The Bulwark: White Christian Nationalism, Out In The Open

I’m not a Christian nationalist.

As I have explained, I have learned my lesson about branding myself with labels and jumping on bandwagons. We should never underestimate the ability of poor leadership or poor followers who are retards or sociopaths to make labels toxic in spite of our best efforts.

I do believe, however, that a godless, secular society which is dominated by liberals and modernists will inevitably become self-absorbed and culturally degenerate. In such societies, the Self will replace God. The pursuit of desire and sick hedonistic lifestyles will be elevated above morality which will be dismantled. There is no better example of this than the embrace of the “trans” movement and the progressives who are cheering on genital mutilation surgery and puberty blocking hormones.

The Bulwark:

“There was a time, not very long ago, when far-right figures wanted to avoid being called “Christian nationalists”—denying or deflecting or pleading ignorance. Even now, some reject the label. “Reporters frequently ask me,” Robert Jeffress, the megachurch pastor, said last month, “‘Are you a Christian nationalist?’ . . . And I respond emphatically, ‘No, not in any way.’” In May, Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee in the race for Pennsylvania governor, wrote a reporter, “Is this a term you fabricated? What does it mean and where have I indicated that I am a Christian Nationalist?” Franklin Graham told the same reporter that “Christian nationalism doesn’t exist.” …

To understand why a more open embrace of Christian nationalism on the right today is so insidious, we have to understand what Christian nationalism is. It arises from a warped version of American history, one that holds that the United States was supposed to be an explicitly Christian country, founded by and for Christian people—often understood explicitly to mean white Christian people. This bad history has been disproved time and time again, but it is central to the self-appointed legitimacy of Christian nationalists.

The pseudo-history is one pillar of white Christian nationalism. A second pillar is that society and its laws should be dictated by white Christians, that there should be no separation of church and state. A third pillar: the belief that only Christians—white, conservative Christians—are “true” Americans. …

Everyone is invited to “freely enter into a personal relationship with the Savior,” fine, but the mechanism described here is neither free nor personal: It is a state-imposed Christendom over the nation and its inhabitants. …

Describing a June conference of Christian conservatives, reporter Katherine Stewart explained the three trends she saw that suggested Christian nationalism was on the rise:

First, the rhetoric of violence among movement leaders appeared to have increased significantly from the already alarming levels I had observed in previous years. Second, the theology of dominionism—that is, the belief that “right-thinking” Christians have a biblically derived mandate to take control of all aspects of government and society—is now explicitly embraced. And third, the movement’s key strategists were giddy about the legal arsenal that the Supreme Court had laid at their feet as they anticipated the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

White Christian nationalism knows no nuance—it advocates for a society in which minority rule by white, conservative Christians is enshrined, democracy be damned. And when you listen closely enough, sooner or later, its defenders will reveal their true colors, as Benton does in her Federalist article, when she writes “It’s this love of God, country, and freedom trifecta that has the enemy screeching like there’s no tomorrow” (emphasis added). “The enemy”—an odd way to talk about your political opponent in a democracy. But par for the course in white Christian nationalism, which yearns for a white, Christian, authoritarian state that puts everybody else where they belong—under the “biblical” rule of white, right-wing Christians.”

We already live under dominionism.

We still live in a nation with a Christian majority, but one in which the “mainstream” is some overlapping combination of Jewish, atheist, liberal, modernist or urbanite with a college degree. It has been at least a century since Christianity has been the dominant culture among our elites. The people at the top of the cultural pyramid are overwhelmingly Jews, liberals, atheists or modernists. A disproportionate number of them cover all of these bases. It is people like Harvey Weinstein, not Walt Disney, who control our institutions like the entertainment industry.

Progressives believe that they have a divine mandate “to take control of all aspects of government and society.” They are on “the right side of history.” They do not hesitate to say that every state should have abortion on demand, gay marriage, the public celebration of sodomy in PRIDE month, interracial marriage, hardcore pornography, “trans,” etc. They are not interested in public opinion and have no problem with federal judges reading their views on divisive cultural issues into the Constitution.

They don’t think twice about this. They have an overwhelming sense of entitlement. The thing that is shocking to them is the thought that Christians should be the ones in charge of these institutions or that Christians should govern themselves. It is “fascism” and “authoritarianism” when Oklahoma bans abortion, but not when Anthony Kennedy unilaterally imposes gay marriage on the entire country. When Liz Cheney loses her primary by a 2 to 1 margin, it a devastating blow to “liberal democracy.”

David French:

“But the “how” of politics—the virtues we display as we engage—don’t evolve at all. The fruit of the spirit is timeless. There is no political emergency that justifies a departure from these core values. Scripture anticipates that Christians will face evil, yet the command is clear: “See to it that no one repays evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good for one another and for all.”

Christian young people are often taught that they should be countercultural. The youth group version of that admonition goes something like this: When the world is profane, your speech is clean. When the world is drunk, you are sober. When the world is promiscuous, you are chaste. How do you know we’re Christian? We don’t cuss, drink, or have premarital sex. …”

This is great advice.

The “mainstream” is sunk in self-absorbed decadence.

Why on earth would anyone want to be governed by those people?

Note: Dalton Clodfelter is going full Gilead in the clips above.


  1. Welp as the late Harold Covington once said

    “Nothing will end until we take the people doing this to us and shoot them in the face, with a straight back and a full understanding and acceptance to what the consequence of our actions will be”

    Everything great ended or created in history have been through violence so also this country
    The enemy know this and that is why we all our lives have been told that “violence is wrong”! And look at us now subjugated and controlled through violence the only method the enemy know and fear

    And this is why January 6th as phony as it was, scared the living shit out of them and keep on scaring them even today

    Note this is not a call for any “lone wolf” action!! just a nod to the reality of power,history and the base of human existance!

    • They’re willfully ignorant, ignoring what the real problem is. They won’t go after who is doing this stuff, they will just attempt to fill small holes in the dam.
      “Let’s go after porn.”

      • They won’t even do that. They’re little kiddies have been able to access it on the internet for 20 years and I never heard a peep about it from so called “conservatives”, and we all know what religion they are.

        • The religious think “what’s wrong” with the USA is the lack of prayer in the schools and people abandoning churches.
          They think if people just turned back to God, everything would just be alright.
          They won’t try to understand, that no matter how nice they are, there are people unlike them, who want to destroy them. They just can’t process this, hence you have missionaries going into the ghetto and being killed.

          Religion can only cement somethings, and when we are being attacked for our race, religion won’t save anyone.
          I think a lot of them welcome the End Times, the Apocalypse, and that is scary.
          Nothing fails like prayer.

  2. “ban pornography”
    Bunch of tards, they can’t do something realistic, like ban advertising of alcohol, tobacco and gambling, as NS Germany did.

    Christians love to joust with windmills.

  3. Along with the fall of Roe v. Wade, this term (Christian Nationalism) all of a sudden is getting a great deal of attention from the “mighty wurlitzer” (gaslight media) owned and controlled by the (((usual suspects))) and listened to as a ‘credible source’ by their PMC step-n-fetchits. Dominionism has been around for decades. The abortion rate was down to pre-1973 levels. Why now?

    • It’s all about elections. They want to get “Christian Nationalists” in the Republican seats. But of course, they will never do anything. It’s only about making a lot of noise about religion.
      They really confuse symptoms with the disease, and they aren’t going to go after the disease.

        • Exactly. I’ve not heard them fight for their race. Not at all. The only time they get excited is when they perceive their religion is attacked. No matter how much they are attacked for being white, they turn the other cheek.

  4. A ‘Christian Nationalist’ surge is also part of the European political earthquake in process, centred at the moment in Italy – where the ‘far-right’ is poised to win in September, with big implications for all of Europe

    Italy’s most popular current politician, head of the leading party in the Italian right wing coalition, is described here:

    “(Ms) Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy, or Fratelli d’Italia, is dominating in the polls before the early parliamentary elections announced for Sept. 25. She is hardworking, brave, and does not lose heart.

    They call her a ‘neo-fascist’ because she opts for a Europe of nations, does not want a Brussels giant ruling over Europe, defends the traditional family, and is for the equality of women without quotas. She is also against accepting mass immigration from Africa.

    Her words shouted out in Rome: “I am Giorgia! I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am a Christian! You will not take this away from me.”

  5. These people are joking. Most Christians, today, are all for gay and trans.
    They think the verse in the OT is just outdated.
    None of them are going to “ban homosexuality”, whatever that entails.

  6. I’m not a Christian Nationalist either. I’m an Orthodox Monarchist. In 50 years race won’t matter because everybody will be all mixed up anyway.

    • “. In 50 years race won’t matter because everybody will be all mixed up anyway.”

      What a moron !
      You think chinese, japanese, koreans or parsi are going to mix race ?
      Don’t project your stupidity onto others.

      • In 50 years there won’t be any lily “White” folks. There will always be distinct ethnicities. It boils down to y’all wanting there to remain a majority of folks be lily White, and that ain’t gonna happen. “Whiteness” is gonna cease to exist eventually, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Because when it happens we will be long gone. So why waste all your energy on Whiteness?

    • “In 50 years race won’t matter because everybody will be all mixed up anyway.” The genocide side wants us to give up. We won’t.

    • “I’m not a Christian Nationalist either.”

      You’re not a Christian, period. You sound like someone that works for the ADL and you probably share its CEO’s ethnicity too.

  7. “In California’s largest race bias cases, Latino workers are accused of abusing Black colleagues” LAtimes

    It’s those ebil white supreeeemacists again.
    Oh, the manifold blessings of divershity.

  8. Eventually everybody is going to be asking what is it about Christ and Christianity that is so objectionable. Why do the Jews reject Christ and his teachings?

    But we already know the answer to that one. It is the nature of the beast. The predator must have prey. And Christianity places restrictions on Jew predatory conduct that no Jew could abide by.

    They are animals.

    • Eventually everybody is going to be asking what is it about Christ and Christianity that is so objectionable. Why do the Jews reject Christ and his teachings?


      Why do Christians believe jews are God’s chosen? Apparently, Christians think they’re second class citizens. You can be better. Become one of your “chosen”.

      • @DICARLO—-so tell me something kyke, why did you reject Christ, was it because he would not give you the gay anal you need, require, and must have or was it because his thingy was too small? Which kyke which?

          • @Pilot—you do love your Moshiach though, don’t you kyke? So if the Moshiach wants you in any way, shape or position, you are going to oblige your Big Mo, right or wrong kyke? And if the Moshiach want to slam you in the can that is cool right kyke?

        • The same reason I rejected the tooth fairy. If your Christ even existed, or ever existed, then apparently he favors what the jews have been doing, or are we being “tested”?. War is the jews harvest, so apparently Christ favors war and the murder and suffering of literally millions of innocent White people while the jews minority rolls over us, control everything, and live high on the hog.

          Think of the stupid christians thinking Jesus would save them as the lions were set onto them. White nationalists are right about modern christianity turning the people into gutless cowards like you who took turn the other cheek to its extreme.

          Stupid fucking Christians, with the same “beliefs” as you, ardently defend the jews to the extreme. They cheer on the jews while, for the last 60 years they’ve been torturing and murdering hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for all the world to see, and at the same time, Christians are so ignorant they don’t know they’re own Jesus spent his whole life, this, according to the holy babble, raging against jews. “Christians” don’t even know that. And what do you know? You make up shit as you go along.

    • @ Robert Browning
      I have no problem with criticisms or even strong opinions. But, the rules say….and I don’t know why Hunter hasn’t banned you…

      2. Please keep all discussions in the comments civil and respectful. No flaming or trolling. Topical and respectful comments are welcome.
      4. Do not use vulgar, hateful, wacky or esoteric language in the comments.

    • Certainly, a certain decorum should be insisted upon on a racially aware White site. For many years I have faced namecalling and smear from leftists because they had no valid argument to defend their lies. But to have to put up with these repeated, immature, attacks from this buffoon, is really beyond the pale. There’s no one who uses this site who isn’t aware of this individual’s inane and moronic comments, and one would wonder why someone as impolite, and childish as Robert Browning would be allowed a platform to utter his obvious lies and childishness on a racially aware White site, without ideally, removal, or even a warning from the blog host.

  9. Take a look at the front page of LA times

    Our ancestors spent centuries developing the advanced technologies so these apes can drift race on public streets.

    Remember, conserve gasoline, don’t waste energy and worry about the carbon footprint you leave.

  10. Most of the problems stem from jews who push all forms of degenerate behavior and admit it. The disease is the jew.

    • John
      I agree the biggest mistake the government made was allowing Jews into the country.
      The second was black slavery & when it ended not repatriating them back to Africa.
      But if The Jews were not here or were stopped from capturing the media , our country would be so much better off & peaceful.

  11. I’ve never understood what it means for something to be “toxic”…at least, when the term is used by ostensible conservatives.

    The only way I can make sense of it is within a democratic paradigm where someone is desperately trying, through salesmanship and rationalizations, to persuade other people to vote for desired policies. If those other people are made uncomfortable by an idea, word, or action, that idea, word, or action is deemed “toxic.”

    Well, I’m a “toxic” man to the hyper-propagandized sheep as well as their neo-jacobin masters. My race, my ideals, my religion: all “toxic” to these people…the way broccoli, kale, and home-cooked, grass-fed beef are “toxic” to the child who only wants corn-syrup and sugar. You’ll never convince him to eat actual oranges instead of the sugary orange-slice candy. You won’t win him over to physical training and mindful diet through Saturday morning cartoon advertisements.

    Time for us to stop allowing our enemies decide for us what is or isn’t “toxic”…

  12. Robert Jeffress is performing a very Talmudic sleight of hand where he says he is not a Christian Nationalist. But he says America is a Christian nation. He is just trying to avoid the label for some odd reason. (It doesn’t seem to have hurt MTG to embrace it!(

    Franklin Graham is more of an international evangelist. His focus isn’t really on America per se so why some liberal reoorter would expect him to be a Christian nationalist is wacky.

  13. “See to it that no one repays evil for evil ”
    With moronicc principles like that, small wonder our nation is in peril.

    (In my world, anyone with gang tattoos would just be executed. Betcha i could cclean up places like El Salvador.)

    • Yes, that turn the other ass-cheek stuff is pure garbage designed by the jews to hamstring the goyim. Those fool enough to swallow it are not fit to live in this world of remorseless competition between species, and won’t for much longer.

  14. Pretending that some Chinese, Pajeet, African or Taco-Catholic is just as American as White people whose families have been here for 300+ years is just as delusional as pretending that a man in a dress is a real woman.

    • Yes, That’s the magic-dirt theory in action for you. Transvestites are a perfect analogy too. The various diversities only make such claims when on camera speaking for Schlomo’s benefit. They’re quite proud of their own heritage, be it Chinese, Indian, African or Latin American. I don’t begrudge them their pride. That’s just human.

      The biggest promoters of magic-dirt are Jews, who are not Americans either, and the white PMCs who are their most ardent collaborators. Break the PMCs and the whole damned thing will collapse. They are likely the weakest link in the chain.

      • When there’s not enough money for free housing, free utilities, and all the free healthcare they want, they won’t be so happy.
        When there’s 50 browns to every 1 white, imagine the tax burden on the white.

        • The Whites will just move to another majority White enclave like the hypocrites they are. It’s easier to move than to stand up and fight.

          • No one would win against the govt. The Confederates were completely organized with a real army and they couldn’t do it. If the French or British would have aided them, they probably would have won. That’s how we won the Revolutionary War. The French helped us.

  15. I’m pretending to be Christian Nationalist to troll the liberals. Next year I’ll be pretending to be something else. American politics is a contemptable joke.

  16. Question for Brad, would you support a white Christian nationalist candidate for president if he promised to impose authoritarian Christianity on all 50 states?
    And by authoritarianism, I mean something like old testament law?
    Executing adulterers, mothers who abort their children, queers and so on.
    Or do you just want the option to elect an authoritarian Christian governor of Alabama?
    How far would you take Christian authoritarianism?
    All the way, half way?
    I think you believe in freedom of conscience/speech, so you’d stop there, I don’t think you’d for forced conversions, but in terms of punishing sinful deeds, how far would you take it?
    Do you believe in the constitution and republicanism, meaning while the federal government shouldn’t regulate speech and religion, the states can if their citizens vote for it?
    Or would you circumvent the constitution and impose Christian fundamentalism on all 50 states, the way liberals and progressives circumvented it and imposed their liberalism and progressivism top-down?
    Just want to get a clearer picture on where you stand.

  17. In my experience, the average Christian church (and I’ve attended a few) is anti abortion and anti gay and trans, etc, but pro immigration and diversity. I think every church I’ve lent my time to has had at least one or two marriages made up of white and Asian.
    Pro marriage……….. between different races!
    Churches are with us on some issues, not others. Churches that are totally pro white and anti immigration……… I’ve never come across such a thing. They likely existed before my lifetime. So I’ve always been more right wing than any church I’ve been a part of.

    • “Churches that are totally pro white and anti immigration…”

      They’re just spineless and disloyal to their own breed.

      • @Arrian,
        Yes, precisely. They comprise of men repulsed by same sex marriage and trans people…….but are married to a fucking ning nong.

        • Or taking meth while banging male prostitutes, Ted Haggard.

          Btw, would you Aussies please take back Ray Comfort ?

          • @Arrian,
            You’ve caught me unawares there……..I haven’t the foggiest as to who he is. But if I could rid you of him, I would, if he’s a dickhead. 😉

  18. “So I’ve always been more right wing than any church I’ve been a part of.”
    I couldn’t do that. In 20 years those churches will be all brown people. The God of religion obviously favors nonwhites.

    • Hating and totally excluding people just because they don’t have “White” skin is not Christian, imo. I’d rather live by Christians than White degenerate atheists.

      • You don’t understand race or species.
        It’s not only skin color, and that may be a minor difference.
        Intelligence, gestational duration, age of puberty, facial features, hormonal differences, skeletal differences, cranium size/brain size, different values for lab markers… The list is bjg.
        A black man is not a white man with dark skin, and vice versa.
        I think there’s more “hating” on the part of nonwhites. The crime statistics for assaults, robberies, and murders prove it.
        Most whites have been more than accepting of blacks and went along with the whole desegregation thing. But most of them are too dangerous and difficult to deal with.

      • Skin color is merely an identifier, nothing more. Niggers are set on a pedestal, given rights and benefits that Whites can’t access though their criminal and violent activities are through the roof. But still, due to the leftist antiwhite US gov, niggers have the freedom to do as they wish, how they wish, completely free of White influence. Besides the jews who empower them, niggers are the most privileged group on earth. If arrested for crimes, violent or not, in leftist strongholds, they are released without even posting bail. They are allowed to speak freely, associate freely, self-segregate if they so wish, explain away their crimes by their skin color. They do not have to work if they so wish. They are given the credentials of education without study; jobs for which they have zero qualifications but hired over Whites; home loans with zero income. Their lack of cultural contributions is compensated for by theft of other cultures and rebranding the race. They are artificially injected into the history of others to give them a sense of accomplishment, and countless other venues of racial privilege.

        Your arguments in favor of racial integration coincides with your inability to reason and assess the situation with any degree of common sense. You, are a fucking idiot.
        Leftist Whites are cancer- a disease that creates chaos and disorder. Their existence is a mortal threat to thinking Whites. They must be subordinated or otherwise reduced to second class citizenship. These freaks must be punished, any and all power they have must be taken from them, any way possible.

    • @Pilot,
      There’s often some individuals in these churches who are in complete lockstep with me, but as a whole, pro whitism isn’t the churches official policy.

      • Understand. But I still couldn’t do it. Not with the way things are today. If a church is pro-immigration/diversity, it’s trying to get of me and my kind. That god is not someone I’d worship.
        If God created Negroes, and allows his chosen folks to use them as a weapon against us, I don’t want any part of that.
        How can anyone worship a god who created Negroes?

        • @Pilot because God created a everything and is the source of everything including our salvation. So yes negroes are included under “everything “. Why would you have a problem with that?

    • Are you for imposing Christianism (political Christianity) at both the state and federal level, or just at the state level?
      Imposing it at the federal level would be, as far as I know, unconstitutional.
      This is the question I had for Brad, and I also wanted to know how far he and Christianists in general would take their Christianism at the state (and federal) level.
      Given the video you showed me, it sounds like you would take it all the way, meaning those guilty of blaspheme and sexual immorality, even if it’s between consenting adults, could be executed.

      • If it were up to me, I would love to live in an integrated Lutheran state, but obviously that isn’t feasible in the Deep South. Instead, we would be living under the dominion of the Southern Baptists, which is fine with me because Baptist authoritarianism is an oxymoron.

        The “authoritarianism” that is feared here is maintaining our traditional Anglo-Protestant culture. It would be pro-life, anti-gay marriage, anti-trans and so on. There is nothing about it that I really object to. I wish there was less vulgarity, less drug abuse, less suicide, fewer drunks and other scourges in our culture.

        • it sounds like you would take it all the way, meaning those guilty of blaspheme and sexual immorality, even if it’s between consenting adults, could be executed.

          YUP! Whatever any reasonable “believer” would tell you, this is how it would end up. You can’t believe them. The gawd-bejeebus fire and brimstone Zealots and fundamentalist nuts would win out. After all, niggers aren’t so bad and jews are God’s chosen people. Just turn your other cheek.

          • I’m going to side with the fundamentalist nuts.

            Unlike atheists, the fundamentalist nuts don’t support homosexuality, gay marriage, no fault divorce, abortion, “trans,” prostitution, porn, feminism, gun control, multiculturalism, open borders, affirmative action, CRT and so on. Even the Jews aren’t as anti-White or culturally degenerate as atheists who dominate the progressive Left.

          • I’m not going to defend atheists across the board. Actually, not believing in a deity has nothing to do with these other leftist issues you brought up. Strawmen again!!!. What is your source for these accusations? 80% of jews are atheists, but jews are jews. Racially aware atheists or agnostics or simply WNs who don’t want to hear the gospel quoted every other sentence, or care what you believe religion wise, don’t believe the same thing that jews believe. And while you claim the fundamentalist “nuts” — (and oh how accurate that is), don’t support homos, gay marriage, etc, etc. etc, you’ll notice that these things are all supported by the antiwhite US gov. which has been overwhelmingly Christian for many decades, the left, leftist Christians, and are also condoned by so called conservatives, because all of these things have become mainstream and within the law. If the fundies are so against it, why haven’t they done a thing about it? Why have all of these antiwhite programs become the rule?

        • “I wish there was less vulgarity, less drug abuse, less suicide, fewer drunks and other scourges in our culture”

          Early 1960s America.

    • Also, women could be stripped of the vote, full autonomy and property rights.
      They could go back to being treated like semi-children, the way they’re still treated in some Islamist countries.

      • Not all women are like that. You only see the worst ones parading around being feminist nuts. There are men who shouldn’t get to vote.

      • “Also, women could be stripped of the vote”

        First, start with a literacy test.
        Allowing the illiterate to vote is just an absurd mockery of our system.

        • Women have had a great run claiming they’re victims, displacing even blacks from the top rung for a while, and even receiving more Affirmative Action than blacks. But again, who can seriously claim victimhood status for women these days? The opposite of victims is obvious: they’ll clean out men in a divorce, any complaint of sexual harassment will be accepted and the unfortunate male gets the book thrown at him. They’re promoted way beyond their capabilities in every organization, and women have been permitted to force themselves where they have no business whatsoever (military, police, fire fighters). And men who don’t believe it are simply in denial, not to mention all of the powerful political positions they occupy. And look at America now. Women are an immense part of the West’s downfall.

          • Just as many bad men as women. There are men acting like they are pillars of morality, but they go and get drunk and have casual sex. Just like the men who claim the wife took the house from them in a divorce. Big lie. Just about every state is No-fault divorce, so neither party can punish or deprive the other side. Everything is joint marital assets. I’ve heard men whine and complain about this, then turn around and admit that they let her have the house!
            I agree about the women police, firefighters, etc. They don’t have the strength. I remember when the AF decided to let women be fighter pilots, and they were letting short, squatty Mexican women train, and they couldn’t even reach the controls.
            Not all women think the Kardashians are great.

          • @Pilot: These things you mention are the result of women who act as a destructive cult, and the reason they do is because they have been given this power by the jews. Men and women have different roles to play in nature. Women don’t belong in charge of anything. They are not capable of leadership. They have used their empowerment as a bludgeon against White men, and that is why our society is as fucked up as it is, and getting rapidly worse.

            The jews put them in charge in order to destroy our societies. Over recent decades, women have made countless bad decisions. Before they were allowed to make decisions, they didn’t make these bad decisions. So it seems like a good idea to stop letting women make decisions. That is how society was structured for all of human history until the advent of feminism, foisted on America by the Jews.

            Feminism enabled the Jews to use the natural, destructive, evil drives of women to attack society. Women have also pushed various destructive social agendas with and without cues from the jews since they have been ’empowered’. In order for society to function and survive. women must be reigned in and returned to their natural role of mother and nurturer. The empowerment of women was the greatest achievement for the jewish parasitic force ever. Countless babies were never born because of contraception, sleeping around, and abortion. We need to return to what works, if we want to survive.

          • @DiCarlo I don’t totally disagree. Yes, they have gone after women big time. That’s because marketing knows that women are the big spenders, and it’s easy to pitch to them.
            I agree about feminism, but men were equal participants in the erosion of relationships and the family.
            Many men abandoned their wives for younger women. Many men just became very superficial and tried to fit an image. For many men, it became their operating mechanism to just sleep around with as many women as they could.
            Both sexes had the Sexual Revolution pitched to them. Both men and women were told they could have casual sex and it was just fine. If there was an unplanned pregnancy, abortion could solve that. The Pill was mass marketed.
            Not all women are stupid. Yes there are some really mindless ones, but there are men like that too. There are men who only care about beer, golf, and watching sports on TV. They can’t even hold a conversation about anything.
            I do agree with more men being in charge of things. You’re right on that. Women were tricked into thinking they could have it all…a career, a family, etc. but so many went to college and then couldn’t work full time when they had three small kids. Right now, 50% of the workforce is women. They sold dreams to women, and women thought they’d be dressed up in a suit, going to their private office every day. There was some unsaid status symbol.
            Nowadays, it’s different. I don’t think most families can survive on one income, unless the man is a doctor, lawyer, or other high paid professional.
            So I don’t really disagree with you, but I think both genders were targeted.

        • @Pilot:
          DR. PIERCE

          “Feminism is destructive at several different levels. At the racial level it is destructive because it divides the race against itself, robbing us of racial solidarity and weakening us in the struggle for racial survival; and because it reduces the White birthrate, especially among educated women. It also undermines the family by taking women out of the home and leaving the raising of children to television and day-care centers.

          At a personal or social level feminism does its damage by eroding the traditional relationship between men and women. That traditional relationship is not based on any assumption of equality or sameness. It’s not a symmetrical relationship, but rather a complementary one. It’s based on a sexual division of labor, with fundamentally different roles for men and women: men are the providers and the protectors, and women are the nurturers. Men bring home the bacon, and they guard the den; women nourish the children and tend the hearth.”

          All women have taken feminism to heart. They resent it if men compliment them on their attractiveness. How sick is that? Due to the normalization of feminism, we now have in the West an entire class of childless women who are past the age of attractiveness or healthy childbearing who spend their lives attacking White men. Female humans never really grow into adults. They are also completely self-centered and believe the universe revolves around them. The primary characteristic of these women, aside from viciousness: deep, bitter, angry unhappiness.

          These childless women, and there are so many of them today, due to greed injected into our society by the jews, refuse to accept the natural order, that being their production of children, and to nurture them. Women who forgo that responsibility because they want to “focus on education and career” is just an excuse to “have fun running around using sexuality to exploit, manipulate and control men”.

          All of these women are pretty much the same. They are aggressive, abrasive, rude, childlike, entitled, disrespectful, belligerent and utterly inane. If you’ve met one, you’ve met them all, as it were. They repeat the same slogans and have all of the same opinions, more than any other class in society. This is because they all have the same defining characteristics: they are angry and unhappy, and they don’t really know why, but the obvious reason for it is that they have not fulfilled their biological purpose of being a wife and a mother.

          • @Pilot: CASE IN POINT:

            British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is likely to rise to UK’s premiership next month, has flatly declared her willingness to use nuclear weapons as needed, even if it meant global annihilation.

            “I think it’s an important duty of the prime minister and I’m ready to do that,” Truss said during a meeting of Conservative Party members in Birmingham on Tuesday when asked how she felt about pressing “the button” and unleashing “global annihilation” if necessary.


          • “entire class of childless women who are past the age of attractiveness or healthy childbearing who spend their lives attacking White men”

            What happens when their pension is worth nothing and their 401k is just a piece of paper?

            P.s. great quote from Pierce.

  19. Biden administration targets Amish farmer with armed raid and $300K fine
    They went after him for “producing meat”.
    This is big. Let’s see if the Christian Nationalists go after this.

    • Look up the USSC decision from 1942: Wickard vs. Filburn. As per blackrobe decree (yet more legislation from the bench), zeks have no right to grow food on land they own without federal (kosher) permission – because interstate commerce. Let’s see if this ‘conservative-federalist majority’ vacates that decision.

  20. While I have a core foundation of Christian Identity….this country has a long way before it will ever embrace Christian Nationalism and Biblical Government. The closest thing we had was Christian Social Conservatives who have a dominant role in both the Democratic Party and later in the Republican Party. However Christianity as a core governing principles has bee rejected and replaced with either Democratic Socialism or right wing libertarians (in the GOP) at this point. I’ve always combined my White Nationalist views with my Christian Identity views, and a strong protector of Southern Heritage & Culture. Sometimes the trends go in one direction or another in politics. The older I get the more I realize basic beliefs are good enough….the big picture. Deo Vindice !

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