Actor Gary Busey Charged With Sex Crimes

I know that I said that I was done with the Tales From The Movement series, but this story about Gary Busey dovetails with why I regret branding myself with the “Alt-Right” label.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Police have charged the actor Gary Busey with three counts of sex crimes that they said took place when he allegedly groped at least two victims during a Monster-Mania convention in Cherry Hill earlier this month, authorities said Saturday.

Police in Cherry Hill said the 78-year-old Busey, who lives in Malibu, Calif., outside Los Angeles, was charged Friday with two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact and a single count of attempted criminal sexual contact. He was also charged with harassment.

Cherry Hill Township Police Lt. Robert Scheunemann said: “It was about contact. It was about touching.” Police said they had received “multiple complaints” about Busey’s conduct. …”

A weird old man who is a Hollywood actor gropes women at a convention and gets charged with sexual harassment. It is a story about a creep which I wouldn’t normally write about.

Andrew Anglin, who once defended Harvey Weinstein, has chimed in though. Gary Busey is a hero.

The Daily Stormer:

“So I guarantee you what they’re saying is “oh, he put his hand in a way that made me feel sad.”

If you’re not allowed to touch the sluts, they should have a sign up that says “please do not touch the sluts.”

Touching someone is not against the law unless they tell you to stop and you don’t stop.

And who knows if he even did anything? There is no video.

All of this sex harassment stuff is stupid, and basically, men just shouldn’t even go outside.

Gary Busey is a hero and he doesn’t deserve to be maltreated in this manner. …”

But wait …

There is more.

Gary Busey has gone outside after returning home to California.

The Gateway Pundit:

“Actor Gary Busey is seen sitting with his pants down as he appears to perform a lewd act in a California park in broad daylight in photos published Sunday.

Wearing a shirt that referenced the 1991 film “Point Break” in which he had a supporting role, Busey sat on the bench, pulled out his phone and then pulled down his pants.

The Oscar-nominated actor “was spotted getting down and dirty at Point Dume Park in Malibu on Saturday afternoon,” Daily Mail reports. “Busey stuck one hand down the front of his pants, appeared to clench his jaw and then looked around to make sure no bystanders had caught him in the lewd act.” …”

The Daily Mail:

“Actor Gary Busey was caught in shocking photos with his pants down in the middle of the day at a public California park as he appeared to perform a lewd act and then lit up a cigar a day after being charged with groping three woman at a New Jersey horror movie convention.

Busey, 78, was spotted getting down and dirty at Point Dume Park in Malibu on Saturday afternoon.

The actor was charged Friday with four counts of sexual contact and harassment following multiple alleged incidents at the convention last weekend — as cops say they expect more victims to come forward.

Busey didn’t seem bothered about the charges the next day as shocking images showed him getting out of his car wearing a shirt that referenced the 1991 film ‘Point Break,’ in which he had a supporting role, and making his way to a bench at the lookout point, where he sat down, pulled out his phone and then pulled down his pants. 

Busey stuck one hand down the front of his pants, appeared to clench his jaw and then looked around to make sure no bystanders had caught him in the lewd act. 

Seemingly satisfied with his actions, Busey lit up a cigar and looked out over the ocean for nearly 30 minutes before getting back in his car and leaving the park.  …”

Here is Andrew Anglin’s new hero.

This happened yesterday in a park in Malibu.

Yeah, I suppose you could say that Gary Busey is White, but he is a shell of a man masturbating in a public park. Clearly, this is someone who we should look up to.


      • And obviously being facetious. While Busey, once a popular, well known, actor, is now, basically, a has been, who is being accused of acting inappropriately. Sad I guess, but also pretty funny. No jokes are spared on the inappropriate actions of that wierd asshole in the Whitehouse as you’ve plainly demonstrated.

  1. Breaking-he proceeded through a greenlight and picked his nose.
    Fakebook update pending, more later.
    Sound of crickets outside.

  2. Obviously an old man who suffered severe head injuries and nearly died when he was younger, is now likely suffering from some sort of dementia.
    Especially since he has never been known as one of the pervy touchers in the past when he was young.

  3. The most charitable assumption is Busey had a stroke which changed his personality.

    Angelins views are really wacky. He should just go live in an Islamic country where they make women wear burlap sacks.

    • I think the problem is, you don’t understand satire or don’t understand how dangerous women have become. Maybe you’ve noticed how intolerable the situation has become for Whites. Well, these intolerable conditions have coincided with the jews’ empowerment of women, feminism. What’s to like? What’s not to criticize? You’d rather kill the messenger.

  4. Anglin has written some funny satire, but otherwise he is not to be taken seriously.

    The problem is the Troll Army, ruining every online site, and the idiots who took this nazi crap seriously and decided to play along – Heimbach, Parrott, Enoch, and even Spencer.

    Mike Enoch purposefully, with malice aforethought, ran to the front of the news cameras and started doing “heil Hitlers” thus setting up Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, the VDare guy, and other serious people.

    When the VDare guy said he wasn’t an Anglin fan and he wasn’t a nazi, he got booed by a bunch of Anglin fans.

    The “bad optics” are you people. The entire point of your “movement” is to get negative attention. If it wasn’t race or nazis, it would be something else. It’s a garden variety fetish, like the class clown who farts in class to get a laugh, or if not a laugh than jeers.

    Doesn’t matter, these losers revel in negative attention.

    None of them are serious political or social actors, obviously.

    The only reason anyone ever heard of Heimbach is the fact the SPLC started giving him publicity – there never was a White student union, that was fake, he lied.

    And all you people fell for it.

    • You have a different group of people you acknowledge. I wouldn’t trust anyone who is philosemitic. I don’t care if everything else they do sounds good. The controlled op doesn’t hire slobs.

      • > I wouldn’t trust anyone who is philosemitic

        I wouldn’t either, nor would I trust Nazis who collaborate with Jews, such as George Lincoln Rockwell (Dan Burros), Andrew Anglin (Joshua Goldberg), Andrew Aurenheimer (his Jew roommate who registered the Stormer domain name) Harold Covington (Frank Colin/Frances Cohen), Mike Enoch (a man who has spent more time in Jewess twat than me) or Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott (open SPLC/Antifa collaborators.)

        I really don’t know who these “nazis” think they are kidding. other than teenage Asian boys on 4chan.

  5. Id he was discreetly peeing it wouldn’t be so bad. Excessive beer drinking will cause the need to pee in older White men.

  6. Didn’t he get knocked into a coma for weeks after riding his donorcycle without a helmet back in the 90s? Crooked old Joe had an aneurysm removed in emergency surgery, does brain trauma cause its own form of senility among those who seemingly survive?

    • Joe’s doing a great job for the Left. He’s very effective at ruining this country. If he were truly senile, he wouldn’t be able to do that. He knows what he is doing.

    • Roll Tide!!!=Southern “‘men” outsourcing their manhood to Roll Tide Tyrone!!! with the pregnant Southern White Girlfriend….

      • HW is not an Alabama fan. He is an Auburn fan. They are bitter rivals in the SEC. Get it straight.

    • Gary Busey was OK and played some fun roles before he went nuts due to a combination of motorcycle accident, brain tumor and cocaine abuse damaging his brain and disfiguring his face.

  7. If you look at the personal lives of entertainers, there is often indications of mental instability – substance abuse, relationship problems, behavior problems, legal problems, sexual perversion. Admitting or claiming you are one of the alphabet people is a successful career move. I think the profession attracts such people.Often, the most disturbed are the best performers.

    Compounding Busey’s difficulties was his head trauma from a motorcycle accident years ago during which he was not wearing a helmet.

  8. I’m going to make a slightly too long post here, where against my better judgement, I’m actually going to defend Joe Biden for a second.

    HW you are correct to point out the entitled degeneracy of Hollywierd actors like Gary Busey. I’m sure his age is coming into play here. What is he, like close to 80 himself now? He’s probably always been a bit of a pervert, but when he was younger and still had his wits, he probably knew when, where, and with who he could behave like this. After decades in Hollywood as a younger man, a fairly famous celebrity, when undoubtedly he had a lot more “willing” opportunities with women, now his advanced age has caught up to him coupled with his sense of entitlement and a bit of senility.

    The same is probably true for Joe Biden, though Joe still has enough mental acuity to keep up some decorum. Joe undoubtedly was a womanizer in his younger days, and as a well known politician, I’m sure he had plenty of opportunities as well. Now he’s just old and losing his self awareness. This has been going on for over a decade now. It isn’t an excuse, but this is leading to my main point.

    Young women have always traditionally understood that old men at some point sometimes become “creepy but harmless”. The confident, cocky attitude of a 30something man with some social status doesn’t always translate well when they hit their late 60s to 70s and older. They can’t just walk up to a 21 year old girl (who may not even know who he is) and make the same kinds of comments and gestures that he could clearly get positive results with 30-40 years ago.

    Still, having said that, if this were 20+ years ago, most young women would just blow it off. “Creepy old ex celebrity gave me an unwelcome neck rub while standing beside me at an event”. Or “touched my hair inappropriately”. Back then, it might rise to the level of an “omagosh” conversation piece with her girlfriends, but she wouldn’t have thought of calling the cops.

    Also, back in saner times, old men like this would be in some kind of controlled nursing home or assisted living community. Or living with a daughter and her family in an in-law suite.

    I’ve seen old women behave like this before, but people don’t react the same way. I remember seeing an old bag woman pull down her pants to expose herself a few years ago. It was disgusting and inappropriate, and certainly she shouldn’t be living on the streets like that, but I wouldn’t have called the cops on her for it.

    As far as Anglin goes, I read his shit with a grain of salt. Much of what he writes is satire. It’s often hard to tell when and what. I do think he has a negative attitude toward women. That’s for certain. But I don’t think he really thinks this is OK.

    • Much of what he writes is satire. It’s often hard to tell when and what. I do think he has a negative attitude toward women.

      I don’t think it’s difficult at all to separate Anglin’s serious comments from satire. And viewing women as they are today and have become since women’s so called liberation (empowerment by jews), you better at least view women with a good amount of caution. Anglin exaggerates this to make the point and he is entirely correct in his assessments of women. Women are usually at the forefront of all that’s antiwhite in America. The vast majority is not with us.

      • I just read the other day that in Spain now you need a signed consent contract to have sex or you can be charged with rape the next day if she feels “ashamed” or regrets her willing actions the night before.

        Yeah, thats totally normal and not implemented by the usual suspects with their too numerous to count social agendas that disproportionately destroy whites.

        Islam is right about a lot…i must admit.

        • @ James Bell – Islam is particularly correct about White Western men — they should be slaughtered like pigs for being the infidels they are.

        • @James Bell Maybe the goal is to keep the revengeful “rape” cases out of the courts. But if they don’t go after the nonwhites who do rape, it’s meaningless.

  9. Busey has been “off” ever since the removal of the tumor which ruined his face, the essential thing for any actor. I didn’t know he was that old, so probably throw in dementia.

  10. “I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian. For the first time I am now free to be myself.” – Gary Busey, proud Christian Nationalist

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