ploys to distract.

  7. There’s going to be hell to pay for this murder.

    I wonder how if the GRU think Lady G deficient in polonium? Perhaps, Putin can do what the saps and retards of South Carolina could not.

    • Since the US senate as already declared Russia a terrorist state, what do they have to lose by having Lady G come to an unexpected demise? More sanctions? Maybe they’ll target the demonic witch Nudelman and her slimy husband. Maybe take down an actual oligarch like Gates, Soros or Schwab. Showing the world that oligarchs like the above are neither invincible nor immortal would send a message to lots of people. Hard to say what the response will be.

      • “the US senate has already declared Russia a terrorist state”:

        In the news today (but not in the Western MSM “news” of course), Russian soldiers are in the hospital after a Khazarkrainian chemical weapons attack with botulin Type B toxin in the Zaporozhe region. Another chemical use near Kherson, chemical agent unspecified, caused at least one fatality. The Anglo-Zionist empire with its long record of chemical, biological, nuclear, and “conventional” terrorism is absolutely the greatest terrorist state in history.

  8. The Russian Eurasian civilisationist’ Aleksandr Dugin has made horrific anti-white statements such as below, saying we need ‘anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale’, Dugin sounding just like the most anti-white of Jewish figures.

    Dugin has said that what redeems Russians is that they are a mixed-race partially Asiatic Mongol etc people, and thus are saved from being ‘ruined’ by full whiteness. Dugin blames whites for being the cause of global ‘liberalism’ tho he knows it is not common white folk leading this.

    Dugin is thus a hate object for Russian ethno-nationalists, who face some suppression in Putin’s Russia. On the other hand, Putin himself has kept some distance from Dugin as some of his views are just weird as well as extreme, Dugin is not ‘Putin’s brain’ as some media suggest. This hit job could have been anyone – liberals, pro-Ukraine, pro-Putin or anti-Putin.

    Specific Dugin quotes:

    “I am a supporter of blacks. White civilisation; their cultural values??, false, dehumanising model of the world, built by them – did not pay off … Russia is saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of white civilisation, which it is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I am wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.

    “White racism – except for its extremely peripheral and non-indicative branches – is a completely disgusting thing, it’s Atlanticist and the root of many great geopolitical catastrophes. The notorious unity of the ‘white race’ is as stupid as the concept of a ‘united Christian world’. This is most harmful Atlanticist propaganda.”

    • I actually agree with most of that “weird” quote. Dugin sees the Russian etthny as distinct from and independent of the non-ethnic, cosmopolitan “White race” fabricated by “Atlantacist” imperialism. My difference with Dugin is that he is not socialist, or not sufficiently socialist. He is a conservative traditionalist Russian. His speech at the trad festival last night was on Russian history and tradition.

      • That’s an interesting take. The only place where “white” even exists as a quasi-nationality is in America. That is chiefly due to the heavy mixture among the various European ethnic groups in the western hemisphere, the USA in particular (there’s some in Latin America too but the European groups there are largely from Spain, Portugal and Italy, despite some odd outliers like the founding father of Chile, Bernardo O’Higgins. There was some significant German migration into Mexico and other Latin American places in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as well.

    • Thanks, Balticus, for that info. I’ve heard of him but never looked into his writings. If he’s antiwhite, he must be pro-jew.

    • Does he know that MTV was a purely jewish creation, which was progressively amped up to degrade White society?

    • That Dugin quote has erased any sympathy I might have felt for his loss. I’m sorry for his young daughter, and I hope Putin retaliates just to show that Russian civilians can’t be murdered with impunity, but fuck Dugin.

      “Whiteness” is of course the natural racial binder in New World countries peopled by Whites of various ethnicities, and it must be defended because it’s the basis on which the kikes & muds attack us.

      And those Euros who enjoy smirking down on “Amerimutts” can hug a root as well. They need to delve into their own ancestry; when they do, they’ll find that most of them are also Euromutts. The mixing of White ethnicities has been going on for a very long time; what we have to worry about is letting Shitaveon, Jose & Pinchas under the sheets..

      • You’ll note that every statement by (((Katrina Jung))) is a lie, repeated by the filthy neo-klown Kristol. Yes Dugin was certainly the target as the orginal plan for the ride back home from the Dugin’s speech was for both to ride in the SUV. At the last minute there was some distraction and Dugin elected to go home later (which is curious itself). The bomb (TNT) was attached to the underside of the SUV beneath the driver side.

        Balticus is correct that Dugin despises western whites but to my knowledge he has not criticized Schlomo. He’s never even met Putin in person nor has he enjoyed any influence on the Russian government. Just an oddball political theorist over there with no serious following. Seeing (((Jung))) and (((Kristol))) celebrating his daughter’s murder is a telling observation on the utterly Satanic character of Jews. As most here will know, (((they))) all despise Zion-Don too, despite his having done nothing but fellate them endlessly. Spawn of Satan, they are.

  9. The murder of Darya Dugina was probably in retaliation for the high-precision Russian missile strike in Kharkiv two days ago in which 20 Americans were reportedly killed. American presstitutes, Pentagon propagandists, have censored the news.

    • That may well have been the trigger, though it could have been planned before this. As for the 20 Murikans who died, they have fully earned their Darwin awards with Mogen-David clusters. That’s 20 more government thugs like Lon Horiuchi we’ll not have to deal with. They’ll not get to collect their precious 30 pieces of pension. Sad.

  10. The Ukrop idiots with their Yankee and Eurotrash hounds are out on Twatter in force calling her and Alexander Dugin……wait for it

    A ….Fascist?…yes realy…no face make

    • The implosion of the categories of political thought are truly the best thing about this war.

      • Amen! litteraly everything we could identify with a political moniker or direction have been put on it´s head possibly for ever!

        And also everyone litteraly everyone is a “Nazi”

  11. The western media is celebrating the assassination of young female writer. This is how abject things are now. Is the limp-wristed CatLady doing a little dance too? Undoubtedly Ukrainians will pay a steep price for this stupid stunt.

    • “will pay a steep price for this stupid stunt”:

      Daria is only one of thousands of innocent Russians deliberately murdered by the Anglo-Zionist Khazarkrainian terrorist enterprise in recent years, including thousands of ethnic Russian CHILDREN. Russia is NOT trying to barbarically take “an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth,” but rather to disarm and stop the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s brainwashed (to hate Russia) and drug-addled terrorist proxies from continuing to kill and disturb the peace.

  12. link

    The murder of Dugina is solved, the main things: Ukrainian secret services are behind the murder — The performer is a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, born in 1979 — She arrived in Russia on July 23 with her daughter Sophia Shaban — They rented an apartment in the house where Dugina lived in Moscow — The Mini Cooper was used to spy on the girl. Numbers were changed on it three times – license plates of the DPR, Kazakhstan and Ukraine were used — On the day of the crime, Vovk and her daughter arrived at the Tradition festival, and after [edit] the explosion, on August 21 they left through Pskov for Estonia

    FSB names Ukrainian Natalia Vovk as the perpetrator of the murder of journalist Dugina

    The Federal Security Service of Russia stated that the perpetrator of the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina is Ukrainian citizen Natalya Vovk, who arrived in Russia with her daughter on July 23. … The FSB clarified that a MINI Cooper was used for surveillance, when entering Russia it had DPR numbers, in Moscow – Kazakh numbers, and when leaving, already Ukrainian ones.

  13. Am I the only one that finds this all hilarious? I mean, best case scenario somebody goofed. It makes me chuckle to think about these cloak and dagger 3 stooges covert operatives dipshitting around making colossal mistakes like blowing up the entirely wrong target lol.

    They (whoever teh fuk) tried to whack muh Dugin and were so incompetent they missed and blew up his daughter instead. This kind of slap stick tragedy is pure dark comedy gold.

  14. @Novermber, who posted “All you need to know about Aleksandr Dugin”:

    Dugin may be hyperbolic, outspoken, unstable and inconsistent, but he NEVER believed in or advocated transgenderism, which your source is absurdly trying to prove. The claim is also made, based on that video clip, that Dugin believes in or practices “Neanderthal intersex science” and is a kabbalist and suffers from “too much Neanderthal genetic heritage” – “TWIST1 gene mutation from Neanderthal Y-chromosome deletion from inrogression.”

    Dugin knows and has never denied that gender is real, physical reality. But he also knows, and he states correctly that gender is also an idea, or “construct.”

    Some constructs are true, fact-based, and useful, while other constructs are false, mistaken or misleading, and harmful. Even some MYTHS are useful as expressions (conveyors) of truth, while other myths are mistaken, or misleading and harmful to science and to humanity.

    Some ideas, constructs, and myths are traditional wisdom, and I am sure that Dugin the Russian traditionalist includes the ideas or social constructs of maleness and femaleness in the store of traditional wisdom.

  15. The Khazrkrainians have a long kill list of leaders and independent journalists they intend to assassinate. Yes they kill women, and young women, for speaking the truth. Not all of the assassination targets are on the list. Daria Dugin was likely targeted because she was involved in military affairs, and had just given a report to an army conference.

    Eva Bartlett, hated by Israel as much as by Khazarkraine, is on the kill list:

  16. Both father and daughter were on the Texas-size self-licking ice-cream cone’s list of targets to be killed for not supporting Jewkraine as I mentioned here. The Azov-SMU thug-skanks were apparently going for a two-fer, but dad went off to talk with a fan after the speech.

    The Ukroid thug-skanks no doubt had plenty of assistance from MI-6, Mossad, CIA, and other agencies of from Empire of Lies provinces like France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand. The argument that Zelensky is needed to sign a surrender is spurious. He’s a ventriloquist-dummy like every other western ‘leader’. Decapitating the regime in Kiev would send a message for the legions of western morons who have swallowed their daily dose of lies from gaslight media that their beloved regimes are not invulnerable.

    Dugin and his daughter were both supporters of Putin’s decision to intervene in Jewkraine’s ongoing war against Dombass and Lugansk started in 2014 under orders from Nudelman and Kagan. It wasn’t stopped by Cheetohead the Clown of course, who sent more weapons – never missing an opportunity to suck Schlomo’s schlong.

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